Monday, 15 February 2010

Hollie Greig


I'm going out on a limb here. I am hearing some very unpleasant things about Grampian Police and certain sectors of the Law in Scotland. Nothing unusual there, you say, the bastards are riddled with freemasons and rapists but this one is unusual

It concerns the allegations that certain named individuals have been using a Downs Syndrome child "for their amusement" and a desperate attempt is being made to cover it up by various members of the Judiciary in Scotland. She has since been awarded £13K in compensation, forced to flee the country and no one has been charged.

Journalist Robert Green went to find out what was going on last Friday and was promptly arrested. His house has been raided whilst he is locked up and his computer "removed".

Journalist & Broadcaster Robert Green was arrested by Grampian Police on Friday. Scotland's Crown Office are said to be heavily involved in the arrest in Aberdeen on Friday of the well known England based journalist & broadcaster Robert Green, who travelled to the Grampian area late Thursday to attend a public protest against the lack of action by Scotland’s law enforcement agencies to prosecute identified individuals in an Aberdeen based paedophile gang, names which include key members of Scotland’s legal establishment and even a local Sheriff, who stand accused of serial abuse of disabled victims, including downs syndrome girl, Hollie Greig.

Grampian Police arrested journalist on ‘breach of the peace’. Grampian Police apparently swooped on Mr Green before he was even able to attend Friday’s planned protest, taking him into custody earlier in the morning on a charge of breach of the peace, which Mr Green had been detained on, until his appearance tomorrow (Monday) at Aberdeen Sheriff court, where ironically, Mr Green will be taken before a colleague of a Sheriff who was identified by one of the abuse victims as being an alleged member of the paedophile gang at the centre of the case, who are accused of abusing disabled victims & also passing vulnerable children around their ranks.'
In view of the noise still being made about Dunblane and "operation Ore" (which identified many paedophiles in public office, none yet prosecuted), we could be watching something very unpleasant indeed. A D notice has been slapped on any reporting

More details to follow....

Scottish Law Blog Report

UPDATE: A BBC report on it was pulled. Hear it in full here

Video here

Meanwhile, here's some rather dark reading

More dark reading

UPDATE2: It's kicking off

UPDATE 3: The injunction stopping me from publishing this. Yeah, right. Fucking sue me-


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to poke a rubber-faced spacker?

David Chiverton said...

A grim story and an even grimmer cover-up.

A Zimbo said...

As you say OH. Very dark reading. The police force and security services of this country are out of control.

Anonymous said...

In Britain today there is the Establishment & there is the little people.

Sooner or later this seething anger must have out.

john in cheshire said...

If this is true, it is the most revolting thing I have heard in a long time. What on earth is the matter with such people? Vile goes no where near describing them.

Catflap said...

Again,easy on the Masons OH.
I have yet to see any evidence of cover ups,pedo rings,corruption and death committed by British freemasonery as an institution.
The best the anti Mason brigade have come up with thus far is Calvi hanging under Blackfriars bridge.
Calvi was a member of the P3 lodge in Rome.
The P3 lodge was not affiliated with any other Masonic lodge in the world.
Because the Vatican hates Freemasons as much as Jews.
Odd that Calvi the money man of the Vatican would be allowed to be a Mason is it not?
Unless the P3 lodge was a construct for The Mafia,government and vatican officials to do their dirty work.
Shit hits the fan,freemasonry takes the wrap.
It's obviously worked.

Catflap said...

P2 lodge I meant.

Old Holborn said...

John, I don't know if it is true. Yet.

But after 15 years on the Internet (yes, I had a compuserve account before the WWW existed) nothing surprises me. Nothing.

Catflap. Please. Your lodge may do very good drinkies and be completely harmless. Others are not. There is a reason freemasons court their membership from the Police, the Judiciary, local government, national government, the landed gentry, the aristocracy, those in authority and civil servants yet not pop stars or bin men.

Ask your Grand Master why. Ma Ha Bone

Catflap said...

I'm not on the square OH honest.
I know a few cops who are/were Masons and it never did fuck all for their careers, in fact the opposite.
I hear tittle tattle from people with gripes about my local council all the time.
'Masons innit'blah de blah.
Where is the evidence?
Where are the public inquiries along the lines of the one about pedo priests in Dublin?
There are bigger elephants in the room than freemasons.

Anonymous said...

Is this the rumour that one of the people turned up by operation ore was a high ranking Scottish Labour politician who soon after the operation began was moved for no apparent reason out of the cabinet into a new job abroad, and that same person was involved in something very odd in dunblane?

E said...

Catflap said " ... the Vatican hates Freemasons as much as Jews."

Why do Jews hate Freemasons?

Old Holborn said...

Freemasonary uses old Jewish texts coupled with various other rituals.

It's based around the Kaballah.

Anonymous said...

nice one OH.

Stinks to high heaven.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Well picked up OH.

UK Column have been following this. Here's one of their pieces, they have others.

Catflap said...

Post in haste regret at your leasure.
Maybe the Jews do hate freemasons.
I don't know.
Masons being a large group of free thinking, largely white,industrious tax paying blokes.
Who could possibly have anything against them?

Old Holborn said...

They aren't free thinking. They MUST do as they are told.

simple as that

(I have actually watched a Chief Constable kneel before an ordinary PC)

Oldrightie said...

I pray that one day the establishment will be found for what they are.

Catflap said...

Thats what makes me wonder why the Left hate Freemasonry so much as well.
Surely an organisation that is blind to social status would be welcomed by them.
Judge Masonry by the enemies it has.
Nazis,communists and dogmatic religious zealots.

john in cheshire said...

OH, Compuserve. Ah, those were the days.

You may not be surprised by what people are capable of doing to each other, but thank goodness you haven't lost your ability to be outraged and disgusted. Once we have become desensitised to evil, then we will truly be doomed. I have just been watching the Panorama programme on abuse suffered by disable people and my mouth dropped when I heard the gratuitous nastiness aimed at them by 'ordinary' people; old and young. It is very depressing, the depths to which we have sunk.

The witch from Essex said...

Why does this type of disgusting activity not shock or surprise me ? The 'powerful ones' will not rest until they get the age of consent down to about 5 years old and make mentally incapable people exempt from any legal age of consent.

Old Holborn said...


Don't make me go there...

Religion. Freemasonary. Politics. Wealth

It is ALL about power over your fellow man.

I want NONE of it. I am my master and also my slave. No one else is qualified.

Anonymous said...

What is the Establishment trying to hide now... If true this is outrageous... They just don't get it, you cannot control information, the game is up, the truth WILL out... FYI... The Guardian profile: Scotland's first woman lord advocate Elish Angiolini | Politics | The Guardian

Old Holborn said...

we will see if it is true

And trust me, we will

Anonymous said...

Well done, OH.

Stinks of Common Purpose.

Joe Public said...

LATEST REPORT FROM STONEHAVEN 7.30pm today 15 February 2010

"Robert has been released on bail and silenced and NOT to speak to anyone particularly the press on any matter connected with his protests"

Jess The Dog said...

This story seems very odd...arresting and detaining someone for a breach of the peace arising from leafleting.

Further digging is needed, but the idea of wider conspiracies can often overshadow the tawdry and life-destroying small conspiracies that wreck the lives of a handful rather than controlling the lives of millions.

For example, I don't believe there was ever any "D Notice" over Dunblane. Rumoured to have been one over Operation Ore, which is possible although newspapers leaked details anyway and an injunction could have been used (would seem odd for an defence advisory notice to be used in this way). Operation Ore was (and remains) controversial, based on a simple trawl of US-supplied data, which brought to light some cases of fraud and some cases where "material" had not been accessed. Despite this, widespread arrests and family separations were carried out, which probably explains why there were only 1,451 convictions out of 3,744 arrests.

The Cullen inquiry into Dunblane caused deep concern because of the 100-year restriction order on release. The Lord Advocate lifted this in 2005, with some information (on the victims) still withheld. It is not too cynical to conclude that the original 100-year restriction would have also covered up disgraceful police incompetence and uncomfortable contacts between Hamilton and various political figures (not necessarily sinister as deranged people often rant to politicians) related to this devastating and unprecedented event. There hasn't been any further developments since the files were released to the National Archives of Scotland. Inquiry transcript is at:

Whatever the case, in the era of the blogosphere, there is no way that abuses can be kept under wraps in the way they were in past decades. So keep up the pressure!

FTAC Watch said...

Ah the old 'breach of the peace’ ploy.

They did the same to me.

No cunt backed me up, so fuck 'em.

Jess The Dog said...

Breach of the peace is a catch-all beloved by the police. A common law offence as well, for those who value such differences. I suspect that complaints may have been made by those subject to these accusations, hence the arrest.

Maximum summary penalty in a sheriff court is £10,000 and 1 year in gaol.

mk_rev said...

FOR FUCKS SAKE, Sally Bercow and Prescott are tweeting at #ivenevervotedtory.

Get in there! Even if it is just an intern, it feels great flinging shit at them

Marchamont Needham said...

I'm a cynical bastard and I don't believe in conspiracies, the NWO or any of that crap. But those videos ring true, and the journalist is very very credible.

Poor kids.

Is there a fighting fund?

Jess The Dog said...

Looks like contempt of court for breaching an interdict. They don't like that sort of thing.

Unless it's on blogs where they can't do much about it.

Lawyers and the judiciary will always look after themselves and their own anyway, regardless of any conspiracy theories. The last privileged profession in the UK (other than politicians).

king chillout said...

I knew a Freemason. He lived on a council estate a few doors down from my mum and dad and he never had more than two pennies to rub together.

I once saw him "cutting" new treads into an old car tyre with a hot knife and a blow torch!
He had a boring lonely life and then he died.

Being a Freemason never seemed to do him much good.

I've actually been on tours round Freemason meeting rooms near Leamington Spa and I can safely say they were damp, dank and nasty shit holes.

caesars wife said...

If this is true, God help them ! hope it goes right to the heart of the jock socialists .

Jess The Dog said...

I went to a masonic lodge for a childrens' christmas party (as a child, unmolested as well!) and very pleasant it was too, plenty of cakes and fizzy drinks. Best part was finding a coffin and a skeleton (I think) in a cupboard upstairs (presumably for doing their resurrection thing for new members)....kept me awake at night for months!

Anonymous said...

our country really stinks!

Anonymous said...

Kit said...

Here is a very informative talk from the journalist explaining exactly what happened to this little girl. How the 'authorities' reacted to the allegations of abuse is almost as shocking as the abuse itself.

It really does sound like Scotland has an incestous establishment.

Anonymous said...

"It really does sound like Scotland has an incestous establishment."

Yes and its Head Office is the Houses of Parliament in London where most of the Paedo/Gay/Scots Mafia are based..

Middle Seaxe said...

A D-Notice?

Did I misread that?

A fucking D-Notice?


bofl said...

it is about time that the people who are supposed to work for us actually found out who the boss is.........

the mps,lords,police shit in our faces daily....d-notices,100 year limits on info etc..........

thet are NOT above the law.........or the rest of us...most of them have been seen for what they are recently.......

these people will do ANYTHING for power,money,adulation etc..........

don't think that doing horrific things to those that cannot defend themselves is a recently imported trait from johnny african!

moonmadmerv said...

The question is are they letting the details of their lack of humanity out (by way of over the top reaction to honest truth seekers) in order to provoke disgust/protest in the populace so that they can impose the civil contingencies act ie martial law?.Wake up, see beyond the illusion,take control of your destiny before you are slaughterd like the cattle you are

Kit said...

I've been looking around the internet.

Funny, not a whisper on the BBC or any of the newspapers. It's only on the blogs.

It makes me wonder what sort of shit has been regularly pulled before the internet started to break the monopoly on news.

the beast of clerkenwell said...

She us a bit of a hottie though isnt she?*
Scotland is a fucking shithole and Im not saying this just for fun.
Its a fucking midden

A cess pool of thieves and perverts

moonmadmerv said...

to the beast
its a wonderful and nearly clean country They send all the SHIT here

DAvid Kelly said...

Glad to see you back on form OH!

I came across this story earlier today. Very disturbing stuff. This, or related deeds may involve very high-ranking people.

I'd refrain from walks in the woods if I were you.

hollie said...


for a fuller story see my blog at:

We have put all of the relevant facts onto the blog and loads of press cuttings, full articles, comments, and factual reports - 115 so far.

I have Down's Syndrome but I have a clear understanding and an excellent memory - The Police and medical reports describe me as an honest, credible and truthful witness!

I do not write or type well enough to maintain the blog myself but EVERY item is read to me on the phone and my Mum who is my legal guardian and I approve every comment.

The Old Holborn blog has been read to my Mum and she has approved of this comment before it was sent.

Thank you all for your help - see my blog and spread the word and the address please.

I may be handicapped but we can make a difference to the corruption in Scotland working together to break the hold of The Spec ( and the crooked lawyers and politicians and maybe save others from abuse by the Courts and the sexual abuse that I had - IF we can save just one it is worth it.

Thank you,
Hollie Greig

caesars wife said...

Good on you Hollie !

Dark Lochnagar said...

I believe the whole story is linked to the Dunblane Massacre, Lord Robertson, Malcolm Rifkind and Thomas Hamilton. There have been stories circulating for years about a establishment paedophile ring at the height of the Scottish Establishment. Perhaps the arrest of Robert Green will bring it to a head, just in time for the election and it could be very very damaging for Labour. More at mine on

hollie said...


thanks Mrs. Caesar! Just spread the ERL.

Dark Lochnagar - you will find masses about Dunblane at:

Interesting that Levy & McKrae are lawyers for Ms. Angolini & Sheriff Graeme Buchannan and yet they won't tell anyone who is paying them is it an abuse of public office and the tax payer is paying or are they being paid by one of the many newspapers they seem to be lawyers for!

Interesting to note that Peter Watson the head honcho of Levy & McRae was involved in the corrupt cover-up at Dunblane where 26 shelf feet of evidence were deliberately and seemingly unlawfully hidden for 100 years - typical concept of justice in Scotland where a seemingly bent judge makes up the law as he goes along.

Interestingly Lord Cullen was also the judge who stitched up Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi in that corrupt set up in Holland - do read his fanciful corruption of the case in his summing up!

Yes I do know about it because Mum & I have discussed it and she knows GLW who has exposed so much over the years!

Interestingly there will be a blog on my site soon about the apparent invalidity of Scottish Interdicts south of the border - presumably because they know just how corrupt Scottish legal systems and lawyers are!


Ron Broxted said...

Dear Hollie & Mrs Greig, I have posted on this at The Independent and My Telegraph plus Twitter. Bye, Ron M. Broxted, Esq. (The real one).

Boy George said...

Is Ron Broxted involved? It sounds right up his street and he wears a kilt, in fact he will wear anything if the price is right.

hangemall said...

Wasn't there a scandal in the 90's or late 80's about sexual shenanigans in the Scottish legal profession? Although that, if I remember rightly, was to do with gays.

Was this interweb thingy around in those days?

Just checked something (google) and found this


It could be a start.

Or an ending.

fewqwer said...

Another OH cause célèbre with a potent whiff of bullshit about it I see.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember reading on this site that Broxted is a frequent visitor to east european orphanages. I wonder if there is a link? I know also he visits his layabout relatives in the Grampian region and was in Glasgow recently. As Sherlock Holmes would often say to Doc Watson, "We are dealing with a right mother fucking bunch of pervs, let mash dem faces and use de stanley on da ras clarts tackle me bro's."
Didn't he comment recently that his cousin was attacked in stir for being involved in the Baby P case?

Ron.M.Broxted said...

Dear Hollie & Mrs Greig, I have posted on this at The Independent and My Telegraph plus Twitter and I have also written to Blue Peter, Ester Rancid, Noel Edmunds to see if I can get on Deal or No Deal and win some much needed cash with my system. Bye Bye, Ron(Monkey Fucker) Broxted, Esq. (The one accused of kiddie fiddling).

PS Smarties anyone?

White Van Man said...

If this is fucking true and Scottish perverts are involved, it will be the hard pressed screwed to the pips English tax payers footing the bill yet again, not the sponging Jocks mark my words. Has Gordon Brown said anything to Piers Moron about it?
What does Katie Price think?

Uncle Nobby said...

What is it about the Scots and Irish when it comes to pedo rings. Little people seem to figure large in their lives. There was a recent case in Ireland of an old man accused of sexually assaulting a young boy, and he claimed in court he thought it was a homosexual leprechaun.
Ginger bastards.

Ruth said...

OH - bravo for running with this story. Obviously living up to your motto :)

Have put a quick comment on my log & linked to you & Dark Lochnager. Good luck & don't go walking alone in the woods.

Ron Broxted Esq said...

Anybody else use the "Grinder"? It's like electronic Gaydar for finding like minded cheese splitters. I had 400 hits tonight. What a wonderful bit of kit.It certainly does what it says on the tin.

Katabasis said...

I phoned them. They refused to give me any information, saying Robert Green was currently under investigation.

They then asked for my contact details. I refused and put the phone down.

For the record, this exact same thing has happened to my sister in essex. I've never ever mentioned it online before, but the details are far too similar. They engaged in a sustained campaign to shut us up including trying to institutionalise my mother and stealing our pets and puting them back in our garden with their heads and internal organs removed.

Katabasis said...

^ I know that sounds bizaare and makes me sound like some kind of loon. But it's what happened.

spark up said...

dear old holborn

someone is spamming me with a view to telling me when, where and how to comment on this blog. i don't know why this is as i comment here for my own amusement and am not paid to do so by anyone - for this reason i will comment at times which are convenient to me and in a style and manner of my own choosing, and if i get bored with this place i will just quit the plot as i did over at guido's (where all this electronic eavesdropping, stalking, blackmail, intimidation, hacking and threats against me first began, and is now once again escalating). i've got no idea about your arrangements with other commenters on this blog, but should you perchance be paying anyone for my classy contributions and visits (and i mention this on the offchance, and not in any particular expectation, indeed i would be most surprised to learn that this were the case!), i would strongly urge that you do not do so, as i receive no monies whatsoever and have absolutely no contract with anyone whomsoever - and you would therefore be paying a scammer like guido did. certainly do not give any money to any angela, sandra, jocelyn, tina or tanya, as the aforementioned are longstanding con-artists, who have a habit of taking credit for the work of others - and which is probably why the guido fawkes blog is currently a bit stuck in the mud.

charitably yours (at present)

spark up

h said...

i don't really want to read the link details about this case but well done mr green, old ho and all involved in getting this story out.

Anonymous said...

The story of Robert Greens arrest has been covered here:

Get Smart said...

I just wonder how long before they start arresting Bloggers [common in some parts of the world] for exposing things like this.
Well done to all who stand up to these paedophiles. Dont forget this has happened before in Scotland with Dunblane where there was another big cover-up.

Anonymous said...

Didn't She who must beat Griffin at all costs in Dagenham and Barking,preside over a similar incident in the London Council she was running (into the ground)?

Anonymous said...

Do you fuckwits actually believe this paranoid shite?

Freemasons colluding with Aliens from Areas 51 to uncover supplies of Vrill so they can have lubricants for the anal penetration of retarded children at a secret Nazi base in Antarctica....

Because we're young said...

How dare those fuckwits drop a D-Order on this? Good for you OH, fuck the naysayers, and fuck the jocks as well, den of vipers.

Ivor Bigot said...

Do you know who all this made me think of?

Lavrentiy Beria.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. The porridge-wogs will stick it anywhere, even to mongs.

JuliaM said...

Got to agree with Middle Seaxe: "A D-Notice?

Did I misread that?

A fucking D-Notice?


I thought it had to be a pretty important state secret, location-of-the-nuclear-bunker type of thing to attract a D notice.

Or is Scottish law more flexible?

vervet said...

D-notice ? - hmm. I wonder if there is any connection with another prominent person of Scottish origin, currently resident down here in England, about whose sexuality there is much speculation ?

Bugger said...

There is some confusion as to the D Notice mentioned in OH's text.

I am not sure to what he referring. There appears to have been, maybe, a D Notice covering the Dunblane Massacre but the injunction on reporting, which OH has reproduced in link, is I think, an Scottish Interim Interdict.

It is not a D Notice.

D Notice, Interim Interdict the whole fucking stincks like Aberdeen Harbour.

What is the Establishment say to us whenever they impose their laws on us that we know will be bent and stretched to the extreme to suit them;

Trust us, you have nothing to fear. You have nothing to fear if you have done nothing wrong.

So why the Interdict and the zipping up of the MSM on this?

They are in the pockets of their political masters.

If you don't believe me, have a look at what Greg Dykes is saying about the BBC which he used to run until shit upon by NuLabour over the Dr Kelly exsanguination.

The BBC is central to the Establishment which now controls the dead tree press.

This is why the bastards want to close down or control the web.

Anonymous said...

Yes we must control and monitor the web. If it saves one child blah blah blah...................

A bit like the now failing AGW scam, anyone objecting could be accused of being an evil bastard

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you fuckwits actually believe this paranoid shite?

Freemasons colluding with Aliens from Areas 51 to uncover supplies of Vrill so they can have lubricants for the anal penetration of retarded children at a secret Nazi base in Antarctica....

16 February 2010 07:25

Fucking hell, how did you find out about it?

Rev.Jim said...

I really wish you would,nt keep attacking Masonry. Members of the craft that I know are decent honest folk... you get rotten apples in any barrel. Might as well say all the CofE adherents are corrupt - its nonsense, and boils down to scaremongering.

Corruption is corruption - it needs no ideology or a particular politcal breed.

Old Holborn said...

Freemasonary however, like Religion, is an EXCELLENT facilitator to corruption.

ma ha bone

Anonymous said...

I love this bit from the update:

"The controversy is certain to topple the Blair government, ..."

That's from an article in 2003. And people still think the rules apply and sense will prevail!

Traction Man said...

The Scottish police are out of control. My daughter was arrested eight months ago by Tayside Police and charged with 'being in an enclosed space with an intention to steal' when she was exploring a disused hospital. She was put in a cell for six hours and then released. Her camera was confiscated (she's an urban explorer) and although no charges were brought following an appearance in the Sheriff's court, she has only just been told she can have her camera back. They're just mad nutters up there.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that other bloggers who feel strongly either cover this story too or put a comment & links about it on their blogs? 'I am Spartacus' - makes it harder for them to silence us.

woman on a raft said...

Do you fuckwits actually believe this paranoid shite?

To be fair, the paranoid shite comes from some of the websites which have carried the story and hope to use it to prove wider claims they have made, including the literal raising of Lucifer. This claim is more regularly made in Scotland than England, but in notorious cases - such as Broxtowe - even that fucking idiot Guardianista Bea Campbell and her awful girlfriend got carried away with the idea that Old Horny was being incarnated in garages on housing estates.

Green has stuck calmly to his core argument: that serious allegations about the involvement of senior figures of the Scottish police and judiciary in sexual abuse have been inadequately investigated, to the extent of being automatically dismissed and the complainants intimidated.

As he's been arrested I'd say he has a point. There was never any need to steal his computer - he's been trying to get the police to take notice of his complaints for ages.

It is a matter of record that the BBC were told to drop the story and now the police appear to be acting politically in a matter which should have been one for the libel courts.

This is beginning to stink the way the Catholic priests in Ireland did, where accusations were shoved away for years before finally it was established that the church and state colluded to discredit the complainants and either shield or collude with the abusers.

Anonymous said...

Freemasonary however, like Religion, is an EXCELLENT facilitator to corruption...

Even our local CHESS club is... the so-called membership sec, spent the money on a new caravan, (though in his defence, he did say he would pay it back + we could all use it, providing we give him notice!)

Fidothedog said...


OldSlaughter said...

No hat tip to David Icke?

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me in Nu Labour NU Con Britain, the media, the police, the 'government'

Filthy lieing controlling barstards

time we had real justice

Chalcedon said...

Once again we have to turnm to the Blogosphere for news. What a shame that no MSM has the backbone to ignore an injunction, publish and let the bastards try and sue. Truth is still a defence surely? No one should be allowed to get away with such criminal behaviour if true.

Spartan said...

l see claims of 'conspiracy theory nuts' is sometimes attached to Hollie Greigs accusations but the shenanigans by the authorities only make you look harder at the case.

Green is charged with breach of the peace yet his home is searched and computers and personal items confiscated incl his mobile phone when arrested. He gets bail AND a gagging order and is to appear in PRIVATE before the Sheriff at a later date.

All this for breach of the peace???????

Old Holborn said...

the plot thickens.....

I'd like a word with this Graeme Buchanan

Fausty said...

Well done for running this, OH. The more bloggers who do, the greater the likelihood that we can sink the bastards. They can't shut us all up.

I've posted Robert Green's speech - the 5-part video - on my blog.

DaveP said...

Well said OH. Sheriff Buchanan is one creepy bent bastard. Look towards the end of the article, and the regional fiscal abandons another rape case of a 7 year old boy. Same bitch who is now the lord advocate looking after justice (lol) in Scotland. How many more worms are in the can?

Spartan said...

Read that Telegraph link OH. What concerns me is this:-

"Elish Angiolini, regional procurator fiscal for Grampian, Highlands and Islands, said that she had instructed Grampian police to treat all child witness cases as custody cases, which have to be processed within 110 days."

Any legal minds on here can tell me if this is normal? Seems a very short time to process a case and is, in effect, a statute of limitations of only 3 months?

Ron Broxted Esq said...

Spread the message about Hollie Grieg and the Grampian police cover up. Robert Green arrested for no reason. All foreign blogs please cover. That is an order.
Hollie Grieg accuses leading Scots law figures of a cover up over sex abuse. Robert Green investigates and is arrested. Free country? No way. I would like to get hold of a freemason I'd cut my one bollock off with a rusty razor for the chance to bugger a Grand Wizard....Oooh matron! I hope this story runs and runs so I can claim I uncovered it like I did with the Baby P case, it gives me a real boner to exploit other peoples misery. I shall claim on the telegraph blog site and Politics Today, along with the Indy that I am the man that brought it to the publics attention. I could be famous, that's all I have ever wanted to be honest.

Bog Brush said...

Fuck off Ron Broxted you sad cunt. Had you had a decent education instead of some crap secondary modern shit pit for morons, you might have learned that you don't award yourself titles like Mr, Sir or Esq. That is for other people to address you as if they see fit. You are a real 24Crt prick, whether you call yourself K McEgan, John Steed, Shanghai and all the other stupid haddles. Now fuck off and die slowly and painfully.

Old Holborn said...


Ron Broxted Esq. said...

Hollie Greig, sex abuse and Scotland.

A sex scandal at the highest level of the Scottish judiciary leads to the arrest of investigative journalist Robert Green who asked Grampian police awkward questions as to why there was no action taken over claims that a Down's syndrome female, Hollie Greig was abused by senior figures in Aberdeenshire. There are parallels with the Dutroux case in Belgium where child molesters were operating at senior positions. This is mirrored with the news that it has happened in Scotland. How high up do the claims reach? How implicated are the police? What will the Chief Constable do? How indignant can I get?
Are Aliens involved?
Would this happen if we had Sharia law.
Is there any photgraphic evidence?
How outraged can I get?
Are freemasons aliens?
Did Gordon Brown know?
Is Gordon Brown a freemason?
I demand we are told the names of the guilty men.
Are the police a tool of government?
Did Prince Philip ever drive a small Fiat car in Paris?
Why was the Queen Mother's death past off as natural causes, what did she really know?
Are any children safe in Scotland?
Will I ever find another Fudge Packer who loves me?
I am Spartacus other men fear me and I demand answers. No cover ups this time Broxted is angry. So there. Ya boo sucks.

RantinRab said...

More at mines.

Anonymous said...

"It concerns the allegations that certain named individuals have been using a Downs Syndrome child "for their amusement" "

Nope OH, they have been using a BUNCH of kids for their amusement including this Holly Grieg... They MURDERED a key witness too.

This needs EXPOSING!

Old Holborn said...

Hmmm...This Graeme Buchanan, sheriff is an interesting guy.

Very lenient on Paedophiles it seems

Old Holborn said...


yet more leniency from Graeme

Anonymous said...

Looks like ICKE and his band are also leading with this... Retards 'n' lizards...

Anonymous said...

Could a complaint be made about Scottish Police to EUROPOL

After all there mandate includes,
Child porn etc, plus

"In addition, other main priorities for Europol include combating crimes against persons, financial crime and cybercrime. Europol comes into action when an organised criminal structure is involved or a case of terrorism or serious crime has occurred which affects two or more Member States. The recent extension of the mandate means that Europol may support Member States investigations into serious crime that is not necessarily carried out by organised groups; e.g. a serial killer operating in two or more Member States."

WV: haingag

Anonymous said...

Remember the rumour several years ago, that 'Operation Ore' had uncovered paedophiles in Blair's cabinet, and that was the reason things were covered up? Apparently a Scottish newspaper had a story about them that was suppressed by a 'D' notice.

Anonymous said...

"Looks like ICKE and his band are also leading with this... Retards 'n' lizards..."

The thing is with some of these kookier blogs and organisations is that they are not cowards and they are willing to do the job that the MSM should be doing. People, by and large, can pick up the thread of things like I am doing and this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

We have been here before and not just in this country. Do you remember the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium?

Ashtrayhead said...

'Blair covering up paedophile scandal?'

Anonymous said...


How about dishing the dirt on Lord Paul?

Guido is too much of a pussy to do it.

Anonymous said...

No suprise there, the Grampian Police are the biggest bunch of corrupt and evil fuckers on the planet. These are the cunts that had charges pressed against someone for calling a Grampian based politican, an ex-Cop, a fucking coward

Grampian Police can all burn in a house fire for all I care

Spartan said...

When Mr Green has been infront of Sheriff in this private session, he should write everything down that has happened. l do hope he doesn't forgetfully leave it on a train and someone then picks it up and puts it on the web! ;-)

418 said...


Those representing you should hotfoot it down to Shrewsbury Magistrates' Court and launch a private prosecution against the alleged offenders: the defendants can thus all be named without being able to sue in defamation; the defendants will have to defend themselves or suffer the consequences; the evidence will all come out. Why has this not been done yet? (Don't try it in Scotland.)

Shrewsbury Magistrates' Court
The Court House
Preston Street
Shrewsbury Shropshire

Tel 01743 458500

If it's not too late, you should bring an action for damages at the County Court.

Shrewsbury County Court
4th Floor
Cambrian Business Centre
Chester Street
Shrewsbury Shropshire

Tel 01743 289069

See also Liberty's website:

"Private Prosecution

Victims have no right to review a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute. However you can choose to initiate private proceedings. There is no legal aid available for this and if the case goes to Crown Court, you will need to involve legal counsel. The Director of Public Prosecutions - ie the Head of the Crown Prosecution Service - may take over the case at any time, and decide to discontinue it.

In many cases it will be easier and more effective to bring a civil claim for damages rather than starting a private prosecution. The standard of proof is lower and a wider range of evidence may be used. However, a successful civil claim will only result in an award of compensation, which may not be enforcable (if the criminal has no money) or it may not satisfy the need for justice in the way that a criminal conviction would."

What has SSOE got to do with all this?

Anonymous said...

That Telegraph article has gone OH.

418 said...

That Telegraph article says:

Procurator apologises to girl, 10 in sex case

By Tara Womersley
Published: 12:00AM BST 26 May 2001
A 10-YEAR-OLD girl has received a letter of apology from the procurator fiscal's office after the case of a man, who allegedly sexually abused her, collapsed because of the time it took to come to court.
The child, who is receiving counselling, told her parents three years ago that she had been abused by a 19-year-old male relative. But the case only reached Aberdeen Sheriff Court this month and was dismissed by Sheriff Graeme Buchanan because he felt it had not come to trial within a reasonable time.

In a letter to the girl, Sandra McRobert, principal procurator fiscal depute for Aberdeen, wrote: "Everyone knew that you would tell the court what happened to you if you had to, but I also know from mum that you were very scared of having to come to court. "
She said: "You have been very brave over all this and I am very sorry that because grown-ups made mistakes, you are angry because you feel (the accused) has not been punished by the courts."
The girl's family are calling for an inquiry by the Lord Advocate and investigating whether they can bring a private prosecution against the alleged attacker. George Mathers, their solicitor, said: "I believe the person accused had admitted his guilt to officers. It is a very simple and straightforward case, which should have been given priority."
The girl's father said: "My daughter feels guilt and thinks no one believes her. How do you tell a 10-year-old the system has let her down? The last three years have been traumatising for us all. My daughter's personality was completely changed after the event, but her outgoing and playful nature has helped her to cope."
This week it also emerged that a case of a seven-year-old boy who was allegedly raped had collapsed because of delays in bringing it to court in Aberdeen. Elish Angiolini, regional procurator fiscal for Grampian, Highlands and Islands, said that she had instructed Grampian police to treat all child witness cases as custody cases, which have to be processed within 110 days.

hangemall said...

The Telegraph link works for me.

418 said...

They are named here, so they can interdict that up their D-Notice:

"Thus for posterity, and too the protection of vulnerable children in Aberdeen, below is a list of the paedophiles thus far named.

DENIS GHENGIS MACKIE (Father of Hollie Greig, lover of Sheriff Buchanan)
GREG MACKIE (Brother of Hollie. Both Mackies fled to Praia da Luz in Portugal)
SUSIE BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s wife)
EVELYN BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s sister, Bieldside)
JACK BUCHANAN (Sheriff`s brother-in-law)
TERRY MAJOR (Grampian police officer)
SYLVIA MAJOR (13 Ferryhill Place)
ANN ROYAL (15 Ferryhill Place)
WINIFRED (WIN) DRAGAN (72 Ferryhill Road)
EILEEN SIM (Social worker Woodend Crescent))
ROBERT LYND (Partner of Eileen Sim)
HELEN MACDONALD (Social worker, 9 Lochview Place, Bridge of Don)
IAN MACDONALD (Husband of Helen Macdonald)
CAROL LOW (Nurse, 26 Grant Close, Westhills)
ATHOLL SCOTT (Accountant)
ANDREW YOUNG (Headmaster, Beechwood ‘Special’ School)"

Old Holborn said...

Oh, I wish I was able to delete or censor that post

i have absolutely no idea how though. I've never done it before

Anonymous said...

You Tube vids of Robert Green being removed

418 said...

Well done, OH.

Robert Green vids are at:

Parts 2-5 are there; part 1 seems to be missing.

DaveP said...

The Youtube link OH has on this post has been censored. All videos deleted. Went onto Youtube direct, and am getting all 5 parts; but then I'm presently in Canada, and its just the UK thats not allowed to hear the truth. It really brings home what a fucking shitty corrupt police state we live in.

Fuck you Sheriff Buchanan, you utter scum bag.. When does the revolution start?

418 said...

If you use a proxy say in Canada or the USA then go to

you should be able to see the vids.

DaveP said...

418.. I am presently using a UK proxy IP address in Canada, but Youtube obviously realise I am a devious bastard who is really in Canada, so I am having no trouble getting all vids. Unfortunately BBC and ITV I Players realise the same thing, and I am missing my telly. If anyone in UK gets a proxy, and it works for them please let me know

I see the first video is missing from your link

Anonymous said...

@ OH Oh, I wish I was able to delete or censor that post. i have absolutely no idea how though. I've never done it before.


Anonymous said...

Scottish Law and honest lawyer anyone?

I understand that once arrested the police apparently had the 'legal-power' to enter Robert Green's premises and 'confiscate items' (how convenient!) but can someone explain to me how someone can be arrested for 'Breaching the Peace' when they are arrested at their hotel BEFORE a demonstration? HOW CAN YOU BE BREACHING THE PEACE BEFORE A DEMO?

Can you convict someone for shoplifting before they have even entered the shop?

Robert Green is just an ordinary man who simply had the gonads to 'just keep asking the question - "why hasn't this been investigated?". Many might have 'poo-poed' it as 'conspiracy theory' but it doesn't it look like it now when someone is kept in jail for 3 days on 'breach of peace' charges simply for printing a few leaflets, their house searched, possessions taken without record, he's not allowed to call anyone from jail, the preliminary hearings are held in secret, and websites and youtube videos on this are being pulled at a rapid rate of knots.

I bet if someone went around posting a video saying that I had done something illegal I couldn't have the powers that be act in this manner on my behalf.

I don't know much law but surely if it was all lies then Mr. Green would be guilty of Libel/Slander not breach of the peace surely? Wouldn't it be a civil case for someone to sue? And again investigate the allegations made?

The fact that (dark)forces are endeavouring to silence Mr. Green and others commenting upon the story in everyway possible (rather than just suing him, and potentially hollie, for libel) lends more credance to their accusations than anything else in my book.

What Robert Green really needs now is HONEST LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE with the balls to help fight them on this 'breaching the peace' charge. If anyone can help you can reach Mr. Green through the people at UKColumn.

Anonymous said...

When a video is deleted from youtube should the comments get deleted too?

The original Robert Green vid (with over 13,000 hits) is gone and the others rapidly diappearing along with comments.


418 said...

@Dave P

Ur proxy is not good enough; get another one.

Elby the Beserk said...

@Anonymous, 16 February 2010 18:00

How about dishing the dirt on Lord Paul?
Guido is too much of a pussy to do it.

What's stopping you - pussy?

RantinRab said...

Why the fuck is this not all over the blogosphere? Only a handfull have went with it.

It's dynamite.

Anonymous said...

"Both Mackies fled to Praia da Luz in Portugal"

Surely not. I don't suppose they know any McCanns?

Bugger said...

"Both Mackies fled to Praia da Luz in Portugal"

The Question

Who the fuck is paying for that?

Next Question


Icke Is Right said...

This is being discussed over at the Icke forums

You guys should check out the place. Its just like this place times infinity

Katabasis said...

OH - what is it you wanted to delete?

Northern said...

(I have actually watched a Chief Constable kneel before an ordinary PC)

Oh dear, proof positive that you are a tin foil hat wearing fool.
I doubt you have met many PC's let alone CC's....unless you are confusing reality with your vivid imagination.
I usually enjoy your mania, in a by-stander way, but lately your rantings and statements are beginning to become tiresome.
Yes I am a FM but what you talk about is fantasy. I have never been asked to do anything I wouldnt tell anyone else about.
You're a bit a a tit really.

Icke Is Right said...

Dear Northern. Can you explain to me why the Masons keep inviting our kids to a 'special' dinner every year? Why do you go round the schools doing this?

Just so you know if you ever go near mine I'll burn your lodges to the fucking ground.

FrankFisher said...

OH, can you confirm that there actually is a D Notice on this, or is it simply the gagging injunction you're referring to?

IME the D Notice committee are pretty true to their declared purpose, in only sticking notices on things they *think* are defence related. For instance, the press gagging regarding Blair's daughter's suicide attempt is often referred to as a D Notice, but was actually just an informal agreement among editors (coerced by one A Campbell).

I got copped by D notice myself once, entirely accidentally, and found myself immersed in a world of retired admirals and significant pauses...

DaveP said...

Try this Canadian link for Hollie vids. Someone let me know if it works in UK.

418 said...

@ Bugger

Q: "Who the fuck is paying for that?"

A: The London taxpayers.

Bugger said...


The London Taxpayer

Explain please?

hangemall said...

DaveP, 12:36. The link works so far.

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Scottish Solictor's threats viz my weblog postings on the Aberdeen Hollie Greig sex abuse / Rob Green arrest scandal‏s – plus my reply.

Levy & McRae
Solicitors and Notaries Public



With reference to the two ‘news articles’ posted on this weblog on the 12th and 16th February 2010, regarding what you term ‘The Hollie Greig’ case.

The former article dated the 12th inst. has listed within its content the actual names and addresses of certain individuals who are being unjustly accused of wrongdoing with regard to this matter.

Acting upon instructions from those named we thus direct you to remove both these articles from this weblog forthwith and to further cease and desist from disseminating this libelous information elsewhere.

Likewise all attached libelous comments that now accompany these aforesaid posts are to be summarily removed.

Failure to immediately comply with this directive will result in punitive and costly legal action being taken against the author responsible for this weblog.

Peter Watson
Solicitor Advocate

Peter Watson
Solicitor Advocate
Levy & McRae
Solicitors and Notaries Public

Dear Sir,

Apropos your above Levy & McRae communication of the 18-02-10, I am inclined to refuse to comply on the grounds that the Truth – even adorned in a cloak of satire - is a vital ‘sine qua non’ constituent of the wellspring from which Justice should flow.

To wit, and in response, I respectfully refer you to the legal reply contained in Arkell vs Pressdram 1971 –specifically “Fuck off.”


Rusty the Boddington’s Badger

Fat Steve said...

You morons are unbelievable. This girls story is so obviously made up. The mother is insane and you people would believe anything.

Gordon Brown touched my willy, can I have a million quid?

Anonymous said...

Can someone pull a copy of the News of the World article published:

News of the World
SUN 19 APR 2009
on this please? And post/flickr?

Anonymous said...

I think that this shows that scotland is a little more free that england because at least we can discuss this in open here! Or maybe england quite likes the idea of this mess in scotland.

If this was a england story then it would not even get this far.

I am from england and i have something to say but not quite yet.

Yours truely,

A citizen from england.

Anonymous said...

Citizens of the USA have been trying to wake up our people about the Franklin Scandal, a pedophile ring that ran out of the Catholic Boystown orphhanage. This ring took boys from the Boystown and the Boys Club or American and girls from Girls Club of America. Invetigative Journalist Nick Bryant and former Senator John DeCamp have each written a well-documented book on this pedophile ring (The Franklin Scandal and The Franklin Coverup) that is above the law in this country. No one has been punished, only the children who tried to get justice.

Nick Bryant brought this story to many the most powerful Media in the USA and not one of them would touch it. This pedophile ring is also implicated in the abduction and sexual enslavement of 12-year-old Johnny Gosch. Many children have been destroyed by this evil and depravity. Still despite the efforts of people who care about this problem, nothing is improving.

Sorry to rain on you parade. We in the US will not stop trying to break the pedophile rings. I don't care if the Hellfire Club did this and the Romans, Greeks and Persians did this. It is time for these pedophile rings to be broken forever.

Sympathy from the USA

Anonymous said...






Uncle Marvo said...

OH posting fromiPhone so brief. Not FM's. Not religion. Not Dunblane. But bent, very. Research will find your culprit. Dig deeper. Trust me this once.


Ranty has my email

Jeff said...

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Anonymous said...

You are a fools fool. The police and law in Scotland are "rapists and freemasons"? Talk abotu losing your reader in the first par. What actual evidence have you got for this? Anything apart from the ramblings of a lunatic mother?

Knownuser said...

interesting to see the video link now shows This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

would have loved to take a look.

Rowan said...

Many members of Scottish law enforcement are indeed freemasons, and there is a tradition of burying scandals like this as deeply as possible. Does anyone really know the full extent of the Dunblane mess? Believe me, it's ugly.

evision said...

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useless-eater said...

nice one for having the balls to report this OH, it says a lot about you as a man.
for people not in the loop, the rape & abuse of children is endemic by those in power & this is well documented worldwide & recently illustrated by the orchestrated abuse by catholic 'priests' now coming to light for those with the eyes to see it.
this is a big story & leads to the top of the political, legal & social care hierarchy.
truth is the new black.
& it's coming to get these motherfunkers...

Anonymous said...

"What actual evidence have you got for this? Anything apart from the ramblings of a lunatic mother?"

Well research shows that people with Downs have a crystal clear memory and are incapable of telling a lie. What is your evidence of her mother being a lunatic?

Greg L-W. said...


Anon said:
>>research shows that people with Downs have a crystal clear memory and are incapable of telling a lie. What is your evidence of her mother being a lunatic?<<

It has also been proven that in this case for the 'STORY' to be true said truthfull Down's Syndrome lass consistently lied to her Mother for 15 years!

Further she was clever enough tio hide and emotional or physical damage or multiple anal and vaginal rape by numerous adults for the same period (laundry included!).

It is also noted that said young lady has a mental age of 3.1/2 according to her brother and others.

Let us remember the other aspects of the 'STORY' that have been much embelished for marketing!

Perhaps a detailed read of the FACTS at:
where there are more FACTS, Letters, documents, articles, reports etc. directly pertinent to this 'STORY' than anywhere else.

Read and study the material in reasoned calm detail and judge for yourself what is the truth and how justice is best served.

After 18 months of involvement with Anne Greig & laterly Robert Green I would reserve judgement on the time were I to source it from them!

They are wrapped up in mental health issues, darker issues of their own and living in a fantasy world of praise and populism founded on their lies and emotive 'STORY TELLING'.

YOU must make your own mind up and see if YOU can find a shred of substantive evidence valid in a court of law to support, what I believe to be, utterly vengefull fantasies without valid foundation.

Justice is due to be served ON Robert Green as he is a deliberate and serial liar unsupported by fact or evidence who has built around himself a tissue of febrile deceptions and Pooteresque slights - a dangerous irresponsible manace to society and its very fabric.

But YOU must read the FACTS in detail and make your own mind up - if you wish to clarify any fact I am readily available by phone or eMail.

Don't be spoon fed the propaganda or intimidated by the fact that those who seek the truth get branded as paedophiles and their supporters by filth like David Icke, Paul Drockton, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzie, Robert Green etc. in their desperation to keep their band wagon rolling!


Greg L-W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greg L-W. said...


a couple of quick FACTS which are documented, substantiated and evidence provided at:

The mcKie's (Denis & Anne + son Greg & Hollie with Roy Greig) owned property in Portugal.

As a family they had always intended to relocate to their property in Portugal.

When life became untennable any longer with Anne Denis (her husband) and their son left.

I understand Sheriff Buchanan had a role in hearing the divorce which was not as Anne had hoped!!

MOST of that has documentary provenance.

Roy Greig committed suicide in his car where he died of inhalation of fumes after a prolonged drinking session that left him with alcohol yet to digest in his stomach, alcohol in his blood stream and 350ml of high level alcohol in his bladder - he was over 2 times over the limit.

The engine compartment was on fire when a passing motorist (who had detoured with a lady friend having seen the glow in the low cloud) pulled Roy out of the vehicle when it is believed the man handling as the passenger compartment caught fire with (presumably) the added Oxygen when he opened the door - there was a small graze (cotussion) to the back of the head, bruising commensurate with dragging to the upper arms and broken ribs and sternum due to over anxious CPR which seemingly was continued until life was pronounced extinct on arrival at hospital - this brave man Robert Green has publicly branded as a murderer!

Death was actually caused by inhallation of fumes according to the autopsy and certificate with smoke traces to lungs and trachea.

No toxins other than imbibed alcohol and high levels of gases common to melted plastics.

(5 excuses for continuance of the 'STORY' have been led by the charlatans on the make and the take at Hollie's expense but all 95 have been resoundingly debunked here:

SK-H282 on StolenKids-Hollie

I hope this helps you find the truth and the dishonestly accused can find Justice.


Greg L-W. said...


woops - I put (5 when it should have read 95! sorry.

Considering numbers:

For the so called 'cover-up' of this fancifull 'STORY' so that some near unheard of Sheriff in Scotland with a group of near totally unconnected people could have group sex with a Down's Syndrome child with a mental age of 3.1/2 - it would seem clear that absolute collusion would have been required by between 1 & 2,000 people!

I regret I do not find this plausible!

This 'STORY' is likened by the desperate to Dunblane - however clearly there is no similarity whatever and furthermore no timeline or locational connection.

May I commend you read:
where you may start to be aware of my role in exposing that crime including the unlawfull behaviour of Lord Cullen in corrupting the inquiry much as he did with the Lockerbie trial where I also had a small ongoing role.

You may be assured most of Sandra Uttley's facts are correct but read the facts for yourself and YOU draw your own conclusions.

I was also involved in exposure of The Magic Circle and that too had no connection - nor Kinkora Boys School, New Labour leadership setup whilst working out of Hackney - nor the threat of exposure made by Blair of Brown at The Greunnitta (sp?), nor Lost in Care Wales, nor the Special Branch close surveilance of Ron davis tripping around Clapham Common in his wife's frock sequentially giving oral sex to male strangers or his subsequent failure to pay the 3 foreign gentlemen for services rendered in Brixton - one wonders at the credentials of the army of Anons - How many are more aptly a Nonce?


Anonymous said...

Greg Lance-Watkins = disinformation agent.

Anonymous said...

P.S. glw = convicted felon

Greg L-W. said...


funny how liars so often hide their bravery behind anonymity.

Look up the FACTS study the DETAILS & then try very hard to find one instance of disinformation I have EVER given on a single solitary subject in 64 years - ALWAYS using my own name!

Then look up the word 'Felon' in a reputable English dictionary and the cite a single solitary example of something I have done that makes me a 'felon'.

I wonder if our brave keyboard waarrior hidden as a coward in anonymity will put his real name to his dishonesty when he apologises - I have my doubts.

By all means phone or eMail me to verify the claim.

To read the letters, Doctors reports, PCCofS Report, letters from Anne Greig's son, correspondence with Social Services, Death Certificate, Autopsy Reports that show there is very little likelihood that Hollie Greig was EVER sexually abused, that Anne Greig's 'STORIES' are founded on a long track record, that Hollie at 30 has the mental age of a young child (3.1/2)

Then consider the irrefutable FACT that there is no valid admissable evidence to back Robert Green's criminal irresponsibility and libels, defamation and self seeking.

Robert Green is no more than an excrecence in society a Snake Oil Salesman exploiting the weak and convincing the gullible.

AGAIN I challenge those who support the 'STORIES' to public debate.


Anonymous said...

"Then look up the word 'Felon' in a reputable English dictionary and the cite a single solitary example of something I have done that makes me a 'felon'."

GBH. Firearms offences.

Greg L-W. said...


I see the anonymous coward is back with the comment:

"Then look up the word 'Felon' in a reputable English dictionary and the cite a single solitary example of something I have done that makes me a 'felon'."
GBH. Firearms offences.

As I have no conviction for GBH and I have no conviction for crime with a firearm.

I guess my point is made.

I do have a conviction for a technical license infringement when a girlfriend brought a firearm into Britain by mistake.

In no definition in the English language is that a felony save in the hands of a dishonourable, dishonest, anonymous coward.

By all means lie but do not expect to be seen as anything but a coward and a liar.


Greg L-W. said...


I note the frequency in which those without facts resort to lies or distortions to desperately seek to defame the messenger seeking the truth and providing the facts.

May I remind such cowardly fools that to this day we remember the messenger from Marathon and run in his honour yet have forgotten the fools who killed him in the belief that the shooting of the messenger would alter the facts and provide a different truth.

Ad himinem attacks show the attacker for the filth they usually are - to act thus in anonymity is beneath contempt.


REV GREEN said...

Watkins liar and general nutter

Greg_L-W. said...


what a silly comment Rev. Green.

I have laid out THE FACTS - Provided the documentation, supplied the reports and republished articles.


I have THEN given my personal opinion why the whole 'STORY' is unsound, untrue, unreliable and without admissible valid evidence.

You of course deem such logic and open comment as 'nutter' yet fail to provide a plausible contact even a proven name.

Perhaps shouting 'nutter' salves your concience for being too idle to check the facts.

You do rather make a fool of yourself! You seem remarkably ill informed and staggeringly gullible!


Ashley D.Posey said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

did you know Rusty has been arrested over this bloggers be ware yet watkins runs free

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