Sunday, 7 February 2010

++more MPs and Peers to be charged++

Lord Paul, the Labour donor, and Lord Taylor of Warwick, the Tory peer, who both made large expenses claims based on properties that were not their actual homes are being investigated by the DPP

Paul, a multi-millionaire friend of Gordon Brown, admits he never even slept in the property he called his main home. It was, in fact, a one-bedroom flat at the back of one of his hotels. The hotel’s former manager has confirmed that he — and not Paul — lived in the flat.

Eric Illsley, a Labour member and former union official, who allegedly overclaimed £6,000 in council tax. Whitehall sources have confirmed that at least one other MP is being investigated.

Plus the Uddin debacle of course

Get stuck in

PS. Grab a cheap Lordship title. £21.99 while stocks last


Warsteiner said...

Oh FFS this really is the limit - the only solution is for the whole lot of them to be got rid of - we've been well and truly suckered by a bunch of crooks.

BrianSJ said...

Do we know where Gordon's first home is yet?

john in cheshire said...

Lord Paul - a pakistani muslim? What in earth is this doing in the House of Lords?

Grand-Wibble said...

LOL, about the Lordship title thing, here's a "real" titled chap claiming interweb lordships are bollocks:

Similarly, all the alleged "real" titles are bollocks because they assume an inherent "right" for someone to grant them. They are ALL abstract and fake.

As Grand-Wibble I hereby assume the right to grant Wibbleships to anyone who does me favour. If you wish to be ordained as a Wibble you can also send me 500 quid and I'll consider your worthiness.

Rightwinggit said...

Got change of a thousand wibble note?

Demetrius said...

Isn't Eric Illsley at risk from the BNP? The irony is that he was one of Scargill's lawyers.

Billy The Fish said...

I want to be a Wibble and will happilly pay for the privilege. Where do I sign?

VotR said...

A complete wiping out is required on GE day.

Ampers said...

What was that song I learned in the army?

Fuck 'em all, Fuck 'em all,
The long and the short and the tall,
Fuck 'em all.

Then we killed them all - referring to our enemies of course, not to our beloved politicians :-)


418 said...

Why don't these thieving troughers get arrested, fingerprinted and have their DNA taken? Why?

off topic said...


I thought of killing myself, says climate scandal professor Phil(th) Jones

"He acknowledged similarities to Dr David Kelly, the scientist who committed suicide after being exposed as the source for a BBC report that alleged the government had “sexed up” evidence to justify the invasion of Iraq."

A whistleblower who did actually die (but was probably killed) vs. a thoroughly discredited "grant cottager" who hasn't even bothered to indulge in a bit of self harm and, in all likelihood, given what we now know about him, hasn't actually considered killing himself at all.

Struggling to find any similarities at all, myself.

This latest helping of self interested bullshit from Prof. Phil(th) Jones at least serve to underline the type of people we're dealing with.

Suck away Phil(th), suck away.

Summer_Breeze said...

Now they want to give Cherie Bliar a peerage!!!
* Spits feathers *
That really is going way too far.
I'm disgusted by the very thought. How dare they treat the public with such wicked contempt as they are.

I'm very annoyed today!

Ruth said...

Then read about Gordon & Sarah sobbing on TV over the death of their daughter to round off your day.

Anonymous said...

"Now they want to give Cherie Bliar a peerage!!!"

Perhaps we can take some comfort from the fact that the poor, deluded cow will never realise that, far from being an endorsement of her qualities as a human being, a peerage granted to her by the current regime, in recognition of all her worldly deeds, is as much of an insult as any she'd be likely to find were she to single-handedly browse the entire internet.

Look at the hustler-pimp company is puts her in.

Nick said...

I was having a go at Lord Taylor on the Lords of the Blog website for his expenses.

He replied in an email saying that the police had cleared him.

That's a bit strange because its the DPP that makes the decision, and not the police. Lord Taylor being a barrister makes it even more strange - or he's not a particularly good barister.

A nudge got the sunday times investigating, and it seems that even his claiming of expenses for a house that had been sold isn't the only thing. He was also claiming for another house where the occupants said he didn't live there

Wooops. You would have thought that the first occurance would have alerted him to a second claim having to be correct.

Tory Totty Online said...

They're an abomination, the lot of them. Thieving, troughing, lying fat bastards! lol

Summer_Breeze said...

" Then read about Gordon & Sarah sobbing on TV over the death of their daughter to round off your day."

It makes you want to be sick, doesn't it?

" a peerage granted to her by the current regime, in recognition of all her worldly deeds, is as much of an insult as any she'd be likely to find were she to single-handedly browse the entire internet.

Look at the hustler-pimp company is puts her in."

That wouldn't bother that grasping, scheming witch, one iota. Her mind and her avaricious eyes would be firmly planted on the ££ signs on her expense sheet!

God, I hate that despicable woman!!!

Anyway, I've had an idea...
Why don't we all apply for peerages?
Most of us are probably more deserving, than any of the hoons that are already feeding at the trough.
( You can apply on-line )

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

"Now they want to give Cherie Bliar a peerage!!!"

Liebour's mendacious Fabian socialist ideology has caused a deflationary effect to Peerage as it has done to MBEs, OBEs, GCSEs, A Levels and degrees.

Giving the pikey Letterbox Mouth a peerage is like awarding a chav an ASBO - they both think it's a badge of honour, while we look upon them in disgust and anger.

Captain Haddock said...

I rather suspect it will be a case of more MP's & Peers charged ..

More MP's & Peers before the Courts ..

More MP's & Peers let off scot-free as the result of the efforts of slimy, well paid QC's ..

Result .. yet more public money wasted on Show Trials ...

Rogerborg said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. These aren't the mongs and has-beens that were offered up for sacrifice, these are Inner Party. That's not right.

Someone senior in the CPS is going to get a call to discuss why their pension is a privilege, not a right, and it's as likely to be from Cameron as Broon, because when you get to Inner Party, there's really only one Party.

Great Wibble said...

I think it's great, Cherie getting a peerage.
It devalues the whole "honours" shit, which his great because most of them aren't honourable or special and the ones that are don't care about their title anyway.

caesars wife said...

meanwhile in America at the tea party Sarah Palin "there sticking our kids with the bill , thats generational theft and amoral"

hope everyone remebers that one when the ruin is on with piers .

Field Marshall Watkins said...

White Cliffs of Dover to be sold to the French.

The Port of Dover is being recommended by Government advisers for sale to the French authorities.

It is one of a string of public assets which have been earmarked for privatisation as the Government battles with a record £830billion national debt.

Which reminds me of the Rothschilds long history of 'helping' the government sell off taxpayer assets, just search for it, here is a clue.

NM Rothschild pitches motorway privatisation plan

418 said...

Yeah, well the Frogs will know how to run it (Dover): they do things well over there as a rule; TGV, scrapping compulsory ID cards, rejecting the burqa. It's about time that all concerned realised that the country is fucked: we need to be run by the multinational bureaucracy in Brussels because the Jocks in Whitehall are doing us down. It is a Scotch conspiracy: the Jock Raj is fucking England and we are letting it happen; it's been going on for ages and has reached a crescendo in the past decade.

adrian said...

Yes the Dover sell off fits in nicely with 2012 Olympics.

The South of England is to be merged with the North of France, a region that will then be known The ArcManche region.

Scotland will remain as Scotland, Wales will remain as Wales, Nthrn /Ireland will remain but England is being sliced up into 5 EU Regions.

Arc Manche

british bulldog said...


give her a bone, i say. and if no-one wants the contract, make one of them expenses-fiddlers do it as part of their community-service.

extremist liberal said...


sounds like you were forced to wear a burqa as a school-uniform you poor multiculti-oppressed cunt.

insanelaw said...


yeah, and the channel tunnel was jock-revenge for 'adrian's wall.

jiminy nickit said...


that's because i received special protection on account of my privileged parliamentary condition. it's not my fault my genes got translocated.

al copagobama said...


Now they want to give Cherie Bliar a peerage!!!

so is the house of lords the limey mafia then?

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Thanks for that info Adrian 05:20.

Incorporated into my blog post.

dr p down said...


'genes'? i think you meant 'chromosomes', you unreconstituted retard.

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