Friday, 19 February 2010

Freeman Update

Many of you have requested an update as to my Freeman on the Land status, so I feel it fair to tell you how it is progressing.

As explained HERE, I have absolutely no idea where this will lead, although my hopes lie with a life free of State Interference.

1 - The BBC. As you will know, the BBC is a corporation and extracts operating funds from the issue of licences to own and operate a television that can receive broadcasts in real time. i politely sent a letter to Sir Michael Lyons, the head of the BBC telling him that he was a traitor for accepting EU funds and had broken his royal charter. As a traitor, I am lawfully obliged to offer him no assistance at all. In fact, it is a criminal offence. Oh, and I don't want the BBC in my house, haven't asked for it, do not require it and could he please stop broadcasting it to me. I don't want it and have never signed anything saying I did. Works for Virgin and Sky.

Two weeks later, the three loud knocks at the front door. A man from another private company demanding to see my TV licence. "I can see your telly through the window" he yelled through the door. "How do you know it's mine?" I answered. "Let me in" he requested. "Get off my property" I replied. "I'm allowed to knock on the door" he said. "No, you are not. there is no implied access here. I'm allowed to let my dog out on my own property too" I replied

Whoosh...he was gone.

I now expect a summons for owning a TV without a licence. I do not deny owning one. I will take my day in court, defending myself under common law, as a Freeman on the Land. I shall make public the hearing and you can all come and watch if it works or not. then you can decide if YOU want to keep funding Johnathon Ross and champagne for Bruce Forsyth or not. Under threat of gaol.

Meanwhile, here's a Freeman having some fun in court after being summonsed for not paying his council tax

TOP TIP: Get a few copies of your Birth Certificate. Anytime a state Official wishes to speak with Mr Old Holborn, I simply hand them a copy and tell them to get on with it. I am Old of the Holborn family, and the State does not own me regardless of what it may think.


Ron Broxted said...

I wish you success Mr H but I think direct action is more appropriate. Join a masjid, plod hates that. Who was the scrofulous little man at E.On trailing top bloggers Colin, Ron and Sab? He had a head like an onion, said he was Branch but they ain't that fuckin' desperate! Stank. Must be BNP huh.

Anonymous said...

I cancelled the direct debit to TVL a year ago. Get the usual rubbish from them through the post about not having a license. I just ignore them and use them for ass wiping, or give them to the dog for him to wipe his ass with. (He's a very clever dog if you were wondering).

I expect you'll be getting a search warrant before a court appearance.

Best of luck. I hate them.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Great stuff OH, flawless logic.

And the Council Tax fun was a damn good read too (though irritating to have to register first)

Demetrius said...

I admire your courage, but cannot join you for age related reasons. But will they actually bother you now if they are aware that you are going down the line? This could get interesting.

Nick said...

I'm taking pleasure in having a go at the General Records Office, now part of the IPS.

I went to register my son and they refused because I didn't have an NHS number.

An NHS number isn't on the list of information you have to supply, so now I'm not going.

They are getting rather frantic about this, because they've realised they don't have a chance in hell of a prosecution of me for not registering him.

Also, they have realised because I've told them that its an offence for the registrar not to register without a reasonable cause, and asking for something not on the list isn't reasonable.

All rather funny.

Uncle Marvo said...

Fun. It used to be that a tv licence was discounted if you were registered blind. That would be a 'radio', then.

Anonymous said...

Try it it works!

RantinRab said...

I remember a story I read somewhere.

In the roughest part of Glasgow a TV license inspection team were doing the rounds.

They knocked on a door and when answered introduced themselves and asked to see the householders license.

'Hold on a minute and I'll get it and show you' said the householder.

A minute later he came back to the door with a large kitchen knife and said 'this is my license here, now fuck off'.

The inspectors duly fucked off.

Anonymous said...

You don't even know what the common law is, you stupid cunt.

moonmadmerv said...

O H they made the rules ,they have to live by them,we dont, you and i are no longer part of their society(actually we never were,see contract law).So enjoy your freedom and together we shall destroy the fuckers.And to the sceptics,stop watching,start reading or just fuck off
Love Light and Peace

Old Holborn said...

"You don't even know what the common law is, you stupid cunt."

Frightens you that I'm learning though doesn't it?

Dazed And Confused said...

I'll certainly be joining your crusade on the licence fee, because I genuinely don't watch BBC television anymore. BBC 1 = Politically correct T.V. for the mongs. BBC 2, vive la revolution. BBC 3 = Chav T.V. and BBC 4 is where Guardian readers "Go to think". And don't get me started on the BBCNew Labour news channels.

Something for everyone as long as your a fucking Socialist.

No thanks....

Anonymous said...

All anyone has to do is use a two letter word, beginning wih N and ending with O, when the state comes a calling and if you use this little word and keep using it thereby not consenting there is fuck all the state can do.
Their system relies on your consent without it they can do nothing...
and before anyone whines we all consent to the state controlling and penalising us simply because we don't say 'No. I do not consent.'
enter the trolls!!!!!

418 said...

Good luck Holby. This licence scam is a hot potato for the BBC so don't be too surprised if your trial is held in secret! You may know that BBC America carries paid advertising: so much for the BBC's claim that they must have the licence fees and cannot maintain their 'high' standards if they have to worry about advertising.

Newgates Knocker said...

It's all very well saying "No" when you can, but today The State can and does have the power to destroy an individual. (a little allegation here or there, a name on a database, a criminal record that means you can't even step over a school threshold!)It's a huge decision to try to take on the system, especially if you have children. (not all kids want to be the children of revolutionaries, well not at the time anyway!) Do you not fear the state at all Mr H. It scares the shit out of me sometimes, when I've seen the way it can mobilize against a weaker individual.

Anonymous said...

just saying No can be effective, for a while. trouble is if you've really hit a nerve they will get court orders, enforcement orders and/or lift you for "public order offences". Publicity is the key, embarrass the bastards, but it needs a media with balls. Or a Web. Good luck OH.

Anonymous said...

OH, don't know how you want to play this BUT even if the cunt did see your TV set it is 'within the rules' to own a TV set provided you only use it to watch DVDs/videos - I believe you may even be able to stream iPlayer to your TV, though I won't guarantee that. Last letter I received stated 'If you do not use TV receiving equipment such as TV sets, video or DVD recorders, digital boxes, computers and mobile phones to watch or record programmes as they're being shown on TV, you do not need a licence. To help us update our records, please write to.........stating that you do not use any such device. We will contact you in due course to confirm the situation.' If you don't help them 'update their records' then they can also FRO about 'confirming the situation'.

Anonymous said...

The state has always had the power to destroy an individual but the individual has always had the power to stymie the state by refusing to contract with them.

The state rules by fear and that is the only weapon in their arsenal. It is as powerful a weapon as you the individual allow it to be.

However fear is also the state's biggest weakness. The people behind it fear the informed individual but even more they fear two informed individuals and so o.
You simply have to rediscover what our ancestors knew.

Don't take my anonymous word for it go listen to every mp3 on but first go watch the video at the bottom of this page

Then read any one of the acts on this page and try to make sense of it. /Acts_and_Charters

There is remedy hiding in plain sight.

Bristol Dave said...

Maybe it's just the slightly odd writing style but it does strike me that most of the information on the "freeman" stuff makes them all sound like a right load of paranoid nutters. Sorry :-P

Tellyhater said...

OH, ditch your TV and think no more of it. Your kids will whinge and whine for 30 days or so and you will feel inclined to sympathy for them, but then they and you will welcome its absence and in 60 days, shrink with horror from the prospect of its reintroduction.
TV is mind poison. It wrecks society from its proper function. Get rid of it. You won't be sorry.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to register your car or your children?
Why are you called a keeper of a vehicle?
Why do you get given a fishing licence and a firearm certificate?
Why do you have to be registered to vote?
Why do you have to register with a doctor when the NHS is supposed to be free for all at the point of use?

I agree a lot of the writing looks bizarre but please don't dismiss it for that reason.

Go read the acts that are supposed to back up each of the things I have listed and see for yourself that they contain no such requirements!
Don't take anyone's word for it read them for yourself.
They are all on here

If you think freeman stuff is paranoid wait until you read these acts of parliament brought into being by the troughers called MP's and the private secretaries called civil servants both groups are paid to SERVE the public, allegedly!

Rogerborg said...

Yes, it's all fun and games until the bailiffs kick your door in.

The sad part (for us) is that your Mitty complex will never let you admit that you've lost.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who throws their TV out absolutely must not tell the TV licensing authority that they have done so. Use up their time and resources as they send their creeps around to knock on your door. A simple, "I`ve got nothing to say" and then close the door.

One of them leaned into my doorway once but I just shut the door quickly and he had to jump out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Borg Roger
The bailiffs cannot kick your door in. If they did this the police would arrest them fro breaking and entering!
The bailiffs cannot remove any of your property unless you sign the levy.

Don't take my word for it nip down to your local bailiff company and ask them.

Anonymous said...

When OH disappears into the sunset, who will no the difference. He just continues postin' under a diff name.

All very well this Freeman stuff, until realty hits home. Then its either shit oneself stupid, or in the case of OH, get ones cheque book out pronto. Thats the advantage of the bank of man and dad.

Chris said...

TVL correspondence is a perfect fit for "No contract, return to sender" (NCRTS) - as is any summons arising from TVL activity.

Call me Infidel said...

From the link to the deadbeats in Trogland
“Do not touch me! – Sir’s, I must warn you that if you lay a finger on me, I will seek remedy through the courts for a common assault upon my body!”

So let me see if I understand this. They do not recognise the authority of the magistrates court, but if you lay hands on them they want redress in court. How does that work?

Anonymous said...

Ask the magistrate'
Am I entitled to a fair trial?
Can I get a free and fair trial if there is a conflict of interest?
Who do you represent sir or madam?

How can you have a fair trial say for a parking ticket or unpaid council tax when the state is represented by the prosecution and the magistrate represents the same state?

Anonymous said...

All very good, but I do that to the TV man every time. Aren't you the hard man!!

Anonymous said...

I had some fat idiot from the tv people round the other day. Bastard woke me up on my day off.

He started to introduce himself, I cut him very short and asked him what he was selling. He claimed not to be selling anything, but to be from the 'tv licensing people'.

I said 'well you're selling tv licenses then, now bugger off' and shut the door.

I felt quite satisfied when I went back to bed.

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