Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nick Hogan - Jailed over No-smoking Ban.


There has been a fair amount of comment in the blogosphere regarding the six month jail sentence given to Nick Hogan for flouting the 'no-smoking ban'.

Outrage has been duly expressed, here, there, and everywhere. Perhaps we can do better than just express outrage?

Nick was actually jailed for non-payment of the fine originally imposed for a 'mass smoke-in' on the day the ban came into force in 2007 in his pub, the 'Swan and Barristers' in Bolton. He no longer has that pub. He was fined again when council inspectors walked into his present pub and discovered a group of customers smoking - Nick wasn't even on the premises.

His wife, Denise, is now managing their present pub in Chorley herself. Their trade is so low that they don't even bother to open the downstairs bar. Nick is bankrupt, and had gone to court intending to argue that he could not afford the £500 a month payments demanded by the council towards their £11,600 bill for prosecuting him. He has already paid off £1,600. The court gave him a six month sentence instead, and he is currently in Forest Bank prison in Pendlebury, unable to help to earn the money which would ensure his release.

Denise has not even been able to speak to him since he was sentenced. She has merely been told to phone the prison on Monday to enquire when she might see him. She is confused, frightened, and feeling very lonely.

If all the people who disagree with the no-smoking ban contributed a few coppers, then Nick would be released. If you can't afford £1, then at least drop Nick a line and let him know he is not forgotten - not surprisingly, he is feeling very depressed.

Denise has just said to me 'all the people who disagree with the ban - where are they now? - and my Nick is in prison'. Quite.

Denise has no idea how to use the Internet, she has no idea how many of us are against the no-smoking ban. Let's show her.

£1 each - just 10,000 of you - let's see if the blogosphere can do more than merely rant in unison. Once the amount received totals the outstanding fine, they have to release Nick.

Nick's address is:

HMP & YOI Forest Bank
Agecroft Road
M27 8FB

OH UPDATE: Under the health act of 2006, it is the responsibility of the owner or the controller of "smoke free" space to uphold the law. It is not illegal to smoke in a shop or on a train. It is illegal for the owner or controller of the space to allow you to smoke.

NOT TRUE: It is illegal for the OWNER to allow you to smoke in these premises

So smoke everywhere you like and the most that can happen is the owner can ask you to stop. He is not a policeman, he has no legal powers to physically stop you smoking and no one can be prosecuted for smoking a cigarette in a smoke free area*

For example, it is not permitted for BT to allow smoking in their phoneboxes, but it is THEIR responsibility to stop you from smoking in one.

I make a habit of lighting up everywhere and simply waiting to be told politely to go outside. I've been abroad you see......

* You can where naked flames are banned, for example a Petrol Refinary or inside an aircraft.

You can now donate via PayPal in the right hand column


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john in cheshire said...

Can you please advise how to send a donation; I don't really want to send a cheque to the prison - who knows what the authorities will do with it.

Bemused Wolf said...
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Bemused Wolf said...

I agree with John. Can a Paypal account be used, or set up for this?

I don't have much, but I'd happily give something.

Old Holborn said...

The irony being of course, he can now smoke inside a Government building.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Eu does as it fucking well pleases

JD said...

Likewise, JD.

Anna Raccoon said...

Postal Order?
I was careful not to advise sending them direct to Nick's home, becasue it might leave Denise open to allegations that she had not handed over all the money. If sent to the Prison made out to 'Her Majesty's Court Service' and Nick Hogan's name on the back - there is nothing else they can use it for.
That's what I did anyway.

Anna Raccoon said...

OH - Can you set up a Paypal for this?

The mind boggles at the thought of doing it from France!

Anonymous said...

"Once the amount received totals the outstanding fine, they have to release Nick." R u shure?

Anna Raccoon said...


Yep, it's non payment of fines and associated costs that Nick has been jailed for.

Stright forward 'Debtors Jail'.

Anna Raccoon said...


Non-payment of a court fine is actually 'contempt of court' which is why they react so strongly to it.

Manu said...

Despite being a non-smoker who approves of the smoking ban in public places (please note emphasis here), I think this guy's punishment is an outrage. Since when did non-payment of a fine (for anything) warrant a 6-month jail sentence?!?

If there was a paypal system set up, I would consider contributing... OH: perhaps you could set up a general account by which people could contribute to any of the various campaigns featured on your (and others') blogs?

Anonymous said...

Could we perhaps send an email to the woman who runs ASH with our views on her value to society? I'm sure she would be delighted to receive frequent emails from her many hundreds of avid followers on how much we appreciate her contributions to our lives.

Anonymous said...

Likewise Manu,

I think there are plenty of reasons for punters to be extremely concerned about this, smokers or not.

If there's an 'official' payment channel, I'll glady dip into my back pocket.

apocalypse nowish said...

Getting armed and busting him out of there, shooting at any jailor or police that gets in the way is the right thing to do.
Alternatively - the slightly less violent approach – is to have more people do the same. Smoke and ignore the law. Let them fill the jails with smokers or pro-smokers.

If we’re to give help in this manor to any and all wrongly imprisoned, we wouldn’t be doing anything else then sending money all around.

Paying an unjust and unlawful fine is to commit to the elitist law. Well, I’m not British so maybe there’s someone who don’t regard this to be my problem, but I cannot help to comment and point out the wrong with this idea.

Anonymous said...

If somebody sets up a Paypal account for Nick, I'll gladly chip in a fiver.

Old Holborn said...

donate button now added in sidebar

john in cheshire said...

Wow, that was quick. I've donated £5.
Please give my regards to Mr Hogan and his family.

Anonymous said...

If he does his "bird" (i.e 6 months), he could be out in 4 months, a third off for good behavior.

I believe the fine would be "spent"?

Anonymous said...

Ditto. £5 donated. Any chance of a running total?

Anonymous said...

I don't actually care if he spends it on the fine or something else (He's already forked out over £1k).

Billy The Fish said...

OH, thanks for adding the PayPal link. Just done my bit and am happily going without my beer tokens this week.
If everyone who reads your excellent site does the same, the bloke will be out in days!

Anonymous said...

I think that when the govt saw how easily the vast majotity caved in to this draconian infringement of our rights {I am an ex-smoker)they realised how far they could push the sheeple. They won't stop pushing.

Manu said...

Thanks for the Paypal link - as mentioned by 'anon', is it easy/possible to get running totals for these things?

Anonymous said...

A tenner donated. I'm a non smoker, but strongly believe we are responsible for our own actions. If the state wants to fine someone for smoking, that's one thing, but it's not the job of the citizens (a landlord in this case) to be policing other peoples behaviour.

To take it to an extreme, is a pilot guilty of terrorism if a passenger blows up a plane?

Old Holborn said...

Donators will be kept informed of running totals by Email from myself. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

ive donated a tenner , and im anti smoking

Dominic Allkins said...

Fiver donated.

Good work OH.


Uncle Marvo said...

Can't donate off theiPhone. Will do tomorrow. I'll give him a Lift home too.

TheBigYin said...

Your readers concern over Nick Hogan is noted.

I have met Nick many a time, he would not hurt a fly but he is a man of principle, a rarity these days. I have made more vids of this man, a man of the people I think. He should NOT be languishing in jail for allowing a legal act...the act of smoking.

WTF is going on in this country?

The Filthy Engineer said...

It's about time we asked Ollie Cromwell to start a similar campaign against Deborah Arnott, Don Shenker, and othe fake charity bosses.

He could call it "You've been Quango'd".

PS I've donated.

Pat Nurse said...

Thanks OH - done, blogged and shared!

Anonymous said...

If he does his "bird" (i.e 6 months), he could be out in 4 months, a third off for good behavior.

I believe the fine would be "spent"?

Good idea but people known as "fine defaulters" are not (unless I'm very much mistaken) liable to time off for good behaviour or the ECL or HDC programmes designed to get people out of prisons early.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care what he uses the donation for, he can have a drink and a smoke on me when he gets out.

Hari said...

OH , is absolutley correct, here in Eastern Europe,the EU have been told to shove the smoking ban where the sun dont shine.

It always starts in the Balkans and ends in the Balkans.

Come on Great Britain, its time to grow a pair, what they gonna do .. invade you!

Mr. A said...

Good work OH!

Have donated.

Anthony said...

You really need Nick’s prison number for sending cheques directly to him – wouldn’t want them to be “lost” in the prison mail system. Anna or OH, can you act as a collection point as I don’t deal with PayPal?

Dick Puddlecote said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm donating, too.

Anyone think the idea of a smokers' 'union' a good one (open to non-smokers who are sick of the persecution of smokers/pro-choicers)?

Could you please register interest on "Taking Liberties"



Dick Puddlecote said...

Great work, Anna & OH. Donate widget added at mine too.

His sentence shows that the biggest crime in the country now is to oppose government diktat.

Springing Hogan would be a huge 'fuck you' to these hideous cunts.

Dig deep, people.

Anonymous said...

I think OH mentioned it, but it's odd to note that his respiratory health is at more threat in prison when prisoners on arrival are offered a "smokers pack" which contains tobacco and rolling paper?

Demon said...

In for 50 quid, enough is enough

Bemused Wolf said...

Thanks Anna and OH, donation sent.

Old Holborn said...


Thank you all

You will all receive personal emails from me (to cut out and keep) no matter what you have donated.

Thank you. To gaol a man for refusing to be an unpaid policeman and uphold a law that the rest of the EU simply ignores is remarkable.

Remember. The population of the DDR had everything to lose. Yet still, they said,


Belinda said...

Can donations be made offline?

Old Holborn said...

Just to let you know, the Germans are on our side (and have donated)

Vielen Dank

Private Widdle said...

Tenner from me.

Dazed And Confused said...

Done...Not only for Nick Hogan, but to cock a snoop at New Labour scum.

Christ Cameron can't be any worse can he?

Matt Davies said...

In for a tenner and all ears for any other actions that need to be taken.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is no better. Not a peep from NuCon about restoring liberty taken by NuLab. They say the NuCons are keeping their powder dry until an election is announced. Well they don't have much powder they want to use then. Just more BS to keep their grass root drones on side. It would be dead easy to campaign on restoring liberty. Evidently they don't want to. Even less for smokers, that's for sure.

Pat Nurse said...

Matt - we're asking for bodies for a sit-in outside Nick's prison to serve time with him. However, that depends on how the escape fund goes. He might be out before that!

Anonymous said...

Would it possible to ask ALL..ALL..
alleged democracy loving blog and
web sites to join in this fight for
the protection of MINORITY RIGHTS.
Forget the smoking ban issue for
now, this is an opportunity for ALL who cry freedom to come to the assistance of someone who has done
more than weep,he has paid with his freedom. This is the acid test
regardless of party affiliation,
for those who plead for justice,
now to stand up and prove it.

This weekend a statue has been unveiled in Chorley to honour the
memory of the men of the town
who gave their lives for our
freedom ,our liberty,our way of life. That legacy is ours to defend not throw away on the
say so of Westminster Dictators.

Fight or hide ,choose

Fight ticked

thelunaticarms said...

This is hilarious! They lock a man up for not paying a fine?

Didn't we get rid of debtor prisons a century and then some ago?

I would donate but I'm piss-poor.

Still, prison is a breeze so I'm told, some say they'd compare it to a hotel. Except you're not allowed out of course.

But he'll be fine, D cat most probably. His missus on the other hand will need the help.

If I manage to shift those illegal immigrants I'll donate a tenner. Ever since Labour got in, business has been suffering. They're practically flown here by NuGov now.

nightjack said...

Just checking

G.O.T. said...

I'm in and a tenner is on its way.

Let's get this poor chap out and send a message to the freedom fuckers to fuck the fucking fuck off.

We really have had enough.

Rogerborg said...

Pay the Danegeld, OH? I sympathise with the chap, but I respect his right to see the quest that he chose to embark on through to the end.

If that bothers you, then perhaps you might meditate on the effects on your family before pursuing your own course of barking Common Law wizard-gabble through the letterbox.

By the way, your legal advice is well up to its usual quality:

Health Act 2006, section 7:

(2) A person who smokes in a smoke-free place commits an offence.

It's in the plain language of the Act, freely available for anyone to read, given eyes that can see.

If you want to bang on about something significant in this Act, try reading section 11:

(2) Any person who without reasonable cause fails to give to an authorised officer of an enforcement authority, acting in the exercise of his functions under or by virtue of this Chapter, any facilities, assistance or information which the authorised officer reasonably requires of him for the performance of those functions commits an offence.

Blockwarts that can deputise at will? Now there's a chilling precedent.

Captain Ranty said...


50 sovs in the Free Nick Pot.


haddock said...

a fiver in the collecting tin, thanks OH for setting this up.

Rogerborg said...

Ah, balls to it. We might as well hang together as apart. £20 from me. Make sure it gets to Hogan; I want him to spunk it on gin and fags, not you.

Anonymous said...


John said...

I emailed my local conservative candidate - he couldn't give a fuck about the smoking ban. £10 from me.

bofl said...

well done roger....

i am not such a charlie big bananas as yourself but i have made a small contribution.

personally i am a non-smoker and it is nice to be able to go out to the boozer without choking to death........

perhaps we could have had smoking and non-smoking establishments?.....

being over the age of 18 then i would like to think i know what my choice would be rather than let some govt. cock/quango/quack decide for me...........but then again these hoons are ALWAYS right (in their imagination).

and in the new shanbala common sense is definately not allowed!

apparently the uk is going to pay the taliban not to be nasty-

i therefore whole-heartedly agree in paying the danegeld.........

after all if the powers that be do it-
then surely and i quote..
'it is the right thing to do'........

who knows what we might pay for next?

John East said...

I gave up charitable donations years ago when I realised most were run by six figure salaried parasites who always had a bigger house and better car than I did.

But this is different. A small Paypal donation has been made on my behalf.

Let's see a daily total and get this chap out asap.

Anonymous said...

A good call and a good cause, OH, but Rogerborg is right. It is an offence to smoke in a shop or on a train. It's also an offence to allow someone to smoke on a shop or on a train. It's a wonderful country we live in.

Mrs Rigby said...

Good for you OH, a few more pennies on the way.

Slaven said...

I am a Croatian, living in Slovenia. I welcome and salute any form of resistance to this appalling treatment of smokers anywhere in the world. This is *not* a local issue. Therefore I donated as well. Give my regards to Mr. Hogan.

Slaven Kalebic,
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Junican said...

Forgive me for being a rotter, but if I was Nick I would be saying, "For heaven's sake! Don't give your money to pay this fine! That is exactly what you must not do. I intend to stand for Parliament. Give me your signatures. Help me with the deposit, if you do not mind. But DO NOT let this corrupt government win!"

On the face of it, Nick was sentenced for not paying the fine, but we all know that the cash involved is a drop in the ocean as far as the state is concerned. He was actually sentenced 'pour encourage les autres'. IE. It was a cruel and vindictive act intended to frighten us all.

There has STILL been no court case which validates the requirement of this law to FORCE a publican, or anyone else who has control of a place (which used to be 'private' but is now apparently 'public'), to physically stop a person from smoking. It is a scandal, just like MPs' expenses, that this has not been done.

Nick is a hero and a martyr. To pay his fine is an insult to his courage.

I am going to write to him personally and directly expressing my support. If he wants to stand for parliament, I will personally pay the whole of his deposit myself (£500, isn't it?) if I have to. If he stood in my constituency, I would vote for him.

If he did stand for parliament, a lot of uncertainties would be removed. He would stand as an independent purely and simply as being AGAINST the nanny state. FOR our liberty and our freedoms. AGAINST rule by medics and climatologists. FOR the cheapest possible energy to warm our homes. AGAINST punative taxes on our simple pleasures. One could go on.

Anonymous said...

This could be a key pivotal moment in the area of a fascist state assuming authority and control over areas of liberty that were beforehand always left in the hands of the individuals. This pertains to smokers and non-smokers alike, and it's not only about smoking bans, it's about the entire state apparatus that is set up to consume liberties until there is nothing remaining by the time it gets through.

Rosa Parks broke the law by sitting in the front of the bus, when the law clearly said she must only sit in the back. It triggered a civil rights movement and eventual change of heart against laws that encouraged hatred and discrimination.

At the Stonewall bar in New York, gays one day were fed up with being arrested in their own surroundings, bothering nobody and minding their own business, to where they came out of the bar and battled with the police valiantly, thus lighting a fire for upheaval of discriminatory laws against who they were as human beings.

As OH well points out too, there is currently no law banning smoking indoors or outdoors - none. One can smoke. Whoever controls a premise can request smoking cease. But there is nothing more beyond that to be done about it. A private property owner is not a duly authorized policeman of the state. And perhaps that is an excellent response to this situation too among those who smoke and business owners of a classically-liberal, more tolerant persuasion who have no problem with it or perhaps smoke themselves.

This here is a chance for all people fed up with the current regime of hateful, spiteful, discriminatory and illiberal laws that have been passed by an increasingly fascist government to stand up and fight, as has been done by others in the past.

But - if nobody shows up, if nobody fights, if everyone ignores the call thinking this case doesn't affect them - then a key pivotal moment will have been lost.

I do hope not too many people are choosing to ignore what just happened and prefer to remain unenlightened and ignorant to the civil rights and freedom and liberty issues this current situation provokes.

If people choose to ignore, the consequences may be very dire - it will be a key turning point moment that is lost - and time is ticking fast.

Charon QC said...

Excellent campaign... have publicised it on my blog this morning and have donated the value of four packs of Marlboro...seemed appropriate through Paypal under an account name (JSLH) I use for Paypal

Uncle Marvo said...

Ranty, you tight-arsed bastard.


Let's have the fucker out and have a party. First round on me.

Captain Ranty said...

Fucking show-off....

I'll bung more in when we get closer to the target figure.

The fund looks set to grow well, given that this is only Day Two.

I know Nick. He has phoned me a couple of times, and I have spoken with him at length about this outcome. (We talked last year). He was adamant that he would take this as far as he could. I know he felt badly let down by the pub industry. If they had supported him from the beginning, the ban would have been a distant memory.

At the time we had 56,000 pubs. Today we have less than 48,000. Of those, some 37,000 properties belong to PubCo's. So that's 37,000 less supporters already. These publicans are barely hanging on as it is. To publicly support ban reform is dangerous for them.

That still leaves 11,000 independents.

Dig deep, lads and lassies. Nick is one of your own. Get him back behind the bar where he really belongs.


Rogerborg said...

Junican, I did agree with you, but on reflection, had a change of heart. We can't (literally) bail out every victim of these political prosecutions. However, we can bail out this one, and I think that we should. Here's why.

Mr Hogan's prosecution and incarceration are a test of both his resolve, and ours. He has done stellar work to kick it off, but given that he has been trying to pay off his punitive fine, I'd say that he's done enough, and that we follow his lead and show our support for him in the only way that Zanu understands - financially.

Sod it: that's another £30 from me. This matters.

Uncle Marvo said...

I'd like to see a poster that I can put in pub windows - I use a lot of pubs.

Brief, to the point, bloke's face on it. Easy link to payment site.

Anyone? G.O.T.?

I am shit at posters, but good at making a noise.

Let's have him out by the end of the week, if not before. Prison is a shithole and Nick should be in a pub, not the chokey.

Quicker the better - if the Stazi realise the strength of public feeling then they might just listen. I know they don't give a shit about the ten grand.

Holby must have at least a dozen readers :-)

Rogerborg said...

Also: I apologise for my previous post, and the churlish implication that OH might not pass on the funds. It was badly considered humour.

I disagree with OH on many things, but of one thing I am utterly certain: he is a honest and plain dealing gentleman with absolute personal integrity.

Anonymous said...

Already donated. Can someone with legal savvy please clarify the situation on the legalities of smoking in a public place. Also of the legality of imposing fines for it (like by the railways). I am now confused and don't want to give the wrong advice to friends.

BTW, in Austria they tried similar shit and the bar and restaurant trade simply refused to enforce it and the gvt had to climb down. If people and publicans in GB tried to work up an ounce of courage to do the same, it could be an example to all and the thin end of our wedge.

Anonymous said...

Islamic radicals 'infiltrate' the Labour Party

Use your vote wisely people. Vote BNP

Uncle Marvo said...

Spain too, IINVMM. The law there is such that you have to have either smoking or not. Most are. There are a few which are not, and they are mainly empty.

If the building is bigger than x metres cubed, there has to be no-smoking. Makes fuckall difference, they do it anyway.

Anonymous said...

I note that if you are a performer, you may be exempt if rehearsing or doing a performance involving smoking. Could this loophole be exploited? Like having a few second artistic monologue involving smoking that we learn to perform and regularly practice.

Of course it would be much better if we grew a spine and began to just fucking ignore the dicktat like stouter foreigners abroad already do.

Uncle Marvo said...

I would ignore the diktat, as would many people.

But we can't, because then our landlord ends up in the jug.

And that is how devious, sneaky and evil the cunt who put this legislation through was.

Who am I talking about?

Oh yes.

Pat Nurse said...

Anon - I would say vote UKIP - Nick was UKIP and the party has abetter chance of getting more support. UKIP has supported smokers. We should support UKIP

Pat Nurse said...

Anon - I would say vote UKIP - Nick was UKIP and the party has abetter chance of getting more support. UKIP has supported smokers. We should support UKIP

Rightwinggit said...

I'm a non smoker (filthy habit), but I've just coughed up 25 sovs.

Coughed up- did you see what I did then?

Anonymous said...

I've chipped in .
And I can't believe they have done this.
If I was a millionare i'd pay the lot.
What next the fag police kicking your front door in.


Anonymous said...

OH / Anna

You need to make this post a "sticky" - under post options, tweak the date to 31st March 2010 and add "newer posts below" (or similar) to the title.

Uncle Marvo said...

Looks like young Holby's gone to ground.

Done a runner with the cash, or perhaps there's the 10K and he's gone to deliver!

What the total then? Eh? Eh?

Old Holborn said...

Read the top of the post

£1500 so far

scorpy66 said...

20 notes from me.

Good going, everyone!

Greychatter said...

This is the kind treatment people get when they vote for a Communist Government, or don't take the trouble to vote and we get a so called "Labour" party in control.
The younger generations should waken up to the fact that if Gordon Brown gets back into power, this may be the last chance they have to decide their own future.

Grumpy Badger said...

I'm in for a tenner. I've dropped Nick a line too and also copied it to my (Lib - Dim) MP. I don't expect much of a response although he will be sniffing around after my vote pretty soon. (Not that he's got a hope in hell of getting it.)

If we all took a minute to write too that might make one or two of them think a bit....?

Keep up the good work OH

RantinRab said...

As soon as the wife gets in I'll donate a few quid, (she has paypal, I don't). Won't be much though as the car has to make an emergency visit to the garage.

I've also blogged on this and put the donate button on my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

I haven,t a Paypal account...but want to donate....any ideas please...before I bugger off to Spain to be welcomed in pubs if only for a week...Cheers......By the way,I was playing(entertaining) last night and mentioned Nick,s plight...and why....even the barstaff appluaded him....

Uncle Marvo said...

I'll write if it will help.

I was rather hoping to get to the target 10K by the end of tomorrow and spring the poor bastard.

I'm furiously emailing anyone I know with the link and a plea.

Assuming there is PAPERWORK to do and the bloke is still inside, anyone got any idea what to send him, apart from best wishes and hope?

Pat Nurse said...

I'm not sure that he can recive much in prison - certainly not tobacco. They ration prisoners. As for paypal - I just made the donation with an ordinary bank card.
I did write to my Mp - Public health persecutor Gillian Merron. She doesn't usually respond to anyhting I send her but I have sent a copy of that letter to my local paper. I hope they print it but then they are in Ms Merron's anti-smoking pocket!
Oh - if only I could give more, I would. Nick should be out today!

Uncle Marvo said...

Here is MY plan, assuming someone better than I can come up with a poster or printfriendly version of this blog:

Down the pub (at least two pubs) tonight with the begging bowl. Anything I raise will be donated first thing tomorrow. And they'll donate just to shut me the fuck up, trust me, I can be REALLY annoying.

I would rather like the total (listening, Holby?) to be tweeted if it grows substantially (I can monitor it on the iThing then), so I know when to stop begging :-)

Thanks, chap.

PS anyone running with the poster/printfriendly idea? I can do it, but honestly, it will be shit.

OH set up the paything at five yesterday evening. And it's up to £1500+ at eleven this morning. I am more than hopeful - power of the blogosphere.

Spartan said...

Donated. Spread the word. Lets make it a national issue.

TheBigYin said...

RantinRab, 1 March 2010 10:49 Knowing Nick as I do he will be chuffed that you took the time to write on this blog, never mind donating! Nick is a proud man, a true working class hero. He has done what I failed to do over my 57 years of existance, he made a man of himself, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps and made a future for himself and his wife and children...only to have it pulled from him by those that dislike his business.

When did the idiots take over the lunitic asylum?

Pat Nurse said...

BTW, OH - would it be a better plan to send the cash onto Nick's solicitor who can ensure it gets paid to the right place in the court?

Brilliant idea about pub collections. I'll be out with my begging bowl tommorrow.

Because we're young said...

Tenner in the pot, well done AR and OH. I'm in Switzerland btw and there is a smoking ban, but you can also bet that Lac Leman (Lake Geneva to us Anglos) will set on fire before they jail someone for breaking it. Fuckers.

hangemall said...

My 50p is in.

Uncle Marvo said...

Just told one of the cleaners in the smoking hut about this, and I have a crisp tenner in my hand.

I'll add it together and post it all at once, that way you don't get the PayPal overhead.

Poster? Come on. I'll do one, then it'll shame someone better into doing a good'un.

Uncle Marvo said...

Someone either check the facts or make a better one, or this is going down the pub in a matter of hours.

RantinRab said...

I'm sure Grumpy Old Twat is already beavering away creating a campaign poster!

RantinRab said...

Nice one Marvo!

Uncle Marvo said...

He will be now he can see what competition he's GOT.


Spartan said...

Any of the 646 running with this or is it silence as usual?

Mrs Dale? Tom Harris?

bofl said...

looking more deeply at this i hope some,actually many ,will realise that we are being fenced in by thousands of unfair and unjust laws......

so many and with such a wide scope- it is almost impossible to understand some of them and our mps were too busy gorging themselves on pblic money that i expect most of them never read what they were passing as law............that is definately true of the Lisbon treaty.......a couple of hundred pages of jabberwock which NONE of them read..........

the state harrasses people like nick-yet we have over 400 hundred thieves at a well known safe house in westminster that are laughing at us!!!!!!!!!!

Spartan said...

Nah ... thought not! ;-)

ukipwebmaster said...

This is Nick at Westminster:

Anonymous said...

Fiver posted.

Ron Broxted said...

I'll do a bit in "The Independent" about him.

Old Holborn said...

MPs and House staff who bring in visitors will be responsible for making sure their guests do not smoke - except in designated areas. If a visitor does smoke the passholder must inform them that a no smoking policy operates and ask them to stop.

If a visitor continues to smoke they should be asked to leave the premises. Passholders are told they may seek the help of Police or Security Officers.

Uncle Marvo said...

OH - you're right that it's a rule, but it is NOT A LAW.

Big difference. One rule for them, one law for us.

That is no form of justice, freedom or fairness.

JD said...

I do not want a PayPal account. Is there another way to donate? Thanks, JD.

Spartan said...

T-shirts? ... Hogans Heroes??


Blackthorn said...

£5 donated .... wish I could have afforded more

Daed Parrot said...

Well done Anna Racoon and OH,

This humble parrot has just donated.

We must all get off our behinds and make more active efforts to spread the word about injustices like this.

Wouold anyone consider starting a mutual campaigning and leafletting collective. If everyone printed off, say, 50 leaflets a week on their computer printers and delivered them, I believe we could send our general right of centre/libertarian message to a wider audience than the blogs. However it needs a bit of organising and a set of (generally right of centre) policies and leaflet content need to be agreed.

This could be open to supporters of all parties, except Lib/Lab/Con, as I think we have many desires in common.

Please email me if you are interested.

king chillout said...

I'm a non-smoker, but I'm one of these odd people who think smokers should be allowed to spark up where and when they want.
I even let people smoke in my house.

I've sent my fiver. It's not a lot, but I hope it helps Nick out.

Vote BNP.

pygout said...

My squid's in.

I haven't smoked for ten years, but I'll be damned if the Stasi that ruin our lives are going to get an easy ride.

Blackthorn said...

Click on the donate button and follow the "Don't have a PayPal account? " link

The Purpleline said...

Just a thought if Pub landlords like John applied to change their premises from a pub or bar to a prison and fined instead of charging for drinks could they get around the smoking ban?

Anna Raccoon your legal mind would be helpful here. Surely there must be some old law that can be used to use a property as a prison day prison with inmates leaving after paying their fine (Bill)

Nephilim Child said...

It`s for our own good of course!

The magnificent Capetonian said...

"He was fined again when council inspectors walked into his present pub and discovered a group of customers smoking - Nick wasn't even on the premises."

But then, as OH handily points out below - he doesn't have to be:

"It is not illegal to smoke in a shop or on a train. It is illegal for the owner or controller of the space to allow you to smoke."

I'm all for you lot lighting up in pubs etc, the landlord can't stop you or arrest you, but he can chuck you out.

Go for it, twats.

The magnificent Capetonian said...

"He was fined again when council inspectors walked into his present pub and discovered a group of customers smoking - Nick wasn't even on the premises."

But then, as OH handily points out below - he doesn't have to be:

"It is not illegal to smoke in a shop or on a train. It is illegal for the owner or controller of the space to allow you to smoke."

I'm all for you lot lighting up in pubs etc, the landlord can't stop you or arrest you, but he can chuck you out.

Go for it, twats.

Uncle Marvo said...

"I'm all for you lot lighting up in pubs etc, the landlord can't stop you or arrest you, but he can chuck you out. "

He does. Every night, about 11.30.

Spartan said...

Would paying Mr Hogan's arrears be enough to get him out whilst the fund continues to the full amount?

Uncle Marvo said...

Very good point, Spartan. ITWSBT.

Off in a mo to line pubs with my lame and amateurish posters, in the absence of a decent one.

Come on, you lot.

Fausty said...

Fantastic initiative, OH. Mind the IR doesn't come after you for any 'irregularities'. 8000 pages of tax statutes are bound to offer them opportunities.

Meanwhile, smoking is caught on video at the Palace of Westminster - no censure. Hypocrites.

Uncle Marvo said...

Further to Spartan's comment

Bail bond? I think that's what they're called. Or renewed effort. Have him out tout de suite.

Anonymous said...

How about getting a petition set up to get him released, the world has gone mad and totally backwards, sending someone to jail about smoking, its ridiculous and when we die, what does it matter about these stupid laws, someone on a power trip!

Dave said...

I've never smoked, but I'm with you on this one.
My music career is down the drain because the smoking ban has emptied pubs and clubs.
The fucking whingers cry our "Roy Castle" & "Passive smoking" but that's all unproven bollocks.
Pubs and clubs should be designated smoking or non-smoking. If you're a non smoker then it's your choice whether to go into a non smoking pub. Stop fucking whinging and allow adults to be adults.

Uncle Marvo said...

I correct "Dave".

The Roy Castle thing HAS been proven.

The cancer that he unfortunately died of could NOT have be caused by passive or any other kind of smoking.


Captain Ranty said...

Plus, he smoked cigars. My mate supported his act in the sixties and seventies and watched him fire up a stogie after each gig.

Even so, Roy contracted the "non-smokers lung cancer"-adenocarcinoma.

We chuffers contract Small Cell or Oat Cell cancer.

They be like chalk and cheese.


Uncle Marvo said...

Poster going down well in pub, as is cider

Anonymous said...

A tenner for justice. I hope Pat Hewitt finds blood on the paper tomorrow morning.

anon said...

I would happily contribute to his release which is outrageous and another typical example of britian gone mad ( I would say to the dogs...but that might put me alongside him and frankly dogs have a lot more sense !) Is there a paypal account to send it to ?

AndrewWS said...

You do realise Mr Hogan is a former UKIP candidate, don't you?

I smell a politically-motivated prosection. No wonder the bastards bankrupted him.

Frederique Dupont said...

Just now send by Paypall £500.
Dislike this paypall but in urgence i have no other way to do it.
Please send my love to Nick and his family

I am Stan who uswed to have a blog until it was shut down by the Nazis said...

I too am suffering from politically-motivated persecution.

The Stan Party has been shut down HELP!

The Filthy Engineer said...


There's a donate button on the right hand sidebar

Prodicus said...

The Telegraph is covering your appeal at

If this is already posted, sorry - bit short of time to read the thread.

Uncle Marvo said...

Nice total OH!

Jim Baxter said...

Done. Anyone fancy joining a campaign to pay a friendly publican - perhaps one planning to retire who doesn't have a licence to worry about - say - a £150 fee for a smoking night, which might last only five minutes at our own risk, pay for your booze on top of that, and smoke our faces off. It would just take a hundred or so of us to more than cover a fine such as Nick got. And we'd issue a press release, of course.

I'd donate, and put my name to it, even if I couldn't make it along in person, although I'd try to do that too.

Harri said...

20 of my hard earnt on its way.

Now, off to the pub for a pint and a smoke ..

And i am the one living in an ex-communist country.

Whilst Great Britain, is in the advanced stages of becoming one ?

Olly C said...

@The Filthy Engineer

I'd love to set up You'e Been Quangoed! :-) But alas all of my spare time and more has been taken up by YBC. I have however done my little bit by donating a tenner. Every little helps.

Well Done for setting this up OH.
Sir Olly C (YBC)

clare said...

our so called government are a bunch of donkey-shit eating bollock dribbles.
as smokers, we are already heavily taxed and are probably pretty much running the country, even my 15 year old saw right away that the fines are a ploy to make money by a government who isnt happy to just cock things up but are intent on adding insult to injury by stealing our political freedoms and behaving with complete hypocrisy... dont even get me started on the expenses scandal!!!
rant over, fiver in the pot, Gordon Brown can eat me raw the war-mongering, lying, freedom-abusing, issue-avoiding turd

lilith said...

What a fantastic response!

Johnny B said...

Did a quid each for me and me wife. I feel a right stingy bastard considering everyone else has donated more but you did say only a quid. If it's not all in there by morning then I'll top it up a bit.

Good luck!

callie said...

£5 sent I know it's not much for a hero, but as my old dad used to say " Every drop counts" said the old lady as she peed in the sea"

Harry Hill said...

In for a twenty.

Damn these tyrannical cunts to death and darkness.

Bravo OH.

wv: jailly

RantinRab said...

What a fantastic response.

Perhaps the MSM will pick this campaign up.

Or not.

Kev Bainbridge (Cueball) said...

I was there in Nicks Pub on the first day of this pathetic ban . I am delighted to help Nick, £50 by paypal.

anon said...

I have sent my donation by paypal. A worthy cause and I am happy to do so. Does anyone have any idea which party in the upcoming election is likely to see sense for the people and overturn this unhealthy ban ?

Chrissie Fuller said...


Great to see the level of support for Nick. I know he will be so grateful when he finds out.

Just added another tenner to the fund from myself and Wolfie.

Keep up the good work folks - lets get him out and soon!

Chrissie Fuller

Pat Nurse said...

UKIP is the ONLY party saying it will reintroduce choice -

see pub policy here

Pat Nurse said...

UKIP is also Nick's party - good enough for him, then it's good enough for me!

UKIP is also the only party that has commented on what has happened to Nick. The others stil haven't got a clue who Nick is and neither do they care.

Stan said...


Good luck Nick!

Harri said...

They just dont get it do they, the righetous fuckwits, i have just cringed my way through BBC World, where the story involved 1000,s of traditional French cafes closing down.
The halfwitted BBC reporter, blamed just about everything going ... whilst in camera shot, stood three French persons, huddled together outside the village cafe, freezing there Galić nuts off, in what appeared to be a hurricane force wind.

As i said .. fuckwits, all of them?

Oh fuck it , the cause is more than well worth it, another 20 of my hard earnt,it is then.

The sad thing for me is, i was under the impression that the French had the same balls, as the Eastern Europeans, and basiclay ignored the EU Monsters ?

Prodicus said...

How's the total going, OH?

ali said...

Well done AR and OH in highlighting this.

£5 donated. Sorry it's not much.

Anonymous said...

How about asking the billionaire Dave West?

Anonymous said...

Funny how according the the BBC narrative, everytime it is discussed, pubs close because of supermarkets selling cheap drink.

No mention of why people suddenly feel inclined to drink at home with friends.

Where are all these moaning bastards that didn't appreciate smelling like an ashtray after a night out. WHERE ARE THEY NOW!

I suspect they are knitting yoghurt rainbows whilst planning there next illiberal outing.

Pat Nurse said...

It's bloody great to see everyone pull together like this. If we get Nick Hogan home by the end of the week, just imagine what else we could achieve.

Makes me proud. I haven't seen this Dunkirk Spirit since .... well ... 1940 probably!

Anonymous said...

No offence whatsoeva - but who in their right mind runs a pub in this day and age?

Only a madman...

Good luck to him though, and I hope he gets out soon.

I run my own business, and Im finished come 5th April - I too knackered and in debt to continue.

Matt Davies said...

Just realised 10 quid is stingy when this guy has thrown his life and his actual liberty into the cause.

In for another 40.

bofl said...

i am actually shocked by the lack of response!

it isnt really about smoking is it?

it is about being bossed around by self important cocks that think they know everything and that we should all bow down to them.........

these 'experts' are always right you know.

we were all going to doe from aids/swine flu/global's all b/s invented by vested interests.NONE OF THEM GIVE A MONKEYS' ABOUT YOU AND I!!!!!!!!!!

ALL they are interested in is a big fat salary and pension-all paid for by us of course.........

i have put a link on facebook-perhaps others could?

Jim Baxter said...


Good idea. Thanks. Will do. Be good to see a link to this on Guido. I see OH has already drawn Guido's commenters' attention to it.

Anonymous said...

£10 donated

Fuck the bastards up the arse

Then fuck them again up the arse

Then again

Then stamp on their fucking heads the fucking fascist cunts

Anonymous said...

£5 in the pot.

Anonymous said...

I wish all the UKIP zealots (some of whom were done for corruption and troughing) would stop using this as some political bandwagon. It's putting me off.
I donated even though I disagree with UKIP.

Anonymous said...

Why don't one of the tobacco companies stick their hands in their pockets? Or a brewery?

Corrugated Soundbite said...


Anonymous said...

These whip rounds might have to become regular events...

Junican said...

Despite what I said earlier, here's £50 from me. Money where moth is and all that.......

Katabasis said...

I've donated £25 and the missus has chucked in another £10.

Holby, my old Bean, would you mind also promoting the following, for a gathering outside Nick's prison:!/event.php?eid=329871368052&ref=nf

assegai mike said...

Not sure how some of you square "I am anti-smoking but..." comments. The two are inextricably linked: we smokers are the lightning rod for all civil liberties abusers, like it or not, that's you. £50 from me.

Anonymous: UKIP instantly expelled their troughers, unlike the party which you probably support.

- A UKIP Zealot

High Treason said...

Sorry, OH. This is effectively paying a ransom and I seem to recall holding a person in prison pending a fine is contrary to Magna Carta. I for one ain't gonna pay one single nickle into this corrupt system. It's time for more direct action. There's no other avenue available.

davebr said...

£20 on it's way.Good on you.

SO17 said...

Who needs overpaid cunts who get paid to raise money?
Thats what lefties do, but not us humans.
£10 paypal thingy done.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Suddenly realised I was too tight before. So another £20 in the pot.

PS and I'm a pensioner. But I do feel strongly over this issue

Anonymous said...

£25 from me.

I am not a smoker but it is a fucking outrage to jail a man like this.

Lets get him out boys (and girls).

Charles Crawford said...

Terrific campaign.

I have written in support about this case - and the related issue of Football Socialism - at my place:

Basil Brown said...

Donated + blogged. :-)

A most provocative act by our anti-democratic elite.

For refusing to uphold the state's new diktat through an implied threat of violence against his own patrons, he is sent to a murderer's prison. Socialist justice.

The Filthy Engineer said...

@ Olly C

Just a thought.

But well done with the Cromwelling. Love your replies.

G.O.T. said...

Out early this morning and late in, fucking brilliant surprise to see how well the appeal has been doing!

@Uncle Marvo, RAB ETC
Will be more than happy to do a poster if still required ?

subrosa said...

For the second day running I can't get Paypal to work. Anyone any suggestions for another safe way of making a donation?

you get what you vote for said...

Who did he vote for?

If he voted Lib Lab Contrick or never voted then he has himeself to blame!

sheep whine then follow the flock said...

Ironic that half the issues that get moaned about on this blog were opposed as policies by the growing BNP yet this blog seems to love attacking the only party that realistically offers at least some of the solutions!

Scared BBC indoctrinated sheep!


Want to know what the problem is - look in the mirror!

Gareth said...

If smoking and drinking are so bad why does the Government give taxpayer money to the welfare class for them to buy them?

Enablers! They're killing the underclass!

Wouldn't food stamps be a more logical state of affairs?

Anonymous said...

Just a tenner from me but I am unemployed. Good work OH.

Anonymous said...

How about doing a design for the Cheque? One of those nice big ones with some suitable art depicting pertinent things. Would make a nice photo, OH handing a big fat cheque to a bewigged twathead.

I've just been told of a pub that's successfully been ignoring the anti-smoking dick-tat for a long time.

assegai mike said...

It would be interesting to see how quickly we raise the ten grand and then compare it with what ASH raises from public donations in a whole year (16K in 2007-8 according to said...

I know there has been difficulty contacting Nick, but are we certain he wants us to be raising this money? When he refused to pay the fine was it because he was saying "I'd rather go to jail than give you guys the money" or was it an inability to pay?

Just want to check, because the idea of giving the government any of my money when they act so unjustly pisses me off. I will do so, if it's what Nick would want, but not if he's trying to make a point.

Somebody let me know.

Dazed And Confused said...

Fame at last, the Daily Telegraph (Blog)

Anonymous said...

How about giving the money to his wife? They can then decide how to use it.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Urban11 @ 19:27: "Why don't one of the tobacco companies stick their hands in their pockets? Or a brewery?

The reason tobacco companies stay distant to such things as this is that their intervention is classed along with kiddie-fiddling by the righteous. Once they put their hand in their pocket, the whole thing would be reclassified as a stunt by murderers. And there are plenty holier-than-thou morons in the UK who would believe it.

As for breweries, they are treacherous cunts who did fuck all to oppose the law, in fact they supported it as it meant they could hoover up all the small operators who they knew would suffer badly, so fire away.

Also, add the campaign for real ale (CAMRA) to your list of wankers. Those crusty herberts don't give a shit about anyone as long as they get their pint on their terms. They now whinge about beer tax hikes as if they weren't warned they were next. Fuck 'em.

Jim Baxter said...

To those who say that contributing is giving in, I sympathise with that point of view. Maybe this realy is a case to hold out - do the time.

That doesn't happen to be my view because if we leave it at that it looks like one man holding out and one man is too easily ignored. Many of us are harder to ignore. I've parted with £50 - pleased to do so - would have been more but I've got to get drunk every night, smoke 60 fags a day for the next four weeks, pay the tax on that and then fund the home-life and partners of thirty seven prostitutes. Well, that's the types that the bastards are going to try to make us out to be, isn't it? Without the tax-contribution part, of course.

Victories against oppression have always been won by people risking what matters to them. Money matters to most of us. If we show that we will risk that, well, it could be a start.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to donate other than by paypal - the above-quoted "don't have an account?" button doesn't appear on my screen - only "create a new account" or "log in" for existing ones. I don't have a card I can use, but I do have a big, fat old-fashioned chequebook!

Leg-iron said...

OH - how's the total running? I've pitched in but you won't recognise the Email because the paypal belongs to another of my fragmented personalities ;)

Frank Davis calculates that at current rates he'll be home by tonight.

Let's hope so.

Next we might be looking at a shopkeeper who didn't smoke and didn't allow smoking in his shop where nobody ever even tried to smoke, but who refused to put up the 'Thou Shalt Not' signs.

We might be busy for a while.

Grinningsadist said...

Contributing, £5 incoming.

has old holborn been gagged by a secret injunction? said...

send the money to the wife - the landlord's vigorously trying to avoid paying the fine. the poor cunt'll probably have a new kitchen by the time he gets home.

Martin Wellbourne said...

What "don't have an account?" button? I know it's possible to pay by Paypal without an account - any chance that someone with the necessary know-how could set that one up? Card is at the ready, keen to contribute. Anyone help?

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