Thursday, 4 February 2010

Life's a Party!

all that money on entertaining and winning influence.

Get stuck in to the expenses of "functions and events", MP by MP at the House of Corruption. Quite, quite remarkable how they use and abuse.


Harman, Rt Hon Harriet
Equal Opportunities Comission
Dining Room C

Harman, Rt Hon Harriet
Black History Month
Dining Room C, Members Dining Room

Harman, Rt Hon Harriet
European Year of Equal Opportunities
Terrace Pavilion

Harman, Rt Hon Harriet
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Terrace Pavilion

Harman, Rt Hon Harriet
Black History Month Reception
Members Dining Room

Nice to see Nick Herbert MP entertaining the rough trade of Stonewall for dinner, Lynne Jones entertaining the BBC for breakfast, Sadiq Kahn hosting the Fabians Xmas dinner whilst also hosting Islamic Relief, Ptere Kilfoye seems VERY keen on having the Police to dinner, Khalid Mahmood appears to work for the Pakistan tourist Board mostly, Michael Mates has some VERY dodgy connections, Tony McNulty appears to have converted to Hinduism and Alun Michael is now a somali.

Moving onwards, what the hell goes with andrew Mitchell and his "one nation" dinners every week, Elliot "Guilty" Morley seems to love Globe UK (climate change stuff), Terry Rooney inviting the Mormons, is there anyone Barry Sheerman hasn't entertained? Gisela Stuart reminds herself of her roots by inviting the German embassy over every two weeks, Keith Vaz puts his feet up and entertains the whole of India-twice, and robert Walter seems to have turned Japanese. Lady winterton obvioulsy has her hair done for free as well,

Greater minds than mine will pull this report apart. Hopefully we'll get the suicides they promised


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing there wasn't a lavish reception held for 'White History Month'


WV: redspo - too fucking true !

I am Stan said...

Is that it 5 dinners over 4 years,there must be more or Ill eat my hat!


Climate Scientologist said...

Phishing attack nets 3 million euros of carbon permits

There's an almost poetic irony to this, don't you think ?

The scammers being scammed by other scammers running their own kind of scam....

WV: adzwgate - it *had* to be something-gate didn't it ?!?!?

SO17 said...

The Parliamentary advisory council on transport safety (PACTS) sounded impressive till we found it was nothing more than a lobby group made up of insurance companies,speed camera manufacturers and such like, all of whom have a vested interest in the Road safety industry (more points higher premiums).
My voluntary organization ‘The Association of British Drivers’ which is a member of the committee and the only outfit speaking up for ordinary drivers, has been ridiculed by the ‘PACTS’ chief executive.
I wouldn’t mind but the ABD pays ‘PACTS’ £400 a year to be a member, only to be ignored and ridiculed.
I understand you can pay more to be a member if you like.
That would explain a lot.

lilith said...

OH, sorry to be slow, but are we paying for these receptions or are the attendees?

Old Holborn said...

they pay for the reception. But also have unlimited access to the MP.

It's corruption

SO17 said...

PACTS Political connections.
Chairman-Barry Sheerman MP
Co Chair-Peter Bottomly MP,Louise Ellman MP.
Vice Chair-Viscount Simon,Lord Bradshaw.
Secretary-Barry Sheerman MP.
One of the above would have to book a commitee room on behalf of PACTS where it can hold its meetings three times a year.
Even though PACTS has a charitable status you can bet your balls to a barndance the executive are on a good wage.
I couldn't say if the above politicians have a vested intrest in the road safety industry but they must know that the current Lobby system is open to abuse.

.243 Win said...


Wonder if the rule still applies to Right Dishonourable Persons booking dining rooms :

"that it is acceptable for these facilities to be used for party political functions or for lobbying purposes, but not for any purpose involving direct commercial gain or as an inducement to recruit new members of outside organisations or non-parliamentary associations".

Ron Broxted said...

Life's a party for me, I can tell you.

Its just a constant stream of cock, cock, cock night and day.


WV: coning - Ooooh matron !

Chav said...

@Ron -Yeah batty bwuoy I bet you buck wild on the rilla just like dem politicunts.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Jews the lot of 'em! What do you expect from people like Harmon, more like Harmonbergstein!

It's a conspiracy they're taking over the world. We need some Palestinians in power!

sapper said...

Not all of them are scumbags. Jenny Tonge told the truth about what was going on in Gaza and was forced to resign her front bench position for the Lib Dems.

Then she resigned her seat at the next election.

She still speaks and acts on the plight of Palestinians.

Brave woman, going against the grain.

The message is that if you speak out against zionist scum, you won't be anyone in a mainstream party.

Sad, very sad, that these evil scum are considered more important than decent people like Jenny.

It truly is a bad world we live in, and decent people need to change it and quickly. These evil scum will destroy us all.

Last Sign of Washoe. said...

Ron any thoughts on the Jews?

Quercus said...

SO17 you complete tit.

"The Association of British Drivers" - it's a spoof organisation run by cyclists. It must be - if you check their website it looks just like a Brass Eye piss take.

Oh, and check out the great music recommendations in their shop. Good to know what 'ordinary' drivers listen to.

British Engineer said...

Fuck me OH,

I knew our "demockery" was for sale but I had no feffing idea about this.

Corruption does not cover it as that has a certain amount of covertness to it - this is those 646 MPs pissing in our faces as they stral our money.

And laughing at us.

The political elite are laughing at us.

It really is time to kill a few of them publicly so that they can remember who the fucking boss really is.

Defender of Justice said...

Sapper has hit the Zionist on the head.

Better to dump a handful of Israel fanatics surviving purely on devious hatemongering than attract the justified ire of 1.5 BILLION Muslims with huge oil reserves.

adam said...

government bribing women to get pregnant

Anonymous said...

I actually arranged one of the events in among that list and I can tell you that our constituency MP didn't make a bean from it.
The MP gets the room for free, and offers the room to an organisation (us lot!). That organisation then needs to pay for the food - at around £30 per head (it depends on the numbers)- the money goes to the Palace rather than the Government.
Our event cost £3000 or so to run, and was paid for by the private businesses which went to it - its possible our MP might have got a free glass of wine out of it!

Sorry to piss on your parade, but facts can be useful in a situation like this!

Of course, I fully expect this comment to be deleted or you to suggest it was written by a spaz or whatever - but I'm just like you, a voter who hates MP's!

Pissed fuckin off said...

Oh look.

Now they're giving the police tasers, so they can better protect the public.

Obviously the police won't be abusing the power to use these weapons, same as they don't abuse any of the other excessive powers they have.

Not a Dhimmi. said...

""Jenny Tonge told the truth about what was going on in Gaza""

""Sapper has hit the Zionist on the head.

Better to dump a handful of Israel fanatics surviving purely on devious hatemongering than attract the justified ire of 1.5 BILLION Muslims with huge oil reserves""

Why don't you two Dhimmi's just fuck off to any Islamic sandpit that will take you.

You fucking Islamo-liberals make me sick.

SO17 said...

Are you sure you didn't click on 'ABD' (arsehole bandits and dick)from your list of favourits?
The Association of British Drivers is a legit outfit of volunteers(rare these days)who punch above their weight in the press and elswhere.
The No10 anti road charging petition which reached 1.8million was started by ABD member Peter Roberts.
Shaun Corker another ABD bloke was right at the fore in getting the Manchester congestion charge booted out.
Paul Smith r.i.p ABD member and founder of 'Safespeed'was always in the papers.In fact almost as much as the taxpayers alliance.
To my knowledge none of the above owned a bicycle.

Quercus said...


Nice to know it's a real organisation, punching above its weight.

I was rather worried that motorists are under-represented in the corridors of power.

Still worried about those CDs they're selling, though.

Demetrius said...

Barry Sheerman, in April 2008 I see the John Clare Trust. One contributor to that was Vincent Tchenquiz. If he was there it is very interesting considering some of the publicity his companies are attracting recently. See carlex dot org dot uk.

Neil Platypus said...

Ron what is all this bollox about you being a presenter on BBC2? C'mon we both know you need a graduate level education for that.

Anonymous said...

Dumbo "Not a Dhimmi" should go "back" to his alleged real homeland of wannabe uebermenschen and quit shitstirring western goy against middle eastern ones.

(Unless of course he's just a thick clueless DM disciple, in which case he should limit his comments to Darren and Shazzer's exploits)

the shape of things to come said...

o/t: Remember the recent flu pandemic? Pretty serious, was it not. Anyhoo, it was, in fact, ALL bollocks:

Investigation Chief: Swine Flu Pandemic Was A Hoax

... outgoing Chair of the Council of Europe's Sub-committee on Health Wolfgang Wodarg said that his panel's investigation into the 2009 swine flu outbreak has found that the pandemic was a fake hoax manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in league with the WHO to make vast profits while endangering public health.

'Twas all made up by those who stood to gain from the panic buying of useless junk. Ring any bells?

Llew said...

"London Schools and the Black Child Awards" & "Black History Month Reception"

Racism is still ok in one fucking direction but bad the other way.

Where's the White History or White Child Awards?

I am Stan said...

I was awarded a Merit badge at junior school, when I was a nipper...I was very proud!!

I am Stan said...

Lew-How is it racism to recognise when someone of your own race does well,Why not reward black kids for doing well?or brown n yellow and white kids....get organising if it bothers you that much , easier to sit there pissing and whining and resenting though is it not...

I am Stan said...

I find white history repeated daily on the Discovery channel,thats DAILY not 1 month a year....Captain Cook the last programme I watched very interesing!...also see Jeremy Kyle for contemporary White culture..hahahah.

That last bit was a joke by the way before you get all offended.

Monkeyshines said...

I can tell you all you need to know about "black history" in 30 seconds and it won't cost you a single lunch:

10,000BC. Sit around the jungle all day copulating and eating bananas.

Since 1950AD. Sit around London all day copulating and smoking weed.

Now that didn't take a whole month, did it? And no charge...

I am Stan said...

Since 1950AD. Sit around London all day copulating and smoking weed.

Looks like I`m missing out on something her sounds like fun,think I`ll give it a go...better make sure I`ve got plenty of pizza in...and some copulating equipment!

WV-hydrock....yeah when the police are a knocking on the door hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Screw the dinners, have you seen their excuses?

Go and Cromwell them! Then join us on the 20th April.

Ron Broxted said...

"Last Sign of Washoe., 4 February 2010 15:21

Ron any thoughts on the Jews?"

Listen sweetie, when you're as hard-up as I am you'll take whatever you can get.

And I have to be honest I *am* partial to a bit of skinless head now and again. Ooooooh matron !!!

WV: walit - that bloody rent-boy nicked mine while I was pulling my pants up.

Ron Broxted said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
McEgan's Mummy said...

"Ron Broxted, 5 February 2010 10:34

This post has been removed by the author."

Ooops ! What happened McEgan ? Did you forget which account you were logged into Blogger as ?


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