Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Whoops Apocalypse

The Police are becoming more dangerous not less since gunning down Jean-Charles De Menezes. This use of the local armed plod and helicopter seems to me that eventally somebody is going to get seriously hurt. The boy made a peaceful protest, and look at the result.

I suggest that somebody serves a FOI request on how much this jolly jape cost and send an invoice to the Chief Constable to pay personally. I can't be bothered at present because i am still dealing with the results of my subject access request, it is amazing what the guardians keep on us all.

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Ethan said...

Agreed - he's a complete tool who deseves to be bogwashed frequently but maybe the tatical strike wiing of the SPG was a bit of an overkill.

just curious.... said...

What's a "subject access request" pray tell?

microdave said...

"during which the man pointed out he had got a couple of letters the wrong way around"

Edukayshun, Edukayshun, Edukayshun.....

Still a totally over the top reaction by plod.

Anonymous said...

This increasing oppressiveness on the part of the police is an essential plank in the process of bringing in Brown's long term dream of all-controlling, totalitarian state. Expect to see more examples of police heavy-handedness in the near future as the gulf between the authorities and the people is purposely widened yet further. For Brown's plan to succeed, all empathy between the police and the public must be extinguished. Only in this way can the forthcoming rebellion hope to be swiftly crushed.

I am Stan said...


We live in a Managerial Age, in a world of "Admin." The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid "dens of crime" the likes of Dickens described

It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps. In those we see its final result.

But it is conceived and ordered ,moved, seconded, carried, and minuted, in clean, carpeted, warmed and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not even need to raise their voices.

But the police hear him loud and clear!

FTAC Watch said...

I never had helicopters when they came and abducted me; I feel left out now. All I had was plod turn up and say “come with us”. I said no, so they arrested me for ‘breach of the peace’ so they could get me outside and then use section 132 to cart me off to the hospital so the FTAC could ‘disappear’ me.

When I complained to IPCC, plod said he did not recall entering my home and lied about where I was. The IPCC just agreed with whatever the police said despite it making no sense whatsoever.

My crimes: all ever wanted to do was to earn a living in peace.

Harry Roberts said...

Over the wall we go

All coppers are bastards

Anonymous said...

Would you let us know the sort of info. thats kept after your subject access request has been sorted OH? Just the categories of info would be good.

bofl said...

dont worry...plod are protecting us as usual.........


Demetrius said...

Just as well he didn't shout "boo".

Maturecheese said...

He is a bit of an ill informed idiot but he is young. What he did could have been interpreted as an Islamic protest and therefore inflamed tensions in the area and so it could be seen as at least foolish and a caution may have been acceptable.

The police reaction though was bloody farcical and just reinforces the contempt I feel for them. When 'real' crimes are committed they show a marked lack of interest, whereas if a 'PC' crime has taken place, all the resources usually unavailable are miraculously deployed. WANKERS!!!

Guthrum said...

Your Subject Access Request will list everytime you have contacted the Police over anything, it will list whether you have a firearm or a shotgun, it will say whether you are a Domestic Extremist.

Mine ran to 16 pages, yet I have never been arrested or cautioned on any occasion. The entries can be pretty personal as to your attitude and demeanour. There is a slot for your description height etc etc.

Its your police file, everybody has one. It is you right to look at it if you dare.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as one who has a close friend who joined the police but promptly resigned, I can confirm that all coppers are indeed bastards. Do not trust them under any circumstances. Yes they have their uses and you may need to use them occassionally, but that is coincidental and necessary.

His problem and why he could stay is that he is an honest decent chap who joined for the right reasons and couldn't tolerate the widespread stitching-up of innocent people who happened to get in their way. The use of unnessesary violence- "he resisted arrest, your honour" being the cliched line for serious beatings - more often just grinding something into the base of someones back to cause crippling pain while they were restrained and handcuffed. And many other fun ways to torture without leaving much of a mark if any. Whistleblowing wasn't an option as, well, he'd just have been stitched-up (which he also witnessed) as a thief, or if they really meant business, some sort of sexual harassment case.

No joke, he lasted six months and described ireal-life policing as a more subtle, evil version of Life on Mars.

Yep. If what he says is true and he wasn't just stationed with every one of the 'bad apples', all cops are bastards.

Ron Broxted said...

My old dad bless him was buggered by a detective, he took a bribe and still gave evidence against him. My old mum was a prostitute in Peckham and she told me that sometimes when she was stopped by a van load of vice squad officers they would either nick her or insist on her pulling the train for them. They used to call her Spit Roast Rosy at Peckham nick. When she was really pissed once she told me my real dad might be a copper, imagine how I felt? Evening all.

Anonymous said...

If you are approached by the filth, give them your name and address if you feel like it ~ just to show a degree of cooperation. After that, in reply to every question you simply state that, "Apart from saying this, I am asserting my right to remain silent." It drives them insane. Remember Kate Moss:

"She was interviewed by police in London on 31 January 2006, with her solicitor present, but reportedly made no admissions, and she was not arrested (photographs of alleged drug-taking are not admissible evidence in English courts). On 16 June 2006, British police finally dropped the charges for lack of evidence."

That is from Wikipedia; the article coyly says that Moss "made no admissions". In fact she said bugger all and the filth had nothing to go on.

If, once you've been taken, you start to spill your guts and sing like a canary and they offer you a caution: don't accept the caution; make the filth go to court. They only offer you a caution because it suits them, not you, and because they don't have sufficient evidence to justify a prosecution.

Oh, and BTW, make sure you always get your money's worth: I was sent a penalty notice by the filth for allegedly going through a red light. The demand for payment came with the menacing information that the Met had photographic evidence in support. I did not know who had been driving my car (used by more than one person on a regular basis) and asked for the photographic evidence, expecting to see the culprit at the wheel. All I got was a picture of my car from the rear, over the white line and a red traffic light. I told the police that I still could not identify the driver and they told me that I would now have to pay a fine for withholding evidence (even though I did not have the evidence they wanted). The police were intractable. In due course I went to see the district judge at the Magistrates’ Court and explained the situation; I was cleared and then I asked for costs against the police which were granted in the sum of ₤840.00. I told counsel for the filth that her client was out of order; she said that her client was “on auto-pilot most of the time.” I got the cheque about a month later: it was some consolation for the police harassment.

opsimath said...

Thanks, Anonymous - I shall do all I can to make your post well-known and understood.

Ron Broxted said...

Being in to cottaging big time I often get asked by the filth for my name and address. I just take them into the cubicle and point to my name and address and mobile number on the back of the door, Simples.

Ron Broxted said...

I have met quite a few BNP members that are secretly in the filth so they can't all be bad can they, unless they are spying. I was a spy once, well not really a spy like James Bond but more of a paid informant for the Royal Ulster Constabulary Special branch. They blackmailed me into doing it after they caught me giving Monkey Adams a blow job in a pub car park. He was rough and really ugly, damn nearly pulled my ears off.

st tony the baptist said...


me and bushy went to the middle east and merked thousands-upon-thousands of children who were dead certs for becoming al qaeda terrorists. we also got some co-ordinates the wrong way round and occasionally incinerated some of our own boys. police response nil. oh what a joy to live in a free and peace-loving country. come-on guys, even the greatest police force in the world can make the odd booboo.

pc fuckoff said...


Still a totally over the top reaction by plod.

not at all, sir, about time we went back to basics, re-imposed the three rs and cracked down on unforced spelling errors. the boy won't make that mistake again, mark my words. he'll thank us for it one day when he's writing to his mp to complain about being frazzled to death by a squad of tazer-happy constables. zero-tolerance it's the only way forward, sir.

lord scarey, former archbishop of cunterbury (having successfully completed a short-sharp course of rehabilitative psycho-christian electro-therapy) said...


if an anti-war protest could 'be interpreted' as an 'islamic protest', this means that the war in question must, by inference, be a christian war of aggression - but i do not recall a crusade being approved by parliament?

matt said...


my cleaning-lady, frau hummel, beats me with her mop every time i walk on 'her' floor before it's completely dry. i bloody well hope the bizzies have got her down as a 'domestic extremist'.

thelunaticarms said...

I've had helicopters after me, easiest way to get away from em? Tower bloke. Have a piddle on one of the floors and carry on up, there'll be a roof hatch. Eight times out of ten, you'll be able to jimmy it with a key.

Once the Helicopter leaves, and it will once the police have the dogs there, go on the roof. Skin up a fat one and wait for the filth to sod off.

For any coppers looking, only kidding. Or am I just trying to get you to waste more off your budget?

Regarding the kid, I do feel for him. "Pacifist"? Please tell me this is the general view of our kids?

Killing is sometimes necessary, only reason some men live today are there are laws against it, but even then, sometimes the moral obligation overrides such laws.

My own little musing, of course, take it in context, I'm not promoting a Charles Mason lifestyle, I assure you!

Regarding the filth, most probably a slow news day, the kid had a muzzie hairstyle (and through net curtains, everyone looks like their in a hajib) so the Boys in Blue thought they send a task force.

Probably like Football players have different badges for different competitions, the Rozzers probably have Velcro names tags to swap.

Way over the top of course, but elf'n'safety cheedreen

thelunaticarms said...


block not bloke - before the naysayers stick it to me.

Anonymous said...

Most of the kids I knew at school who went in the police were nobs, who liked the authority they lacked naturally. They also like chasing round in the panda cars - now they've got the helicopters to play with as well its seventh heaven.

john in cheshire said...

I would rather be confronted by a soldier with a weapon any day, than a police person. I believe that the armed forces are still trained properly. The police are very frightening; they seem to think that killing people is an unfortunate side-effect of them doing their job. And that they shouldn't be held to account for their stupidity.
If the civil war starts, I'd hate to be a police person, because I suspect that they will be amongst the first sector of society that is targetted.

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