Sunday, 24 January 2010

Penalty charges, Freemen and negotiation

As a quick update to my Freeman status, I thought I'd publish a rather interresting development from a fellow freeman on the land in Bournemouth.

He's been issued a parking fine by Bournemouth Council, who in turn are a private corporation run for profit. Do they have a contract with the Freeman? Of course not. so up until now, he's just been sending the demands back to them. No contract, no deal.

Then he opened one up. Guess what? They want to negotiate and find a way for him to pay that fits his "ethos" as a freeman. Not paying is "undemocratic" apparently. Unfortunately, negotiating means that he would recognise the fine as lawful, so it went straight back again.

More at TPUC

Meanwhile, I am now "officially under investigation by the BBC" for non payment of licence fees". I have informed them that they are officially under investigation for being wankers and taking EU money to promote EU values - against their royal charter, no less. And if I find them on my property, I will treat them as hostile to my family and property. And so will the dog.


Anonymous said...

yadda yadda yadda...some people might say you are a bit of a nutter coming out with all this FREEMAN stuff & talking bout how the BrownBlairCameron is a front to support the EU. You want to be a bit careful hintin at what your dog might do.
YOUR MATE Guthrum might have you locked up without trial!

Looking for a voice? Looking for a copper to lock up all the nutters more like!

If you don' like statist media & refuse to pay for it why then have a statist man writing on YOUR BLOG?

CHeck out his post on Munir Hussein on "Looking for a Voice" See what he arguing for in the comments. You let some shit slide on your watch & then cuss the BrownBlairCameron for doing the same. At least they provide football highlights!

Anonymous said...

So all of that freeman stuff might work OH. Great Keep it up the cunts want a fight give it to them.

Anonymous said...

OH, you can just about read the name and address details for this person on the scan of the envelope. The barcodes printed on the envelope by Royal Mail also include the postcode.

Joe Public said...

A cricket bat is a useful accessory against intruders.

John R said...

Despite spending some time trying to understand this on a couple of websites, I've never put much store by the whole "Freeman" idea. It's always seemed to be deep into "tin foil hat" territory.

Are the council really moving on this? Looks more like they're just trying to talk your language. I reckon whatever they say they'll still hit you with the penalty and also the late payment charges with court to follow if you keep this up long enough.

I look forward to the next episode.

Anonymous said...

The Pentagon produced a 68 page report on the Fort Hood shootings.
The words islam,muslim,koran and jihad failed to appear. Not even once. We are seriously fucked. Go Geert go!

microdave said...

You might want to check this out:

JJ said...

Like it OH, haven't paid my TV licence in years...nor do I intend to.

I Am Sleepy. said...

Wait for fake Ron to turn up with a C&P from the Independent. "McEgans" Mum to call you a loser is an insult - to losers. Now fuck off back to Eaton Socon library and wank off over Private Eye you Ras Clart.

Marchamont Needham said...

Did the freeman have a contract to drive on the road he parked on, or was he freeloading?

just asking.

eris said...

I wonder just which 'democratic world' this council employee is imagining he or anyone else lives in.

Old Holborn said...

Driving refers to a commercial activity, as in cattle to market.

Do cyclists drive? Do they pay?

Is the queens horse and carriage taxed and insured? Does a horse and cart need a licence? Or a boat?

Stop "driving". The right to travel is unalienable. So start "travelling"

Hat tip to "travellors".

Marchamont Needham said...

So would a freeman have car insurance - because you can't get that without paying road tax?

And if you pay road tax, is that not a contract binding you to obey the laws regarding road usage including parking restrictions?

And of course, the historic right to use roads came with a historic obligation to maintain them - so will we see our freemen out there mending the potholes?

Anonymous said...

Marchamont Needham said...

And of course, the historic right to use roads came with a historic obligation to maintain them - so will we see our freemen out there mending the potholes?

You will be lucky to see anybody out there mending fucking potholes?

418 said...

Did you know that BBC America carries commercials?

Anonymous said...

BBC/TVL: write to them and withdraw their implied right of access. (Google this phrase to learn more). The detector vans are a myth, so TVL will be reduced to applying for a search warrant if they want to bust you. This they do not care for as it costs time and money.

TVL is essentially a sales operation and the doorstep goons get a commission (£18) for every licence they can terrorize their victims into buying.

The BBC has been inundated with such withdrawals since the info became common knowledge a couple of years ago; they have even had to set up a special unit.

Composed as it is of cowards and bullies, the BBC does not prosecute high-profile refuseniks like Noel Edmunds, Charles Moore, or the admirable and excellent Vladimir Bukovsky, whose campaign all would do well to study.

wv: endsni :0)

For the licence fee, yes it is!

the court of (public) contempt said...

dear holborn

great entertainment, great stunt, great stuff. damn it man, if this idea catches on you'll be hero, if it doesn't, you'll be banged-up in the scrubs refusing to recognise the four walls of your cell. wizard prang, old chap.

dear aunty, i do not own a television set, fuck off said...


bbc2 21.00hrs the great rift.

worth a goggle, if you like wildlife 'an all that.

the court of (public) contempt said...


or dear, i think i meant 'wizard wheeze'. sorry old boy, you know, sodding freudian slipknots, never could tie 'em. just out of curiousity, are you a raving great attention-seeking exhibitionist poofter, holbers?

white van man said...


i really don't know about holborn's recreational activities, mr court of (public opinion), but his feud with paul staines is definitely a stunt designed to increase traffick on guido fawkes. i'll punch the cunt if i get stuck in another jam.

spark up said...


old ho, why do you insist upon deleting every one of my posts which exposes those for whom you work?

trathed said...

Marchamont Needlham said: "And if you pay road tax, is that not a contract binding you to obey the laws regarding road usage including parking restrictions?"

Vehicle Excise Duty is not a contract with Weymouth and Portland BC it is a contract with the DVLA (Department for Transport). In this Freeman's case the Council has no contract with said Freeman therefore their penalty notice has no standing. Or so the theory goes.

Many public services are free at the point of use and no checks are made to determine whether you are legally entitled to use them before you do. If councils, departments and whoever else want to prevent freeloading they need to change, not the freemen.

The argument from W&PBC that there would be anarchy if everyone did as freemen do is, of course, bollocks. There would still be plenty of rules but they would be offered and accepted for the benefit of both parties not one. Councils are offering such bad terms that they need to strongarm people to buy into it their product and the contract has *no* penalty clauses to protect the interests of customers. You don't buy *anything else* in this way.

There is no need to mash the English language and talk of legal fictions, strawmen, standing under things and contracts. Simply put; things like Council Tax and a Policeman reading your rights are contracts - the former is an offer for services in return for money (though no guarantees on delivery!), the latter a verbal agreement allowing you the right to silence, legal representation, etc in return for compliance and accepting the authority of that Police force. You do not have to accept their terms. You can refuse them. You can negotiate.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I was hoping that you had forgotten about this by now OH.

Oh well, forward and on to Her Majesty's pleasure...

Swindon Alan

Old Holborn said...

Spark up

I have never deleted a post in my life

spark up said...


oh yes you did.

Anonymous said...

Post it again Sparkup, I'm desparate to know who OH and Guido are working for. Who is the secret paymaster behind the curtain? Is it MI5? Mossad? David Cameron? Ron Broxted? Derek Draper?

her majesty's pleasure facility said...


holborn wants to enter me bad.

spark up said...


well, paul staines is a dirty rotten cia slag, there's no problem posting that piece of common knowledge - it's when i try to dish the dirt on old ho that i run into difficulties. i do keep trying...but always get blanked.

Anonymous said...

have car insurance - because you can't get that without paying road tax?" Oops arse about face you can't get road fund license without a valid third party at least insurance document. What some crafty fuckers do is pay by cheque get the tax disc then cancel the cheque but the thick fukers forget about number plate recognition systems.

bofl said...

for all of you that love being fucked up the arse by brown,blair,darling,mandy,the police,the quangos,local councils etc:
A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

A billion hours ago our ancestors were
Living in the Stone Age.

A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.

A billion Pounds ago was only
13 hours and 12 minutes,
At the rate our government
Is spending it.

Building Permit Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Income Tax

Vat Tax
Unemployment Tax
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Petrol/Diesel Tax
Hunting License Tax Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
(tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Tax
Marriage License Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service charge taxes
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Tax
Local Tax
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Workers Compensation Tax
Court fees


richard said...

i wouldn't set the dog on the tv man, it'll get put down. Re: driving - if the vehicle is registered, you're in commerce and have to produce documents, etc if stopped.
Bofl, the "domestic violence tax" - added to a fine in court -the "prove you aren't bad" tax for childminders, theres another for airport workers.

Billy The Fish said...

Tired of people on here having a pop at OH...

Ok, so you smirk at his mask and the amusing way he chooses to rail against authority, but what the fuck are YOU doing?

OH has chosen to say 'no' and back his POV up with a bit of passive action. It may be fruitless posturing, but it's more than you or I - safe in our 9 - 5 lives - will ever have the 'taters to do.

As an employee of the state (hating it silently from the inside but needing the payslip) , I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your one-man crusade, OH.

For everyone sanctimonious twat on here giving you verbal, there's half a dozen backing you up - and for every half a dozen of them, there's twenty or more of us with you in spirit.

Vaya con Dios, fella...

cashflap said...


not to mention the toll-booth the mrs has erected at the entrance to her pussy.

J Demetriou said...

So valiant.

Some half mad prick trying to get out of paying a ticket.

Wow. If only we could all do this, life would be so amazing, we'd all be free and everything would be...

Oh, right, yeah that's it...we wouldn't be free at all would we? We'd simply have to pay private owners money to park in their spots under contract. Either that, or parking would be a chaotic free-for-all.

Either way, your victory isn't even Pyrrhic in nature. It's just fucking pathetic.

Nice to see you keep such grand company though. You must be a hoot in the pub.

I bet you're the kind of cunt who skanks rounds and blags pints off mates.

Antipholus Papps said...

On the contrary, OH bought an unprompted round for everyone who went to the pub after taking photos outside New Scotland Yard last Feb. Only met the bloke once, and I managed to blag a free pint! :D

J Demetriou said...

Lovely stuff. I wonder whether he put it on his expenses.

Road_Hog said...

"Anonymous 00:29 said...

have car insurance - because you can't get that without paying road tax?" Oops arse about face you can't get road fund license without a valid third party at least insurance" Of course that would be licence not license.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know who wrote on that fucking envelope in the opening piece - was it Gordon felt tip one eyed Brown?

You can tell a lot from handwriting. The author is either a genius or a fucking mong.

I don't think he's a genius somehow.

Ejerkayshun, ejerkayshi-ern, eddy-yer-cayshun.

Whenever I see scrawled script such as that, it's usually on a cardboard placard warning me about Martians eating our brains or requests for 'ten pee for a cuppa tea guv'

Uncle Marvo said...

Word to the wise (eg OH):

Be careful about what you say, such as "Private Corporation, run for profit", the words of Chippy Harris, well known for talking cock. I'm all for freemanism but I'm also all for getting facts right, otherwise the below-mentioned will win:

Word to the unwise, (eg Demetriou, Spark and the odd anonymous):

If you're going to argue, buy a dictionary and do some research; I would suggest English as a Foreign Language as a good start.

Guthrum said...

The 'anon' first post is my new friendly neighbourhood stalker, who is slowly losing his mind and does not realise that everytime he posts on my blog it gets recorded and his PC ID listed, so he is starting here as well.

He does not think in straight lines.

Guthrum said...

Lovely stuff. I wonder whether he put it on his expenses.

JD- having a thing about 'businessmen' again, starting to think he would prefer everybody to be employees or state functionaries

Uncle Marvo said...

May I add further bad news?

I must.

If you chuck these things in the bin, they then resort to the "offer" paradigm. Always. It has nothing to do with "fit his ethos as a freeman", honest.

I can also reveal (having done this many, many times) that if you continue to throw these in the bin, then they do one of two things:

1. Forget it.
2. Pursue it, to the death, resulting in a huge fine.

If (2), the process then starts again, ad infinitum, and eventually it is either forgotten, or men come.

They, like any other debtor, will eventually sell the "debt" off, and eventually it will become too cheap to follow, and will go away.

In very rare circumstances, it can get ugly. Best, then, to move somewhere else, and not tell them.

The above is all fact and I can prove it to you if you want me to.

Peace, love, ale etc


Old Holborn said...

You don't need car insurance

Not one BT van or Post Office van is insured.

All you need is a bond proving you have enough money to pay for your liabilities.

Ask a policeman.

Anonymous said...

In OH's world, being patronised by a council paper-pusher who clearly thinks you're insane but doesn't want to do the insanity-related paperwork = GREAT VICTORY AND POPULAR REVOLUTION!

Uncle Marvo said...


I've asked a policeman.

He says it's cock.

Do you have a reference? The BigCo that I do some work for doesn't insure its fleet except for 3rd party, because they reckon that paying the accident repairs themselves is cheaper than the premium. But they still have TPFT cover.

In the USA what you say is true.

I seek the truth.

Guthrum said...

All you need is a bond proving you have enough money to pay for your liabilities.

The Plc I used to work for used to do this, I suspect now that you can be fined for not declaring you have a taxable vehicle off the road on your own property, they have gone for third party only

microdave said...

"Not one BT van is insured."

That was certainly the case when I worked for them, many years ago. How it stands now with privatisation and the sub division into many different companies, I don't know.

Marchamont Needham said...

"All you need is a bond proving you have enough money to pay for your liabilities."

Which would be many many millions of pounds. I suppose if all you freemen got together you could create an insurance mutual, but otherwise you need insurance.

And to the pedant who corrected me - I should have said "any insurance you have is invalid if your vehicle is not taxed and tested".

I wish I'd never raised the point - so totally off topic here's a little list that proves what thieves the 646 have always been

McEgan's Mummy said...


Compared to these guys, I'm afraid you are just pissing in the wind with your silly costumes and sixth-form pranks.

Thank the BNP

Fucking A !!!

bofl said...

i find it really amazing that so many piss takers on here are so conditioned.

do you really enjoy being fucked up the arse by brown,blair,mandy etc?

i wouldnt trust any of them with a knife and fork let alone running the country!

is the system so great? where every fuckwit can waste the money that you have had to work for? yes,the money you paid in tax? feel good working your nuts off for these hoons to piss away on propaganda or 'aid' or the killing fields of the middle east?or paying for brown to paint his toilet or mandys £20,000 watch?

feels good doesn't it when mps buy multiple homes and you are stuck with a large mortgage on your chicken shed in some shithole where you can't go out at night?

feels good when the kids come home from school after a day of indoctrination and they now believe that dad is a paedo and all white people are evil and when they leave school they will never find a job?

even tescos will be out soon as they are putting in self service checkouts everywhere.

open your eyes!

and like i said before,you may not agree with what o/h does but he is doing something! either do likewise or suggest some of your own ideas...

i went to the smoke for a stroll on nov. 5th.i didn't feel too well and it cost me a fortune.......

however it was interesting to meet other people and it was fun even with a plod car following us.....

so organise something mensa members!

(let's see how you get on)?

Anonymous said...

Cue: silence

bofl said...

anon 13.06

so you love the status quo then?

Anonymous said...

Calm down bofl, I was having a go at all the armchair warriors who keep spitting out their collective dummy whenever OH gets out and about... but never seem to summon the courage to do (or even fucking suggest) anything of their own.

bofl said...

anon 13.22........

it's easy to misconstrue posts on the web.......apologies

Wearysider said...

I couldn't help but notice they refer to the PCN repeatedly as a 'FINE' legally I believe a PCN is called a Penalty Charge Notice because if it were a fine you would have the right to be heard in court (as stipulated in the bill of rights regarding fines and forfeits).

Just a thought.

Ron Broxted said...

British political prisoners. Lewis Pogson or just another fucking nutter?

Only three years for freeing some virus infected bunny rabbits from vivisection? I think he should have been locked up for life, compare and contrast this to say an £80 fixed penalty fine for shoplifting essential groceries like Export lager or pies, or a £250 fine for belonging to the BNP and demonstrating in Luton, Is there an agenda within British "justice"? Certainly,bunny rabbits are far more important to protect the masses from life threatening deceases. The stupid bunny loving cunt Lewis is starting his sentence in Lincoln. Messages telling him what an irresponsible stupid cunt he is can be sent to him at the address below.
Lewis Pogson, A6454AK,
H.M.P Lincoln,
106, Greetwell Road,
Lincoln, LN2, 4BD, England.
Finally, when will the British public awaken to the fact that animal rights activists are a bunch of fucking loonies like reclaim the streets and anti BNP groups, "the greatest domestic threat"? M.I.5 stated this last year were stupid fucking environmental groups being the most dangerous. For once you have not been lied to by your masters, it is now time to effect change, demand that all ALF prisoners are given at least ten years and used for medical experiments.

SO17 said...

Yes I should have been clearer.
Your question was,
"What is the point?" in reference to OH and his protests.
I used Einstein as an example of critical mass.
The smaller the social group the less likely an Einstein would be produced.
Put another way the more 'Monkeys' who tap away on computers the more likely an outcome could be reached.
Look at Enviromentalism.
Started out as a fringe single issue with more than enough nutjobs to hold it back but no,
it gained a critical mass of support and is one of the most powerfull drivers in politics today.
In turn,thanks to a fringe group of scientists (Monkeys)banging away at keyboards and a growing critical mass of support. Enviromentalism may well be consigned to the dustbin.
OH is not a Messiah but what he does may inspire others.
I was doing my own thing already to fight bollocks on a local level.
Since getting online recently and to find I am not alone, IS inspiring.
Thats "the point".

Uncle Marvo said...

What he said.

However, having taken the time to read the OH thing a bit more thoroughly, I find that not only am I talking out of my arse, but that I spot something which REALLY gets my back up. It's on the reverse of the letter.

"This letter will be taken to have been served on the second working day after the date of posting (see date of this letter) unless you can show that it was not."

There is only one possible answer to that, and it ends with "off". HTF can you show that something ISN'T? FFS, Richard Dawkins would be out of business, they would have saved billions on the Large Hardon Collider, and what about the poor old Bishops?

bofl said...

by the way.i loved the earlier post about 'parking chaos'.........

do you seriously think that yellow lines are put in to help us that drive?>

IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!

it is all done to raise money.........for the govt and councils to spunk!

how fucking indoctrinated are you?
ever been to india or thailand?

as far as i could make out people park where they bloody well want.....yet everyone still gets to work or the beach......

rules for this,rules for that-it is all about fleecing us and being grateful for it!!!!!!

think about it.........
the powers that be get in the 'help' us they put in traffic lights (about £250,000 for each junction)..........

ever noticed that when the lights dont work people use a bit of common sense and still get through???????

its all designed to make you stupid and apathetic while they steal our you really think a one eyed closet failed teacher/tv producer(ever seen one of the alleged programmes) knows anything?

or his fellow weirdos?

ffs! we need to throw off all the men.accept responsibility and dont allow ourselves to be pushed around by kuntz who could never have an original thought in their lives or hold down a job on civvy strasse!

Fuck the Licence Fee said...

Quite right of you not to pay the licence fee, OH! I haven't paid it in years for two very good reasons: firstly I find the BBC's output to be morally reprehensible and unsupportable, secondly because I gave up watching all of their SHITE back in 2005 and feel a damn sight better for having done so. It was mostly bilge, anyway and not worth even a fiver a year. They send me a letter every so often and it goes straight in the bin. End of.
A note to anyone still paying telly tax: you are supporting an organisation which poison's children's minds. The fucked up society we have today is in no small measure the result of BBC programming and the negative and antisocial undertones the Corporation spews out from every orifice. I hope you can live with yourselves, fools.

LabourReallyAreVeryEvil said...

People who watch TV get dull minds.

Has anyone done any research into whether:-

1. the BBC insert subliminal messages into their progammes?

2. whether any of the BBC's news programmes create a slightly hynotic effect - to allow the propaganda to be assimilated uncritically?

Just asking

Catflap said...

Subliminal messages,I should fucking say so.
Every week some white middle class bloke is forcing his missus to have/not have a baby while secretly smacking her around,meanwhile the black/Muslim patient is the font of all fucking wisdom who respects women and don't smack em round but gets shit off the dumb overzealous white cops who are put in their place by a student nurse.
Albert Square in an 80s timewarp where 'Skinheads'still live mugging people '?' and being nasty to the only gay in the village plus 'Life on Mars'style cops being cunts to honest villains like wot dont fucking exist anymore.
Thats just for starts.

Fuck the BBC said...

Good point. Subliminal messaging is a powerful tool and one I strongly suspect broadcasters are unable to resist using. If you do a trawl on Youtube on the subject it throws up some very scary stuff indeed. Take a look and you'll be amazed.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, OH, have you affirmed your Freeman status by taking a shit in public somewhere within the bounds of the City of London yet? I'd suggest the foyer of Bishopsgate police station or failing that, Snow Hill. Be sure to post the video as proof!

LabourReallyAreVeryEvil said...

Answer: reclaim broadcasting from the Left. No-one bloody elected them.

By their drip drip drip brainwashing of millions and millions of viewers, these are the people who are enabling the bastards still to get 31% in the polls.

Only very few can see what is going on. No chance democracy if the Left keep control of broadcasting. We are going down fast.

You are a cunt! said...

Fake Ron/Faux MacEgan Welcome to Peterborough, punked! High I.Q? Silly cunt you never turned off your I.P addy. Bali? Bali is not in Peterborough. Does the library give you a key to sit in out of the rain you dole sponging cunt? Alamo is the laughing stock of MyT. Fnnr fnnr! How is Hopalong Heffron?

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

"Spark up" is a total knob toucher, deluded and moth eaten.
Remember me? (+:

Rogerborg said...

@OH: Meanwhile, I am now "officially under investigation by the BBC" for non payment of licence fees".

Was there a problem uploading the image of the demand letter with your NTRTS crayon-scrawl on it? I ask because surely you'll be documenting your heroic crusade, lest anyone accuse you of being full of it.

Rogerborg said...

Sorry, that should have been NCRTS (No Contract Return To Sender). I have trouble keeping on top of your rich lexicon of catechisms and dogma.

Anonymous said...

bofl, you really should calm down. Stop calling everybody who doesn't agree with all of this Freeman woo a cunt. Understand that there are a lot of people who want freedom and non-agression and no state and understand a lot about out society but think that this approach won't work.

You make the rest of us sound positively sane.

Thanks and kisses.

Swindon Alan

desperate dave clammy said...

He does not think in straight lines.

oh goodoh! this is turning into a benders beano!

write method vs rizla method said...


right on uncle. during the poll tax revolution of 1990, my mate bunned every demand, and after a couple of years they eventually sent him a bill for the outstanding sum of zero pence. a few years later, i also rebelled over tax, and responded to all her majesty's income tax impositions with a flat refusal to pay, on moral grounds - i was duly made bankrupt, a process helpfully cleared all my tax debts. amount due £0.00. for some reason, i was never arrested - this may have been because i appealed to the european court of human rights. i applied to have my case struck out on the grounds that the court did not constitute a 'fair and impartial' tribunal (the court itself being funded from compulsory taxation). ultimately, my case was proven, neither her majesty's law court, nor the european court of human rights can be considered a 'fair and impartial tribunal'. my historic appeal to strasbourg? they binned it.

write van man (brings home the bacon) said...


bt also pay millions each year in parking fines. you have a clear-cut choice: either pay-up immediately, or shoot the traffic warden and surprise the wife and kids with cop au vin.

write van man (currently serving 10 years for actuarial bodily harm) said...


if anyone so much as scratches my baby, i beat the cunt to death with a copy of exchange 'n mart then torch his motor. word soon gets around. third parties? fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

Of course that would be licence not license.Road Hof of course a spelling mistake how did you sleep?
Is this OK? Now fuck off get a life and then die in agony, cunt.

write van man (godfather) said...


spot-on mate. agree with that entirely mate. except i live in a black area and the kids come home from school thinking that all black people are evil. which is a bit of a cunt coz now i don't know whether to smash obama's evil white face in or kick his evil black arse. i think it's all to do with something called positive discrimination. i'll tell you what's fucking evil: school dinner prices. so i'm going to get elected onto the board of governors and rationalize things. basically i'm going to sack the dinnerladies and if the kids get the munchies they can rip a limb off any pro-darwinist teacher and chuck it on the barbie. kills two cunts with one piece of intelligent design. you know what, becoming a dad has really given my life fucking purpose.

ratpastie said...


even tescos will be out soon as they are putting in self service checkouts everywhere.

if they don't pass on to the customer the savings made from staff-reductions and continue to give short-change on quality, yes. greedy fuckers.

write van man (arsehole liquidation front) said...


it is now time to effect change, demand that all ALF prisoners are given at least ten years and used for medical experiments.

you soft twat. how about taking them on a trip to woburn safari park and feeding the cunts to a pack of free-range fucking lions?

delbert groinstrain said...


i am certain that einstein would be most insulted by your inference that his parents were monkeys - einstein's parents were clever monkeys (like the ones who got it on to start the human race) and his birth was no accident, unlike yours. old holborn's idea of cleverly and mischievously sticking-it to the sick superannuated psychotic state is the most important thing. the point is the point. without a valid point, it matters not how many people support you, you will never achieve anything, save incite people to preserve auchwitz. the truth is, if you leave two monkeys in a room together for long enough, they will commence a frenzied dialectic on the dimensions and largesse of their mothers' pussys. old holborn is right to conceal his identity, as the resulting cult of complete cuntism would inevitably detract from the central idea - indeed, if he should ever reveal himself, i will publicly disown him - better to be called a racist than a politician. old holborn is full-set on choreographing himself into an arrest for verbal vandalism - as such a fuckery would validate his idea and fertilize its reality. currently his idea is akin to a skunkweed-seed, which one is permitted to possess, but not to germinate. i, for one, will be doing my duty, as a citizen of this bastard blog, and be turning cyberspace blue in the fervent hope of getting the stupid cunt nicked. i'll slip a condom on nelson's column, you go feed the pigeons, ducky.

wacka macka said...


wow, i never thought of that. been wondering what to do with my retirement. thanks pal.

ketamine kate said...


fuck off staines, much as i hate the bb bloody c, it can't be as soporific as the inanely dull voice-over on a guidogram news video. enough to send an emotionally sterilized accountant bounding off beachy head.

spark up said...


no, not unless you've got big tits.

Free Insurance Quotes said...

That kinda sucks.

Another Freeman said...

I tried this in county court recently, I presented the Circuit Judge and two Magistrates with 6 DVD's I'd compiled of research on everything from Thermite at the WTC to Treason, 10 hrs worth in total.

My defence was that as Westminster was nought but a treasonous cabal of corrupt, mass murdering kiddy fiddling War Criminal psychopaths, I didn't feel I should support them.

The Judge and two Magistrates didn't agree and hit me with a £700 fine.

They ruled all my evidence innadmissable, and said I needed to call expert witnesses to support my claims.

So I wrote back and said since he must know the Law, then he can be my witness with regards to the Act of Treason with regards to the EU.

All three said in court that no treason had occured.

Looks to me like Misprision of Treason, ( failure to act on evidence of treason )

Misprision of a Felony ( my evidence included interviews with Prof Neils Harrit, Dr Stephen Jones, Richard Gage etc.

Misprision of Felony and mass murder ( many hundreds of people have been killed by this deliberately released hox )

And the Kiddy fiddling, I take it we are all familiar with the recent revealation that the EU has suggested that fathers should massage their baby daughters Clitoris...

I send him emails from Military Intel, himself a Former Judge and QC ( Shrimpton ) confirming that H1N1 was a Bioweapon, confirmed by staff at CDC and Porton Down.

He ruled it all innadmissable, so now he thinks he's a Professor of Chemistry, BioChemistry, etc.

Worse yet, to my knowledfge, the dopey cunts havent even passed the info on to the Police..
Even if it was all bollocks the fact that it has testimony from the likes of Professors, Mil Intel etc.
He ought to have passed the info on.

On top of all that, he fines me, IE steals from me, because it wasn't a court, it was a private company £700.

Stupid cunts are probasbly thinking I was being a smart arse and just trying it on.

If he'd done his research he would know that in the past I've taken on a law firm, a senior London Barrister, Two Endocrinologists, A professor of medecine ( still ongoing that one ) A mortgage company.

Oh and the BBC now obviously who I hope to defeat at my appeal that they are obviously not going to expect.

I'll let you know what happens, unless I end up in the woods of course.

Blogging will not be enough, to take this country back, and some of us will fall.

IT's an Illusion parts 1-9
It's an illusion

Oh yes, and he denied me a Jury with whom I wished to present my evidence.

Last time I waived my appearance fee too, I wont be so generous at my appeal.

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