Sunday, 7 February 2010

Filthy Lucre - Study New Labour's finances

Ever wondered where the money to keep Mandleson in the style to which he has become accustomed comes from?

If I was in a trade union, I'd be hiding what little I had left. In the meantime, I'm going to go through this little list and cross reference it against the list of Entertainment and Expenses of thrid parties at Parliament published last week.

I am still sure there is no such thing as a free lunch. Nor is it likely to consist of a bacon sandwich either.


Anonymous said...

And the Gordo wants to winge about Lord Ashcroft ?

Fuck off you one eyed,pant pissing, mucus munching weirdo - I want to see you crying when the fucking rope goes round your neck.

john in cheshire said...

Dear Mr Cooperative, What the fuck are you doing lending money to the Labour party. And in such exorbitant amounts. As a member of the Coop movement, I am outraged that you think this is an acceptable way to disperse funds from the people who support this movement. You can only be a socialist and therefore, from today I shall not be purchasing anything from your establishments. You commie bastards.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Can someone explain why there are so many zero interest, indefinite loans? How do they differ from donations?

There may be a legit reason, but I'm fucked if I know what it is.

Neil Platypus said...

As fake Ron B is chavving up your site you may care to "read" his earth shattering blog on the Torygraph (last post had a massive 4 hits, 2 his own comments). BTW he stole the Robert Napier name like the Ron part. Devoid of talent he spams you with gay porn.

Rogerborg said...

It's no co-incidence that it's called a Party.

Look, let's be honest: whoever is in power will be feted and bribed by their corporate pay masters. It really doesn't matter who gets the gig.

Nowt for nowt said...

What's the difference between this list and Ashcroft and Yeo?
FFS. Why wouldn't you invest in a vehicle that furthers your interests.
What do you think political parties are? Charities?
Perhaps you should fund the Natural Law Party. Yogic flying is the new Libertarianism for the post democratic age.

.243 Win said...

Follow the money :

Chai Patel is "a keen supporter of Labour's Private Finance Initiative and is secretary to the Institute for Public Policy Research"

Richard Caring : "Lord Levy persuaded Caring to lend £2m to the Labour Party to fund the United Kingdom general election, 2005"

Aldridge : "The chairman of outsourcing firm Capita stepped down over "spurious" claims his £1m loan to Labour resulted in the group getting government contracts"

Deeper and deeper goes the rabbit hole...

Shug Niggurath said...

OH, send me the links and I'll script something to cross reference them.

Hugh Miller on your Facebook. I did the climate email doodah on the day they hit the net.

Nick said...

You've missed the really fraudulant bit.

Unity Trust Bank. 12 million in loans to NuLabour.

Unity Trust Bank. Share capital 16,429,301 in the last financial statement.

Since when does any bank loan nearly 75% of share capital to one dodgy borrower?

What has the regulator in chief of banking do about this?

Ah yes, its Gordon.

Now why hasn't he told UTB to reduce its exposure

Conflict of interest isn't there

caesars wife said...

that cannot be right 75% of share capital loaned to Labour party !!

No bank in there right mind would do that , my understanding of Labour party finances is that the the executive is responsible for debts , that will be irony if they have a wind up order slapped on em and Blair and co are cleaned out .

that really would ice the biscuit the ruin is much of crook that he broke the cooperative movement, are you sure its the co op bank or is it somthing else within the co op . ruining the divi ??

TheFatBigot said...

This sheds interesting light on Blair's political skills. Despite (because of?) being a corrupt self-serving smarm-ball, he was able to raise sufficient funds from companies and individuals that his party was not reliant on the union Barons.

He got out just in time. Now the full might of Brown's brilliant management of the economy is showing itself, and the country is bust.

Unions are always at their strongest within the Labour movement (what an appropriate term) when the country is bust.

The Barons want power. They need economic breakdown in order to use their members' funds to further their personal goal of power without responsibility. It is in their interest for the country to be on its knees.

Of course they will pay now for the chance of Labour delivering the country to them.

adrian said...

Someone asked me to highlight this story.

State Protects child rapist

desperate dave lammy said...

where's ronny? don't tell me he's got all grumpy coz i've been off sticking a few dimes in that 'ole wurlitzer sarpong? my good god, she seems to have mastered every tune in the fucking repertoire...probably why they call her jukebox-june. oh come on ronny-babesical...don't turn jealous on me now're becoming as bad as my mrs...

eight rounds rapid said...

Any news on Gordo's personal slush fund?

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that word of this fund would have come to light without a nod from Blair.

Also, what of this Blair/War memo that Plaid Cymru's Elfyn Llwyd claims to possess.

Climate Scientologist said...

Galapagos sea lions head for warm Peru waters

Come on now, you didn't think they were going to give up *that* easily on their warmist/alarmist propaganda, did you ?

Their pensions are at stake here luvvies !

Anonymous said...

Free lunch? well for lefty TUC types there is indeed free breakfast lunch and dinner, down at Congress House, where diners do indeed limit their bacon sarnies to 6 or 7 rashers, or squeeze 5 bangers on to their breakfast baguette. Well at least it diverts a few quid from the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Congress House?

Would that be congress as in bestial?

Anonymous said...

Both parties have money donated to them by the NWO corporates and their whores.

Who pays the piper

politics is utterly corrupt from head to toe, it was meant to be that way, if democracy changed anything for the elites with real power they would ban it.

Still, too late the EU already have!

Anonymous said...

Climate Scientologist said... Come on now, you didn't think they were going to give up *that* easily on their warmist/alarmist propaganda, did you ?

s'pose not. the grant cottagers'll still be hard at work, behind the scenes; probably more so than usual given the 'setback' their aspirations have recently suffered.

they must be pretty chuffed at all those who've already starved to death as a result of all this global warming bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that there are loans amounting to 8.2 million that are 0% interest until 31.7.2010. They, then, become 6.5% interest.
They will start accruing 533000 a year interest payments.

Either that or Labour pays the loans back. Can they afford it?

Cunts for hire said...

Are you a total cunt and everyone hates you?

Have you tried crying on live TV?

We teach the Strasberg method.

Guaranteed increased ratings, or your money back!

the water-tight cub club said...


so why did these furry immigrants evolve err...furrily when they like warmer seas? was it them that colonized peru, or did smooth-skinned peruvian seals subject the galápagosian indigenous seal-populations to chronic slavery, oppression and exploitation thus forcing the blubbery-islanders to migrate to peru to get their staple-nosh back off the peruvian welfish state? is this seal's fur perhaps the consequence of a throwback gene from their neandarctic ancestors? and why the fuck are these furry brown bastards entitled to peruvian pensions? answer me that, mr darwin? answer me that, sir?

obama does leytonstone said...


yeah man, when i put my dime in her she played the star-spangled-minger, high-life version - which had some real slinky impro-hip-life action slipped-in there too, i tell ya. don't tell michelle 'tho, she's more your lewdvig van buttoven type. bless blad.

Edgar said...

@the water-tight cub club, funniest thing I've read for a good while. Cheers!

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