Sunday, 21 February 2010

++EDL Leaders arrested, homes raided by armed Police++

some vicious EDL thugs yesterday

I note with interest that the leaders of the English Defence League were arrested by Police yesterday as they made their way to a peaceful static protest in the city of Edinburgh.

Their homes were then raided by armed Police and computer equipment removed.

Just one day after the Police were instructed to "get tough" with people who demonstrate peacefully against the Islamification of Great Britain.

Speaking before the demonstration Supt Lesley Clark, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "We will facilitate peaceful protest and we are confident we have contingency plans in place to respond promptly to any emerging issues.

"Contingency Plans". Interesting turn of phrase. Perhaps I can assist the good Constabulary of Edinburgh with a guide to the law regarding static protests.

What they do to the EDL today, they will do to the rest of us tomorrow.

UPDATE from Liberties Alliance


Catflap said...

'Prizes for all' also includes 'arrest the many'so as to appease the PC brigade.
White blokes arseing around with fireworks are getting nicked in anti terror raids.
White grannies 'strip' searched at airports.
White businessmen frisked for knives on the underground.
Good idea,piss off the white majority.
That will help to have a more cohesive society.

Anonymous said...

Supt Lesley Clark, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "We will facilitate peaceful protest.... " as long as we agree with the political views of the protesters. Anyone we don't agree with will be arrested, their families & small children terrorised by police armed with automatic machine guns raiding their homes & seizing their property. However, we welcome demonstrations by peaceful groups like Islam4UK & their great leader Anjem Choudery.

A vote for Labour is a vote for more of this type of police action.

john in cheshire said...

To quote Kurt Vonnegut - 'and so it goes'.
The dictatorship begins. The arrest of patriots is enacted. The protection of those who seek to do us harm is facilitated.
I find it all so depressing.

caesars wife said...

All what you may expect from the marxists , as we approach the election . have to wait and see if they were naughty though first.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your support. Please spread the word as we watch a secular democracy turn into a Communist police state!

Anonymous said...

Media blackout again Mr Clown Brown? Stick your BBC up your arse as the truth always gets out in the end! All you are doing is making the EDL stronger and stronger with your fascist actions!

You can bet that every mosque in the country received reports of these arrests! You are so far up their back sides Clown Brown its unbelievable!

NO SURRENDER: EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcellus said...

Destroy the culture.

Destroy all who object.

Destroy all opposition.

Onward marches the Project.

Jess The Dog said...

The 2 busloads of 'Scottish Defence League' were driven 'over the county line' to Linlithgow.... just outside my house. I have a couple of photos I am trying to work out how to download from a mobile phone.

At first I thought it was football hooligans (cops were Strathclyde police) but BBC carried a local news report and 1+1 made 2.

There was a prison van as well so the cops expected to make some arrests...whether SDL or the opposition. Speaking to someone I know in the 'job', they were expecting potential for trouble from one side or the other, or - even better - both together.

Most of the couple of dozen cops were just standing around, looking bored and anticipating overtime....hardly 'kettling' or anything, and the locals here weren't much bothered. Right to protest I support, if they want to fight then they should find some waste ground in the middle of nowhere and get on with it.

Anonymous said...

LOL, the yougov link about protests you provided contradicts itself with this little phrase:
"...apply for a permit if one is required or requested".

IOW, "..we'll let you prance about if we feel like it, you snivelling little peasant".

thespecialone said...

This is a disgrace. How the hell this country can be called a democracy any more I have no idea.

418 said...

"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me."

~ Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

JD said...

Who does actually call it a democracy any more? JD.

Anonymous said...

Shamefull disgrace from the Police State we ALL live in...Onwards and Upwards...Fuck the Dhimmi Bastards March the 5th...House Of Lords..Geert Wilders...Freedom Of Speech is

bofl said...


we are traditionally a christian country.the two religions do not mix.surely one of you could have worked this out?

so why do we have 1 1/2 million muslims in the uk?

Road_Hog said...

It wasn't just the leaders arrested, many protester (hundreds) were turned back at the station, i.e. told that they had to get back on the next train south. The fact that Kenny MacAskill things it's great that many didn't even make it out of Waverley station, is a testament to policing says much about our freedoms under NuLabour.

muslims love white slags don't they? said...

why wasnt lauren booth arrested then?

Anonymous said...

Are these the same peaceful EDL who smashed up Hanley town centre a few weeks ago?

thelunaticarms said...

All this for cohesion?

They keep on pushing like this and Parliament will have their own "Joseph Stacks" to contend with.

In the Fightclub book, they give out the recipe for nitroglycerin. Just a hint.

Village said...

Angrier and angrier I get......

rejkstic said...

Aha. I was on the ringroad yesterday headed towards Dalkeith when I saw 4 or so of the armoured vans they use for riot policing with motorcycle outriders heading the other way. I wondered whether there was some demo going on in Edinburgh. Now I know.

It may be the police expected counter demos from the usual lefty suspects and their raghead chums.

But I do fear for our freedom when I read what you have written here.

They have only a few weeks until they are consigned to history. Please everyone, even though you think all of the 646 are the same, vote tactically where you can get Labour out.

will u stand said...

OT is it true planning permision has been granted for a mosque nexst to Sandhurst officer training school? c/w 100ft minerets

Lulu said...

@ rejkstic.
What leads you to think it's going to be any different under a Cameron government?

Anonymous said...

A friend in the job told me that they had been told to actively tell people to join the 'Scotland United' counter protest....not particularly impartial IMHO....

Anonymous said...

The leadership of the EDL will be making a live statement on these arrests at 8.00 pm this evening here:

Dazed And Confused said...

New Labour must release the U.A.F. from any pre-occupation. There's an election to rig....

Anonymous said...

This edl lark looks a bit iffy to me, them two fuckers on the photo aren't even English?

Ron Broxted said...

I admit to being foxed by this. The police are no pals of the UAF and far left. Plod is missing quite a few brain cells, it may be that they are (belatedly) trying to be even-handed, or looking at the Long War see that the far right are a real danger. In harsh economic times votes go to (both) extremes. The old Chinese curse? "May you live in interesting times".

Anonymous said...

(1) There is no such organisation as the "Constabulary of Edinburgh".

(2) The law cited on the directgov site is English law and, by definition, does not apply in Scotland.

(3) Policing and civil order are devolved matters so even if every English MP in Westminster wanted the Scots law changed, it would make not a blind bit of difference.

(4) The organistaion known as the "English Defence League" did not protest in Edinburgh. An organisation called the "Scottish Defence League" staged a protest.

Try again, dumbass.

Anonymous said...

They have only a few weeks until they are consigned to history. Please everyone, even though you think all of the 646 are the same, vote tactically where you can get Labour out.

Absolutely. No matter what you think of the opposition get this lot out! Vote for whover has the best chance of finally getting rid of a labour MP in your constituency. Forget protest votes for now. New Labour must be shown the door as a priority.

Rogerborg said...

No surprise there. Zanu and Plaid Commie are in strong competition for the Muslim Jocklanders block vote, so have to be seen to be bending over backwards.

The SDL/EDL are a bunch of incompetent namby-pamby numpties though. They should have expected this, and:

1) The Fußsoldaten should have been ready to say "arrest us or GTFO" when they were ordered to get back on the trains. Still, I guess they're recruited for their ability to follow ze orders, so it's hardly surprising that they jumped when Plod shouted "frog".

2) They should have had their legal team (hahah, no, but seriously) prepped and ready to file suits immediately, or indeed pre-emptively. In the event, they've just made some pathetic whinging sounds about it being soooo unfair - no change there then.

I can't tell if the EDL is being deliberately incompetent to paint themselves as victims and drum up support, or if they're really so clueless that they think their pathetic damp squib protests are going to have any effect against the State sponsored counter-operations.

If they want to get anything done, it'll have to be in the courts, and to that end they should be soliciting funds, not more jackboots on the ground.

Old Holborn said...


could you please give us your estimate for the lawyers fees paid for say....overthrowing Honecker and the East Germans

Anonymous said...

First they came for the smokers, and I did not speak up, in fact I joined in on the crackdown, pounded nails into the cross, helped sequester the untouchables into the ghettoes, hailed the police for carrying out their duties, followed all the orders the media told me. It made me feel so righteous, so in-tune with authority, so protected, so safe, so healthy, secure.

Then ....

English Pensioner said...

I'd considered Scotland for a holiday this year, but clearly the English aren't safe there.

OH the hypocrite said...

OH belatedly chimed -

"What they do to the EDL today, they will do to the rest of us tomorrow."

Strange how when worse things were hapening to BNP supporters you had noting to say OH, YOU are no different to them!

Road_Hog said...

OH, thanks for your usual Hat-Tip (not), if you want people to help you in uncovering our Stasi State, then at least stop trying to take all the credit for it. ----- Original Message -----
From: Road_Hog
Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2010 2:53 PM
Subject: Right to hold static protests

OH, I know you vaguely follow the EDL and made a post about your rights to a static protest. It seems now that if the following is an accurate version of events, you're not allowed to protest in Scotland anymore, the Scots seem to be getting a name for themsleves for arresting people without good reason. Have a read of this thread in the EDL forum about today's protest in Edinburgh.


Phoebe said...

The Jackboots of the Antifascists:

Ron the state brownshirt complains he may have to lie in his own piss! said...

Ron Broxted said...
I admit to being foxed by this. The police are no pals of the UAF and far left. Plod is missing quite a few brain cells, it may be that they are (belatedly) trying to be even-handed, or looking at the Long War see that the far right are a real danger. In harsh economic times votes go to (both) extremes. The old Chinese curse? "May you live in interesting times".

21 February 2010 18:30

You are full of shit Ron, when your terrorist pals attacked a BNP mamber unprovocked with a hammer, there were no charges, when your fascist mob attacked elected politicians with stick and bricks outside parliment, their were no arrests, when the UAF intimidate and obsstruct people there are no arrests.

The only time Labours brown shirts the UAF are arrested is when they are attacking the police, l;eaving the police with no alternative but to protect themselfs, otherwise the UAF are 100% fascist state endorsed bootboys.

Time you f*cked off Ron, no one wants you and your terrorist pals hanging round here bleating how hard done by you are.

Anyone stopped you joining the police, prison service etc?

Something you support!

You are a Nazi Ron an yet you don't even know it.

The public hate you and your commie shit Ron, which is why your support dies and the antidote to your totalitarian dream blossoms.

You made your piss soaked commie/fascist bed Ron and now you complain when you find you for once may have to lie in it!

VotR said...

The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country.

UKIP and EDL state ops said...

EDL is a state op, with many people being duped by them, the question is Who snitched on them?
Their spook controllers or their UAF state run infiltrators?

All bollocks right this state ops control and snitch game?

You do know that UKIP leaders give the state brownshirts of the UAF/searchlight? their membership lists to go through, hunting ex BNP members, to ensure that the state has no trouble controlling the group from within.

You will notice with the rise of the BNP many clones are popping out of the woodwork to dilute the vote, UKIP, EDL, No to EU, etc etc, all state controlled.

How do UKIP members feel about UKIP handing over their membership details to state controlled terrorists?


UKIP webmaster likes to poke his head around the blogs, I would like him to directly deny that his party hands the membership detail to groups conected with extreme communists, terrorists, state and union fed organisations, backed by cameron and convicted criminals!

The party membership should be a private matter for the party only, not handed to dodgy groups that attack other parties with hammers.

Ron Broxted said...

Oh dear! Firstly is a far left stance in any way fascist? We don't care that someone is Jewish/Muslim/Queer/Different. The UAF is to call itself HNH (Hope Not Hate) an exclusive for Mr O'H! Now then, I am enjoying a rather large glass of French Red (thats a wine you chav fuckwit) and will shortly see my bitches and 'hos. Please feel free to wank off over swastikas until I return. Ave! Ron.

Blairstrip 1 said...

Yes Ron,

Using the Hammer & Sickle instead of a Swastika makes all this totalitarianism perfectly acceptable.

Rons weak reply with no substance, as usual! said...

"Firstly is a far left stance in any way fascist?"

As we would expect from you Ron, the so called comback is a pathetic false argument and some pointless froth about your meths habit with some ad hominem garbage to help fill out his otherwise empty post!

Fascist if it means aything, it means undemocratic totalitarian power and removing peoples freedom of political association and the oppression of opposition often involving violence.

THIS is the UAFs and their middleclass fake lefty conformists main agenda in fact, perhaps you should lay off the meths and address the real points raised in the post such as -

The banning of poliotical party members from the police and prison guard positions and public service jobs Ron, you seem to be aweful quiet on this front!

The closing down of free speech and state intimadation - Ron loves this!

Chav huh! a white specific racial insult, says it all really!

Run along Ron, you are clearly out of your depth, you also appear to be totally ignorant of fascism and its routs, deliberately confusing it with Nazism and as for its left leaning totalitarian similarities with communism, I am sure many Libertarians here will be more than happy to educate you and your bigoted conformist mind!

Ron Broxted said...

Begging your pardon, I am unaware that there is a "socialist totalitarian state" going on. If there were I'd be a Commissar not a fucking doley!

Ron Broxted said...

23.58 aren't you supposed to be in Bangalore? Ultimate Fail. Nite nite:)

Marx Rons hero was a bigger racist than Hitler! said...

P.S. Ron, you are aware that both Marx and Engels - your hero's were extreme racists! RIGHT?

Would you like me to provide the proof or would you like to condem them publically in front of all your middleclass lefty pals right now?

Do you still admire Marx the man Ron?

Should we ban Marx and his works as he was an extreme racist that makes Nick Griffin look like Harriet Harman?

Is that not right up your alley Ron, shut down such people and their associates regardless of what else they have to say or their reasons why?

Should we start a communist witch hunt, just as the state conformists did with the macarthy case and the state conformists do today against nationalists.

same piper different tune!

keep dancing to the state tune Ron.

Ron Broxted said...

Jah Onion Head. Chill an' t'ing! If Marx is guilty of racism we will certainly give him a fair trail, then shoot him. How is Bedford, er, Delhi? Fnnr fnnr. Address the argument in future mein klein fuckwit.

bofl said...

so much for browns fight against terrorism!

why is it that postman pat wants to fuck gary mckinnon yet does nothing with this lot?

the uk is the laughing stock of the world.

Marx = racist said...

Marx extreme racism

Ron Broxted said...

"We have taken Aqaba"
"Who has?"
"We have, our side in the war has, the wogs have". (Lawrence of Arabia.)

Che Guevera homophobe - exposing the left wing heros! said...

Che Guevera communist hero was a homophobe and murderer!

Middleclass bankers sons and daughters love to pretend to be lefties wearing his capitalist T shirts and posters made in third world sweetshops.

Middleclass and gullible Rebels without a clue

exposing the lefts hero's their dirty little secrets! said...

Ghandi was a racist and a race separatist.

exposing the lefts dirty secrets said...

Marx was an extreme anti semite

Ron Broxted said...

Mahatma forgave his killer. Too late to discuss philosophy with Ras Clarts. Nite!

More hypocrites and liars said...

The pic -

"some vicious EDL thugs yesterday"

Actually some self interested shits who have NO interest in freedom of speech, ONLY pushing their own selfish agenda.

They couldn't give a shit about free speech, how do I know?

Because free speech has been under attack for many years yet it served in their interests to support this oppression, only when they see a threat to themselfs do they get off their arse and make some noises!

Anonymous said...

"Middleclass bankers sons and daughters love to pretend to be lefties wearing his capitalist T shirts and posters made in third world sweetshops."

Third-World sweetshops? Pic n' Mix for the poor cheeldren of Africa?


Anonymous said...

"Ron Broxted, (real name K McEgan) 22 February 2010 01:00

Mahatma forgave his killer. Too late to discuss philosophy with Ras Clarts. Nite!"

Fuck off McEgan, you fat Oirish, UAF supporting, state-sponsored queer cunt !

Anonymous said...

Bit difficult forgiving your killer, since you'd be dead!

Indy said...

Question - would you lot be be happy about the French Defence League demonstrating in London?

So why do you expect people in Edinburgh to welcome the English Defence League?

What were they "protesting" about anyway?

banned said...

"EDL Leadership Team Arrested for “incitement to commit a breach of the peace”" Not sure I've heard of that law before. More cases of the Police making it up as they go along?

Mr Person said...

From what I heard there were about 100 SDL members kettled in a pub on the Royal Mile and about 2,000 anti-facist protestors down on Princes Street. The same thing happened when the SDL tried to protest in Glasgow, though I think they were only outnumbered 10-1 in that case.

Maybe the police keep bussing them away is to protect them - they'd get slaughtered in a confrontation with those numbers.

Brit Freedom Fighter said...

So extreme left wing UAF welcome by the Scottish Government. Polie & Judiciary.

Got it.

Peaceful indigenous patriot protestors treated like animals & scum by the same.


Got it.

I, as an indigenous Briton of Celtic & Anglo Saxon descent has just gone through A PROCESS OF RADICALISATION.

I now know my enemy.

Rogerborg said...

Good point, OH. The Revolution will kick off tomorrow (as always).

shiva said...

The pic is from an anti- islam4UK demo London by British Moslems for Secular Democracy

What do the EDL expect after their performance at Stoke where the were filmed beating the police and smashing police van

Anonymous said...

I'd like to say that as someone who was protesting against the S/E/W/U defence leagues. I completely disagree with those police actions. Most people I know disagreed with, citing the old "first they came for the communists etc." saying.

I'd rather have it out in the domain of civil society.

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