Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thats It Hunker Down- The Government Are Taking Over Grit Distribution

We are truly screwed now. Look at this article from eleven months ago. So caught up are these idiots with their global warming trendiness, they have not realised that we had a 'Winter' last year.

They said then we have learned lessons, but had they hell. Despite Gordon, Obama and Gore saying different, we have had another ' Winter'. The LGA said they had it all under control in February 2009. So now the Government have taken over 'distribution' of grit supplies, what next the Gas Industry as rationing starts in the North West. Dare we hope that Tescos will be nationalised and our ration cards will be delivered.

Everything this benighted Government touches it falls apart. No forward thinking, refusal to accept that we would ever have snow and Ice again, lack of infrastruture planning.

Two days of snow, and we are brought to our knees. God help us if we had to fight another European war. We would have to throw the towel in after 24 hours.


microdave said...

"what next the Gas Industry as rationing starts in the North West."

I doubt it will be the NW that suffers. They are far more likely to impose cuts on Tory supporting Southern areas. Remember that Liebor always look after their core voters....

Gypo Admirer said...

I was talking to this Irish gypo last night. He was - like so many of them are - in the tarmac business, and rubbing his hands together over the government's handling of this crisis. It seems when white (table) salt is added to the normal granular brown salt, it causes considerable damage to the road surface which takes a few months to become apparent. It eats into and breaks up the surface layer. These cunts can't get anything right.

Captain Haddock said...

I was chatting to the male assistant in Halford's yesterday, whilst buying some new Wiper blades .. He was telling me that his brother is a "Gritter" for our local Council .. and apparently the stuff they've been ordered to buy, by the Government is so cheap and nasty, its worse that useless ..

No surprises there then ..

The same Council has suspended Refuse collections "until further notice" .. that'll be due to the snow/ice on the roads which the same bunch of Halfwits have failed to treat then ?? ..

You truly couldn't make it up ..

Dungeekin said...

The Goonvernment handling grit distribution?

Yep, heard Lord Adonis throw that one in this morning.

Still, I'm sure they'll do a much better job of it than the nasty Tories.


killemallletgodsortemout said...

I hear that Lord Mandlebum of Boy likes it up the council gritter.

For a start, can't they get the fucking weather readers to say "It's snowing", rather than "SEVERE WEATHER WARNING. Do not go out, wrap up well, look after old people, blah de blah".

Fucking nanny state. Fucked, we are, FUCKED.

banned said...

To be fair, my local council did a pretty good job gritting all the major roads and some minor ones in the face of our worst snow since 1981 yesterday. On top of that they also managed to do the pavements of the high street and other major shopping areas.

Makes up a bit for their total failure to act with the black ice over Xmas which, as the Senior Nurse (Medicine), at A&E told me resulted in them having to, deal with over 200% more victims in the fracture clinic than usual.

strongholdbarricades said...

Maybe the government will explain how come the salt miners have been on short time working for most of the year because the government wouldn't sanction the stock piling

bofl said...


is that the same as in

british insurgent said...

If Labour had not given away so much of our money to Africa, Pakistan, India, Yemen & all those other beacons of loveliness via DFID Inc, maybe they would have some of our money left to buy some fucking grit & salt.

What a bunch of fucking clowns - can "save the world" each & every day & feed & cloth & educate every other fucking nation except Britain.


All we need now to realise that the end of a Labour Government is nigh is the fucking lights going out & the gas being shut off.

Frosty the Ice Pixy said...

The winter so far has been exceptionally snowy and cold, but is not so far as bad as the one in 86/87. Yet the MSM are telling us it must be, because they're claiming one must go back to 1981 before you find a worse cold snap. I remember fuck all from 1981 as being particularly cold. Before 86/87 there was the cold winter in 78/79, but again, I repeat, there was nothing exceptional about 1981. What are they playing at? Surely not lying again?

Captain Haddock said...

"fucking lights going out & the gas being shut off" ....

They sound like the ideal ingredients for a Coup .. Bloodless or otherwise ..

Of course, if the Gas & Electricity are cut off .. there are always 646 "planks" from which to make a pretty good, warming bonfire ..

Old Holborn said...

The gummint are fools.

Do they have ANY understanding how many British tourists head for the Alps every year?

Do they have any understanding how many Brits head for the sun in the summer?

We LIKE weather. Bring it on

Dave said...

Fucking Met Office. The gummint made a big mistake and listened to their forecast (which is only for the sheeple) Consequently they didn't order any salt last summer and now they've run out.
Last february Dizzy said that Greenwich council used powdered glass to grit the roads. What will they use this time?
Some bint from Harrow council was on TV yesterday saying it wasn't their fault they'd run out. They ordered some more last week but it hadn't arrived.
Last week? Morons. If you keep the salt dry it doesn't degrade or go out of date. Why didn't they stockpile last summer?

Ron Broxted said...

Captain Haddock I like your style find a scrummy young salesman in Halfords, select a pair of cheap wiper blades and maybe a couple of pink cusions for the rear parcel shelf and before you know it your talking about big hairy gritters. I must try that, could lead to fewer nosebleeds.

stevie said...

Fuck , what a screwed up shithole we live in. 25th best place in the world to live -apparently. Behind lithuania. The gubmint has the reverse midas touch - evrything it touches turns to shit.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Yes - but the n/w also has a habit of voting BNP. Gas is going off mate - luckily I have a fireplace as well.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I think the jolly cod fisherfolk of Icelend have the correct attitude when it comes to remonstrating with their elected representatives - good old quaint 19th century mob crowd carrying flaming torches surrounding the representative's house - fine show.

ere you go have a look :
coo-eee we know you're in there

Now why can't we manage a bit of 19th Century remonstrating?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I should add that it obviously got a result.

And if the warmists are so keen to send us all back there - why not give 'em a taste of nostalgia?

Oh! can't resist bandying this one about how much human CO2 is up there

Anonymous said...

She said mindisruptionisters were working with the Highways Agency and the Local Government Association to make sure there was 'proper distribution'

From the original article what the fuck are "mindisruptionisters" ?

The Purpleline said...

>Two days of snow, and we are brought to our knees. God help us if we had to fight another European war. We would have to throw the towel in after 24 hours.<

Shit do you mean we have become fucking French, I knew being in the EU, was a disaster

Anonymous said...

"as the Senior Nurse (Medicine), at A&E told me resulted in them having to, deal with over 200% more victims in the fracture clinic than usual." - banned said 7 January 2010 19:13.

The snow bound Britain photo suggests that this is a National 200% increase, not local.

Of that 200%, a % will now be claiming benefits instead of their preferred option of working, if the injury is permanently crippling, it could be for years. All for a few quids worth of grit and salt.

And you can bet, not one of these penny pinching councils considered reducing costs by printing everything in ENGLISH only, instead of umpteen different languages, or anything else in that vein, because, (1) They'd get prosecuted for institutionalised racism (2) they would then personally die of shame and embarrassment from the resultant media justice system trial and stigma.

Before the big freeze, (my emphasis)

"An NHS governor has resigned after a primary care trust pledged £1m to help a council pay for extra road gritting.

Kath Toward has quit in protest at Durham and Darlington PCT's decision to give the cash to Durham County Council in an attempt to prevent accidents.
She said gritting was not a health issue and that the money should be spent on "struggling" NHS services."" - BBC 16:51 GMT, Monday, 9 November 2009

Before Climategate and last year's cold snap(s), the Cabinet of Durham County Council held a meeting in Committee Room 2 - 28/08/2008 - Archived minutes,

Item: A9 Equalities and Diversity Steering Group Report

11."The Show Racism the Red Card organisation has worked closely with the local community of Ferryhill and co-hosted, alongside Dean Bank Residents Association, “Ferryhill Is United”, a family fun day on Sunday 6th July. The family fun day celebrated diversity and educated against racism, it was also supported by Durham County Council’s EMTAS Service.
· Gypsy, Roma & Traveller Achievement Programme"

"17.Employment monitoring return shows 2 reports of bullying or harassment - relate to white non-disabled staff. 110 attended diversity training (136 nominated)"


"Ethnic minority employees = 0.005%. 15 attended diversity training
(24 nominated)"

This documented obsession with slapping the public's arse for racial thought crimes, with nominated diversity training, is apparently more important than gritting or salting of dangerous roads and pavements. If YOU think otherwise, I suggest you reject this potentially lethal social engineering YOU are part of, at the ballot box, otherwise, who's really to blame ?

Vote BNP, or celebrate diversity (after you've been trained like a dog of course).

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