Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Welcome To The Tea Party

I have been watching the Tea Party movement in the States for the last year, they have
been slightly more than successful in grabbing 'There is something wrong with steering' Kennedy's old seat in the US Senate. Or as the Guardian calls them-'What sort of person could unite this rag-tag collection of tax-hating gun nuts and single-issue cranks? '

The Grauniad still believes that the second coming has happened then !

The 'Chosen One' worshipping of Obama when he was elected was nauseating enough, our own dear Kerry MP Bristol East was out there campaigning on behalf of the good people of Bristol for his election. The BBC told us that angels would appear on the earth and Doves fly into the Sky.

The reality is that the American Economy so long dependent on the Consumer, is in hock to China, Guantánamo Bay is still open for business and the Iraq/Afghanistan mess continues with the prospect of another pre announced offensive. (They did not do this in the First World War !)

Anyway,now that the word of the chosen one has been challenged by the voters, the BBC has decided to get down and find out why the good people of Massachusetts voted for Senator Brown, by going to interview 'the people who oppose the President' in Kentucky and Arkansas !!

Hopefully for the BBC, it can stoke up the implication that this is a racist conspiracy from nothing more than a bunch of Good Ol' Rednecks South of the Mason Dixon line. This is a new low for the BBC.

Here is a map so that BBC Executives can work out Mass, KY and AR

The BBC should not have to worry too much, our two party system is not as sophisticated as the two hundred year old American one. A Barbary Ape with a Blue Rosette could win most seats with minimal interference from 'Independents'.


I am Stan said...

Obama worship is rife...

I have a small picture of him on my shrine next to Jesus,Budda and Ganesh, I make offerings, and pray for him ,he is the man who can lead the world out of the dark and into the light!.

With a bit of help from Ganesh probably!

Marcellus said...

The BBC is run by an extremist cult.

It should be liberated.

Amusing Bunni said...

People here are waking up to what a lying scum obummer is. The demotards are desperate now, they have rehired an old operative to drum up support. I just did a post about it, you might like, OH

I'll be live tweeting his lie fest tomorrow - those are always good for a laugh.

Ron Broxted said...

It would appear that my left-wing gay chums at the Beeb are completely obsessed with The Chosen One.


He's such a hunk, though...

Dick the Prick said...

Quite right Guthrum...however, the beeb 'journalist' chosen is no other than a non beeb hack who works for the Guardian and mastabates furiously whenever anyone mentions Obamahahahaha.

OOooh - seems he's a Fabian too - nothing to see, move along.


Gobshite said...

When Osborne was being attacked on Radio 5 about necessary spending cuts earlier today, why did he not say:

"Well Victoria, as I stated before, we need to trim the public sector. Starting with you cunts."

And as for Obama, he is just a Narcissist that needs a teleprompter to talk to school kids!


Anonymous said...

Please do remember all Americans including ourselves are under


End of chat...

Volatile Barry said...

Newsnight did quite a good report on the Tea Party movement on Jan 20. Starts around 8 minutes in but there is some fairly interesting stuff before on Obama. It will vanish off their servers in a day or two so watch now. Anyone know how to download and keep stuff off the iplayer?


Anonymous said...

obama the musical

Bodderick said...

I despise the BBC with such a passion, that I am thinking of Protesting against them Brian Haw style. There will never be freedom, in this country, whilst it exists. It is EVIL beyond words, and needs to be smashed. The media in this country needs to be completely deregulated; no broadcaster can ever be unbiased; this should be taken for granted. It is time, People should be made to think what truth actually means. I wouldn't trust the BBC to tell me the time of day.

LSP said...

Space alien map reading skills need honing; Southern- Rednecks/Massachusetts?

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