Saturday, 20 February 2010

Heseltine Calls It for the 'Sick Of All Of You Party'

No man (or woman) has the divine right to rule other than by the consent of the public. Michael
Heseltine has called time on Cameron just walking it
without any plan other than 'Hey- I'm sort of great and it is my time to sit in the big chair'

The analysis will throw High Tories like Iain Dale into a tailspin, who believe that just showing up as the 'natural leadership' instead of this Darien Government will clinch it.

In thirty five years of following politics, I have never seen the electorate in either such despairing apathy, or outright rage with the two and a half party fit up that has prevailed since 1945, that has ended with the last 'Rotten Parliament'.

When have we ever had a Prime Minister having to defend himself in public against temper tantrums and accusations of physical violence.

There are huge threads of political opinion in the country that are just not reflected in what
passes for our representative Democracy.

The 646 have sat and feasted on the fat of the land whilst letting the country slide industrially, socially and militarily.

Armageddon is upon them coupled with a double dip recession in the offing.

For the public it is payback time.


beware of the Tory traitor said...

Is that the pro EU traitor heseltine?

Who cares what that treacherous scumbag has to say.

Marchamont Needham said...

bullshit - no double dip recession because we never exited the first dip.

Ron Broxted said...

Krieg ohne fronten. Wage your struggle by whatever means. Make the streets hostile for Plod who are nothing more than Downing Streets way of controlling you.

Ruth said...

It's time for the people to bypass the Establishment's Parliament and set up their own government.

hangemall said...

Dear Gordon,

I have just seen on the telly that you want the electorate to take a second look at your party.

I have to say that for the last thirteen years I have made so many double takes at your personal and collective words and deeds that my neck is now in a brace. I have to drink my beer through a straw. I am confined to eating soup (through a straw.)

I have seen so much spin, deceit, downright lies, bullying, treason, treachery, incompetence, bribery, political correctness, extortion, control freakery, repression, cowardice, harassment, vanity and general insanity that I now have put my shirt on back to front.

If you or any of your minions ever are stupid enough to dare to come canvassing to my home I will turn your/his/her skeleton to powder, with the cricket bat I keep handy, after giving you/him/her due warning. This will be after I have dealt with any flunkey/bodyguard in the same manner. Know the law of trespass. Make sure those around you know it as well. Notice to principal is notice to agent. Notice to agent is notice to principal.

If it's any consolation, I won't be voting for "iron clad" Cameron either. I suppose many will, on the grounds that a vacuous zero is better that a dangerous minus. I will be voting for what I believe is a plus, no matter how small, this time round.

Just keep out of my life.

ken vibraphone said...


you'll havvvve to get planninggg permizzzion vrom the gla bevore you do anyfinggg like that.

Rogerborg said...


Thus spaketh the Icke of David, througheth my fillings. Eth.

Dark Lochnagar said...

It would be a shame if 'apathy' consigns us to another 5 years of shite Government, whether it be the lot we've got or the other mob who don't seem to have any policies or personalities.

subrosa said...

DL, if labour or the tories get in without having to chum up to others, then that's exactly what we'll get. I'd just hate for Brown to get back in by default.

Anonymous said...

"Payback time"? Brown could quite easily be elected? Is that the payback?

Pedantic, I know. said...

That "through" on the second para should be "throw". It jars and ruins the flow of the article. Please fix the spelling.

Icke Is Right said...

"bullshit - no double dip recession because we never exited the first dip."

Time to bury this nonsense that we are in a recession. This isn't a recession. Its a downturn. There is still plenty of money floating about. Wait till it runs out. Then you'll see a fucking recession.

Captain Haddock said...

Heseltine ? ..

What a self-absorbed knobhead he was (is) ..

thelunaticarms said...

646 MPs? I wish it was just 646 to usurp.

There are probably hundred of thousands of 'powerbrokers' behind the scenes that have aided and abetted the Corruptibles and will continue to do so.

Add to that the Leftarded Armies of Doom voting base (or ballot breakers) and those thick MPs are the least of our worries.

Always reminds me of how the Mob took over Las Vegas, using front men who were think as shit but clean as a whistle (or easily blackmailed).

1945 was the beginning of our rot but the plan to subvert the world's nations into nothing more than corporate fiefdoms began as early as the 18th century.

Power is more addictive than crack to some, and they don't care if they have to butcher entire nations for it.

Only good thing, if we do have a double dip recession, we will have a Nationalist Government whose first port of call would be a purge of the traitors.

For when people have nothing to lose, they will rise up and wipe the face of those who have cheated us.

Anonymous said...

There's no one to vote for... even my wife and I edged our bets by voting UKIP (hoping it would give the tories a slap in the face, and get them back on track)- but it did sweet FA.

Even UKIP have gone astray.

All we can hope for is an independent, but that is,nt even worth going up to the polling station for.

bofl said...

there is indeed nobody to vote for.....but then again that is the plan isn't it?

while most people are working their nuts off to pay the bills (ever increasing due to the constant tax rises or the cartels of utilities etc)the self appointed 'guardians' constantly work to enslave us whilst telling us that they will bring 'change' and other bollocks.

we now have a situation where mps,lords,judges,councils,the tax man(especially smug)the police etc think they are deities .....

then again with people like rogerbore around it is not surprising that they shit in our faces daily as they know that nobody is prepared to do anything about it........

until there is a common cause we will remain divided.

meanwhile the upholders of law and order steal YOUR money!!!!!

bofl said...

more legalized robbery.......from the bbc watchdog etc

Catflap said...

Coalition govt is indeed what we have had, Labour/tory/labour/tory etc for decades.
As time has gone by it has become more obvious that the future of the country is subortinate to the future of the parties.
Certainly since 1979 both parties have had long enough terms and big enough majorities to overturn the policies of the other.
The fact niether have, proves they agree on nearly everything.
Fuck the LibLabCons.

Uranus, The Magician. said...

Ever the optimist, eh O.H.?

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Henry North London said...

Buttered New Potato Cameron

Have a look Have doctored a poster

Its fab

WV Untat Quite appropriate

Vladimir said...

Re-elect Gordon Brown. No, seriously. Firstly, the alternative is "Blue Labour", the useless non-alternative to Labour that adopted all their policies and then expected to win an election by default. (Know of any Cameron ideas that differ from Labour ones in a substantial way? No, me neither.)

And secondly, winning the election will completely destroy what remains of Gordo's sanity, as he realises that he and he alone must clean up his own mess. For Gordon Brown, hell isn't a fiery pit, it's an eternity as the failed prime minister of a ruined country, unable to resign because of vanity, and unable to fix anything because of blithering incompetence.

Henry North London said...

Hear Hear Vladimir

Gandhi said...

I don't like them either.
Gandhi Speaks! :: Uncooperative Quangos

Anonymous said...

Come GE day - No change whatsoeva!

The State will continue unabated...
following its EU masters.

WV: psissnes (some anagram?)

Eric Von Picklehaube said...

Forward with Social Conservatism !

Anonymous said...

In a sick way I hope CUNT wanker one cunt Brown is re-elected then the CUNT can stew in the shit with us that he has created.

Anonymous said...

CUNT wanker one Cameroon will be next. thats if parliament dont get 'hung'

Anonymous said...

Whoever wins is going to face growing civil unrest, that’s for sure. The consequences of the political classes pissing on the British people cannot be put off forever.

When politicians and their hangers on treat this country and everyone in it as their personal fiefdom to do as they please with, they must expect to take 100% of the blame when things inevitably go wrong.

Ron the states boot boy arrives talking his usual shite said...

Ron Broxted said...
Krieg ohne fronten. Wage your struggle by whatever means. Make the streets hostile for Plod who are nothing more than Downing Streets way of controlling you.

20 February 2010 23:52

I thought the UAF was the states brownshirts Ron of which you are one, attacked anyone with a hammer lately Ron? anyone stopped you from working as a police officer or prison guard Ron?

Something you advocate and worse, and here you are calling the police names, Ironic huh.

You are state Ron, you are the states fascist brown shirt, you know it, I know it and everyone on this blog knows it, so peddle you subversive commufascist shit somewhere eles like a good little collaborater and state totalitarian apparatchik that you are.

Karma can be a bitch Ron.

Lion of england said...

I have said it once, and i will say it again,Put the tools down for two days don"t do a sodden thing for this House of ill repute, March on LoNDISTAN at least three million of you and see what happens
you don"t have to pick up a stick to defeat
this pack of Morons.DO IT WITH PEOPLE POWER!

Henry North London said...

hear Hear

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