Thursday, 18 February 2010

God Bless HRH Fred Dibnah

As alerted by Obnoxio, the House OfTwits is running a poll on abandoning Constitutional Monarchy.

This is my take as posted-

Four words

"President Blair, President Thatcher".

I hope Brenda lives to be 100.


Same old chestnut in defence of a super
rich Tax avoiding Granny. It is not obligatory to have have a Head of
State who is a politician, why not a poet, a musician, I would have
voted for Fred Dibnah, somebody who evokes Englishness/ Britishness whatever.

Sniper hits the nail on the head, she is not going to live to 150. We are then going to get a spolit shallow adulterer as the Head of the Church of Englandand Commonwealth.

Edward the Ist was followed by the fey Edward II, Elizabeth the Ist was followed by the ruinous Stuarts

Edward VIII, another serial adulterer, National Socialist fellow traveller, abandoned his post in France in 1940.

The born in the right bed principle may have served us well from 1953 to date, but what sort of loony is going to come along next. The Army and Police and Judiciary swear personal allegiance to the monarch not you and me. As a Libertarian that is an appalling state of affairs.

The main problem that has been glossed over is that Blair adopted monarchical powers through the office of Prime Minister,as per our three word Constitution- Parliament is Sovereign.

He was unfettered by Parliament, By the Opposition, by the Monarch and by the public.

He was for all intents and purposes King Tone. Look where that got us !

If you need to have a glittery fairy to be 'Head of State' go ahead, but have role restricted to whining and dining, and ensure that we have a written Constitution that binds everybody in power with enough checks and balances.

Rabbits do not have 'King Rabbits' why do we ? Power and Deference thats all.

King Fred's State Funeral ( More than will turnout for Blair)


caesars wife said...

Its interesting that Blair really could go down as the man who took power to lie , very odd how his legacy is so divisive now .

I repeat from one of my earlier posts ,if you think a written constitution makes countries , you just need to look at europe ?.

Cw thinks on balance monarchy has worked pretty well , if you think USA is good check out how much money/corruption gets blown on a presidential where as over here it goes back into institutions because we dont have all that problem.

Is crime , troughing extortion any better in a written constitution state ? carefull what ye whish for.

Uncle Marvo said...

I will go to Blair's. I want to look in the box to make sure he's really in there.

Interesting choice, Fred Dibnah.

I would go for Clarkson. He says what he thinks.

We don't have King Rabbits. We have Queen Bees though. As far as I can tell they don't make laws or anything like that. They rob the workers of very little, and get fed the best bits, the Royal Jelly.

I suspect if they rounded up a load of Fat Bees and tried to make half the worker bees give half of what they gleaned to the other half, while the beneficiaries sat on their bumbly bottoms and ate all the pies, they would probably get a damn good stinging.

The ruling few do not have any rights over you and I. None at all.

One day they will try to impose their will on me, and that will be a dreadful and fateful day. I look forward to it with anticipation and this Walther PPK.

righty right wing (mrs) said...

I shall cease to be a staunch monarchist when her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passes away.

I for one cannot support that tofu jihadist half wit of a son of hers in any way shape or form.

Also, Queen Elizabeth failed her people.

Our Queen was the last line of defence we had against EU tyranny.

Our Queen failed that test & must now face the consequences.

As the truth regarding Her Majesty's failure to protect her subjects spreads support for the House of Windsor will ebb away.

No point following a leader if they won't fight for you & submissively cowtows to revolutionary international marxists.

Its over Liz.

Anonymous said...

Ckarkson is a cunt along with his two middle class middleaged wanker mates in the aircraft hangers, besides ripping off idiot license payers they get back handers from motor companies, fuckers and not one of them can find a barber.
Did any of you meet the late great Fred? I did, tight as a ducks arse and that is watertight he wouldn't give a fucking door a slam but there again nostalgia not what it used to be is it?

Uncle Marvo said...

I didn't say Clarkson wasn't a cunt. That's one his more endearing qualities. I don't think he's deny it, but then I haven't met him, yet. It is one of my greatest ambitions to do so.

He makes me laugh. He gets paid. He has talent. What the fuck has it got to do with you, jealousy?

Nostalgia's a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

"Rabbits do not have 'King Rabbits' why do we ? Power and Deference thats all"

"Although a royal (dominant) rabbit will sometimes groom one of his or her vassals, including licking you, it commonly goes only one way. The top rabbit in the group must be worshipped and obeyed by all, and may present him or herself for grooming to any other rabbit, who must comply. Although grooming does help keep those hard to reach places tidy, it's very much a social activity, and a critical one for most rabbits' happiness. Who would guess that getting a little forehead rub now and again could be the key to self-esteem, comfort and well-being? might enjoy it too"

Taken from -

Dave said...

God help us all when Quenn Brenda pops her royal clogs. She is the last of the line.
Her son is a useless two faced adulterous wanker who says one thing and does another. Supposedly pro environment etc but treads roughshod over local fears when it comes to the Duchy of Cornwall.
The grandsons are OK if you want a good time piss artist as king.
Let's face it we're fucked and fucked royally.

Catflap said...

At what point in history did the 'Romans'become'Italians'?
I think we are at that point here.
The British becoming Brits.
100,000 abortions a year,falling fertility and as a prerequisite to success in this country, average good folk have to have few or no children.
The future is bright,the future is brown-ish with a few chavs mixed in.
Everything will change,including the Monarchy.
You don't need to fight for your country,you need to fuck for it.

Ron Broxted said...

"A monarch is an insult to everyone else in the realm" Carnegie.

King Rabbit said...

That is not strictly true.

for anna said...

shit everywhere......

The Lord Advocate of Scotland, Elish Angiolini, refuses to pursue the sexual abuse case involving Down's syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who claims to have been raped by well-known members of the Scottish establishment; Angiolini's department in Aberdeen took so long to process the case of another girl who claimed to have been sexually abused that it was thrown out for taking too long to come to court by the very Sheriff who has been named by Hollie as one of her sexual abusers and rapists.

Now it turns out that Angiolini is a speaker for Common Purpose, the 'training of leaders' organisation long exposed in the research of Brian Gerrish at UKColumn who has been threatened by Angiolini's lawyers, Levy & McRae, for posting the story of Hollie Greig and the people she names.

Look under your Bed! ! said...

For Anna @ 12:50

You Cunt!

Why dont you continue to post on the other thread instead of poisoning this one too.

Try two layers of aluminim instead of your regular one layer.

You're still a cunt btw.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there at Blair's funeral, to show my disrespect for the murderous bastard.

Ethan said...

Sorry your wrong. I agree with Uncle Marvo. I'll go to 1/ Make sure the feckers really dead. 2/ to dance on his grave and 3/ To shoult obscenities at the Wicked Witch and ask her is Hello sponsoring the funeral and how many childrens charities are paying her appearance fee.

Oh I'm REALLY looking forward to that day. I've already pre-ordered the custard pies too.

Thanks OH for cheering me up. I'm also going to Brown's funeral too. I've got the traditional funeral Orange with pineapple motif Hawaiian Shirt and the boombox with "hot hot hot" recorded. I like a good occasion for a dance as I'll be weeing oand dancing on his grave.

Anonymous said...

@ Mrs Righty Right Wing

I would still like to see the Monarchy continue but only if it can be saved from itself. In principle, the idea of the monarchy and our armed forces swearing allegiance to the monarch, should be there as a counter-balance against a tyrannical state. I agree with you though, we may have passed the point of no return with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

There is always the possibility that the next King could be Prince William of course.

Queen`s Own Infantryrabbit said...

Guthrum. Very interesting post this. Did you cross post it on ARRSE forum as well?

JJ said...

I think most of us at one time or another swore allegiance to EIIR,
which is of course different to allegiance to the State.

I think Col David Stiling emphasised this point more than once.

Uncle Marvo said...

I don't think I ever swore allegiance to EII anything, except when I was in the cubs. I said I'd do my duty as well, but I lied.


Anonymous said...

Makes no difference "Unlce Marvo" - you was sworn in!

Uncle Marvo said...

When was I sworn in?


Anonymous said...

Years ago I wouldn't let my kids join the cubs/ scouts /guides for a few reasons they were founded by Basen Powell who got his kick by ohotographing naked boys. Another he set the whole thing up so the would be a ready supply of cannon fodder when the next war turned up. Of course the oath of allegience to god and the fucking queen and I am not to happy about the old queer inventing concentration camps in the Boer war. Amazing what a public school education does for one don't you think?
Instead they went to the woodcraft folk then run by the Co-op.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Marvo: when you joined the cubs!

I am Stan said...

TRAITORS the fuckin Loat of ya hic yeah fuck shes aright er queeeny i Meayt her WHEN I WAS LEADRE OF MY PARTY fuKErs hic fuck off gothUM!!HIC...INFAwAMMY..YEAH!!!1

gOtherom gotany Spare chanGEA../?

Lorenzo said...

They'll have to bury Blair at the bottom of the Mariana Trench to prevent him being dug up and hacked to bits before being spread all over the shop.

Anonymous said...

I would go to both Blair & Brown's funeral:
1. to check that the cunts were really dead.
2. to show the Union Jack & St George's flag at full mast in celebration.
3. to identify where the fucker's were buried so that I could come back at a quieter time & spit on their graves.
However, while I do still have respect for Brenda, I do not want her woolly minded half assed son taking over - he's got enough to do bullying the people unfortunate enough to live in the Duchy or on Duchy lands e.g Poundbury with it's Stasi rules & expansionist plans.

Anonymous said...

Rabbits do not have 'King Rabbits'

How the fuck do we know?
We do know that Bees have Queens...

Clive said...

It is not obligatory to have have a Head of State who is a politician.

Who the fuck else would put themselves up for the job?

Simple solution: Queen Scheherazade

Sniper said...

No abuse. Just a differing view. Hope to meet for a pint at one of your city jamborees. If ever I can manage the time off to attend.

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