Friday, 5 February 2010

The Bloggers

Watching Guido rip Tim Yeo a new arsehole last night on Newsnight was utter magic. The last 12 months have seen the political blogosphere upset more applecarts than than Jo Brand has had hot dinners.

What frightens them the most? It is done for pure mischief. Not political gain. How do you fight back against that? You can't. It isn't done for profit, it isn't done for power and it can't be corrupted. Get your own blog and join in the fun today.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Enjoy the absolute terror in their eyes


Anonymous said...

Jo Brand has eaten more applecarts that I've have hot dinners.

If these politicians ever turned up in public they would all get it. They are running scared.

RantinRab said...

I must admit that recently I have tired of blogging. Partly due to family issues eating into my free time, (shocking!), partly due to technical issues with my new layout. But the main reason was a 'what's the point' attitude.

Then I look at their smug fat fucking troughing faces and I remember what the point is.

The utter, utter cunts.

Chav said...

Yo Yo slimy Timmy Yeo

Gettin all offended when Stainsy let the world know

That the 80 grand cash is Yeo`s little stash

When he got a juicy bung from his dodgy little bash!

Representin easy st POSSEEE...

Harry MacEgan. said...

Don't go Rab yer great crack.

British Engineer said...

"During his time in South Africa, Gandhi protested repeatedly about the social classification of blacks with Indians, who he described as "undoubtedly infinitely superior to the Kaffirs". - Mahatma Gandhi

I wish you would stop using that racist fucker for quotes & reference - some of us do know his real history other than the filtered BBC liberal elite BS.

We are getting a sweat on about MPs, but in reality nothing is going to happen.

None of them will go to prison & none of us will march on Westminster.

And Toenails & all those lobby hacks will carry on cosying up to the political elite & keeping the truth from us.

And then we will get cast Iron Dave & his Christian Democratic European Conservative Party for 5 years.

IED the BBC said...

Baroness Jo Brand is a New Labour Stasi stooge.

Catflap said...

Didn't Tim Yeo get caught fucking his secretary?
Obviously not a man you can trust round your daughter.
We are meant to believe that all this socialising, in the most exclusive club in Britain, with the most rich and powerful people, could not result in advancement for the politicians hosting such events?
Fuck off.

Newgates Knocker said...

This indignant tool wouldn't know a conflict of interest if it bit him on the arse. Self-fucking-righteous-how-dare-you-question-my-integrity-bastard!
They are still laughing at us!
Gunpowder Time!

Volatile Barry said...

Shame he didn't mention trusty swords of justice or whatever it was that Aitken said. Looked just like an action replay of Aitken before his downfall. Let's hope the similarities continue.

Anonymous said...

Guido has to be firmer and demand they not interrupt him when he's exposing their corruption.

Gobshite said...

Ok, so what's the background on the two incidents Guido mentioned to the Hoon?

And I hope that secretary was better looking than Sarah Brown.

WorkingStiff said...

The Eco City conflict of interest is documented here:

ullage said...

Purple face, wobbly jowls, indignant spluttering, You Can't Prove It! Great to see what happens when pompus arrogance is faced with someone who just don't give.

Sue said...

Mega Squirmage :)

FTAC Watch said...

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -
-- Mahatma Gandhi

I don't know where I am on this list; bits of all the first three and none of the last.

I am just an innocent man whose only desire is to earn a living. However, the government had a better offer for my livelihood; so they stole it from me and sold it to someone abroad. I have been left trapped in a nightmare with no means of escape ever since. It has spent the last six years trying to silence my complaints.

green(back) interests said...

first, Guido was f*cking usless as expected, he is about as effective as a dead sheep.

He raises an issue but can`t hammer it home.

the other issue here is all the mp bastards investing in `green` companies all rubbing their hands in glee at all the tax payers money that will be chanelled into this tax and control hoax.

these people have a vested interest in pushing through the biggest hoax in history.

if you have a mp with green investments or spouting green propaganda get rid of him pronto - he or she is a bad`un

the nwo cant believe how f*cking easy it has been to take total control of the sheep.

expect the internet to die as you currently know it sometime soon.

still nevermind - you were given alternatives that you sneered at and now its too late.

now this is more like it said...

Guido is a joke, now watch how it should be done -

Dick the Prick said...

OH - whilst I welcome your invitation to get my own blog, I must concede that there's no way I could do as good a job as you and concentrate my fury so eloquently, artistically and amusingly.

Chhers, as always.


Private Widdle said...

If Guido wasn't effective then how come Yeo said he wouldn't do it again? The art of cross-examination involves letting the cunt in question condemn himself out of his own mouth. Yeo didn't deny any of the facts and said he would do it again. That's as good a cough as you're ever going to get. Anyway, how fucking thick does Yeo think we are? If there's no benefit, why do it? Don't try and tell us it's out of philanthropy and goodill. Yeo was pwned by Guido.

Anonymous said...

How strange can't find last nights newsnight to watch in its entirety on the BBC iplayer????? somebody say something wrong LMAO

Anonymous said...

I thought Guido did very well - he kept his voice low, calm & controlled while Yoe got to the point he was imitating Brown 'm--m-m-mister Speaker...'.
Pompous twat or what? One more MP not to vote for.

Harry Hill said...

Guido was superb -- this is what our corrupt media should be doing.

Yeo's outrage spoke volumes -- these people have such a sense of entitlement they actually believe the lies they tell themselves.

Dave said...

Emjoy it while we can. The bastards will devise some new law to stop us, unless we can keep the momentum up.

Just keep them off balance. Ayn Rand wrote that the only weapons they have are the ones we allow them to use- supplied by us.
Give them nothing and keep snapping at their heels.

king chillout said...

I want to know what happened once the cameras stopped rolling ?

Timothy Carter said...

Does that really count as ripping him a new one? He didn't seem to really land a punch to me.

Anonymous said...

king chillout said...
I want to know what happened once the cameras stopped rolling ?

5 February 2010 16:20

They went off to a bilderberg meeting and had sex with each other while the Rottenchilds filmed them for blackmail purposes.

About sums up the rest, why not these two?

tory boys never grow up said...

Absolutely pathetic - if Guido had any evidence to support his accusations he completely failed to produce it. He actually made Yeo look like the injured party.

Guido really should avoid TV. said...

How long will they let us have the internet?

Rogerborg said...

What tory boys said. This "Guido" gobshite was totally unprepared to back up his allegations. "Fear"? Yeo came of out that cleaner than he went in.

Let's be honest: "Guido" is just another imcompetent jowly public school Home Counties parasite making his living scavanging among the droppings of Westminster. He's no better than any other "journalist".

Adrian Peirson said...

Meanwhile, you and your children now owe the Rothschild Family well over £1Trillion in Taxes, because that's what taxes are for.
This is a distraction, a diversion.

Does it never occur to anyone to ask why exactly do we as a Sovereign nation BORROW our money.

The PRIVATE Bank of England

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