Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Get your hands out the till

"I am still very rich"
‘The lunches, the hospitality, the quiet word in your ear, the ex-ministers and ex-advisers for hire, helping big business find the right way to get its way.

'In this party, we believe in competition, not cronyism. We believe in market economics, not crony capitalism. So we must be the party that sorts all this out. - David Cameron, earlier this week'

The Conservative MP Andrew MacKay is to join the lobbying arm of Burson-Marsteller after the general election, PRWeek can reveal.

MacKay, MP for Bracknell and a former parliamentary aide to David Cameron, will become an international consultant and strategic adviser in the agency's public affairs team after paying back £31K in stolen money to the people - the bastard.


PS. Just been reading the Lords Expenses seeing as Guido is picking up on them. Is it just me that finds it odd that Lord Carswell attended the House on just ONE day last year, yet claimed £12,878 travel costs?


Anonymous said...

HOW THE FREEMAN Stuff going OH - Update please!

I am Stan said...

It`s full steam ahead on the gravy train.

It seems stealing from the public purse is a good qualification for a lobbyist.


Anonymous said...

Not just the Lords doing it. Even after all the scandals.


eight rounds wotsis said...

such a shame those are cameras and not guns - or clubs, spiked with 8" nails, or sharpened broom handles, spiked with dog shit ....

answers at the head of an angry mob, as Andrew MacKay's ragged, bloated corpse is kicked along in front it.

Anonymous said...

If the Lord Carswell mentioned is the Law Lord, it wouldn't be very surprising at all. They don't speak in debates often but are reimbursed travel costs connected to their work as judges.

Anonymous said...

Tricky Questions Training

has cost the taxpayer £24,985.36

Anonymous said...

Imagine just for a minute, if MP's and Lords who are high profile politicians are robbing us blind under said spotlight, what do you think is happening at local council level where the spotlight isn't quite as illuminatingon them?

On every level of government, the snakes and pigs take their share, we get the rest (if we're lucky).

lilith said...

Hmmm, it is a small world isn't it? The Tricky Questions Training is run by Alexander Ballard Ltd.

Susan Alexander,
One of the Directors of Alexander Ballard Ltd, Susan left a successful broadcasting career with the BBC to consult on climate change communication and strategy. She was founding Joint Editor of a Climate Change Website at Oxford University from 2001 to 2003, which led to her working on several pan-European sustainability projects. Recently she has led an important project on the leadership role of climate change 'champions' and played a key role in research on behaviour change for climate change and on the strategy implications for public bodies. She has helped to develop a climate change game with the New Economics Foundation, and is currently communication associate on a research project to encourage the take-up of low carbon technologies in the food industry.

Susan has many years of experience in training communication strategies and skills, for instance to Earth Scientists (funded by the Natural Environment Research Council).

Susan spent almost ten years as a Broadcast Journalist with the BBC winning three national awards for programmes. As a News Editor she was responsible for all output of a local radio station. She has also worked as a political researcher and reporter on BBC TV.

Susan has taught communications skills to senior natural scientists for over 10 years. She was Joint Editor of an innovative climate change website at Oxford University 2001-3, during which time she interviewed many leading climate change figures. Her interview with Dr Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the IPCC, was published in the national press.

She has been involved as a practitioner in many climate change behavioural initiatives in recent years, leading the Champions research for Hampshire County Council and playing a key role in research for a European consortium: European Spatial Planning Adaptation to Climate Events.

Oh yes, a very small world.

Harry Hill said...

Small world, and very very bad.

Well dug up lilith. I can confirm, being not unconnected with the world of the quango-kleptocrats that self-aggrandising numpties of the Susan Alexander variety have made good money out of pushing 'climate change' (your change in thier pockets), although it has most amusingly come spectacularly unstuck of late. I predict space under rocks will soon be at a premium.

Anonymous said...

You would think the cunt could at least afford a decent toupe.

bofl said...

they will not stop until they are forced to stop........and i dont mean by titting around with inquiries etc.

the british establishment always looks after its own..........

and the lefty twats who wanted to tear down the whole edifice are now totally corrupt and for some bizzarre reason think they are above the law........well with all the lords ,judges,cps and plod paid for it would seem that they can just carry on shitting in our faces.........

bofl said...

ps for holborn...........

i am stuck with the 100 freedom warden jackets i bought on alibaba.......
buy and sell you said!

do you want to buy them?
good quality made from chemicals by prisoners in smog city nw china!

Captain Haddock said...

Hasn't that wanker McKay just got the sort of face you want to slap until your bloody hand hurts ?

Anonymous said...

These useless bastards get to sit on company boards for selling us out, to the Bilderbergers in general and all their corporate chums.

They are all in on the big club of selling public assetts, selling war contracts, milking the public and having their secret meetings handing over our democracy.

Dave is part of this bullshit with his Builderbergers sitting either side of the turd, to think for one second that Dave would be any different is insane considering the comapany he keeps and his pro EU totalitarian actions to date.

Dave is Blair MK2 trying to be all things to all people, making the same tired promises while the house of hoars gets his full backing.

If it did not, Dave would find himself attacked by their media, their think tanks and their corpoarations and possibly an early heart attack.

any politician that wants to buck this trend has to make arrests as soon as they come to office and address the public directly to this external and internal threat.

Dave and his money grabbing bastards are much happier to sell you out, tell lies and collect their rewards.

The only people with the GUTS to do anything about it are villified by the press for this reason ALONE.

If such people were prepared to give them - the bilderberger leaches a bigger slice of the pie, their policies would be trumpeted from the mountain tops.


let us not forget they were eager to murder iraqi women and children for their bilderberg masters, they wouldnt think twice about doing it to yours if they could get away with it.

as democracy goes out of the window and tyranny comes direct from brussles we cannot be too far away.

Whether it is death camps or world war 3 they have no trouble sending people to their death just as long as they are on the make and under no threat.

as democracy slips away you become nothing more than an irritant

You mean nothing to them - NOTHING!

Rogerborg said...

Ah, Old Faithful, I dub thee.

Once again, you're all for freedom of action and association, as long as it's your freedom. Everyone else needs to play by your rules.

And as always, you leap at the cheap headline, and don't read the small print.

"The Law Lords' expenses therefore reflect the number of times that they require to travel to the House to discharge their judicial duties, in addition to any times they are recorded as sitting in the Chamber for public business."

Splendid stuff, very amusing. Please do keep on.

Willy said...

His Airplane must have gone via Australia!

woman on a raft said...

Burston Marsteller is an element in the stable of Young and Rubicam Brands, which is in turn held by WPP

If BM have hired a gold-plated turkey like Andrew MacKay, they had better count the spoons, check his expenses claims, never let him near a client lest he creates the overwhelming urge in one of them to smack him round the head with a Barcelona reception chair, and move their pensions in to some other firm.

I predict WPP shares to take a dive on the news that they have loonies capable of hiring MacKay running one of the brands.

Communications specialists, don't make me laugh. My gran would know better than to touch that flea-bitten Skeletor look-a-like, and she was only a washer-woman.

VotR said...

Slam the till shut... with the fingers still in. Then we will see some genuine tears.

Cameroons for Israel said...

He's just being paid off for his support.

Any one of his corporate masters can do it.

Don't matter which one.

They won't be letting him make decisions on their business. He'll just be doing as he's told. Same as when he was in power.

acid rain said...


the cow's obviously the prime cause of climate change. perhaps she would, in fact, benefit from a change of climate. how about venus?

fishface said...


pray tell, what 'kind' of face might that be?

old ma cleanspeak said...


now now, no need for language of that lilt. as for his coiffure...i have plenty of time on my hands at present...i think i'll surprise hthe gentleman by knitting him some nice hair extensions...from his pubes.

obama prepares afghans for self-rule said...


Whether it is death camps or world war 3 they have no trouble sending people to their death just as long as they are on the make and under no threat.

i heard the news today, oh boy, about the growing war in afghanistan.

slaggy said...

The lunches, the hospitality, the quiet word in your ear, the ex-ministers and ex-advisers for hire, helping big business find the right way to get its way.'In this party, we believe in competition, not cronyism. We believe in market economics, not crony capitalism. So we must be the party that sorts all this out.

shit, i can hear mr whiner whiner cameron saying that like it were only yesterday.

Get Smart said...

Just changing gravy trains.
I agree with the comments from that call me Dave is B-lair Mark 2.

Custard said...

BTW, Carswell's claims don't add up to the total figure shown. It's good to see accuracy in Parliament...

Ron Broxted said...

Sturgeon faces resignation call

"Nicola Sturgeon said she was "duty-bound" as a constituency MSP to make "reasonable representations" on behalf of 60-year-old Abdul Rauf."

They sure do *love* their Muslims in the Labour Party, don't they ?

In Scotland, doubly so...

Swiss Bob said...

I come all the way to London for a drink, and are you there? Are you buggery, slaaaaag!

OH, please feel free to repost this: Edinburgh council's shameful treatment of serving soldier's daughter.

Old Holborn said...

funilly enough Bob, I'm in Zurich...

Swiss Bob said...

Visiting Dignitas I hope.

the beast of clerkenwell said...

Bob that is a nice thought (+:
Shame is that there is already so much venom in the old fart that its unlikely that there is a poison strong enough to drop him.
Maybe a nice avalanche could do the job for us all.

George Monsoon said...

6 million and 80 staff to monitor the expenses of 600 politicians.

What the fuck is all that about... sorry off topic, but relevant I believe.!!

Its on the BBC front page..

This could be done by one accountant hired one day a week.

All the MP's must do is present all the receipts. How fucking hard can it be?

Oh no .. they want 80 people to look after 600+ MP's and charge the tax payer 6.6 million for the task. when only 1.12 million was actually paid back by the criminals who fraudulently and quite deliberately stole public money. fuckers!!!

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

If the Somalian taxi driver gets lost here is a map

Its quick peaceful plus you get a free bar of chocolate and a cuckoo clock for the wife as a souvenir.

Swiss Bob said...


Dont take any of that Kraft rubbish.

jock tosh said...


The SNP have also referred to reports which claimed Gordon Brown also made representations to a court on behalf of a constituent who admitted growing cannabis plants - although the man did not have any previous convictions.

jaaaaah raaastafaaariii! brown di third coming a di messiah! baaarmmbaclaaarrt!!!!

adrenaloin junction said...


think you're in there, holborn. may i suggest you try trysting on the farringdon road outside the offices of the guardian? and then adjourn to the railway-track for a quick shunt.

cleopatra's needle said...


This could be done by one accountant hired one day a week.

or by a box of adders in one afternoon, if we sewed all the doors shut.

fräulein firconia fitwell said...


shit, everytime the little bugger pops off the hours she'll be reminded of the happy day.

info said...

If you really want to see what an evil man Mackay is, and the way in which he treats his constituents, come and have a look at more coming soon from the Chairman of the Conservative Association, and updates on the Police response...

Thick voter said...

That's a right dodgy looking cunt, that fucker.

I mean, you'd think twice before buying anything off him, so how the fuck does anyone elect him to rule over us.

It's like everyone has gone totally mad.

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