Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Help Yourself

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Just been looking through the EU site that shows where "grants" are made - hasn't been updated since September though - HERE

Go on, get stuck in. You wouldn't believe where the unelected and the unaccountable can throw your hard earned money. 17 BILLION handed out in 2008 alone.

My favourite so far? 80,000 euros to the Pakistan Folklore Society. For "Restoring dignity amongst indigenous desert border communities".


Just click on 2008 and hit search. 2nd biggest recipient was ...........a train line in France (cost 147 MILLION euros). We really do need a revolution.

UPDATE: Fuck me. 3.5 MILLION to replace a "team leader" on the "economic development of the Turkish Cypriot Community"

I'm in the wrong business!

UPDATE2: Get the full rules of how to get YOUR hands on some the 975 BILLION Euros they are handing out to all and sundry HERE (pdf)

UPDATE3: Yay! 85 MILLION euros is up for grabs in 2010 for "Security and Safeguarding Liberties"! fucking GET IN. Chicken Dinners all round!


English & very fucking angry said...


We British taxpayers have to pay for this propaganda?

And what will rusty Dave Cameron do about this?

Fuck all - that man is as big a traitor to the British as Blair & Brown are.

They can deny us plebs democracy for so long only - even the British will only take so much of this shit.

Tories beware - you are inheriting a powder keg of seething anger against the EU.

Ignore it at your peril. Cunts.

Sinful Soul said...

Holby -We really do need a revolution.

FOOL....thats what they want,then those few who follow the revolutionaries will be crushed like ants on a pavement and then we will all to a man be under the yolk.. will be not leading your revolutionary Holbornites from the front when the jackboots and clubs start swinging will you.NO!

You will be the invisible freeman enjoying a good lunch in Boisdale`s..

FRAUD...come on then take a swing,tell me I`m wrong!

Anti white racists run the EU said...

"My favourite so far? 80,000 euros to the Pakistan Folklore Society. For "Restoring dignity amongst indigenous desert border communities"

While the EU does EVERYTHING within its power to destroy the indigenous rights and dignity of the British people.

The EU is anti white racist.

Dick the Prick said...

I just don't give a shit anymore at all, about anything - I fucking hope Turkey gets into the EU, I really fucking do. It's exactly what we need - borders are so last century. I think i'll move to Somalia and get a nice council house, large screen telly and get my balls chopped off because i'll change my name to Mohammed was a Peado.

All in the name of progress...

Old Holborn said...

sinful soul

If the East Germans and the Soviets can do it, so can we.

Dick the Prick said...

Improved goat production and market participation for food security and sustainable livelihoods in Zimbabwe - a steal at only 1.9 million Euros.

Now i'm no farmer but surely goat production is a pretty standard affair when a mummy goat & a daddy goat are in love etc etc.

PS - OH - how the devil did you get your blog onto politics home - a minor triumph methinks. Congrats!

Bugger said...

I am on the website but can only find out what they have given out.

I want to find where to apply.

I want the motherload.

Standing Under said...

"We really do need a revolution."
We do,but you won't get one. The Tories will be happy just to get back into power and UKIP and BNP,the only real opposition, are busy destroying each other in the battle for the right to challenge the elite.
The country is factionalised into disparate groups whose hatred of each other stops any common groundswell of uprising from coming together,and this gives the ruling elite an excuse to set the dogs loose onto them all.
The restrictions on the internet are on there way as we speak.

Sinful Soul said...

Holby-If the East Germans and the Soviets can do it, so can we.

Holby....and what lessons do you think the gov/army/police here have learned from those examples

This is England...the most watched,cowed people in the West....

FAKE.... you incite and enrage but you will be enjoying a glass of red in Zurich watching it all deteriorate on sky when others are receiving a boot in their face for their trouble....

Old Holborn said...

didn't notice you on any of my protests Sinner....

Catflap said...

Sorry OT:
I responded to request by a fellow poster to send Christine Pratt of the anti bully helpline a message of support.
Despite all her worries I got a reply from her.
her last email to me was very sad indeed.
Like myself you will have reservations as to what Mrs Pratt stands for and the manner in which she has made herself a target of No10.
But she told the truth and is being destroyed by known liars at no10.
She could really do with some support.

Dick the Prick said...

Geezus H fucking Christ - it's a fucking scam and a half.

South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands get fuck all yet Argentina gets 8.890.728,08. It's like someone not only shitting on your head, smearing it in, pissing in your face and then twatting you but to then be forced to reply good shot and thanks very much.

I think my apathy earlier on may have been somewhat premature.

Sinful Soul said...

Holby-didn't notice you on any of my protests Sinner....

And you will not Holby because I will not be at any!,

there will be riots and panic,not Revolution as you advocate,and it will not come from men wearing masks and vizivests chanting "down with this sort of thing"before retiring to the pub for tea and medals.

It will come from the hungry,truly desperate and frightened after a natural disaster or financial meltdown.

And it will be ugly and dangerouse,your stunts are a distraction from the real and inevitable events which will tear the veneer of civilisation apart.

Your readers should focus their energies on what really matters SURVIVING AND THEIR SOULS.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...



That could buy alot of AK-47s.

O/T Fresh off the press - Guido's PMQs Live Highlights available.

Gotcha! said...

I am sure that the EU will, in light of recent events in South America, offer Great Britain its full military support when Argentina, Chile, Brazil & Venezuala jsend their task force.

The whole of South America has just voted to support Argentina.

And who do we have at the helm?

bofl said...

i dont think there will be a revolution in the uk......just viewing internet posts shows how fucking self oriented we all are.....

i want this-i want's all about the me,me ,me attitude.....

the kuntz in charge know it.that's why the super turd like gordon has been banging on about tory toffs etc..

while labour have the same type of people!!!!!

watch the jeremy kyle show and you will see the result of years of dumbing down.........

divide and rule.easy.....

ps sinful............
there is no big sky's all consciousness

Anonymous said...

You all know the name of the only party that would take us out of the EUSSR in a heartbeat. If you don't.....
it's the BNP

microdave said...

That Global Warming conspirator Rajendra Pachauri is doing very nicely:


Vladimir said...

I am on the website but can only find out what they have given out. I want to find where to apply. I want the motherload.

You will have to fill out a lot of forms. An awful lot. It's just like applying for any sort of grant from any other government, except there is more bureaucracy. The best approach is to find someone who already did it and ask for their help. Failing that, you can obtain the documentation for earlier grants from the EU. Read these to get the general idea of what's needed.

Tips: your application should be primarily composed of politically-correct fluff. Set out a wide-ranging "vision" for how the money will be used. Pick on ideas that are politically fashionable, and explain how your activities will relate to them, even if the link is tenuous. Be positive about everything even if that means you have to completely forget about reality. Imagine you are Tony Blair or Peter Mandelson: write like a raving leftie.

empht said...

They've been at it large funding climate crap too.

The new world order own you said...

"And who do we have at the helm?"

The New world order, which means we will hand it to them as this hijacked country is either full of either left wing appologists or new arrivels who do not even know what the Falklands is, are simply waiting for their free houses and bringing the rest of the clan over.

The NWO think this is just perfect, the British were conquered from within, now existing as nothing more than cash cow slaves for the Bilderberg elite and their royal bakers.

The last thing they want is to stir any for of patrotism, unless it is EU orientated off course.

Perhaps that is the plan, the EU forces save the day, after the NWO disarmed us!

That is the plan after all -no single European country alone can defend itself, mainly from them!

Anonymous said...

Catflap - just sent a supportive email. Cunts!

Gotcha! because he is a coward, a cunt & a traitor Fuckwit McSnot has already penned a missive to the Argies relinquishing control of the Falklands - you know it's true!

fascism is alive and well - fact said...

Labours continued attempt to shut down the only real opposition to the NWO.

Now THAT is real fascism!

If you let them close the BNP down - that in the larger picture is the end of democracy and ANY hope you may have had.

If it were not the BNP it would be ANY other REAL alternative to the NWO.

Some will think this is good news as conditioned sheep they do not realise that soon enough the same power stucture will come for them.

Catflap said...

Anon 18:51,
The Argentinians will probably get the bumsrush at the UN, but where do our EU masters stand on this subject?
How much oil revenue will Britain have to send Brussels way to ensure they don't stab us in the back?

Bugger said...

Thanks Vlad and I am serious.

If you have any further hints and gems could you send them directly at

I a very seriously thinking of buggering off to Central America and think I could dream up a few schemes about preserving / enhancing / developing in and eco friendly sustainable way the tropical rain forest as and enrich the local indigenous peoples gaia.

That sounds good for a start?

Bugger (the Panda)

Anonymous said...

Credit to Dark Lochnager.

SorenK said...

My German is a little rusty, but the recipient of the grant for Euro3m+ translates to me as 'Fuckyoutaxpayerhahaha GmbH & Ko KG'

thespecialone said...

I have just reciprocated and put the link on the eureferendum blog

bofl said...

phil woolas-thick as shit!

"The minister said the Government was also planning new rules under which migrants who fail to pay for NHS treatment will be barred from Britain until they clear their debt.

“If you come and use the NHS and we send you a bill and you don't pay it we won't let you back in the country. That's 20p or £20,000…"

so that will really put the fear of god into them then phil?

so come to the uk and get whatever treatment you want?
surely if it is successful then the patient wont need to come back?

they really are cunts!

Name and Shame 'em said...

Erm, seems to me like if the Argies invaded the Falklands like they did when Thatcher needed an electoral boost in the polls back in '82, this is the very moment for Psychlops to take the same advantage in 2010!
All good Marxists stick together. It's an International thing, don't you know!

Billyquiz said...

Hows this for a start:

Empowerment of the traditional Sami matriarch and her challenges in the effective communication of the necessity for a reduced carbon footprint amongst reindeer herders in a male dominated Lapp culture.

Billyquiz said...

Oops, perhaps I should have mentioned that the above post is the title of my new study.

Got to be worth a couple of million!

Anonymous said...

O/T Another candidate for the 'Council Stupidity' award:

ullage said...

Nigel Farage having a go at Van Rompuy (damp rag, never elected by anyone), Belgium (not a proper country) and the EU generally in Brussels. It's a start.

Anonymous II said...

Interesting title "Financial Transparency System"

The highest grant to Nigeria (the scammers paradise) in 2008 of €552,364.80 was CONFIDENTIAL

What part of "Transparency" don't they fucking understand.

ukipwebmaster said...

Talking of the EU.
President Herman van Rompuy has the “charisma of a damp rag”:

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly recommend this book: 10 Years on. Britain Without the Euorpean Union by Dr. Lee Rotherham.

Get it! You will then see how this country has been robbed by Europe

UKIP is state run said...

ukipwebmaster said...
Talking of the EU.
President Herman van Rompuy has the “charisma of a damp rag”:

25 February 2010 03:16


Tell us also who knobbled Nigel?

thelunaticarms said...

The money-merry-go-round. Blimey, and I thought the EuroMillions was big money.

Probably the only way to compete against WalMart.

Anonymous said...

A vote for any party but the BNP is your personal endorsement of the above "policies" and a plea for more of the same.

Anonymous said...


'..the Prime Minister says that changing the law to permit assisted suicide would run the risk of putting the frail and ill under pressure to end their lives... '

More likely he's scared that Sarah might be tempted to assist in his 'suicide' when she sees her 'fat cat' lifestyle coming to an end through him losing his job.

Supertramp said...

Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical,
liberal, fanatical, criminal.

Won't you sign up your name, we'd like to feel you're
acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable!

At night, when all the world's asleep,
the questions run so deep
for such a simple man.

Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned

I know it sounds absurd
but please tell me who I am.

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