Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Tories will change the nanny state...

Oh, no. Someone's having fun!

...for the worse.

The Tory health spokesman, Andy Landy, has decided he wants to change the 'units' on booze to 'centilitres (10 ml) of pure alcohol' because he thinks we are 'all confused by units'.

The plan drew protests from alcohol experts last night, who pointed out that using 'centilitres of pure alcohol' would confuse most drinkers.

Put whatever you want on there. Most of us don't read them at all and those who do, only do so because they're competing to see who can drink the most and you're giving them a handy way to keep score. It doesn't matter what the units are defined as, as long as they can be added up on a scorecard. And you silly sods still don't realise that, do you?

Harmless bit of political stupidity, really. Like putting a coal miner's lung or a set of juvenile sweet-rotted teeth on cigarette packs. Stick what you want on the packs and the bottles. We really don't care. You can stick a photo of Bernard Manning on every pack of burgers and they'll sell just the same. If you really want to stop the sale of something, write 'Government approved' on it.

This is, unfortunately, merely the tip of the heavily submerged Tory nanny-monster that will come to the surface as soon as Smooth Forehead replaces Crinkly Face in number ten. For the Tory nannying machine is only just firing up.


The row eclipsed the unveiling of the party's public health strategy, which was pitched as a war on binge Britain.

They aren't even in power yet and they have declared war on their own people. Not going well, Dave, not well at all.

Mr Lansley confirmed plans to increase taxes on super-strength drinks and said he would if necessary introduce legislation to ban cut-price supermarket deals on alcohol.

The Tories will set State approved pricing structures on private businesses. Are you sure your name is Cameron, Dave? Are you sure it's not Stalin?

He pledged to toughen up the licensing regime to make it easier to close down noisy or irresponsible bars and clubs.

Noisy bars? Where? Nobody will be allowed more than five units a month by the time you've finished. Those bars aren't likely to be noisy. They're more likely to be sullen. And empty. And closed. Good way to support small businesses, Mr. Alleged Tory.

But he rejected calls from the chief medical officer and the Commons health select committee to set a minimum price on all alcohol - claiming it would penalise moderate drinkers.

Oh, a spark of light in the man's brain at last. For now. We all know those medicos love to get their way and they'll make up any old number to do it. This policy will change. Not before the election, mind. The day after.

Mr Lansley's public health strategy also contained plans to tackle obesity by working with fast-food restaurants and bars to publicise calorie contents of their meals, and to reduce the sizes of portions.

The Tories will dictate portion sizes and recipes to private businesses. I have to ask about that name again, Dave. There's also the 'calorie content'. Who remembers when tobacco products had to display 'tar content'? Do you recall where that innocent little label led?

He said he wanted food packaging to show daily guideline amounts of fat, sugar and salt, and called for further restrictions on the marketing of unhealthy foods to children.

The Tories will dictate what food you and your children can and cannot buy. Certain foods will be age restricted and you will have to show ID to get them. You will not be able to buy them when your child is with you in case you're buying them for an under-age Mars bar muncher. They will have guideline daily amounts of food components. Like they now have guideline daily amounts of alcohol. Daily amounts they are to legislate to enforce. See where it's going? It's going in the same direction it always goes. Total control. For no reason other than total control.

There is absolutely nothing Tory in any of this. Where is the 'personal responsibility'? Where is the 'supporting small businesses'? This is pure far-left Brownian extreme socialism. If you vote Tory you might as well vote Labour because this manifesto is exactly the damn same. Whichever one of them gets in, it will make absolutely no difference to the rapid erosion of every right anyone in the country ever held. We will march ever onwards to a country in which every waking act is directed by the State and deviation will be punished.

Now come on, Davidovitch Stalin, you've been rumbled. When did you change your name to Cameron? Your party is about as Tory as Chairman Mao's. Your policies must be making the Brown Gorgon laugh harder than Mandelson's French Tickler. You are proposing things he hasn't managed to get away with himself yet.

The big story for the papers is none of the control freakery above. It's whether boozers should keep score in units or millilitres. That's the big issue here because...

One unit of alcohol is defined as one centilitre of pure alcohol anyway - so all that would change is the name.

Sigh. What's the point? The boozers won't even have to print new scorecards.

They're not finished yet:

Andrew Lansley yesterday promised 'a substantial sum of money' for the best suggestions on ways to tackle obesity, binge drinking, teenage pregnancy and other social problems.

Not content with all the controls they already plan, they want ideas for more. And they'll pay the Righteous for them. With our taxes. Once more, we'll all be paying people to order us around and abuse us if we don't comply with their idea of how we should live our lives.

Don't vote Tory. Please.

Vote Libertarian or UKIP or Independent or anything but don't vote Tory, Labour or Lib Dem.

They all have to go. There is no other way out of this.


Ron Broxted said...

Endevouring to think of something profound but "Off to sleep" is all I can somehow manage. It's been a long day and I cannot get Rod Liddle out my head, and it is not doing my right arm or wrist much good. My left arm looks withered in comparison. I might just write to Rod later today and send his a selection of my writing. That dream job is mine for the taking. VOTE ROD LIDDLE FOR EDITOR OF THE INDEPENDENT.

OH the Conservatives are no different to Nu Labour Vote BNP and let us start the clearout.

Volatile Barry said...

The Conservatives have had 12 years without being able to make a single law, expect a period of binge law making if they get in. If the way they behave at local level is anything to go by it will be new bans, fines and restrictions galore.

Remember when Boris was campaigning with promises of re-phasing the traffic lights and putting the Blackwall Tunnel contraflow back into operation? The first thing he did on being elected was to place a ban on booze on the Tube. His first instinct was not to get Government off our backs but to inflict more. Expect the same and worse from Cast Iron Dave and his little band of authoritarian expense fiddlers.

banned said...

About a year ago I joked that within my lifetime we would have personal alcohol allowances backed up with all manner of draconian state powers; now it becomes clear that this is likely during the next Parliament as dippy Dave outmanouvres deranged Brown in his control freakery.
Having already decided not to vote tory there is little I can do about this at the polls but at least we will be able to smoke in th new generation of speakeasys.

Man with a very hot bladder said...

Cameron is not a conservative - he is a communitarian.

Anonymous said...

Someone should have a word with the tories and tell them that we would like an alternative to New Labour. The thought may not have occurred to them. Funding another group of troughers to do the same thing isn't quite what we had in mind.

T England said...

"Don't vote Tory. Please.

You must be joking!

I may be ready to give the Tories a kicking when they're in power & not living up to what I expect from them, I'm even prepared to vote or maybe even join the Libertarian party at some stage but not voting Tory at the upcoming election will just let Labour continue in power & that cannot, must not happen.

Vote Tory to rid us of Labour.

Anonymous said...

I'm even prepared to vote or maybe even join the Libertarian party at some stage but not voting Tory at the upcoming election will just let Labour continue in power & that cannot, must not happen.

This is a sensible strategy for most of the population, and I am a card carrying LPUK member. This election is not that important the next one is.

Everybody should vote for the candidate that is most likely to cast Labour into the outer darkness for the rest of the century. Then set about breaking up the Tory Party from its Shire Authoritarian/Dippy Daves/Libertarian roots. This can only be brought about by Constitutional reform and an end to the troughing two party state.

ranter said...

Can't argue with any of that. UKIP for me, won't vote BNP as they are a bunch of morons sharing a brain.

The Conservatives do not deserve an overwhelming majority at this time. Politicians will have to learn what the majority want in the UK. They've got to stop the micromanagement.

Maybe a few hung parliaments will help the process otherwise there may well be a few hung parliamentarians in the future.

fmwatkins said...

Would be UKIP for me too. Is it me or are these 'big party' fuck faces institutionally incapable of formulating policy that actually reduces the power and interference of govt?

Vote for Change... of the totalitarian logo.

Uncle Marvo said...

I can't vote, you have to pay tax to get that privilege. Or go on the dole. Or something.

T England, you are part of the problem.

However, here is my idea to make money:

"obesity" let them die.

"binge drinking" encourage good honest daily drinking instead.

"teenage pregnancy" stop funding them.

"other social problems" any of the above.

Do I win a prize?

Anonymous said...

UKIP are a false flag party,if you havn't worked that one out,you don't even have the brains you were born with. Look at the way they've rushed to help Hodge out in Dagenham & Barking,to save her the humiliation of getting a kicking from Griffin. Labour activists have also been leafletting for UKIP were the BNP look threatening.
Also I see Iron Clad's party have watered down their pledge to rip up the HRA. In fact they've abandoned it!

fmwatkins said...

NHS pays patients to lose weight - while opening fast food branches IN hospitals

Nice know who where your money is going.

Anonymous said...

Vote Tory to rid us of Labour.

14 January 2010 07:51

Yes, you are right. McBroon must be thrown out at all costs.

Anonymous said...

UKIP are going to be used to split the anti labour vote with the risk of letting them in again. Imagine if you can stand it, Brown's gurning grin when his victory is declared on the BBC!!

AndrewWS said...

Increase duty on super-strength drinks eh? Malt whisky? Armagnac? Belgian monastery-brewed beer? No. Thought not. More class warfare.

Let the chavs and superfluous peeps drink themselves to death. It's a quick way out of totalitarian Britain.

righty right wing (mrs) said...

Labour & the Conservatives & Liberal Democrats: =

More laws, less justice.

strongholdbarricades said...

It is simple

Remove the liberal licences from Tesco/Sainsbury's/Asda/Morrisons

Make it similar to the antipodeans, and make them responsible for the sales by labelling their goods, just like a publican has to be responsible to keep his licence

The pubs and clubs are not the issue

Not going to happen though because of party funding

Kingbingo said...

"Don't vote Tory. Please."

Sorry but this is sheer madness. Do you really expect the Libertarian party to win so much as a single seat? UKIP might win 1, if their lucky, if they are insanely lucky 2, but it’s unlikely. If you are asking for people not to vote Tory what your actually asking for is 5 more years of Gordon Brown. That is retarded.

If you really want the libertarians to have influence, get them all to join the already large libertarian wing of the Tory party. I honest fail to see how you cannot grasp these blinding obvious truths.

Dumnonia said...

I`m voting Mebyon Kernow again; some would argue that it`s a wasted vote and that I`m not partaking in the proper democratic (hah) process but I ca`nt bring myself to vote in any of the " Troughers-R-Us " brigade. A local vote may be a small and insignificant gesture but it`s one of the ways I can say "Fuck you to" the system.

microdave said...

The country is beyond hope when people write letters like this to local newspapers:

Entitled "Spare us the cabin boy"

"Some people in government think Gordon Brown should stand down, but we, the ordinary people, say he should stay and go on to win the next election. I cannot see this lantern jawed man with his long experience in government, knowing we are behind him, leaving at his finest hour.

The way ahead is not easy, but I see him at the helm of a great ship heading into a tsunami-like wave. This is no place for a fresh faced cabin boy, but a man steadfast in his duty."

I don't know whether to laugh, or cry....

Giolla said...

Microdave - that letter just makes me think of Captain Ahab and we all know how well that ended.

Reason said...

Aren't centilitres of alcohol and "units" the same number?

ullage said...

KIngbingo: no. That wanky poster of Softlad got one thing right - we can't go on like this. There may be lots of libertarians among the Conservatives, but they are denied a voice and sidelined in favour of nursemaids and moonbats. There comes a time when you just have to stand up and be counted, and for me at least this is it. If a Libertarian candidate is standing in my constituency he/she will get my vote and any practical help I can afford or provide. If not, the next best option seems to be UKIP. Failing either I will be voting for the maverick independent. I want Dave and the Nutter to know how much people have come to despise both of them.

GCooper said...

Amusing to see usual dreary procession of tribal Tories urging people not to vote UKIP.

What possible difference do they think there would be between a post-McBean ZaNu and Dave's NuBloo?

Let me make it simple for them. There wouln't be one. Both governments would be run by control-freak busybodies who think they know better than we do how to run our lives.

A pox on them - Tory and Labour alike!

Anonymous said...

Cameroon = Blair 2.0

WV: "sochai" (what Broon shouts when he throws a nokia)

Anonymous said...

My local rag had a load of letters praising some crap troughing wanker of a councillor. It came to light that they were all written by himself. Looks like something similar going on in your neck of the woods.Or possibly an inmate at a (hopefully) secure institution.

Fausty said...

Barry makes a good point. Labour has created reams of laws, most of which are objectionable. While it is almost credible that the Tories can't make detailed promises before seeing the books, they don't have that excuse regarding red tape and unjust laws.

The laws are there for all to see and they participated (one would think) in the making of them.

So why aren't the Tories backing Douglas Carswell's Great Repeal Bill effort - or proposing something similar?

Leg-Iron's right; voting Conservative won't change the product. It will just change the labelling, packaging and PR.

The Conservative Party is not run by conservatives.

The last thing we need is another stonking majority. It anti-democratically allows a party to force its policies / laws on parliament, irrespective of the actual percentage of people who support them.

418 said...

Control: " ... a country where cooks render meat stew completely tasteless and measure each portion with government-issued hundred-gram ladles." ~ Deighton, Len, "Spy Hook", Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1988, p. 218

Anonymous said...

liblab CON more of the effing same

Rogerborg said...

@T England: Vote Tory to rid us of Labour.

Call-me-Dave's Tories will be no different from nuLabour. Actually, not true. They'll be worse, since they've had 12 years to dream up new laws and prohibitions.

@banned: About a year ago I joked that within my lifetime we would have personal alcohol allowances

Agreed. The population is already 80 million and rising, and our currency (and thus ability to buy food) is continuing to drop along with our manufacturing base.

I don't think it'll be in the next Parliament, more like 20 years when they've got the ID database in place and we're all carded up.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Coming up next on Westminster TV, swipe cards for tracking alcohol units, fatty foods to be hidden from view in case children see them, Argos given consultancy contract for other concealment initiatives.

Politically correct film at 11.

Cue government-sponsored advert break.

418 said...

Coming our way soon courtesy of Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the 18 US Alcoholic beverage control states: UK government-owned alcohol monopoly which will track and trace every debit/credit card purchase and if a govt ID card is required all cash purchases as well will be tracked and traced and noted and compared with your NHS records etc. Control, control, control.

You think the price of booze already too high? Wrong, it's about to skyrocket. "What is the reason for our state's control? Well, the missions states, 'Our mission is to contribute to the safety and financial stability of our communities by ensuring the responsible sale, and preventing the misuse of, alcohol and tobacco.' Alright. A noble intent to be sure, but is a 52% markup 'responsible'? Hmm." see more at

Anonymous said...

The Tories lost my vote long ago.

They'll still win, but it won't be anything like '97.

The question for 'Dave' is this: why on earth would I vote for another Blair?

Hopefully they'll be enough UKIP etc. votes to demonstrate to the scum that we've had enough.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lansley is a cunt.

Anonymous said...

Ruddy well hope so... that the Tory - LimpDucks coalition have the Cajones and backbone to reverse all the destruction wrought by ***king Liarebore Party over the past 13 eyars of farking piss-taking Pseudo-Socialshits and Proto-Marxist-Commies of ZaNu-Lab....

G Gordoom-McRuin Esquire of this Nation.

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