Friday, 26 February 2010

Belgium gets nasty

Upset by being called a "non country", the good people of Paedo paradise, police corruption and unaudited EU non jobs for life have taken revenge on Nigel Farage. Please feel free to insult Belgium as much as you like in the comments

Hat tip to the marxist scum at Liberal Conspiracy


Anonymous said...

They make decent beer. Probably should have stuck to that rather than attempting world domination

wonkotsane said...

The only purpose Belgium serves is to fill in the gap between Holland and France. A thoroughly pointless country that contributes nothing particularly useful to mankind, their most famous and powerful statesman is Herman van Rumpy-Pumpy, the president of the mickey mouse parliament.

UKIP are the Answer< Farage was a cunt for attacking Belgium said...

I like Belgium and I lived in Mons for 3 years.
They have good beer, good people and a decent sense of humour, not dissimilar to ours.

Pity they have cunts for politicians like wot we do. At least in their response they haven't attacked Britain.

FrankFisher said...

I had one of the nicest meals I've ever had in Belgium - hare with cherries and wild rice, on somebody elses exes naturally, washed down with fabulous local beer. I quite like the place. That said, politically it's entirely corrupt.

hey OH, here's something about Belgium that will interest you (if oyu don't already know) - what the State does when threatened:

Dr Evadne said...

Lace making in Brugges, Antoinnes de Caunes, Plastique Bertrand and over priced chocolate made to look like shells, are all from Belgium.
Nuff said.

Anyone see the hand picked dreary audience on QT last night?

Uncle Marvo said...

There nothing more wrong with Belgium than there is with England. Nor France, Spain, or even Greece.

They are places where each other's inhabitants should go on holiday, and between whose inhabitants trade should be conducted, because the Belgians make top beer and chocs, Brits make top other kind of beer and used to make other stuff before it all went to fucking China, and so on.

They were not designed to be a big conglomerate of Frengliumish bollocks who don't speak each other's languages properly and don't have the same culture.

Name two famous Belgians.

Note that Hercule Poirot and Tin Tin are both fictitious so they don't count.

We should not slag off Belgians, we should slag off politicians of every nationality including the "special" Americans.

Mind you, having said that, Von Wossname really is a dithering little grey cunt, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Adolphe Sax, J-C Van Damme, Magritte, Eddie Merycx, Eddie Wally, G. Simenon, Herge, Leon Degrelle.

Uncle Marvo said...

See? I said famous.

Newgates Knocker said...

They seem to produce more paedophile rings then any other EU country!

wonkotsane said...

The most famous Belgians are Poirot and Tintin - bothe made up. Nuff said.

catflap said...

I went to Brugge once.
Didn't see much, I was too busy like all the other Brits looking for cheap baccy.

Anonymous said...

A non country that was invented at the congress of vienna for the sole purpose of providing the germans a little chef on the way to france

Uncle Marvo said...

Defence of Belgium (the north bit, not the French bit):

Have a weekend in De Panne. Drive there (via Dover on Norfolk Line to Dunquerque or however you spell it), get a hotel for about £50, most have pretty good restuarants.

Stop at the border and get fags, which you should then smoke in the "Coconut Bar" which is run by a French bloke with a huge moustache and ponytail, and he sells most good beer such as Leffe and Duvel.

I recommend the Hotel "Princes" which looks weird, and actually is, but the grub is top.

Explain that you are a Brit and you don't like the EU. They don't either. They don't like the fact that the French rule them, as they are Flemish. You will have sympathy and a good time.

Sorry for the travelogue.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is this "Belgium" place you people keep talking about?

I've certainly never heard of it. Presumably it's a figment of feverish imaginations or a place of absolutely no relevance whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the Belgians' dismay to some extent at Nigel's baiting of Von Rumpy but really, he's not exactly charismatic - and not exactly democratically elected either! He reminds me a bit of the Nazi, Kessler in The Secret Army - if you can remember back that far.

Anonymous said...

It was of course the Belgium's who dobbed in Nurse Edith Cavell.

And it was of course the Belgium Armys'infamous collapse in 1940 that led to Dunkirk.

It was a bloody Belgium who of course led the fraud that become the EU.

They were famous collaborators with the Germans in 2 world wars.

The bastards refused to sell us artillery shells during the Falklands and Gulf 1.

Rodney Nosnail said...

Funny to see that at the bottom of the poster, in the logo, they can't even remember the name of their own country. It's BELGIUM chaps, not BEGLIUM

Uncle Marvo said...


DNS shows that it really is the Beglians, not an elaborate spoof.

Fargo wasn't having a go at Beglians though, or Belgians. He was having a go at wankers.

Therefore these Beglians are wankers, defending themselves.


andy said...

Only good thing to come out of Belgium is all the cheap booze and fags which our lorry drivers smuggle back in to the country thus stopping this corupt government getting their hands on yet more of our money
well done lad's

Uncle Marvo said...

Booze and fags?

You must be joking. Too expensive now. We get ours smuggled in from Poland.

As you say, well done lads.

British Insurgent said...

Belgium has every reason to fear us.

Once the UK taxpayer finds out that British traitors have allowed the whole of Belgium to sign on to the British welfare system in the form of EU jobs there will be hell to pay.

Belgium is a dogs toilet - Brussells especially.

Fuck them - & fuck the EU.

Anonymous said...

asmany have said... Belgium, a stopping off place for the Germans en-route to another place(usually France)

Cunt spotter said...

Belgians are cunts. Total fuckin cunts!

Ron Broxted's bum said...

Antoine de Caunes?

Antoine de Cunt, more like!

John R said...

Went to Brugge once to import a car back to the UK and avoid Bully McNutter's car taxes. The beer and baccy was cheap as well and helped keep the car stable on the way back.

Wouldn't bother going back. I mean, even the Germans didnt stop there.

tchantches said...

He was right, it isn't a proper country; it was invented in 1830 and given one of Queen Victoria's German uncles as King.

French-speaking Belgians regard thenselves as French.

Flemish-speaking Belgians regard themselves as Flemish and want independence, though for practical purposes a province of the Netherlands would be more realistic.

The only reason they haven't already divided is that neither will agree to give up Brussels to the other, and because within the EU they can have a certain measure of self-determination without formally separating.

So Farage was right, if undiplomatic.

As for Van Rompuy: no sympathy for him at all. I'd put up with being called a second-rate bank clerk if I were being paid £300k+ a year.

matthew hopkins said...

FFS the place only exists to give the panzer divisions somewhere to refuel on their way to paris...

Mark said...

Famous Belgians? What about Dr evil and his mentor Sean scrotum.

I don't think I'd want to go to any Belgian's underground lair though. But its unlikley that the good mr Farage would find himself in such a place. After all he's over 10.

Stan said...

Its about time someone gave that money grubbing,smarmy faced,tanned, little troughing weasel faced short arse Farage a good old fashion English slap in the pub carpark.

How the fuck can anyone be taken in by this celebrity seeking gob shite?

geewiz said...

Stan, stick it in your grandma.

Anonymous said...

I like Farage,so fuck you cunts who don't,at least he tells it like it is
furthermore he speaks what most brits think,fuck the EUSSR

banned said...

I know a chap who took early retirement from owning a restaurant in Brussels, he just got sick of the Eurocrats wining and dining each other in turns at our expense, notably 'the Kinnocks', even though it was to his advantage.
Nigel should next take aim at that slack cunt Cafe Ashtray, the one who took a month to decide that the evil EU should send a military mission to aid Haiti.

Kit said...

A better insult would simply have been to say that 'you have the charisma of a Belgian politician'.

Uranus, The Magicia. said...

Belgium is only famous for a statue of a little lad taking a piss (Manikin Pis)- was it the inspiration for all the paedos. or the Worzel Gummage masquerading as a politician and REALLY extracting the urine?
(Oh, I forgot Belgian buns - pardonnez moi))

Rogerborg said...

Fools! Belgium is a NWO fiction - it doesn't exist!

Anonymous said...


Piss off, sambo.

Anonymous said...

went to brussels on a school trip long time ago. Not a bad place then. returned many years later. Full of stinking muslims. Shithole.

thelunaticarms said...

Rebuild the English Channel! Plagues and Frenchmen lie beyond the sea. Lets keep em there!

Leg-iron said...

No problem with Belgium as far as I'm concerned.

Herman Remploy-van is enough of a problem without bothering with countries.

I mean, the Belgians have had to live with him all this time. A little sympathy is due.

Dave said...

I posted my comment. Here it is

"Nigel Farage had the courage to speak the truth. If you don’t like it, tough. We want out of the EU.
name ten famous Belgians
Jean Claude Van Damme
Herman von Rumpoy
Hercule Poirot

Now fuck off. "

Mr John Bull of this Parish said...

I was called "A Swiss cunt" by a Flemish petrol station attendant after I mistakenly used the Swiss word for ninety (nonente) instead of the French quatre-vingt-dix. He was most surprised when I told him to effoff in fluent French and was most surprised when I added that I was English and came from Birmingham. Farage was right - and we need lots more like in in both Brussels and Westminster.

misters said...

Farage was overegging the pudding. He does bluster a lot. I thought myself he was maybe hoping for a Dan Hannan "You Tube" moment, but Dan was bang on about McDoom, Rumpy Pumpy on the other hand is of little consequence to my life.

Belgium. Ah. The birds are ugly. The beer is good but with birds that ugly beer goggles are essential. Had a nice dinner in Brugges once. And that is a pretty if expensive place.

They have the same problems as large swathes of Britain however. The heavy industry has been wiped out and all thats left is public sector ( often corruptly allocated ) jobs or tourism. It is very pretty in the Ardennes, but if your dad was a coal miner and you arent in the local party you'd be wise to emigrate.

Perhaps the problem with the EU is that it goes round closing down industry and leaves a trail of beurocracy and corruption in its wake. If the EU was about dynamism and hope instead of the dead hand of statism it would get a better press.

The Penguin said...

The only reason the Belgians welcomed the Euro is it meant they didn't have to worry about the exchange rate differences when selling their wives and daughters to the invading Germans.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

I have visited Belgium many times over the last 40 years and have a lot of affection for both tribes from north and south. However, my last visit in December 09 was quite shocking. The prices had really shot up alarmingly and the proportion of Muslims and Blacks and whatnot made Brussels look more like Bradford. Looks like they've got the same shitty, traitorous politicians there as we have in the UK - Oh wait, they HAVE!!

50 Calibre said...

Where is Belgium?

johnny nunsuch said...

wot he said
Its about time someone gave that money grubbing,smarmy faced,tanned, little troughing weasel faced short arse Farage a good old fashion English slap in the pub carpark.

How the fuck can anyone be taken in by this celebrity seeking gob shite?

lenko said...

Geez... I know where to come now, if I ever have to revise "British racism".

Belgium is a civilised little country, containing real people who lead real lives.

Von Rompuy is an experienced leader and administrator, though he DOES lack the big mouth that Farage possesses in spades.

Von Rompuy LOOKS are irrelevant. Better him than Tony "Pretty Boy" Bliar.

Farage is a well-spoken yob, who will appeal a lot to all the other well-spoken yobs. He won't be going very far in politics, as you need to be able to get on with the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Von Rompuy is an experienced leader and administrator, though he DOES lack the big mouth that Farage possesses in spades.

Never heard of him before he was appointed president by the elites.
Now fuck off lenko you NWO shill,your type will be going up against the wall one day.

Anonymous said...

Belgium is good for chips and beer. Only met one twat there but I tended to be passing through and you meet twats everywhere. The belgians tend to be timid 'cos they have a long history of being stuck between warring states (Germany was established 1871 so about 40 yrs after Belguim) Just like to mention that I'm a white Englishman (not a "sambo"), I'm not a "NWO shill", and the last bunch of intolerant cunts who thought they were a master race came a cropper (not all "up against the wall", quite a few on a rope). There is a shit load wrong with this country but I can't see how abuse will help.

Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage acted like a half- wit baboon and he’s searching for an audience to make himself look important for the one trick pony UKIP, but he actually made himself look like a comedian, and he expects others to take him seriously.? god give me strength.

What he said may indeed be true, but he had no right to say he speaks on behalf of the majority of the British public because he doesn’t speak for me like an amateur, pathetic exhibitionist prat that he is.

And ask him why he has been named as one of the MEPs exploiting EU taxpayers in the growing “pensions” scandal, along with other British MEPs already identified in the scandal, named as Tories Daniel Hannan and Timothy Kirkhope, Labour’s Glenys Kinnock, the Lib-Dem Andrew Duff and, of course, the already jailed UKIP MEP Tom Wise.?

Anonymous said...

I see the loney Communist, signing in with different names getting in a froth attacking Nigel, No doubt they can't wait for the fascist EU to open the gulags for the dissenters of dictatorial totalitarianism!

How they hate democracy and love tyranny which they falsely believe to have a marxist agenda (it does have an extreme racist element like Marx), rather than a corporate lead global imperialist fascist agenda!

How the sheep and the alien subversives complain!

What fun!

Anonymous said...

"The only reason the Belgians welcomed the Euro is it meant they didn't have to worry about the exchange rate differences when selling their wives and daughters to the invading Germans."

Correction: the invading niggers.

The Germans would be speaking German if it wasn't for us.

Road_Hog said...

Fuck me Roberto, you can occasionally hand out a Hat Tip, that must of really hurt.

libertyscott said...

Belgium, responsible for Democratic Republic of Congo/Zaire/Belgian Congo. Ran it like a brutal slave colony, left it with nothing and it's been a basket case ever since. Done nothing with it since beyond continuing to mine there. Also took over Burundi and Rwanda, another success story there!

Belgium's role in World War 2? Neutral when Poland was invaded, was invaded itself 9 months later, surrendered in less than a month. Liberated by British, Canadian and US troops.

What would it be without the European Communitariat based there?

Before the EU/EEC and its predecessors it was mostly agricultural, apparently it received EEC aid in the early years.

white rabbit said...

Personally, I wouldn't piss on Farage if he was on fire.

Steve Emanuel said...

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