Sunday, 3 January 2010

Plane Stupid

Right, let me see

Gordon has announced that full body scanners will be installed at UK airports after a faked attempt to "blow up" (yeah, right) an airliner by a (scream!) Alcy Aida nutter "trained in the Yemen" (except it won't work, apparently)

Now, call me old fashioned but it seems that London Police have the answer. The Met are getting rather tired of black yoof shootin' da place up, so have now decided to send in teams of armed officers to deal with Leeroy and MC Dangle and their Uzi's. Naturally, they know where their targets are and what they look like. They are black male yoof and live in black ghettos. Hence armed plod are all over estates in Brent, Lambeth, Wandsworth (including Moorlands estate in Brixton), Waltham Forest, and in Haringey (in Broadwater Farm estate) (source). Not leafy cul de sacs in Epsom. Not the promenade at Eastbourne. Not villages in the Cotswalds.

So, if they want to catch Muslim plane bombers, why don't they target male Muslim passengers? Why should the law abiding population of the UK be subjected to full body searches, delay, hassle and authority abuse to satisfy a few hand wringing fucking jizznuts?

Not some plane bombers

Some plane bombers

Sing along now


aljahom said...

The airlines agree & so do I.

The politicians haven't got the backbone for it, and the Yooman Rights Act probably forbids it anyway - Harman's equality bill will only make things worse.

Old Holborn said...

Follow the brown beards

The King of Wrong said...

Profiling by appearance doesn't work, OH.

Look at the case of Anne Mary Murphy - an Irish woman, pregnant with the baby of a Jordanian terrorist, who was tricked into carrying a bomb.

Or look at the Muslim population of Indonesia - who are indistinguishable from Chinese for most of us.

In particular, if there is any fixed profile then you can find people who don't match it, and then use them as the bombers.

Mrs Pouncer said...

I was stopped at Gatwick March 2007 en route to Salzburg. I have alot of metalwork in my left leg (bad accident; the lambada at the Bracknell Palais de Glace) and set off their Heath Robinson alarm. The officer's almost-verbatim remark to me was: "Anybody can be a shoe-bomber, madam", and it wasn't even with heavy irony. I suspect they only wanted to see me stripped down to my chiffon no-show backlacers, which they did. Fuckers.

Oldrightie said...

Bear in mind it would seem every security agency in the West knew this latest madman was a threat, why bloody up the anti? Who manufactures these body scanners? Yup, follow the money.

Rogerborg said...

@The King of Wrong said... something apt.

Depends of your definition of "work". It works better than truly random (i.e. useless) sampling, and is more efficient than compensatory sampling (where you stop all the beardies, then have to stop an equal number of white grannies to fiddle the figures).

And the problem is people, not what they're carrying. I carry a bomb on most flights. I was once required to demonstrate that the bomb was energised, now that I think about it.

By the way, OH, if you Libertariloons actually got as uppity as the Muslimaniacs once in a while, you'd find yourself getting treated with the same respect, rather than the amused contempt that's the most the State can muster towards you.

Anonymous said...


OH, noting to say about the plod on -

or the up and coming

The King of Wrong said...

@Rogerborg: Actually, truly random (double-blind) sampling has one advantage: a terrorist cannot avoid it through preparation.

With a profile, they can do dry runs until they find out doesn't get stopped ("Carnival Booth Algorithm"), but with random selection there's always the chance they'll be stopped on the day.

That said, if the plot gets to the airport, you've pretty much lost anyway. Find the nutters before it gets that far and, since that's not going to be perfect, consider that one plane a decade is probably Acceptable Losses.

I happily take that risk.

George said...

Because how can you target Muslim men? Do they wear a badge? 'Muslim' is a religion, not a fucking race. You can have white muslims. I think we should do a full body search on you to look for brains, or even any semblance of rationality.'t find any.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. Profiling saves time and money for all concerned and would probably minimise losses.

As George points out, there are white Muslims, but these are few and far between. If they start using white Muslims to attack planes/trains/crowds, then the profiling will have to be changed slightly.

skids said...

More shite here

bofl said...

why bother searching anyone? it seems that the world and his wife knew that the nigerian boy was a possible bomber.and he was even helped onto a plane -without a passport!!!!!!!

perhaps mossad/cia will give them hand grenades in future?

apparently the airlines are being ordered to turn off the route map displays..........!!!!!!!!!

so nobody knows when they are taking off? landing? its when the plane starts descending!

or stacking over london waiting to land at heathrow..........the sight of the nat west tower or st.pauls might be a clue as to the planes whereabouts?

Anonymous said...

@ mrs pouncer. I don't blame them. I'd have done the same.

Edgar said...

When passengers check in, hand out complimentary pork pie and sausages.

That's profiling.

R Nosgrove said...

As an American cop once said, 'If a Ford's been stolen, you don't stop Toyotas'.

Profiling may not be perfect, but targeting people who resemble those in the second photo would be a bloody good place to start.

'Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab'. With a name like that, why the fuck did they let him on the plane, or any plane, in the first place!

upleol said...

Edgar's idea has only one flaw. Vegetarians and Jews would be stopped too. Though having a farting vegetarian seated next to you on a flight might make you pray for it to be all over, I don't think Jews are likely to want to die for Allah.

Back to the drawing board...

Ed P said...

What happened to the vapour sniffers, seen just after 9/11? These walk-through gantries puffed air at you, sucked in the deflected (and presumably displaced vapours from explosives, etc), analysed it and gave a result within five seconds. Combined with millimetre or X-ray scanners, they would detect most hazards.
And I'm considering applying for a job at the airport, so I can see "Mrs Pouncer's bouncers"!

apocalypse nowish said...

I'm wondering whether Prime Mentalist Gorgon Brownie will go through the full body scanners on his travels to save the world, and if so, who wants that monitoring job? Uhuh....

SO17 said...

I know this won't be popular but,
The current search methods rely too much on technology.
A hands on bag search and x-ray scan for luggage.
A hands on body pat down for all passengers.
Almost foolproof(excluding the potential fool doing it).
Not very convenient, but lets get things in proportion.
Flying,with all its downfalls is far superior to spending 6 weeks
on a spew filled sailship to America.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Muzzies shave before blowing their bollocks off or setting their shoes alight so you cant spot all of them
The easy solution is, you DO NOT get on board an aircraft unless you state that MOOOOOhamed was a child raping twat, kill all Yids and hand a Glock to any person with a boarding pass

africans are smelly and black said...

It's quite simple. Those ultimately responsible are the politicians who permitted this open door policy towards incompatible races immigrating to the UK in the first place. They must be identified, going back as long as necessary, hunted down, and hanged. End of.

Polaris said...

Give everybody on the flight a firearm? One of those with brittle ADR (air defence rounds).

That should help...

Men in Black said...

Whose to say the 'Dad' in the top photo might not do some crazy ass thing.
He catches his missus in bed with some cunt and part of the healing process of the relationship is to take the wife and kids to Florida.
Once in the air 'Dad' soakes his family in duty free vodka and sets them alight.
The other passengers use Muslims to try and beat out the flames but there are not enough on board due to anti terror measures.
The plane is engulfed in flame and crashes to the ground.
You have to think outside the box when it comes to security matters.

Anonymous said...

"Why should the law abiding population of the UK be subjected to full body searches, delay, hassle and authority abuse to satisfy a few hand wringing fucking jizznuts?"

Hm, do you class yourselves as one of the "law abiding population"? Last time I looked here, you were saying you no longer acknowledged all those law thingies. What some would call cherry picking, I would call hypocrisy.

Freemen of the land? The more I read, the more I tend to agree it should just be "Freeloaders of the land": opting out of the social responsibility part, while still feeling cocksure enough to trot out knee-jerk reactions and demands for something to be done from the sidelines.

Anon eater said...

@anon 18:59 - fuck off you are boring us all - honestly the sooner you die in pain the better, for all humanity. The infinite world theory does allow for an interesting and witty version of you somewhere, but it's sure as fuck not in this one...

Anonymous said...

How about a list of what's killed more people than scawy tewwowists of doom?
I'll start:

Medical malpractice
Crap drivers
Falling off something

The King of Wrong said...

Falling on something pointy.
Flu (the normal kind, not Piggy Flu).
Cold weather.
Hot weather.

AP said...

Anon Eater, @anon 18:59 is NOT boring all of us, he/she does seem to have hit a bit of a raw nerve with you though.

If having irrational radical beliefs that subvert a Sovereign State's right to govern describes someone who fits the profile of a potential terrorist then I am afraid OH must be hoping he isn't allergic to laytex next time he trundles through airport security.

bofl said...

AP.........Sovereign State's right to govern?

so you are willing to spread your cheeks for brown,mandy,fat jacqui,preezza and evrey other fucking criminal kunt in the uk?

what a star you are!

anon eater said...

AP, do you think anybody who frequents this blog has a modicum of sympathy for you or anon?

The answer will reveal itself to you if you stop admiring yourself in the mirror for just one moment.

OH is not embarking on a terrorist campaign, just the opposite - he is looking to find a way to assert his own rights to come and go within the constraints of Common law, not the dictats of Statute Law.

You (and anon) are beginning to sound like an annoying background drone contributing nothing other than your worthless opinion. Why frequent a blog whose opinions you are so avowedly against? Oh yeah, it's a wind-up, and you can get loads of attention, which you obviously seek...

To you too - fuck off; face cancer - way too good for an egotist, such as yourself...

wv: spiton - I do, you....

Old Holborn said...

All are welcome here

(I do wish our windowlickers could be a bit wittier though)

Anonymous said...

The travelling without a passport angle deserves some answers - surely ?

My understanding is that US Immigration and the Feds in general relish removing the testicles of airline staff responsible for anything like this and I feel confident that no airline personnel in their right mind particularly on a USofA route would allow a passenger on without a passport, let alone a visa. To do so is truly to invite a world of pain.

Sooo.. what happened eh?

Mitch said...

make all airlines use pigskin seat covers,serve pork in alcohol and get dogs to sniff the passengers over followed by a display of those cartoons and a drawing contest to portray Alla as a pig.

Think outside the pc box.

AP said...

Anon Eater, What a lovely person you must be.

You can follow your flawed logic on 'freemen' all you like, but it is flawed. You ain't making the rules. They are. If you want a bit more freedom you need to think deeper, or in your case perhaps thinking would be a good start.

My point was simply that one mans freeman is another mans terrorist. Not a big concept, surely you can get your head around it without wishing cancer on someone? Or are you just a cunt?

anon eater said...

AP, my last post did not refer to your single post citing laytex (WTF?) and terrorism in some bizarre non-linear logic freestyle nonsensical riff, but to you and the other troll's posts. Those attacking the whole freeman thing, irrespective of the theme of OHs posts. That is tiresome, and deserves punishment in my opinion - what about a brain clot then, suit you better? Your neurons are doing bugger all else....

But I will now desist, for fear that I may be accused of seeking attention, or being as pathetic as you and the others are.

Thanks for the backing OH, very magnanimous.

AP said...

anon eater, take some more pills, beat up the wife, or whatever it is you like to do to chill out.

If you can't string a few ideas together, which plainly you can't, perhaps you should start with something a bit simpler than constitutional law?

The reference to Latex, which I will spell out for you as you are obviously not able to manoeuvre yourself to the window to lick it, refers to the glove security personnel wear at airports when doing cavity searches on those they suspect of terrorism by way of teaching them a lesson. OH, as person who is trying to orchestrate civil disruption leading to the overthrow of Parliament with his new years resolution might well be thought of as an undesirable by those in authority in this fine country, and therefore if profiled could well find himself subjected to such a search as a person who is not supportive of the aims of the State. Most persons with an IQ of over 75 could have inferred this from my original post, and to those people I am sorry for taking up the space to explain it more fully for our knuckledragger here.

You will notice that I have not given my opinion on whether I support this action or not, merely that it is logical. You will also note that it comments on this particular note, and the big new years announcement.

If you ask your carer nicely they can explain this to you in simpler terms. Try not bitting them.

anon eater said...

AP, do you see what I did there?

Provocation, lovely - round of applause from the room full of people here...

Bows; applauds the audience and exits, stage left - to beat my hubby, and carer.

Old Holborn said...

"OH, as person who is trying to orchestrate civil disruption leading to the overthrow of Parliament with his new years resolution might well be thought of as an undesirable by those in authority in this fine country, and therefore if profiled could well find himself subjected to such a search as a person who is not supportive of the aims of the State"

I'm not orchestrating anything. Fight your own battles. I told this to a bunch of Police who were very interested in me in the public gallery at the house of commons on November 5th as well.

The 646 will search us all. Regardless. It's what they do. And then they will take all your dinner money and tell you to shut up.

Not me, they won't.

Spartan said...

The profiling would be behavioral profiling. These amateur, moronic so called terrorists would've stuck out like a fully dressed Eskimo sunbathing on a beach in Barbados.

Airport security is ass about face ... it looks for what people are carrying ... not the people going to use it. Even then most of the security personnel are fucking useless, arrogant muppets.

Anonymous said...

@ anon eater.
You might find this hard to believe, but it would seem that there is more than one person who doesn't share your opinion! I, as OH can see from my recorded IP address, am the person that posted at 1859 and whom you kindly invited to die in pain as punishment for voicing a differing opinion. That was also my FIRST comment posted here about FotL, again something which I'm sure OH can see from trawling through IP addresses. (Which reminds me, considering the extreme stance that OH takes on privacy and surveillance, I find his use of Feedjit here very, very hypocritical, especially as its continued use here seems to be purely for egotistical reasons.)

You may not have noticed, anon eater, but there is an option to select "anonymous" for ALL comments by ALL people. It isn't just me. When one "anonymous" comments here that you are a raving, brain-damaged imbecile, and then another "anonymous" says that you are a foul-mouthed, knuckle-scraping, benefit-thieving excuse for a human being, it is VERY likely that they are, in fact, TWO different "anonymous" commenters. Regardless of the possibility that they are both correct in their assumptions.

As for my comment about finding it hypocritical that OH has now declared that he will only recognise and obey those laws which he agrees with, I believe that is a fair and valid point, worthy of debate. That it "bores" you surprises me not in the least. It is a difficult concept for a cretin to take in, and as such probably does cause your "need more White Lightning, need more sleep" switch to flick.

Anonymous said...

One or two here sound like public sector nojobs scared for their pointless existance.

Old Holborn said...

Actually, I don't record IP addresses. I can't be arsed. I added the feejit widget for a laugh. I'd have to build a database, import the feed and then datamine it. Fuck that. If others want to use it, feel free. It'll show you who, where, when visits this site and what they were looking for.

No moderation, no censorship and no recording of IP addresses. Ever.

Anonymous said...

And one or two sound like they've been reading too many David Icke fairy stories and/or BNP pamphlets.

Dick the Prick said...

What's the fucking problem with profiling muzzies? We have killed a million of the cunts - they have a fucking point. But also they should be fucking executed if that's what they're up to. Job done, what's for supper?

Anonymous said...

Keys points:

* These full body scanners are not safe. There is no known safe level for the type of scanning technology they use.

"10microREM per scan" is what the US manufacturer claim in their sales literature.

How exactly is this calculated ? Are they averaging the intensity of the ionising radiation over the whole nominal volume of the scanner cubicle ? Does the scanning beam follow the usual pattern of distribution with an orders of magnitude higher intensity in the central spot compared with the outer edges of the beam ? Are there other "

* They are illegal to use. Why? Because if used on children their operators are paedophiles.

* Storing images even temporary of those taken of children is child porn/illegal/arrestable on the spot for storing child pornography

Take a read of

and then some.

Those who promote their usage and using it are promoting child porn, pornography, child pornography, making or distributing child pornography, voyeurism, etc...

No, I'm not joking.

Apparently these full body scanners are to be put into Heathrow.

I will refuse to be scanned by such a scanner. They will have to physically body search me. If they force me to be scanned I will be suing them using various current UK laws.

Anonymous said...

Worth a read

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Dr Sarah Burnett, who works as an independent radiologist in London, raised concerns about the safety of the device two years ago, when she was asked to undergo a full body scan at Luton Airport.

She said: 'It is illegal to expose people to any level of radiation without medical justification. So how is it that the Government is allowed to irradiate us willy-nilly at airports?

'I am particularly concerned about the potential effects on women in their first trimester of pregnancy.

'That is when the risks of the baby developing genetic abnormalities are highest because radiation exposure can damage the body's reproductive DNA.'

'The machines are referred to as 'low-dose', but there is a school of thought that there is no 'safe' radiation dose," said Dr Burnett, who has had 15 years' experience working in the NHS.

"It is true that passengers are exposed to 'cosmic' radiation within the aircraft, but there's nothing they can do about that - it can't be avoided. We can, however, avoid deliberately exposing people to radiation.'"

I believe the Act in question is likely to be

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999

I note it is a "Statutory Instrument" so was not voted on it either the House of Commons nor the House of Lords.


As such who the fuck are they to make such Statue laws? Which if you actually read "they" can exempt:

") Subject to paragraph (2), the Executive may, by a certificate in writing, exempt -

(a) any person or class of persons;

(b) any premises or class of premises; or

(c) any equipment, apparatus or substance or class of equipment, apparatus or substance,"


Common Law thanks very much. Say NO to Statue crap.

Anonymous said...

Dr Sarah Burnett, service director and consultant musculoskeletal radiologist, St Mary's Hospital, London. Qualified in 1985 from Westminster Medical School, and trained in radiology at Barts. Since 1993 she has been a consultant radiologist at St Mary's Hospital, London and Imperial College, School of Medicine, London.


Anyone like to phone her to get a current 2010 dated statement from her about this Full Body Scanner stuff?

Anonymous said...

Completely useless. Doesn't detect anything up the butt like drug smugglers carry their wares.
Next plan is for them to shaft us. Literally.

Anonymous said...

Well - before the Wootton Bassett thing gets a topic of it's own - I'd like to kick off.....

I think the leather apron and suspenders crew in cahoots with the Fabian PC brigade will let it go ahead because it suits their need for crisis and focus - cue much shouting and so on, indignation, prejudice reinforcement and the jolly old village boobies, sorry bobbies pulled out of their nice, warm safety camera admin offices acting all proper and impartial like..... c'mon move along sir , nuffink to see here.

What would actually be nice to see is the town declaring it's own curfew - no TV, no police, nobody on the streets, no demonstrators and perhaps some ineffective roadblocks on all roads in - manned by locals each with a 20 foot high FUCK OFF sign - oh well, dream on.

It is telling that not one Labour cunt has been to pay respect - anywhere that I can recall......

I say this as a local yokel.......

Anonymous said...

Oh, and another thing - why are all the commentators being so fuckin prissy about the original bum bomber ?

That'd be a ball in the back of the net for the Islamoloons then ?

Big Jeff said...

Just have a tray of bacon butties at the check-in.

"have a sarnie"

"Inshallah, the prophet forbids-"

"Fuck off and walk"

Much cheaper.

Ron Broxted said...

The answer is of course to stop Muslims and their families travelling on flights with non Muslims. Fuck the complaints about the inconvenience suffered by them, and that they are innocent moderate Muslims, what about the inconvenience that has been caused to normal non suicidal western travellers, with having to get to the fucking airport three hours before take off, and then strip off and be patted down by some moron on the minimum wage.
While we are at it let's repatriate forcibly the relatives of these cunts who seek to blow us up, and seize their assets. That includes those born here who have dual nationality. There is nothing like a bit of peer pressure to bring home to these fanatical lunatics that enough is enough.

Newgates Knocker said...

I can't be sure, but I reckon once the body scanners are up and running, passengers profiling will be introduced, with the level of threat seen as being blonde, under thirty, with a 38DD chest.
The security staff will be so busy picking the jaws of the floor the terrorists will skip onto the plane unseen!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
And one or two sound like they've been reading too many David Icke fairy stories and/or BNP pamphlets.

3 January 2010 22:32



the sheep arrive to oppress free thinkers! said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
And one or two sound like they've been reading too many David Icke fairy stories and/or BNP pamphlets.

3 January 2010 22:32

disturbing isnt it, that not everyone is a brainwashed BBC state propaganda sheep like you!

Now do one you conformist brain dead goon.

righty right wing (mrs) said...

Happy New Year,

Profiling has the added desirable effect of concentrating the minds of the majority of "peaceful Muslims" (TM - BBC).

If we want this much vaunted yet strangely silent majority of "peaceful Muslims" (TM - BBC)to actually get pissed off with their co-religionists who believe the way to heaven is via rapid dis-assembly of all their major extremities then we should start profiling them & targetting them at every juncture in western civilised life.

Make life uncomfortable for all followers of Mohammed in the West - lets see who's side they are really on.

Lets face it. molly coddling them, telling htme its not their fault, giving them extra funding, giving them direct access to Cabinet Ministers, giving them preferential treatment over & above everyone welse has only made things worse, & made us look weak.

7th century intellectuals never admire compassion & pluralism - they see them as weaknessess to be exploited on route to the final victory.

Scumbags Out! said...

OH, can you ejaculate something controversial for us to bitch about, please? This one's getting boring.

strongholdbarricades said...

All this talk of profiling

It has been a written accepted policy of all wars down the ages to intern those people who might pose a threat

So during WWII lots of east european jews, Germans, Austrians and others were interned in camps in the UK

Even McMental has suggested that we are "at war" with the al-Q bunch, so what is the difference today

Earthlet Nigel said...

They are working along the lines of,"Someone keeps bringing dead birds into the house and it seems unfair to persistently blame the cat".

John B said...

I'm impressed by the fact that the 3rd comment (King of Wrong, 16:31) entirely destroyed the point, and nonetheless the frothing bigots have continued.

If airports were to say "no Muslims can travel", Islamist terrorists would lie that they weren't Muslims.

If airports were to say "no people with Muslim names can travel", Islamist terrorists would get fake passports in the names of Christians, Sikh and Hindus (in OH's original tableau, the middle-row-right chap is the only one who's unlikely by appearance to be a Christian, Sikh or Hindu).

If airports were to say "no brown, black, or suntanned-looking (bottom-row-left chap could easily be Greek, Israeli or Sicilian) people can travel", then mightn't that be a teensy weensy little bit problematic...?

*Behavioural* profiling, on the other hand, makes sense, doesn't incur any PC objections from anyone, is happening, and is what busted the UK liquid bomb plot before it got anywhere near a plane. Only the imaginary liberal demons in crazy people's heads are opposed to it.

Anonymous said...

"*Behavioural* profiling, on the other hand, makes sense"

You mean you're going to perform a full cavity search on anyone who isn't pissed off as hell at this 'security' garbage? Because the Islamic nutter suicide bombers are going to be walking through the airport with a big smile on their face thinking about all those wonderful things they're about to do to those 72 virgins they're getting in a few hours.

Ultimately there are almost no actual terrorists willing to blow themselves up on a plane, so 99.999999% of those 'profiled' will be perfectly ordinary folks who just want to get on bloody public transport and fly somewhere. And the more 'security' you impose, the more those people choose to stay at home until the airlines go bust.

As for the 'if you stop crazed-looking twenty-something Muslim men flying then they'll just get old grannies to carry bombs', get real. The vast majority of that tiny number of real loony suicide bombers are young Muslim men, and if the Islamic nutters have to find another source for walking bombs then that will dramatically shrink their already small pool of religion-addled retards.

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