Tuesday, 23 February 2010

do you want to become an MP?

We want MPs who have real experience of life and are independently minded.

Any elected person must however support the issues highlighted in their manifesto if that is what they have been elected on.

We have therefore put together a manifesto of topics that the electorate want to see enacted but which the traditional parties do not support.
Our MPs will enable legislation on these proposals but they will only become law if an authorising referendum of the people endorses them. This gives power right back to the people.

We want to give the people the opportunity to make these things happen:

· Holding a referendum on the status of the UK within the EU

· Setting up an English Parliament on English matters

· Reducing the number of MPs by a third (from 650 to 433)

· Changing Commons elections to proportional representation

· Requiring referendums on petition by 5% of the electorate

· Limiting government borrowing to 10% of expenditure

· Protecting bank customer deposits from casino banking

· Limiting benefits to 80% of the after tax minimum wage

· Sentencing violent criminals to 'army style' punishment

· Limiting UK troops in Afghanistan to the NATO average

· Requiring private medical insurance for non-EU citizens

· Establishing a 10 year residence requirement for UK Citizenship

· Allowing state schools to opt out from local authority control

· Requiring stores to let customers leave excess packaging

Do you agree that the people have a right to be consulted on these issues?

Amazingly neither of the two main traditional parties does. If you believe in these ideas then go to the Jury Team website and help us to make them a reality.

Let's all work together to make the changes this country desperately needs.

Vote for change or stop complaining.

Yours sincerely


Sir Paul Judge

Founder of the Jury Team




Ron Broxted said...

E.U withdrawl would be too difficult.
Number of MPs? Who would vote to be unemployed?
P.R Liberal smokescreen.
5% referedum? It would all be "X Factor" or "Popidol".
Limit govt spending to 10%. YES.
Banking. DITTO.
80% benefits, minimum wage. YES.
RETURN troops from Parthia.
Non EU medicare, YES.
10 year minimum say? DITTO.
Schools, YES.
Shops DITTO.

Uncle Marvo said...

The last thing I want is to become an MP.

I like the look of this lot, though. I will contribute what I can. Which is actually quite a lot.

Ampers said...

Yes, I have bunged them some dough. Also wrote to Paul saying he needs fresh faces as Martin and Esther carry around too much baggage.

OldSlaughter said...

You lost me at PR.

plastic commie Ron the state puppet! said...

"Ron Broxted said...
E.U withdrawl would be too difficult."

Bullshit Ron - a plastic communist subversive who thinks this unmandated fascist organisation further the aims of communism, he would hate to see it destroyed, even though we would be better off without it and the working class people would have at least some say in a democratic country now ruled undemocratically from Brussles by the unelected NWO elites.

"Number of MPs? Who would vote to be unemployed?"

probably no one.

"P.R Liberal smokescreen."

Yes a smokescreen to make you think you have representation when in reality we are ruled by unelected elites in Brussles - Ironically something plastic commie Ron is in favour off!

"5% referedum? It would all be "X Factor" or "Popidol"."

Indeed the sheep will vote for what they are programmed to vote for by the conmtrolled media (a bit like Ron the conformist `rebel`), or the vote will be rigged just like the TV shows. If politics changed anything they (the NWO) would ban it.

"Limit govt spending to 10%. YES."

Goverment spending should be what it needs to be, democratic accountability is far more important than any figure, let the people decide.

"Banking. DITTO."

Chances are you have not a clue about the banking system Ron.

"80% benefits, minimum wage. YES."

No idea what you are talking about 80%? minimum wage, I'm fine with that however it only works on a nationalist perspective and not globalist, like Ron the puppet as Most countries do not have it. From a globalist perspective it makes us uncompetitive.

"RETURN troops from Parthia."

Off course, why do we want to fight for the NWO imperialists, of which the EU is part (supported by Ron!)

"Non EU medicare, YES."


"10 year minimum say? DITTO.
Schools, YES.
Shops DITTO."


Joe Public said...

How about Index Linking their Salaries & Expenses to GDP?

End foreign aid - cut taxes said...

Ron the plastic commie said
"Limit govt spending to 10%. YES."

Does that mean banning all public funding for the racist ethnic groups up and down the country Ron or perhaps the large sums spent on interpreters and foreign aid (money laundering to despots and NWO insiders)

Nah thought not!

He's Spartacus said...

All very laudable but which of these movements should I support? This one? Hannan and Carswell's Great Repeal Bill?

The problem with the libertarian right is that it is too splintered.

Until it coalesces into a single movement or political party, its opponents will continue to ignore it.

Ron Broxted said...

Considering the Jury Team backed Smeaton in Glasgow this does not bode well. My pal has a West Highland Terrier that is interested.

Arthur said...

There are some very workable ideas on this site too.:-


Rogerborg said...

Ah, thanks Ron. Smeato couldn't do better than 1.25% in Glasgow North East even with his bully pulpit column in the Sun.

He was soundly cuffed by both the BNP and Sheridan. Jury Team is dead in the water; they're just one of many insignificant protest parties.

Don't get me wrong - I may as well throw my vote away on them as anyone else, but let's please be honest they're a joke, and will never be in a position to effect "reality" in any way, even by indirect pressure on the real parties.

Ron Broxted said...

Rog any small part has the potential to be big. Hitlers NSDAP number was 5.

Anonymous said...

Ron Broxted said...
Rog any small part has the potential to be big. Hitlers NSDAP number was 5.

23 February 2010 19:42

What was your number state UAF brownshirt 6?

Old Holborn said...


I love the way you keep coming back for more.

Just in case we're right.

The Jury Team is not a political party. it is merely a vehicle for individuals with their own manifestos to become MPs. Go away and think about that for a moment. It is revolutionary.

Captain Haddock said...

Many thanks for the "heads-up" OH .. but please forgive me if I pass on this one ..

I consider myself a decent, honest & well adjusted person .. with a deeply held belief in and sense of what's right & what's wrong

Why on God's earth would I wish to become an MP ??

SO17 said...

I have shit,pissed,spewed and had a wank in the Palace of Westminster.
Would that preclude me from becoming an MP?

Ron Broxted said...

I had formed my own party the "Revolutionary Proletariat Movement (Ban all dromedaries)". We stand for crank ideas like no police state, withdrawing troops from Parthia, a mixed economy, abolish the Saxe-Coburgs...

What? said...

How could you represent the Proletariat Ron?
I'm a Prole and couldn't understand a thing you wrote.

Ron Broxted said...

I like the initials R.P.M. Geddit?

keep your dirty fucking money said...

and why, after having my mobile eavesdropped for 4 years by messagespace/staines associates, you arseholes think i'd be bought off with a piece of chocolate cake, a (club) sandwich and a foul tasting cocktail, i really don't know. do a favour for guido/messagespace? fuck me no. it ain't gonna happen. and that goes for anyone else involved - such as you, miss jocelyn esien, and you, mr david lammy.

What? said...

R.P.M Mmmm fast cars,chips,big tits.
Since you put it like that Ron,you got my vote.

thelunaticarms said...

Well not much hope me being elected under a BNP banner in Africa, oops, I mean Peckham.

Probably have to lose the Kim Jong sunglasses too.

Still, I'm losing my job soon so might apply. Wanted to hang around for my redundancy but judging by the 'cash available' in the Houses of Pigs, mmmm

Ron Broxted said...

Chips yes, both Big Mac variety and casino ones. Vote for Ron my slogan is "Lonesome No More".

Big Black Rod said...

SO 17.
I would think that puts you in line for the Speakers office.

Jackanory team - bit shite ain't they! said...


Jury team are really shit!

Thanks for enlightening me to a party? with less support than the monster ravers, and with policies that dont fix anything overal.

Total waste of a vote, there areb several far better and more effective alternatives, yet OH drags up this worthless jackanory team shite again!

Summer_Breeze said...

Yes, O.H. got the same e-mail myself. In all honesty, I don't think I'll be able to drum up the deposit but I shall be letting Sir Paul know that should they field a candidate in my area, I will be only too pleased to do what I can to help.
Anyroadup, good luck to anyone that gives it a go.

caesars wife said...

Having seen a party in action that is a daunting prospect (like a meeting of smirsh ,you have failed the canopes party for the last time CW , que flash and smoking chair), but then again I cant abide the thought of someone getting the green agenda wrong.

I cant work out how some mps get on by spouting so much cockwaffle and playing at who knows who .

So much damage has been done to basic functions of rural/farming life and big corp farming for supermarkets .Want fisheries protected more and GM foods can revert back to crop selection and let the americans cry in there beer on it when they make one jump too far and everyones scratching there heads at soils being so toxic. It will only get worse and we can do well enough on crop selection breeding .same goes for every urban dousing everything with hand held spray bottle , then wondering why there are no bumble bees .

I think ime passionate enough just would wonder if how many wonk lobby groups I would upset or if I would enjoy spin opps. Just want to get the things done that I think are important .

Is a degree of honesty and assett?

Captain Haddock said...

CW ..

A degree of honesty, however slight or negligible is a serious step towards being disbarred for life ..

The other denizens of PoW shudder & recoil like vampires from garlic at the mere thought of an "honest" person infiltrating their ranks ..

Anonymous said...

Not a patch on the BNP. Their policies include an immediate pull out of the EU,and never to put British troops in harms way unless our interests are directly threatened i.e get the hell out of islamic shiteholes right now. Plus a whole host of other great plans.

Ron Broxted said...

Anon 08.50 BNP policies? Immigration. One trick pony. Other policies? Hanging. Hang murderers. Like The Cardiff Three, Guildford Four, Stefan Kiszko, B'ham 6, Hodgkins.

Uncle Marvo said...

Thanks Ron.

They've got my vote now.

Anonymous said...

Revolutionary it is not, reactionary it is.

Christ, who do you think is going to 'enforce' this ! Home Secretary Rantzen ?

This is just Berlusconi style sham politics with ugly women

Ron Broxted said...

Uncle Marvo, Their paucity of ideas is matched merely but their jejune view on all subjects that, sooner or later, boil down to skin colour. Hoch hoch!

Anonymous said...


Rimming Peter Mandelson by any chance?

Antipholus Papps said...

Requiring stores to let customers leave excess packaging

And the revolution begins!

theonetruegod said...

Not one mention of what you think should become of our elderly, forgotten about again, shame on you.

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