Saturday, 20 February 2010

Our record - By Labour

“Labour needs to ensure that the next election is not seen as a referendum on the government,”

Just to remind us what 13 years of power can do (cut out and keep edition):

Ballot Boxes are interfered with

Voting registers go missing

The Police can kill innocent people and get away with it

The state can kill people and get away with it

You can be put in prison for 42 days on pure suspicion

You can be put in prison indefinitely on the word of a politician

The State can torture people

Your children are monitored at School by Political Officers

Their behaviour is logged on a State database for their entire lives

Your innocent fingerprints, iris scans and biometrics are held by the State

You do not have the right to remain silent

You are watched on 4 million CCTV cameras

You may not photograph the Police

The media is controlled by the State

You do not have the right to protest peacefully

Curfews exist for entire communities

Your travel movements are logged and monitored

Who you vote for is logged and monitored

Your shopping habits are studied and logged by the State

Your emails and telephone conversations are recorded by the State

Your passport can be withdrawn at the whim of the State

Government agencies can use lie detector tests on you.

- £22,500 of debt for every child born in Britain

- 111 tax rises from a government that promised no tax rises at all

- The longest national tax code in the world

- 100,000 million pounds drained from British pension funds

- Gun crime up 57%

- Violent crime up 70%

- The highest proportion of children living in workless households anywhere in Europe

- The number of pensioners living in poverty up by 100,000

- The lowest level of social mobility in the developed world

- The only G7 country with no growth this year

- One in six young people neither earning nor learning

- 5 million people on out-of-work benefits

- Missing the target of halving child poverty...

- Child poverty rising in each of the last three years instead

- Cancer survival rates among the worst in Europe

- Hospital-acquired infections killing nearly three times as many people as are killed on the roads

- Falling from 4th to 13th in the world competitiveness league

- Falling from 8th to 24th in the world education rankings in maths

- Falling from 7th to 17th in the rankings in literacy

- The police spending more time on paperwork than on the beat

- Fatal stabbings at an all-time high

- Prisoners released without serving their sentences

- Foreign prisoners released and never deported

- 7 million people without an NHS dentist

- Small business taxes going up

- Business taxes raised from among the lowest to among the highest in Europe

- Tax rises for working people set for after the election

- The 10p tax rate abolished

- The ludicrous promise to have ended boom and bust

- Our gold reserves sold for a quarter of their worth

- Our armed forces overstretched and under-supplied

- Profitable post offices closed against their will

- One of the highest rates of family breakdown in Europe

- The ‘Golden Rule’ on borrowing abandoned because it didn’t fit

- Police inspectors in 10 Downing Street

- Dossiers that were dodgy

- Mandelson resigning the first time

- Mandelson resigning the second time

- Mandelson coming back for a third time

- Bad news buried

- Personal details lost

- An election bottled

- A referendum denied.

New Labour. Stamping on the faces of the many, not just the few. Forever.

PS “A future fair for all” is an anagram of “Our fearful fat liar”


Henry North London said...

Yes The fearful fat liar

As seen here

Brew Wales said...

Don't forget the end of jury trials.

RantinRab said...

'A future fair for all' sounds like the slogan of a party currently in opposition.

They must think we are totally fucking dumb.

JD said...

Things can only get better by the looks of things. JD.

thespecialone said...

Depressing isnt it? Will it get any better come the election?

I work for the state still after 28 yrs in the navy. I can tell you for sure that taxpayers' money is squandered all the time and the bosses just dont care.

Ampers said...

This is travelling!


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Has OH been nobbled? A certain story has disappeared, along with its Google cache.

Old Holborn said...


Captain Ranty said...

I had a wee word or two on the ZaNuLabour party myself.

And before you ask, yes I did hold back, to my eternal shame....


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Ignore that OH, I got that totally wrong. Egg, face.

It says something about the level of paranoia that even I let get the better of me sometimes.

VotR said...

Not a referendum, Labour? Oh yes it shall be.

A referendum with bells on. Their positive spin is unravelling in the face of reality and the running out of time, tick tocking away.

Pongo said...


Whats up mate, someone taken your ipod away!

Revolting Peasant said...

A pretty good summary of events to the half-way point, OH. Brown, Cameron, Clegg, whowever it's of no practical consequence to our hard-fought yet long-gone liberties. They're all the fucking same these cunts. They lie, lie and lie for breakfast, dinner and tea, and they all fucking HATE us.

Sick of it said...

Am I alone is getting heartily sick of seeing Supercoon on the news constantly pleading for forgiveness? I mean, what the fuck has it got to do with me?? At the end of the day he's just yet another sex-crazed nig nog that couldn't keep it zipped. End of.

Eric Von Pickelhaube said...


Cpt.Morgan said...

and they all fucking HATE us.

They dont all hate us, they just ain't bothered.... and if I was on their money, I would,nt give a shit either!

Henry North London said...

They are puppets of the EU masters, who are the monarchy This is why the Queen hated Thatcher because she did things her way rather than the Queen's way

Dave said...

What next? Surely the sums don't add up. The political ruling class are feeding off the wealth producers and trying to buy off the underclass with what's left over.
Soon there won't be enough to go around. And then?
Forced Euthanasia and seqestration of their legacies?
Forced sterilisation of the underclass to limit demand?
All for the public good.

Oh shit. I'm giving them ideas.

caesars wife said...

I wonder if after 13yrs we werent supposed to notice or mind it , now that is truly horrifying .

Thanks for that OH , I guess we dont know the half of all the state collated info on us , fabians want putting in in glass tank on picadilly circus , in my day we had the collaseum.

Drug Mule said...

They couldn't even make the trains run on time.

Anonymous said...

Thatcher was a bastard.

Check out a copy of "CLASSIC ARMS & MILITARIA. (VolXVII issue1)

You'll see an interesting article about the anti-Gun laws the Tories introduced, following hungerford, then followed by John Majors assault on the private ownership of handguns.


Cuntfinder General said...

Yeah, Thatcher was a cunt alright. The only good thing she did - the ONLY good thing - was to tame the unions. Anyone looking back on Thatcher's period as some sort of golden age wants their bumps felt. It was after all, among other things, the era in which political-correctness sprang up and ever deeper European integration proceeded uninhibited, fucking Brugge Speech notwithstanding. Fucking old cow. And who's got her portrait in his office? Fucking Psycholops! These cunts are all the same in their contempt for us; they just hide behind different masks at different times.

Ron Broxted said...

I thought it was Burma, Turkmenistan or North Korea in the first paragraph. Ingerlund, Land fit for heroes. God surely has a wicked sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Ron. You actually managed to make a comment without referring to cottaging and public toilets or catchphrases from the old Carry On films. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Last, but not least.No more boom and bust!It would be nice to think no more Brown.Alas,the electorate see only a paper thin difference in choice. Hobsons choice:-Take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

But apart from that, what have the Romans done for us?

Jonny Voices said...

Sensationalist in support of no2id

Links to their sites are found at the bottom of the link.

And good work, keep spreading the word.

Ron Broxted said...

Dear Anon, 16.53 (and O'H) is pre moderation of comments due to the faux Ron Troll from the Torygraph in operation? If so goody goody. I can get you a few thousand extra readers if you've returned to your former glory. "Alamo" our repressed gay failed undergrad is supposedly in India but his I.P shows Peterborough. Not in the Punjab then. Did P.C Plod lean on Mr H? Was Colonel Mustard killed in the library? We will never know.

ArtCo said...

"heartily sick of seeing Supercoon on the news constantly pleading for forgiveness? I mean, what the fuck has it got to do with me?? At the end of the day he's just yet another sex-crazed nig nog that couldn't keep it zipped. End of."

Oh come on , its obvious hes a sex addict. As an aside ive been doing cold turkey since i forgot to put the bin out on Wednesday. The Internet provides a modicum of methedone treatment but you have to remember to wipe up after you.


Anonymous said...

no2id vindicated by mosad

black hole sunset said...

“Labour needs to ensure that the next election is not seen as a referendum on the government,”

How could the next election be anything else; that's its purpose, right?

Brown and New Labour finally enter a Death Trance.

Anonymous said...

Well yeah but apart from that everything is OK ? As the newly widowed Mrs. Lincoln was asked "Yes well apart from from that what did you think of the play?"

Anonymous said...

They forgot the second part of the slogan 'A future fair for all - after you kick Labour out'.

Good list OH - I didn't have the slightest intention of voting for the corrupt, lying, thieving cunts anyway (I'd rather stick sharp pins into my eyeballs) - but this will keep it at the forefront of my mind & ready to pass on to anyone with a short memory, as a reminder.

Captain Haddock said...

Their record would put any self-respecting Third World dictator to shame .. or at least make him highly envious ..

Glosman said...

They forgot the second part of the slogan 'A future fair for all - after you kick Labour out'.

So you think everything will change under Zanucon?

Business as usual my friend, Business as USUAL!

Rog said...

Had a Labour party canvasser at the front door the other day. It was my extreme pleasure to have a frank discussion with her as to precisely why I (and anybody with any sense) wouldn't be voting for her candidate - a certain Ms K. McCarthy.

She looked taken aback that anyone could possibly criticise her party!


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