Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Avert your gaze from your rulers

Guest Post by Liberal England

The police campaign against amateur photographers is still in full swing. Yesterday's Guardian reported that:
Police questioned an amateur photographer under anti-terrorist legislation and later arrested him, claiming pictures he was taking in a Lancashire town were "suspicious" and constituted "antisocial behaviour".
This is despite promises last year from senior officers last year that the police would scale down their use of anti-terrorist legislation, such as Section 44 of the act, after a series of high-profile cases in which photographers said they had been harassed by police for taking innocuous images in the street.

As Random Blowe says of this case:
it seems apparent that the photographer was targeted for knowing his rights and choosing to exercise them. Having failed to get what they wanted under one piece of legislation, they simply picked another - as if the law is a armory of weapons against the public that can be dipped into whenever police officers want to get their own way.
If you are concerned about this issue you should watch the video of an interview with Pauline Hadaway on the WORLDbytes site. Hadaway is director of the photography gallery Belfast Exposed and author of Policing the Public Gaze, which was published by the Manifesto Club.

In the interview Joe Earle asks Pauline Hadaway to explain more. We learn how in the past subjects were not allowed to gaze upon the king and with the advent of cheap cameras many feared women and the lower orders snapping away. The muddled authoritarianism today she tells us, which restricts our right to look, is born of a more pernicious distrust and impedes our rights as citizens.

OH UPDATE: You will note from the video that the photographer uses his knowledge of common law and does not stand under his rights as a Free Man. I suspect he will be receiving a nice fat cheque from the taxpayer to compensate him.


Ron Broxted said...

Dear O'H, we are in the age of pixillated policing. See how they are always filmed from behind or faces blanked out? Fear. Fear of the masses. We are winning.

Shithole 1984 Britain said...

How can taking photos of a town possibly constitute "antisocial behaviour"???
There's something seriously fucked up with this country yet curiously, I don't hear any politician voicing concerns over it.

JamesW said...

Yeah, that Grauniad article boiled my piss.

In a statement, Lancashire police said they and members of the public were "concerned about the way in which [Patefield] was using his camera". It said police felt they had "no choice" but to arrest him because he was refusing to co-operate.

I call bullshit on any members of the public giving a toss about his camera. And as for having "no choice" but to arrest a citizen going about his own lawful business just because he refused to hand over his papers to some jumped up PCSO Hitler. Words fail me. I guess he's lucky they didn't shoot him.

bofl said...

i used to be in a band with a copper..he told me that if they dont get you with one law then they will find another!

the'distrust' issue is interesting.

all the people at the top lie,cheat and swindle......ie mps (setting such a great example in the new uk shambala) so i suppose we are tarred with the same brush.........but not all of US are beholden to massive egos and a desire to dominate others,just wanting to get on with our lives.

mcbroon being a prime example.

BrianSJ said...

http://hmrcisshite.blogspot.com/2010/02/hmrc-bans-tax-advice.html is worth promoting.

Catosays said...

The Accrington saga is one which strikes me as 'Misconduct in public office'.

I sincerely hope the Ch. Constable is facing a writ of 'wrongful arrest'.

Ginger Geordie said...

Sorry to go off topic you old twat but I'm hoping that one baldy bastard councillor with a big Nikon camera walks into a trap like that, it'll deserve the bastard right.

He's now taken to setting up a series of personal attack sites, just what an elected public person should be up to right?

Anyway this other Fat Councillor could do with a bit of help chopping this Gaza loving dimwit down to size.

Anonymous said...

The phone number for Lancashire police is 0845 1 25 35 45. You know what to do.

Chris said...

And Pat Condell says that Saudi Arabia is "mentally ill"...

Good people stopped by maggots said...

Interesting the way in which this inarticulate PCSO persisted in her request for personal details from these innocent photographers.

Her explanation that she has to get details from EVERYONE taking photgraphs, rather gives the game away. These police are obviously under instructions from senior officers to get such details.

So obviously the senior officers have been lying when they said that they were concerned about overuse of the powers. They're telling them to do it, and encouraging them to break the law, in perverting the course of justice. That's police policy.

It's no surprise that the police are liars. Everyone knows that already. What's interesting is why they persist in this nonsensical policy which brings them into national ridicule every time it's reported. Why do they persist.

The only answer is that there's a central police policy to cow the people of this country. It's nothing to do with terrorism, other than of course a centralized police policy to terrorise ordinary members of the public into submission so that they get used to just obeying police orders without question.

It's nothing less than an excercise in mass psychological behaviour modification, and it has ACPOs dirty fingermarks all over it.

Soon we'll have enough victims to take a class action against all the police forces of this country and then we'll see what penalty there is for trampling the ancient freedoms of the British people.

'arristwattle said...

let's 'ope old 'o don't get pin-'oled by the peelers - 'e couldn't argue 'is way art er er metaphorical paper bag with er dialectical 'ole in it. 'e may well bore the poor bastards inter submission with the freeman wheeze 'tho.

chinese burns said...

hey, old holborn, is it true what i heard about messagespace going into liquidation?

El-Kevo said...

You're a gem, OH. A flawed one, but a gem nonetheless.

Best wishes

(WV - pensis ... sooo very close !)

Anonymous said...

LOL - I have to laugh, only thing that stops me from crying!

AntiCitizenOne said...

Maybe we inform the police about the towns CCTV operators?

Where's the RUC now? said...

The police in northern ireland had been abusing the catholic community for years.

It was all brought to a head with an incident in derry where the RUC battered an old catholic man to death.

Then the people turned on them big time and brought the whole sorry mess, including the state itself, crashing down.

The police here are certainly stupid and pig ignorant enough to ensure that exercise is repeated in this country.

Watching their activities over the past number of years, I have no doubt about that whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Police abusing catholics?
Surely That's what Priests are for.

Anonymous said...

Christ this is really scary stuff. I cannot believe that taking photos is now a crime. What will they do when Al Jesiera TV rolls up and start filming outside 10 Downing Street?
We DO have a lot to fear if the numb nutted PCSO’s can stop and detain you for taking a photo.
Again, scary scary stuff, another nail in our freedoms.

Rogerborg said...

This is why I come to this blog. I agree with you 90% of the way, but then you crack out the Tin Foil Hat and start banging on about this mythical "common law" that you never seem to be able to point at.

I do agree that Patefield needs some fat compensation; I just wish it would come of of the pocket of the "P"CSO harridan rather than the taxpayer.

Chris said...

I put a curse on GMP when they took my DNA - all their chief constables will go mad.

Lets hope TETRA gives the law a good dose of cancer.

Chris said...

Accrington - same town where Marstons bailiffs killed the old man they frogmarched to the cashpoint.

Cunts R Us said...

Cunts, they are. Total fuckin cunts!!

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