Thursday, 25 February 2010

Good for FUCK ALL - by Stanislav


These fuckers should be hung up from a lamp post and spat at,

instead they are stuffing their faces and shitting in ours. Alan Milburn, former layabout, amazingly became health secretary, resigned to patch up his common-law marriage, cops a hundred grand a year for "advising" firms trying to privatise many aspects of the NHS. Also drawing a full-time salary as a part-time MP.

NewLabour's Health Secretaries have turned the NHS auxiliaries into paupers, the greedy bastard doctors into idle, dirty tyrants, abandoning their patients to shell-shocked, European locums, the managers into millionaires and the hospitals into full-steam ahead extermination camps for the vulnerable.

Frank Dobson, old Labour stooge, willingly pissed about and shafted by Blair, resigned as Health Secretary to contest London Mayoral election with Ken Livingstone. As if.

Blair had, by appealing to his beardy vanity, removed him from cabinet, leaving room for shits like Milburn. Chump. Not fit to run a St John's Ambulance Tent.

Alan Postman, when health secretary, presided over massive spread of hospital acquired infections, see stanislav, Alan Johnson's Disease. I mean, just look at him.

Glasgow John Reid, thug, drunk, bully, liar, sexual predator - see Reid, Dawn Primarolo - Trotskyist, describes himself as one of Labour's Big Men, Aye, right; horrible little shit, pothead; claimed, when Defence Secretary, that Tommy wouldn't face a shot fired in anger in Afghanistan. Was never anywhere long enough to cop any flak, a sort of a peripatetic minister for bruising. Now full-time Chairperson of Glasgow Celtic Sectarian Football Club, a paid consultant to Securicor and drawing full-time salary as part-time MP. Cunt. Utter cunt, One of the worst of a very bad bunch.

Patsy Leatherface Hewitt, former Kinnock Babe, married to a judge, son's a junky; gobby, patronising, useless career shitbag, jointly responsible with the Postman for national epidemic of HAIs, deaths of hundreds, thousands. Couldn't even see to it that the hospitals were as clean as the local chippy. Wouldn't wanna eat round her gaff. Now working full-time for Boots the Chemists, honest, not invent, and drawing full-time salary as part-time MP.

Not very handy Andy Bubbles, incumbent health secretary, good at saying this is unacceptable and accepting it, Oxbridge, Oxbridge and useless, one of Incapability Brown's bunker barrel scrapings, currently working on strategy for personal care for the elderly - other, we presume than killing them off in NHS hospitals staffed by babbling, hatchet-faced, money-grubbing, pinstripe Rotarians. Lord, have mercy, that our twilights be crafted by such as these. Up against the wall, motherfuckers.

But the worst, the very worst of it, what is unspeakable and unthinkable and intolerable is that people, relatively unsophisticated, came back from Europe and the Pacific and wandered around their bombed-out homes and communities and for themselves and for the dead voted for something different; emaciated POWs, miraculaously surviving the Nasty Nips' work camps, frightened and traumatised, their mates beheaded and starved, voted for something different. And they built houses and they built factories and they suffered rationing and delay and privation but they banished rickets and for a time, unemployment and hunger. And the schools worked. And there were to be pensions, at sixty and sixty five. And health care, from cradle to grave.

The people bootstrapped themselves, from shattered, ruined communities, they built homes and hospitals and futures, when lesser people might have merged into, gone along with an uber-Europe, as had the French and the Dutch and the Danes and the Poles and the rest, these people, scorned by Uncle Sam, drip-fed a little aid , a little materiel, a few rusty ships, these people kept the world free and now they and their children enter hospitals built with their taxes and are murdered; their leaders, standing on the shoulders, but shitting in the faces of the post-war reformers, too busy fellating Russian gangsters in Strasbourg, oil billionaires in Kabul, treat them with contempt, No, they shriek, we must have more, the Kinnocks, the Blairs, we must have more, how else will you attract people of our calibre, unless we have more and more and more.

They have now betrayed everything for which people fought and died and went without; all must work harder, for longer and for less, the state must see your papers, embed your papers in your skin, the electronic tattoo of the untermenschen; the state must control your children, your diet, your leisure, your habits, your drink, your drugs; the state can now arrest you for an infinite number of crimes against it, even against other states which you have never visited; can photograph you, though you may not photograph it; can enter your home, though you may not know where it lives or how much you pay for its residences.

We live in a Nazi state, our SS shoot us at will, whip our women with batons, corral and batter our children as they fight for their Earth, protect with phalanxes of sharpshooters, behind walls of steel the smirking Earthcriminals, visiting Airstrip One and its ingratiating, stuttering, degenerate, fuckwit leadership; the slow or the feeble are beaten to the ground for their tardiness, their killers promoted, bemedalled. Split-second decision, protecting us from Alky Aida, or AQ, owe them a great debt for their magnificent professionalism in whipping and electrocuting and shooting innocent civilians, Iron Cross First Class, at the very least.

The news of the HospitalCrime should give us all pause. Lots, I know, think that the shouty reaches of cyberspace deal in hyperbole, entertaining but essentially just rhetoric, no business like show business. They are wrong.

That old people go into hospital, die through avoidable neglect, indifference and cruelty and that those paid to ensure the opposite happens receive golden handshakes, peerages and yet more positions of responsibility, this is not hyperbole, this is organised crime, this is not a government at its fag-end, part of the merry-go-round of party politics preached by shitbags like the self-fellating Mr Nick Robinson, this is much worse; sharpen your sticks, fill your cupboards, buy some seeds and get tough, this is Ruin.

Call me Ishmael

OH UPDATE: Now we know why Andy doesn't want an inquiry


Uncle Marvo said...

Anyone ever play that game where you watched Casualty and other Hospital Soaps and had to see who would be first to guess the illness?

I'm giving it a go on the pictures in this blog.

So far I'm going for Tertiary Neural Syphilis for the Postman.

Tomfiglio said...

"...these people, scorned by Uncle Sam, drip-fed a little aid , a little materiel, a few rusty ships..."

I don't buy into your country and western song interpretation of Britain after the war. "Britain actually received more than a third more Marshall Aid than West Germany - $2.7 billion as against $1.7 billion. She in fact pocketed the largest share of any European nation." see
In Britain, all this money was pissed away on setting up an unsustainable welfare state while other countries were investing their money in new industry and infrastructure.

Sinful Soul said...

Holby-this is much worse; sharpen your sticks, fill your cupboards, buy some seeds and get tough, this is Ruin.

Prepare your souls!

Uncle Marvo said...

Tomfiglio - correct.

History shows that in other countries, they got their act together.

In this one, under Labour ("surprise", I hear you say) the money was totally spunked.

today, in 2010, the spunking continues.

bofl said...

the problem is that there is no accountability and the mps,lords,police,doctors etc all think that they are deities........

they just make sure that the boxes are ticked and then use that as a every time.
'it wasnae me'...think i've heard that before?

essex hospitals are shite too....

i fractured a vertebrae.ask for a copy of an x-ray or to see a specialist and they treat you as if you are a criminal(they told me it was a disc injury).

many people have gone in for low risk maladies and didnt make it home....infections supplied free by the nhs.

perhaps a re-enactment of the hospital scene from 'death race 2000' might sharpen their ideas up?

Uncle Marvo said...

I'll tell you tomorrow whether I love the NHS. Today I see them to find out which of the possibly fatal illnesses I have.

I shall give them some clues. They will probably tell me I smoke too much or drink too much or don't take enough exercise or similar shit, but I know all of these things already.

Odin's Raven said...

Tomfiglio and Uncle Marvo are correct about postwar Britain and the Marshall Plan. See the works of the historian Correlli Barnett, especially Lost Victory:

Paul Weston said...


If you were drinking when you wrote this, then please dont even think of giving the booze up.

Excellent rant.

something what i've been wondering about for some time said...

ha!ha! so did guido fawkes/staines use the same dodgy private dick as coulson/news of the world/conservative central headquarters? or just the same dodgy techniques? zat is ze question.

Catflap said...

I laughed but felt like crying.
Brilliant writing.

They got confused by the Targets at Staffordshire hospital I think.
You cure patients not kill them you stupid cu*ts.
Anyone can make fish soup out of an Aquarium for fucks sake.

the sublime artistry of a play within a play said...

is news of the world doing a dodgy exposé of guido fawkes' dodgy investigative techniques, using its own dodgy eavesdropping methods? and if not why not? we should be told, init?

the sublime artistry of a play within a play said...

is news of the world doing a dodgy exposé of guido fawkes' dodgy investigative techniques, using its own dodgy eavesdropping methods? and if not why not? we should be told, init?

Anonymous said...

This is me this is OH fucking pissed off i am

Elby the Beserk said...

In 1945, George MacDonald Fraser, author of the immortal "Flashman" series, was fighting as a young subaltern with the valiant Border Regiment against the Japanese in Burma. He concluded his moving war memoir with these words:

"... they were Labour to to a man, but not necessarily socialist as the term is understood now. Their socialism was of a simple kind: they had known the ’thirties, and they didn’t want it again: the dole queue, the street corner, the true poverty of that time. They wanted jobs, and security, and a better future for their childen than they had had – and they got that, and were thankful for it. It was what they had fought for, over and beyond the pressing need of ensuring that Britain did not become a Nazi slave state.

Still, the Britain they see in their old age is hardly “the land fit for heroes” that they envisaged – if that land existed in their imaginations, it was probably a place where the pre-war values co-existed with decent wages and housing. It was a reasonable, perfectly possible dream, and for a time it existed, more or less. And then it changed, in the name of progress and improvement and enlightenment, which meant the destruction of much they had fought for and held dear, and the betrayal of familiar things that they had loved. Some of them, to superficial minds, will seem terribly trivial, even ludicrously so – things like county names, and shillings and pence, and the King James Version, and yards and feet and inches – yet they matter to a nation.

They did not fight for a Britain which would be dishonestly railroaded into Europe against the people’s will; they did not fight for a Britain where successive governments, by their weakness and folly, would encourage crime and violence on an unprecedented scale; they did not fight for a Britain where thugs and psychopaths could murder and maim and torture and never have a finger laid on them for it; they did not fight for a Britain whose leaders would be too cowardly to declare war on terrorism; they did not fight for a Britain whose Parliament would, time and again, betray the trust by legislating against the wishes of the country; they did not fight for a Britain where children could be snatched from their homes and parents by night on nothing more than the good old Inquisition principle of secret information; they did not fight for a Britain whose Churches and schools would be undermined by fashionable reformers; they did not fight for a Britain where free choice could be anathematised as “discrimination”; they did not fight for a Britain where to hold by truths and values which have been thought good and worthy for a thousand years would be to run the risk of being called “fascist” – that, really, is the greatest and most pitiful irony of all."

(George MacDonald Fraser, "Quartered Safe out Here: A Recollection of the War in Burma" (London, 1993), pp. 177-78).

moorlandhunter said...

There is accountability in the NHS, even at Stafford but only for the lowly medical staff who have to put into practice Labour’s policies and deal with the red tape. They get sacked for even the slightest of errors, but everyone else is immune it seems.
Each time Labour brings in new policies, changed the procedures, change the waiting list targets, change the bed space numbers the hospitals have to employ new admin staff to enable the ‘tractor figures’ to be sent to Labour Central HQ.
Labour fiddles and fudge the figures all the time and when things go wrong they try to sack everyone but the true masters if the misfortune. Themselves.

caesars wife said...

Enjoyed that one stanislav , at least 400 died possibly 1200 and Boy Band Burnham does not authorise a public enquiry , could not make up !

Ray Nerslane said...

They're all incompetent nonentities but that patronising cow Hewitt was the worst of the lot.

They want you dead! said...

If they can't kill you in the hospitals, they will kill you before you are born with abortion made as easy as getting a hamberger, they will kill you with assisted suicide should your son in law decide he wants your house, they will kill you by sending you to wars for a global elite, they will make sure you were never even concieved with their promotion of long term contraception and sterilisation.

Oh yes the goverment want you dead, ask the leaders of the UN, the bilderbergers and their associated genocidal maniacs, they have stated exactly this, too many of us to manage and too many of us using THEIR resources.

A few million slaves is all they require.

This is not Nazi Germany this is far worse, this is armageddon.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Check out NHS Blog Doctor's archives... The extent of the outrage at Stafford has been comprehensively covered up. I particularly like the part about a local GP threatened with being sectioned for daring to murmer that there might be a problem at the trust.

I've commented this in in other places but I think it nedds repetition ...

The NHS in Stafford by their own admission have caused the premature deaths of more British persons than the Iraqis, Al Quaeda and the Taliban combined.

Isn't it about time there was a helicopter hovering over the Stafford admin block with SAS abseiling down to sort them out - a few 5am door kickins for the main perpetrators seem appropriate too?

But then again the cunts'll probably get bonuses.... like that filthy morsel of shit Rose Gibb in Kent ....

Rogerborg said...

Decent rant, that. Top marks. Hat to to Ebly on the GMF quote.

On Reid, of whom I have some passing personal knowledge, I would piss on him if he were on fire, but only if I though it might prolong his suffering.

beware the state blogger said...

to those who rule, it's all the same pie filling.

many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, dead at the hands of criminal negligence.

this is a thing of no more import to the current crop of excrement lathered gargoyles than being caught with their hand in the till.

brown: deny it, cover it up, pension the guilty into lavish silence; it is the right thing to do, as my father used to say, only he didn't.

blackguard decency and honesty, it is the right thing to do, as my father used to say, only he didn't.

promote dimwitted, feckless, bullying, gold digging dross, it is the right thing to do, as my father used to say, only he didn't.

brown the likens tories to the habsburgs - inbred to the point of deformity and madness - does he?

even by the standards of brown's own pharmacologically enhanced derangement, this is a most inconguous slight.

these flaws, of brown's, his internal plague, they couldn't be, could they?

deformity and madness, is that brown's birthright, the thing which explains all?

oasis of free stew said...


oh diddums. console yourself with the fact that you're providing a valuable public service - at very reasonable rates. think of yourself as a subsidized soup kitchen.

nothing a nice cup of tea can't solve said...


yes, loved the way you successfully refrained from swearing, it helped you make your point all the more effectively, dear. terribly grim situation i know, but do you really think it's worth worrying ourselves over?

The shallow and the crass said...

nothing a nice cup of tea can't solve said...

yes, loved the way you successfully refrained from swearing, it helped you make your point all the more effectively, dear. terribly grim situation i know, but do you really think it's worth worrying ourselves over?

26 February 2010 01:24

Most certainly, Just think for a second - JUST ONE SECOND of the sons and daughters of those murdered, the elderly, the soldiers - the tears of the young cghildren who have seen their fathers pointlessley murdered by the state, tears streaming down their faces never to see daddy or mommy again, now don't you feel rather shallow and pathetic?

Just one second!

Cunt spotter said...

Cunts. Cunts. Total cunts, the lot of them.

johnny nunsuch said...

some people might suggest you are being a bit harsh - I'm not one of them -
We are ruled by a bunch of sanctimonious hypocritical self serving thieving fucktards and that is still not harsh enough

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