Thursday, 4 February 2010

Bring back Farmer Jones

Well, well

£1.3 million pounds is being repayed by our elected thieves after they were caught with their hands in the till. Roughly a quarter of them will not seek re-election. Yet no criminal charges. None. They walk away scott free into gold plated pensions.

We are truly fools. We deserve this.


BenS said...

The punishment truly has not fitted the crime.

Fool me once... said...

Righteous indignation over at Fawke's site followed later by "Vote Conservative" posts.
The electors are a forgiving people.

Atheist Ranter said...

I am as fucked-off as the next man, about there being no criminal charges, if not more. But to consider us to be fools and we deserve it, is, in my shit stained opinion, a second and somewhat unwanted kick in the bollocks!

Other than buying a gun or a barrel of gunpowder I can not see any way of applying justice to that theiving scum, can you?

Anonymous said...

1.3 million is to be repaid.

The investigation cost 1.13 million.

Not only are the corrupt getting away with it but parliament isn't making any of the public money back because of the review costs.

They should hang their heads in shame. And so should we for letting them walk free from this.

Chav said...

£1.3 million pounds is being repayed by our elected thieves after they were caught with their hands in the till.

The man pocket checks you all day

step out n let off a few rounds the cunts are levin you wiv dimes and robbin off wiv y dollars

them cunts shoot you to the curb bwooy


allan akhbar said...

so what do we do then holborn?

the police are bought and paid are the judges.every 'inquiry' is a farce.

is there a legal way?
can private prosecutions be launched?

all of these mps+ lords+police+civil servants etc think that they are ABOVE the law and that they are ENTITLED ......

all corrupt and self serving........

but who will arrest ant try them?

Anonymous said...

"allan akhbar, 4 February 2010 11:23

so what do we do then holborn?"

I know what we can do.

Remember how they howled with Righteous indignation when Nick Griffin was elected to the exclusive club they previously thought was their's and their's alone ?

The Troughing Pigs all detest him because he *isn't* one of them and as such he threatens their cosy little club membership.

You know what to do.

Anonymous said...

What happened to those sunlight people? They were going after that fat trollop Little Miss Jackboots. Going to sue the fat thieving pile of puke. I sent them a tenner. Any updates?

Hamish said...

I am a Scot/Jew/Paki (at least one of the above).
Could OH or his followers tell me what I can do about this?
Nobody can change the circumstances of their birth.
So is the message I should just fuck off?
Any other suggestions?

418 said...

"Yet no criminal charges."

Holby, you should bring a private prosecution.

Joe Public said...

Not one of the 48 claims made by Bill Rammell in the years 2004/5 to 2007/8 was paid in full.

He attempted a fiddle on every single one. Is this a record?

Anonymous said...

Caught the local train into Bham, had,nt done it in years... Over the tannoy came a rather ominious voice...

"Passengers are reminded that unattended luggage will be
be damaged or destroyed by Security Services"

Wow things are that getting that psyched up!

bofl said...

now a judge says mps have done nothing wrong!!!!!!!

i told you that they are all in it together......

Olly C said...

You can do something! Go Cromwell their asses and join us on the 20th April for our protest march!

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