Monday, 25 January 2010

the Ugly Police

A fellow seditionary, who took the time and trouble to be the protest in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, as opposed to sitting at home and bad mouthing Old holborn, has pointed out yet another section of Government in a uniform.

Heritage Wardens.

It is important that Trafalgar Square is a safe, enjoyable environment for Londoners and visitors to the capital. Heritage Wardens are employed there at all times to make sure it is, and to help our visitors to enjoy the square.

What. The. Fuck.

When does this stop? Seriously? It is such a brave new world that ALL of us must now wear uniforms to show our place in society?


Leg-iron said...

We ordinary plebs will all be in blue overalls soon.

Apart from those in the orange ones.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Blue overalls? I'm in one already. I knew I wore it for a reason.

Hopalong Heffron said...

What are the names of the "Edlington Boys"?

Ron Broxted said...

Useless CIRA operations, and the trouble with Crossmaglen.

Last night a car stopped outside a police station and shot the crap out of it, then drove off without hitting anyone. I put it to you that this shows what useless fuckers the CIRA are, just babies with pop-guns unlike my cousin who won the last war all on his own, well he didn't really but that's what I tell the mugs. He was a desserter like most of my rellies. This latest incident could boil over into full scale war according to my Special Branch handler, by the way I am a CHIS. I can say this because Broxted isn't my real name. A few months ago in August 2009 a CIRA patrol of seven armed men set up a road block at Meigh near Crossmaglen but forgot to take any ammunition. Not surprising because two of them have been supplying heroin and been using it themselves. The local command will not be happy! You heard it here first folks, anyway an eight man armed police patrol encountered it and drove off laughing.
The Parachute Regiment were ordered to hold the railway line connecting Newry to Dundalk. Loyalist politicians said that if PIRA were successful in bombing transport routes the six county province would eventually be reunited with the Republic. Some fucking hope with the latest bunch of cunts wearing the black beret and gloves they are dope users and petty thieves.
Robert Nairac? He had massive cojones. He walked into a pub in County Armagh pretending to be a republican sympathizer from Antrim in the troubles. However he had been grassed up a few days before. Like PC Heffron he learned the hard way. Even thick Irishmen can get lucky now and again.

Hopalong Heffron said...

What are the names of the Edlington Boys?

Jess The Dog said...

There's a bunch of people in Edinburgh who walk around in black and purple(!) uniforms with "information" on the hatband of the peaked cap! Not sure exactly what they do.

Anonymous said...

they eat tax.

The Acceptable Face of Satanism said...

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Well, we friendly folk are available for hire.

bofl said...

all part of gordons job creation scheme.........

no fucking value except to reduce the govt. unemployment figures....

we pay tax= no personal benefit.

gordon fiddles job no.s= more bullshitting about how wonderful he is.

the truth is that we will shortly have no WEALTH creating jobs in the uk........all the smart money is leaving.........we will be in the new jerusalem then. er, not!

Ron Broxted said...

I don't know what all the fuss is about I've always loved to see a man in uniform, especially if he is standing over me slapping his stick in the palm of his hand and telling be to lick his boots........Oooh matron, I feel another sticky moment coming on, Grrrrrrh.

J Demetriou said...

Sit at home? What the hell do you know about what I do and where I go?

You're so high profile, OH. What'll it be, Newsnight with Paxo, QT, vox pops on ITN news?

You legend.

Jedi said...

What is your fucking point Demetriou?

Private Widdle said...

You're wrong about Demetriou sitting at home doing nowt. We already know that he sells mopeds in Bradford.

Or was that Numberwang? Sometimes I get confused by the rancour.

wv= "ferpoo". Fucking awesome

Last Sign of Washoe. said...

Fuck you O'H and Henry and any other cunt that has the names but will not hand them over for the Righteous Indignation Of The People. You were OK with Connelly now What of Edlington?

Vyvyan said...

Do you remember "The Young Ones". Made in the 80s. Had Rik Mayall in it, and Adrian Edmondson, and Nigel Planar was a hippy. It was very "right on", had all the anti-Thatcher, pro-Trotsky messages that the BBC executives thought were so edgy and dangerous. Smash the state, CND posters, appearances by "radical" comedians and bands, blah blah blah.. The show would have been unbearably tedious if they hadn't also included a few jokes.

The character played by Rik is particularly interesting, because he's a left-wing poseur. The show mocks him not because he wanders around pretending to be an anarchist and talking about Trotsky like so many twatty students from that time... but because he obviously only pretends to care about that stuff in order to seem popular and smart.

I think this has some parallels with a well-known right-wing blogger, who also pretends to be an anarchist and occasionally a libertarian... but only so he can be popular and seem smart. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the People's Protester - Old Holborn.

Jedi said...

In fact, what is the fucking point of you too?
You sound like a bunch of ,waste-of-space office leeches. Pointless Public sector employees.

RM said...

Well OH, fame at last when you've got all the trolls coming here to post shite. You must be doing it right... Well done!
BTW, WTF is a Heritage Warden? Another twat in a uniform that will ask us for our details - to which we can reply in a friendly, caring way 'fuck off cunt'?

The Paragnostic said...

Here's a little item from Leicester -
two fucking years for grabbing a camera off a traffic warden!

Should have hit the fucker as well, if that's the sort of sentence you get for upsetting an apparatchik of the state nowadays, you might as well get maximum pleasure out of it.

Ron Broxted = heritage warden said...

A heritage warden is someone who walks around trying his best to destroy our democratic heritage, to smear and distort our history, to build self loathing and a degenerate public and to ethnicide our people -

Ron Broxted is one.

kommandant ken (no pigeon has ever escaped his camp alive) said...

you englishers vill haves ze gooden times oder ve vill tellen you ze germanischer joken vich vill last fur ein tausend jahren. heil nelson.

paul b'stard staines said...


shit, i could have sworn you were talking about me.

Anonymous said...

The picture demonstrates how many are in the employ of the state and doing fuck all except draw a wage - Four of them.

Two Heritage wotsits, a PCSO and a split arse plod.

All of them as much use as a chocolate tea-pot.

There you are Gordo - probably £125K p.a could be saved in one fell swoop by giving them the chop and NO fucker would notice the difference.

Anonymous said...

Boateng & Demetriou are like a couple of screaming two year olds who did not have the benefit of being breast fed.

Squealing for whatever attention they can get, convinced in their adolescent minds they have got the answer, but are not sure what the fucking question is.

Reason said...

"Heritage Wardens":

are run by Chubb Security Personnel Limited
cost £430,000 a year

Anonymous said...

I was about to read and post on Boateng just now but then figured what's the point. It's all just a set-up in constant competition with OH over some personal vendetta they won't admit to themselves and end up distracting me from the real issues that need addressed - not just online but in the streets as well - which at least some brave few have managed to begin undertaking.

So much for "the revolution" ala Boateng style - which is basically nothing, just empty words.

Anonymous said...

'It's all just a set-up in constant competition with OH'

Its all about traffic for their site, their long boring, self opiniated drivel is just joyless, so they have to start flame wars to get a bit of attention.

Just chuck a bucket of water over the caterwauling look at me look at me

They go offline when the soaps start.

J Demetriou said...

We're not interested in your stats or any attention.

We have a point to make, and we've made it. That's it.

Adrian P said...

In the not too distant future, if things go to plan, all jobs will be state Jobs.

All private property will be abolished etc.

It's called many things, Nazism Socialism, Communism, but it's best collectively called


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