Monday, 8 February 2010

Its All Coming Unravelled

Far from offering the Chairman of the Chilcot Inquiry cough sweets this time, Straw is being grilled over the discrepancies in his, Blairs, Shorts testimonies,its not going very well.

Why does he just not say 'I wanted to keep my place on the greasy pole' and get on with it.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Gerald Shamash (featured below) his legal advisor? What with Goldsmith and the rest of them, it seems a right old Knesset in charge of sending British kids to kill enemies of Israel using british taxpayer's money...
Even Brown's daddy went to "the promised land" regularly.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

OT - Dezaei just got four years.

Rightwinggit said...


Anonymous said...

I hope the Iranian cunt meets lots of MPs and Lords and Ladies during his extended holiday.

subrosa said...

It's not going well at all OH. :)

the beast said...

A Jew (straw) or a fucking Wog called Dezeai caught telling fibs???
No chance
What next, nigger up on rape charge?

Naked Gerbil said...

Beast I see a glorious future ahead for you in either the police or BNP, the two are cointerminous. Ever thought of blogging on the Torygraph? Cunts like you are always in demand!

let them all in said...

Aye. Gerbil.

Next he'll be trying to tell us that Albanians are loud, ill-mannered scum who don't work for a living.

Naked Gerbil said...

I agree about (most) Albanians.

Ron Broxted said...

"Naked Gerbil, 8 February 2010 17:12

I agree about (most) Albanians."

Tut-tut McEgan. That's racist. What *would* your Righteous friends in UAF make of such a comment ?!?

For those who don't know, our friend 'Naked Gerbil' is actually K McEgan. He's a raging queen who also supports those bastions of Libertarianism, the UAF.

Yes folks, that's right, he *is* a cunt.

I am Stan said...


I would`nt be surprised if the Straw man tried it on with a few tears.

no need for that said...

Hebes just tend to be 'good' at stuff in general.

The theme of present day British politics (of whatever persuasion) is corruption and we find a few well placed 'nodders' in and amongst all the other shiteaters.

Their presence and involvement does not determine the theme. There'd be just as many hebes knocking around if the theme were not corruption.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its not going well... but fuck all will happen to them. Things will just Carry on Regardless (oh missus)

Stormfront White Aryan said...

Is that his real name, K McEgan?

Captain Haddock said...

Dizaei gets four years ? .. Lovely jubbly ..

It should have been 24 years after all the damage that bastard has done ...

Anonymous said...

... Dizaei gets four years

couldn’t’ve happened to an oilier, more shifty cocksucker.

not all coppers are that bent, obviously, but it does go to show, does it not.

wv: conseye

Anonymous said...

Yeah saw in one of the papers that Mr Bent Copper had got 4 years - should we sll contribute towards a soap on a rope for him? Only if we cut the rope first I think.

Agree with you Stan about Straw & the tears - 3 in a row eh? He doesn't look so fucking smug now does he - cunt!

Old Holborn said...

Give it a couple of days and I'll publish Dazai's Number and address in HMP.

then you can send him whatever you like, as a measure of friendship

Anonymous said...

Also note that two of the five Chilcock stooges are jewish zionists who strongly supported the Iraq war:
Martin Gilbert and Lawrence Freedman

Ron Broxted said...

I bet Dizaei will be getting it in the showers tonight.... the lucky bugger !

Ooooooh matron !

Tory Totty Online said...

Absolutely bloody too right OH!

caesars wife said...

Ha Ha Blairs been on Fox news saying chilcott is about britains obsession with conspiracy theories.

see daily mail

best outbreak of was nae me yet .

Rogerborg said...

If Blair does get recalled to Chilcott - maybe to explain his peculiar theory that Iraq was conspiring with Al Quada - I reckon he'll just stick his fingers up and tell them suck it.

Speaking of being told to suck it, what a shocker about Dizai: after the number of times that he's been found not guilty down the years, who'd have thought that he actually was bent as a 3 pound note. I see the Met and IPCC aren't waiting for the inevitable appeal to get their boots in. Nothing like watching the Establishment turning on itself, eh?

Ron Broxted said...

Chief Constable Bettison of West Yorkshire and his call that the Umma must spy on any dissent or radicalism. Under no circumstances must any Muslim co-operate with an avowedly biased and racist BNP supporting police. Look at the aftermath of Oldham, Asians received harsher sentences far in excess of neo-nazis cunts. Many laws yet little justice. As someone who has reverted to the Islamic faith in order to get excused from not having a job, I ask you how can I pray five times a day and get a job at McDonalds? No contest so I get my full dole money simples. So all you knuckle dragging BNP wankers on this site can go go fuck yourselves. Allah Ackba.
By the way you can also catch me on Broxted twitter and my blog on the Indy live journal Ron Broxted.
Almost forgot to tell you mugs I nominated myself for this years Orwell Prize. That's how clever I am compared with you dull racist fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Here r sum Hebes, just 4 Ron, a-do-ron-ron:

Ooooooh matron !

Alamo's Mum is a cunt and whore. said...

"Ron" how is it over on the Torygraph, they are as sick of you as these 'uns. Tell us about your time at Harrow old chap.

Harri the happy one, and long may it continue said...

Sir Henry Morgan said...
OT - Dezaei just got four years.

8 February 2010 16:11

Whoohoo !

Party time, hand on heart, 2010 is going to be a vintage year, of biblical fucking proportions?

Harri the hopefull, and i have never even been to Eaton Socon, the fishing is good though said...


Fuck the real ' Ron Broxted' you keep it up mate .

1/ You are showing up the real Ron Broxted for what he really is .. a cunt

2/ You are showing up the real Ron Broxted for what he really is .. a cunt

And, the cunt is rattled ... big time, otherwise he/she/his mother would just shut the fuck up !

Harri St Neots said...

God bless you Harri, may flights of angels attend you to Slovak heaven. Nah fuck it, you are a BNP twat. Roast in hell you fucking piece of shit. Couldn't make it in Ingerlund? Too many "ethnics"? So you pissed off to Gypo-land. You fucking wasteman, thou art a Ras and Bomba Clart.

418 said...

It's too bad that as the evening goes on, and I suppose as contributors get more and more pissed on their cheap Tesco's larger, that the comments on this site get stupider and stupider and more and more full of swear words.

Jack Straw of the Islamic-Marxist Alliance against Goyim and Kuffrs said...

You lot Know Fuck All about the Law so shut your Goy Gob's.
You will see that I and other ministers are doing away with your Quaint little Goy Laws.

You probably think paedophilia is illegal, well it's not.

The EU Removes discrimination against the act of Paedophilia

<a href="</a>

This is of course to remove any legal impediment to the Islamic Practice of 'thighing' which I will leave others to go into in graphic detail.

Best Regards

Jack Straw

Marxist-Islamic Alliance

Jack Straw of the Islamic-Marxist Alliance against Goyim and Kuffrs said...

Forgot to do the fucking link


Jack of the Marxist Islamic Alliance

PS been watching my favourite porn movie.

Soviet Story Trailer

Coming soon to you Goy Kuffrs

Vote Labour

Vote Lib Dem

Vote Conservative

It wont make any fucking difference.

VotR said...

Its All Coming Unravelled.

Good. They have earned it, every little thread to the big yarns.

Anonymous said...

Is Jack Straw a Jew? How many of them are there, anyway? Cunt them up.

obama - the witch messiah said...


well, you see...i thought afghanistan was playing playing hard-to-get, pakistan had its draws down...and iran's been giving me the old glad-eye. there's been an absolutely dreadful series of misunderstandings - basically coz i can't speak wog.

tuttel of the bailey said...


sarcasm'll get you knowhere you bristly beastender. it's black wankers working for white wankers who're so dumb they don't realize they're doing black wankers a fucking favour by ejecting them from the wanking cesspool.

all things being equal i should have dumped queen's evidence on that stupid black bitch i was working with who wanted to, quote, "bring down the system" by blatantly filling her huge hypocritical hustling-handbag with tax-payers' dosh and then crying "racism" when the wanky white hierarchy had the bare-arsed cheek to accuse her of insitutional fraud...and well, tragically, it was all so damned unnecessary seeing as the decadent disslexic d-notiz dickbrain was doing a grand job of involuntary fucking sabotage in any fucking case. fortunately the mentally-insane mole was acquitted on a technical hitch, returned to her post, and ultimately succeeded in bringing the whole fucking country to its knees - primarily by virtue of spanking out her plastic.

sandra "very interesting" davis said...


that was very interesting actually.

What the Fuck's going on said...


It's hard to tell, they change their names to blend in.

this guy seems to know.

I am an englishman

adrian said...

This Guy seemed to know what is going on too, but surprise surprise he's dead now, could have been natural causes.

Reflections and Warnings

Ron Broxted said...

Laughing while Ali Dizaei gets raped in jail.
Posted by ron_broxted
Tuesday, 9 February 2010

God repays but not with money (remix). For the fucking idle foreign readers some background information. A (former) high ranking police Commander and Muslim scumbag has been sentenced to four years in jail. Is this in preparation for Sgt Delroy Smellie being promoted? I hope so Were the knives well and truly out for Ali Dizaei? It is a win-win situation, the police (ever proactive) have had their pound of flesh. As for the far Right, we are unhappy that Dizaei, who had no qualms about fitting up suspected Islamic radicals, and Left wing scum will be on segregation for his own safety. Wear the uniform, pay the price I suppose. Not that I have ever worn a uniform apart from a brief three weeks in the TA Army Medical Corps, getting thrown out for taking part in a Gay Daisey Chain in the drill hall in Herts.That aside, but still fondly remembered by me....Oooh matron, Dizaei actively colluded in making the police take on more and more ethnics regardless of whether they had any brains or not, just to appear multicultural and right on. The police have become a weak version of what they should be,
therefore " Real justice" and law and order is just a fucking memory to most of us.
Now as a far Right actively homosexual BNP supporting Cottaging Old Queen with an arsehole like the Blackwall Tunnel, who is often pulled by the Old Bill as I go about my Cottaging, you would think I am anti-police? Well I'm not, sure I have been slapped around on several occasions and had my head stuck down the shitter and the toilet flushed, but if I am honest I did enjoy it...Oooh matron. But as a paid police informant I have benefited financially over the years from grassing up people from the ALF, IRA and some Left Wing and Islamic organisations. The bonus is my police SB handler is also as Gay as a Pink Christmas Tree in Brighton. Oooh what he can do with his extending baton leaves nothing to the imagination Grrrr slurp slurp. My advice to this bad egg would be from my own experience being banged up in prison for some photographs that were found on my Hard drive, honest it was second hand, how was I to know that the previous owner was a Kiddie Fiddler? Shit happens.
That large man in your cell wants to play Mummys and Daddys. Enjoy, I did because my cellmate was black with a massive cock and fucked me every which way and some more, during the 18 months I shared a cell with him....Oooh matron it was so degrading which made it even nicer. In some ways I envy yet still hate this Muslim ex Commander.
Follow me on Broxted twitter. You know you want to.....Oooh matron!!

Ron K McEgan Broxted said...

Anybody interested in reading my crap on the Indy just follow this link. If you have trouble getting off to sleep it's a must. I would love to be a journalist but I haven't got any discernable talent. I am a strong supporter of Gay Rights and would love a long weekend with Mark Oaten in a cottage in the country. My mother used to hawk her cunt around Peckham and although in her seventies still hold open house with my ugly sister to Somalian asylum seekers. My old dad who like most of my male relatives refused to fight in two world wars due to the proven genetic cowidice gene all the males in my family have, said of my old mum, "Kevin, you ugly cunt, your mother has a fanny like a wizards sleave and so does your sister last time I pumped her." His a real diamond geezer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8 February 2010 23:59 said:

"Is Jack Straw a Jew? How many of them are there, anyway? ..."

Westminster is a branch office of the Knesset, that's why we attack countries that are no threat to us. Straw even changed the law so Israel's war criminals can visit and plan some more pointless attacks against people not threatening Britain (or even the west, come to think of it).

K McEgan's Mums a Whore said...

Jack Straw's brother is a sex offender and now is on the Sex Offenders register.

Ron Broxted said...

I like buggering young boys and I am half Jewish. I write left wing rubbish on the Indy live journal blogsite. This year I nominated myself for the Orwell Prize but they told me my blogs were crap and not to waste their time Boo Hoo I am sooo heartbroken and can't stop crwying. My best friend Colin Berry (google Sciencebod) likes to squeeze my bum cheeks and stick his tongue in my ear...Oooh matron.

Climate Scientologist said...

Oh dear, it looks like the whole Righteous project is beginning to completely unravel at an alarming rate....

IDF Forever said...

I prefer Guidos website.

No jackbooted, shaven headed, semi latent homosexual Hitler fetishists at Guidos.

And he send us Pizza when we are undertaking the Wests dirty work.

Anonymous said...

BBC pays stars 6% of annual TV Tax.

This figure does not include the secret loans from the ECB to the BBC.

Prepare to be horrified at how corrupt the BBC luvvies really are.


Anonymous said...

I thought Jack Straw's brother had managed to wriggle out it a couple of years ago or has he been at it again & nailed this time?

What a lovely family!

Anonymous said...

IDF Forever said:
"I prefer Guidos website.
No jackbooted, shaven headed, semi latent homosexual Hitler fetishists at Guidos. And he send us Pizza when we are undertaking the Wests dirty work."

Well of course you do, Guido wants to be part of the MSM so he actively censors criticism of Israel and Zionism.
They do dominate the media, after all. Can't be MSM if you expose the zionist hatemongers that connive to send dumb Goy to kill Israel's enemies for them.

Pizza for all said...

Anonymous 13.38

Please use your right to fuck off & live in Gaza.

I will be in Israel parting with the other free democrats.

Anonymous said...

@ Pizza for war criminals, fraudsters and organ thieves :

I don't want to go live in STALAG Gaza under the Zionazi "Chosen Ones", thanks.

WTF are you still doing over here with the dumb Goy if Israel is so fantastic?

They spit on christians in Israel:

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