Monday, 8 February 2010

Enemies of the People Part 962

Meet Gerald Shamash, Labour's legal advisor.

He is the Labour Party’s election lawyer. He acts for both the National Executive Committee and National Constitutional committee on disciplinary matters, and in giving general advice. He advises both national and local politicians on Standards in Parliament and local government. He has represented the Labour Party on parliamentary and local government boundary reviews, and at ministerial meetings and conferences.

Gerald’s electoral law expertise has brought him into contact with many jurisdictions to lecture, train and advise including; Sweden, Malawi, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Cuba and Russia.

No wonder he feels his clients are above the law. "yak Shamash" says Borat

Coincidence? I think not


Anonymous said...

Reading through his CV - 'cash for honours' etc he seems to be a right cunt. Wonder if he'll be out of a job after May?

towards a more caring lawyerdom said...

All lawyers are cunts, but some are bigger cunts than others.

Anonymous said...

Is he a jOOOOOOO?

Rogerborg said...

Sad how after the Reformation we simply replaced a distant, incomprehensible God with statutes, and priests with lawyers.

Roger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Strange- the preponderance of one race in the lawyer trade.

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