Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Revenue Collectors

"Right, start over there. Empty their wallets"

No surprises in spotting that the revenue collectors (I refuse to call them a Police Force) are upping the instant "fines" for not behaving "normally".

It is outrage enough that the law allows them to be judge, jury and executioner but now the system has been accepted by the proles, it's time to stick another £15 on the tax. To pay for the victims of crime. You really could not make this shit up.

1. You do not even have to speak to a PCSO. He cannot hinder you as you go about your lawful business. He cannot demand ID. He cannot search you. Tell him to politely to mind his own business unless he can prove you are committing a crime, in which case he should notify a Police Officer immediately. If he believes you to be committing a crime, you wish to see the evidence of his belief. Immediately. Record his every word. Then always demand a trial by Jury. It is your right.

If you don't, it will not be long before they really are marching you to cash points or asking for a small "token" before you are allowed to lawfully pass.



strongholdbarricades said...

Well, it won't be these handing out the tickets unless it's from the safety of their cars or offices

I don't see these being able to run and catch a felon

Almost on a par with "you never see a fat postie"

bofl said...

amazing that they didnt arrest her instead of sucking up..........

£120,000+ stolen.........

sily me-i forgot they are totally corrupt.

The beast of clerkenwell said...

A fat lesbian dwarf, a black midget, two pakis and no doubt a queen escorting a school dinner lady, thats what polices your country.
"Police please help me"
Id rather do it myself

Mitch said...

Thats just part of the protection she will need when she again becomes one of the "little" people.

Anonymous said...

it goes to no fucking victims

When the drugged up pisshead decided to use my head as a punch bag and my leg as a football - shattering my ankle and leg, permantly fucking them both - what did I get??

I lost over £5000 in wages alone in the time in plaster, then my job had been given to someone else while I was off - so nothing to go back to.

what did I get?? £1000 - to be paid by him at 60 quid a month, he also got a 2 year suspended fucking sentence!

makes me wanna take the 60 quid and pay the smackheads in town to do me a favour on him.

Fucking 'victim surcharge' my fucking arse

Anonymous said...

PS, I'm not bitter, honest

Gobshite said...

I've only one thing to say to Jackie if she knocks my door:

'Tits or GTFO!'

If she does not leave:


followed by

'Get the fuck out!'

Can also be used to other government officials.

And as a defence in criminal court.

Gobshite said...

And I would love to fire that midget out of a cannon.

Anonymous said...

Labour has utterly destroyed the Police Forces of the UK with its political meddling and its target driven, gender, lower height and ethically targeting recruiting. Government deems that women Police officers on the streets along with PCSO’s are as good as a 6ft 1” burly copper at kicking time of pubs and clubs, when clearly they are not.
The yobs are not afraid of a PCSO, a WPC, or a midget sized copper, so no wonder the yobs hold them in such contempt
I seem to remember that many white males in good physical shape, over 6ft and perfect candidates for the job as Police Officers were not even interviewed by one force as the Force to fill up their ranks with more women and people from non white ethnic groups to fulfil government quotas. No talk of sexist or racial discrimination was made by the civil liberties groups, so they wonder why the Police are becoming so ineffective?

Anonymous said...


Too right. And the jumped-up cunt can't get her advisers or her pathetic gay-porn watching shit Timney to filter the news. Jacqui Smith will have to read just how much she is hated.

I really, really hope that she doesn't do what Fiona Jones did - dying slowly before her family. I would prefer that Smith dies alone while her husband enjoys a special interest movie just as it reaches the money shot.

Rogerborg said...

Seeing all those "Police" reminds me to get a Freedom Warden Hi-Vis. From only £20.45 or best offer on eBay.

El-Kevo said...

Take a look at that picture you've posted.

That is a joke police 'force' is it not ? I've seen more convincing displays of authority with the Diddy Men.

418 said...

The revenue collectors: value for your money?

Re Escaped criminal taunts police on Facebook as he enjoys Christmas on the run

"Yes this guy does appear to be pondlife but what exactly does that make the Police? It takes someone like this to show how completely useless the Police really are, totally reliant on mostly illegal databases without a single clue where to start they appeal to the public most of whom wouldn't give them the time of day. This is a situation the Police have created with over zealous heavy handed Policing in a country where just about everything constitutes an offence.

I have absolutely no time for the Police because I have quite simply seen a little too much. Before anyone starts judging me I don't have a criminal record and my IQ is 135.
- Lawrence, London London, 01/1/2010 00:24"

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Looks like a scene from 'Zulu'.

Ron Broxted said...

I was cottaging the other evening and was in a cubicle with a punter. I had adopted the normal practice of standing in a carrier bag so any nosey fucker looking under the door would only see one pair of feet. Much to my surprise tow PCSO's suddenly appeared looking over the partition wall. Shit I thought captured again. Just as I took the punters giggle pin out my face the twoo PCSO's asked if they could join in!!!!! Well bugger me aren't our police wonderful?

Anonymous said...

During the last "Progressive Age" which turned the corner from the 19th to the 20th century, finding "progressives" fully in charge, resulted in Hollywood putting out the idea of the Keystone Cops - laughable incompetent ineffective corruptible buffoons, all of them. Perhaps today is just returning in history to that same spot 100 years earlier when the world was made ready for the big revolution that occurred, the one resulting in USSR, this time ours to be EUSSR - all these signs and indications becoming so apparent, like with the police as well as the bans, bullying, domestic spying by government on citizens, loss of liberties, and so on - just more of the same, the writing on the wall so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Cunts all of them, particularly that fat, failed, ex-cookery teacher with the 'assistant' we pay £40K to p.a. to watch gay porn. Mind you, looking at Fat Jacky you can see why it would be gay porn.

Newgates Knocker said...

What! No one in wheelchair, and not a guidedog in sight. Definately not diverse enough for Harriet.

banned said...

Just you wait until they give PCSOs and council Civic Enforcement Officers powers over 'Traffic' (which the police are no longer interested in), they will spend their days engaging with the community by examing parked cars for supposed faults and slapping fines on them in your absence (inc victim Support surcharge). Two or three a day will cover their salaries, any more would be a tax bonus.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Lawrence from London London (so shite they named it twice I suppose)is a thick goody-goody cunt.

Hasn't even got the nous to get caught doing something wrong and sweet-talk the judge into suspending the sentence. Even fkn chavs can manage that.

I do have a criminal record and my IQ is 164 (according to Mensa).

Believe me - IQ means jaque schitt. I orter no.

Anonymous said...

I loathe the noddy copper PCSO's, I truly do. And my opinion of the Police in general is not much higher. But please, please, stop with the nut case FotL crap/advice: someone reading your blog is going to take your advice at face value and end up in a world of shit, with hairy-arse uniformed thugs applying pain and shutting them away in the land of stripey sunshine for a little while - at best. eg, saying that you can ignore a PCSO is not true. They only have to claim that they "suspect" you of behaving in an anti-social manner to trigger, by virtue of Paragraph 3 of Schedule 4 to the Police Reform Act 2002 (as amended by paragraph 3(10) of Schedule 8 to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, the power to demand your name and address. And we all know - and check youtube for evidence if you think I'm exaggerating - that failing to humour the noddy cops leads to them calling in the wrath of the regular filth on your arse. You immediately fail the "attitude test" and a night in chokey is your "reward".

Some serious reality checks are needed around here. I'm hoping you've just overdone the Christmas "cheer" a little, and will cease this FotL nonsense before it drags you - and impressionable readers - into shit creek.

Anonymous said...

In parts of London the "police" could not act as their superiors told them they could not touch the darkie-warkies who were protesting the injustice of Hadrian or they would be done for assault!

Thye could arrest Emma West because of something seen on youtube but could not arrest a muslim man because youtube videos are not allowed as evidence.

Well isn't that sexist so I will expect Harriet Harman to deal with this matter.

Nothing annoys her more than sexism.

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