Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ask Your Candidate-Summer Of Rage ? Wrong Year ?

Last year the Police go very excited about cracking a few heads in the Summer of Rage Hartshorn of the Met warned some middle class bastards are going to kick off, or words to that effect. In the end we had one newspaper seller killed and a six foot copper with his ID hidden laying into a woman half his size with the back of his hand and then proceeding to take her legs away with his baton.

This year, we have still the soft fluffiness of a Government borrowing £20m an hour, every hour of every day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks of the year. This will continue as none of the three major parties want to address the deficit, they just want to tell everybody what they are going to spend your money on. Unfortunately PAYE is not even covering the Benefits bill, so that is why the Government is acting like a junkie in a crackhouse. CPI rose to 2.9% in December.

Once the Election is over, and another 646 sit in the Commons and we are set for another five years of elective dictatorship with a landslide for the Tories with I estimate less than 25% of the available vote. The dabbling round the edges will start, hikes in NI (tax on jobs and business) hikes in VAT to 20%+ plus increases in fuel duty (taxes on the poor), collapse in foreign investment in the UK. With a moth floating out of the treasury account books and not a lot else

Britain is the only Country importing people and exporting Jobs. The longer the Political Classes put off the inevitable reduction in personal tax take and having to slash and burn the State and its dependents the more painful the correction is going to be.

Perhaps Super Hartshorn got the Summer of Rage right and the year wrong.

Ask your candidate on May 6th were they stand on Elected Chief Constables, I bet they have not even thought about it.


I am Stan said...

Perhaps Super Hartshorn got the Summer of Rage right and the year wrong.

Can we have the summer of rage next year?

I`m off to Africa for two weeks for the world cup and some big game fishing,the rest of the time Ill be watching it in the pub.

How about an Autumn of Angst?

Anonymous said...

I never bought into that dateline. I feel nothing much will happen until sometime after the election when the inevitable slashes have to be made ("cuts" doesn't adequately describe what will be needed). Unemployment is going to get much worse over the next couple of years. MUCH worse. I think major disorder on the streets ain't gonna happen until perhaps a year from now. It'll be the new winter of discontent if you like - but with an awful lot more skulls getting cracked. A perfect storm lies on the horizon. Get some nachos and beer in and put your feet up in front of the telly. That's my advice.

Anonymous said...

Stan has a point. It's world cup year, won't happen this summer! Well unless they do out price the plebs from enjoying a few beers or ten during it....

bofl said...

inflation will go thru the roof.........nothing ever comes down in price in the uk.......we are seen as a commodity to mine by govt and business........

get your wheelbarrows now......

perhaps a start at cutting the deficit could be made by FORCING ALL THE CROOKED MPS TO PAY BACK WHAT THEY HAVE STOLEN?

ALSO.....stopping the one year pay off for those that lose their seats......also get back all the money from michael martin and other so called lords that disgrace the mother of all parliaments.

and stop giving prescott freeprescriptions for pies!

Anonymous said...

Or we could just sell off The Houses of Parliament. Should make a few quid. Would make a fucking great hotel!

418 said...

"In the end we had one newspaper seller killed and a six foot copper with his ID hidden laying into a woman half his size with the back of his hand and then proceeding to take her legs away with his baton."

The police are getting ready for a Peking style London Olympics in 2012 when there will be a crescendo of police abuse.

The extra powers the police will demand and get for 2012 will be touted as 'temporary'. However, like the income tax which was also said to be temporary, the extra police powers will never go away.

The filthy Met, for one, is already studying the Peking Police Department the better to imitate it.

Ron Broxted said...

I have got a wonky eye that is a direct result of me being attacked by a PCSO when I was strutting my stuff on a gay rights demo. All I did was pinch his arse and wink at him, now I wink all the time since he stuck his thumb in my eye.
When I complained I was told to fuck off, so I did. The wonky eye comes in useful when I am cottaging, but sometimes I wished I had insisted on the PCSO's name and mobile number or even email. He was so fucking butch.......Oooh matron.

katie kwik-fit said...

this country's being ripped-off by a bunch of fucking asset-strippers.

hôtel de ville (paris) said...


really...? how much is mr brown asking for it?

Goodnight Vienna said...

Yes, I think you're right Guthrum - 2010 will be worse with more job lay-offs, more small businesses closing, trouble selling govt gilts and the prospect of inflation. On top of that there'll be mountains of new legislation and regulations from the EU. Football or not there's going to be a lot more than angst on show (didn't we have that last year?)

Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP said...


£20 sterling and a deep fried mars bar & it's all yours.. No Chianti.


cuntfoot soup & dumplings said...


and stop giving prescott freeprescriptions for pies!

yes, the bastard's well fat enough already, and the welfare state's getting dangerously undernourished - we can boil prezza down and feed thousands of immigrants.

"Smash the Toffs" cried the baying mob said...

Wait until we get a Conservative government. Like a red rag to a bull, the leftie hordes will more likely riot against Tories than Labour. UAF will be spoilt for choice.

hôtel de ville (paris) said...


done. and i'll throw in my porno video on the house.

sandraspook said...


time for cameron and his sell-out cia slag staines to leave the country - gonna give a new meaning to get sloshed at the public expense. i'm alright jack - already got a place in the sun.

microdave said...

Just seen this at Fausties:

give me the firm said...


...mmmm...who's up for watching the action on one huge democratically-erected screen from the comfort of the commons chamber benches, draining the cellars of vintage plonk, and then trashing the fucking joint?

Rogerborg said...

I take it that we can expect a slight variation on this generic whinge to be posted two, maybe three times a week from now on?

global usery said...

The borrowing of money is the deliberate usery of the people by the global bankers who collapsed the ecconomy by getting their bought politicians to deregulate the banking system to make it happen.

Now they get their puppet politicians to ask us to bail out private banks and use their loan shark facility to do it.

Who wins - the international bankers - IMF/Federal reseave?rothchilds/rockafella/royals etc.

We now have unrepayable debt much like africa and we are now owned by the international bankers - the same group who have been pushing non stop for the EU and a NWO.

the fact is the debt will cripple us far more than any imaginary bailout relief.

The politicians know this, the media know this, The BBC know this - But no one will tell you this! No one educates you to the financial systems of usery and fiat money.

You are kept deliberately ignorant.

We should tell them to shove the debt plus interest and pass it on to the banks which failed.

That is capitalism in action.

what we have right now is slavery in action through usery.

in the penalty box said...


How about an Autumn of Angst?
fuck off franz. before some fanatical fascist sweeps you into a dusty corner.

j said...


franz beckenbrewer? that ole footbawler? or woz e the won oo invenid olsten?

Anonymous said...

microdave said...
Just seen this at Fausties:

19 January 2010 18:51

You can't go exposing the totalitarian truth - God no!

This has to be authorised by Stan and his BBC sheeple first, otherwise the ignorant twat will call you paranoid and try an have you arrested as the PC laws incorporate unsanctioned conspiracy theories as a thought crime!

and yes Stan the US are discussing this as we speak.

Though why we try to educate you is anyones guess, seems to be an impossible mission to me!

would you like us to hold your hand Stan and show you the links and quotes or perhaps you'd like to scream your brainwashed shite regardless?

with nobs on said...


well, yes, roget, unless you've got enough dosh to take us down the boozer, old bean?

Anonymous said...

I am Stan,
I hope you've bought your stab proof vest for the footie. You can get them in the colours of the team of your choice. Under £50,I hear. Might be a bit of a wise investment.

catflap said...

Which Met predicted 'The summer of rage' or 'The bbq summer'?
A:Met office.
B:Met Police.

Give them enough time and lots of money and they will both be right.

bofl said...

re fausties blog...........

govts throughout the world are only interested in keeping us in our place....con/lab/commie/republican etc.........they are control freaks.....they cannot bear us to have freedom or imagination.......

while they are stealing our money and parading around the world basking in an imagined glory.(see gbrown)

that is why cmd will do nothing about the bbc.........just keep it going to ejaculate his type of propaganda..........

why are all our politicians cunts?
is there a box to tick on the hoc admission forms?

Thomas Hobbes said...

via Dick Puddlecote this one will boil your piss

The crackdown will also see the appointment of the city's first full-time tobacco control officer who will be based in the council's trading standards section.

find him/her/it and blow smoke in their face until they die of passive face aids

thespecialone said...

You dont know much about controlling crowds a large proportion of whom want to cause you and property harm.

I normally agree with everything you say but not on this occasion.

Chris said...

@Ron Broxted

Please die. Painfully.

Zulu my Arse said...

I hope you've bought your stab proof vest for the footie. You can get them in the colours of the team of your choice. Under £50,I hear. Might be a bit of a wise investment.

Yeah, Stan. And keep your distance from the Africoons. They're fucking vicious psychopathic types; not like the socially-aware, conscientious muggers you're best mates with in London.

celtic tiger said...


english hooligans eh? hardest in the fookin world. ha! i'll be wearing my string vest as per. if jimmy tries to give me a free acupuncture session, he'll be getting a one-way ticket to the nearest safari park, and the lions will be getting to taste some prime british beef.

as for the natives, i don't see a problem, unless you insist on visiting one of the poorest shanty-towns in the world and wave hard cash in their faces. this is one almighty business opportunity for the africans and they'll be making the most of it. no south africans, let alone the police, are going to allow anyone to spoil the party - and that includes the sassenach wimps.

J Demetriou said...

"Last year the Police go very excited about..."

Don't you quality check your articles anymore, Holby?

You're slipping mate. You're slipping.

the speaker said...


may i respectfully point out that politicians' wont to tick the 'cunt' box on diversity forms has absolutely no bearing on their selection as members of parliament, as this information is strictly confidential and not communicated to the interview panel. we collect this data purely in order to comply with equal opportunities legislation, for the purposes of research, and to monitor whether cunts are being under-represented in our democratic system - this, we hope, will ensure that our parliament remains the greatest congregation of cunts in any one place, anywhere in the world, at any one particular time.

Ron Broxted said...

Sex scandals and the future of Gerry Adams and other shits.

Given the child abuse scandal that engulfed his brother (and his pervy late father Monkey Adams, I took his sweets and his meatstick) can Gerry Adams survive? The IRA freedom fighter and republican, who came through assassination attempts by fucking usless loyalists (backed by rival drug gangs) may see the end of his political life as public anger grows, not just about the selling out of his constituents to a so-called "policing agreement" but over how implicated Adams was in aiding his brother in evading justice after shagging his own daughter for nearly twenty years, and ghosting him out of the six counties. Yes the whole of the Adams family are sick pervy fuckers.
Will the current dissident activity become known as "The war of Heffron's leg."? How viable are the already heavily infiltrated C.I.R.A in terms of delivering a knock out blow to Garnerville and Templemore? Not even close according to my Special Branch handler who calls them evil thieving fucking toe rags and pikey scum.
Finally, lets talk about pervy Catholic Priests, my good friend got touched up regularly when he was seven at school in London that's all he can talk about. Strangely although he says he is straight and is married with two really odd looking kids, he still is a gay as they come. His wife suspects that he is gay but as she is getting well boned by another school teacher where she works doesn't mind, or so he says. The question is would he have been a closet queen if he had not been fiddled with or would he have grown up straight? The Irish Council for Civil Liberties are mostly pinko's and commie fuckers and are a bunch of cunts in my opinion.
Different topic, I'm glad to see that BNP membership continues to grow despite legal attempts to make this fine legal political party let itself be infiltrated. Tomorrow I might blog about avoiding danger when cottaging.


thelunaticarms said...

@ Stan - good fecking luck

@ JD - put your dummy back in you wacist.

@ OH - the police will do anything for a buck. Last year, massive amounts of money was spent on kit. Whose recommendations did the committee look at? ACPO directed filth.

The Police are just another quango now with glorified security guards patrolling the rim (for JD).

Wouldn't worry too much, if the BNP get in, kick out those that shouldn't be here, exile those that sprout our destruction, reaffirm our Sovereignty, hang the traitors, we can then start sorting out the Nation in a civilised and open manner.

Now if the PR Dave and his merry-band-of-gays-muslims-&-anyone-who-votes-Dave Conservatives get the reigns, well, just prepare for the same corruption and treason, just different names doing the shafting.

caesars wife said...

Well thats another thing to add my list of things the ruin didnt tell the truth about !!

The perfect storm is the result of the poverty and the debt , hes incapacitated whole sectors of the economy , people are living on credit , which means a lot of consumer spending is only possible with credit , and hey presto credit will be going up .

Well done the marxists , full 5 stars busted economy , jelly parliament , britons got debt ,it was nae me .

As jeff randle pointed out on his debt stats the problem was there way before subprime , indeed when the ruin was chancellor .

desperate dave lammy said...


please don't vote bnp ron - if you want real racism, come to the labour party. we've got real wog-bashers with real form, who've passed really cuntish anti-wog legislation which has directly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of the little brown bastards. you know, premier division genocidal cunts like blair, brown, blunkett, hoon, mandelson...and me, of course. we even welcome types like you as members - although you do seem to be a bit of a handful...oooh matron!

desperate dave lammy said...


oh yes, you're invited too, loony. how big's your cock, mate?

Everything you have been taught about finance and politics was a lie! said...

sandraspook said...

cameron and his sell-out cia slag staines.

19 January 2010 18:51

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Funny `socialism` t-shirts said...

OH I think you might want to check out these T shirts logo's, regarding socialism, they seem to be right up your street.


El-Kevo said...

That football is regarded more highly than issues such as the economy goes to the heart of what has gone wrong with our country.

I loathe the sport with utter passion.

Panem et circenses.

thelunaticarms said...

@ Lammy - I'd rather die than vote Labour

@ El-Kevo - Entertainment has bee used to divert the masses since man first manage to blow raspberries from his mouth.

I want to see these traitors hang so I will be voting BNP. And yes, I am willing to take the chance on Nationalism. Internationalism hasn't done me much good.

I am Stan said...

@ Kev-That football is regarded more highly than issues such as the economy goes to the heart of what has gone wrong with our country.

@The Lunatic-I want to see these traitors hang so I will be voting BNP. And yes, I am willing to take the chance on Nationalism. Internationalism hasn't done me much good.

Well I dont know much about the economy but I`m doing alright Jack and I will not be voting BNP...unless they ban all white working class chavs from membership and offer cash incentives for Africans to settle in the Shire`s then I might reconsider!


Television personality and radio disc jockey, Andile Ncube said he expects to see the host team, affectionately called Bafana Bafana, do well on the pitch at the FIFA World Cup.

"The most important thing for us now is to get our team ready. We have to be ready. We did fairly well at the Confederations Cup tournament in June, but now we have to be ready for the big one. It is important for the team to do well in this tournament in order to boast the morale of the country and to get everyone behind it," Ncube said.

Mmmmm expectations are running high.

Rod Liddle said...

I see our resident arsehole basher and site retard Ron Broxted has been given yet another sound thrashing over on the torygraph and let his nemeses take his scalp yet again. Shouts of easy echo from the terraces punctuated with chants of "you fat bastard, you fat bastard." What a fucking loser...... Continued on page 94

Uncle Marvo said...

If PAYE isn't covering the benefits bill then there's something seriously wrong with the benefits bill.

Anonymous said...

@ I am Sam, oops, Stan - of course Internationalism has done you good. Without the Europeans, you'd still be picking fleas from your partner's arse for a living in bonga-bongo land.

Why should the white working class chavs gie a flying fuck about those who come here?

They're not helping my stock portfolio. They're not contributing to my culture. So fuck em all back to the jungle.

You want to stay in Britain, best start pulling your trousers up and put that crappy black culture in the bin. You will never be white but you can at least pretend.


Anonymous said...

>Unfortunately PAYE is not even covering the Benefits bill
There's a simple way to express this:

All of your income tax is used to pay social security ("benefits").
Income tax is 20% of your salary, give or take, unless you're rich, in which case it's more.
20% of your salary is what you earn for working 20% of the time, ie, one day in five.

When put like that, it makes me want to riot.

Uncle Marvo said...

20% my arse.

PAYE, NIC, plus when you spend any of the 70% you have left (and that's if you're a low earner) you get taxed (VAT) on that too, plus you contribute a HUGE amount on anything you buy to cover the overheads of accountants, lawyers, H&S officials, lunatic tax on the transport to get it to you, not to mention the daft EU regulations governing transport, working directives, and the myriad other sneaky overhead taxes.

20%? More like 90%, you'll find.

Harumph. How do you feel about a riot now?

Ron Broxted said...

Off topic

Dia, Ellas, Eleftherou. Crete burning homo urges and Club 18-30 holidays

Remember Salonika? Kurt Russells old stomping ground? It seems the hedonistic way of life is alive and well in Hania, Crete with the local inhabitants and visitors. Also in Larissa, Ioaninna, Volos and Athens there is a healthy attitude to arse fucking. "To be Greek is to be orthodox" but is there a gay gene in Hellenic identity? For a nation that gave culture and kebabs and Greek Salad to Europe two millennia ago the 21st century experience of Greece is looking remarkably like that of the barbarian hordes that descend from England each summer to fuck and drink themselves senseless. There has been condemnation from Greek sources but is it too little, too late? Finally where does it derive from, this love of drink and 'E's fuelled cockcraft? Last word from a nice Cretan,with a bushy tash, Zorba......Ooooh matron, let me ride your gigglepin Zorba, once more for old times sake. "I used to wonder, is he Gay or Straight? Now I wonder is he good or bad in the sack? I swear to God by the bacon rolls I eat, that as each day passes I will fuck more arses.......Continued on page 107

I would ask all my readers to ignore the rantings of Rod Liddle as he is a monkey spanker and vote for me (RON BROXTED) as the new editor of the Indy

I am Stan said...

@Anonymouse 12:00-You want to stay in Britain, best start pulling your trousers up and put that crappy black culture in the bin. You will never be white but you can at least pretend.


Well!....thats me put in my place eh!

pc petticoat said...


are you attempting to proposition these two gentlemen, sir?

desperate dave whammy said...


no, certainly not, officer, i was just assessing their potential as members...of the labour party.

desperate dave whammy said...


excuse me, but shouldn't you say ello, ello before you start speaking, officer?

pc petticoat said...


well now, we have got the clever cunt tonight, haven't we? can you provide a receipt for your intellectual property, sir? no sir? well, i am duty bound to inform you, sir, that we are in the process of investigating the strange disappearance of president obama's credit ratings, and we have reason to believe that you may be concealing the aforementioned missing items up your person...sir. please assume an appropriately provocative pose over against the wall, sir, and, in accordance with section 2, paragraph 1, clause 6 of the bob-a-job terms and conditions of service, i will release my specially trained one-eyed trouser-snake to perform a regulatory internal examination of your arsehole and its adjacent premises. you are the leaseholder, are you not, sir?

deperate dave lammy said...


ooooooooooooooooooooooh, mama seacole!

pc petticoat said...


you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you may later rely on in court. anything you do say may be given in evidence.

pc petticoat said...


this is a flagrant breach of the met's equal opportunities policy - i demand to be butt-fucked by a black officer.

desperate david lammy said...


that's my line you thieving bent bastard.

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