Friday, 15 January 2010

Man Made Earthquake Warming

Yup. Just like any organised religious statement, the recent devastation in Haiti is apparently due to:
“What happened in Haiti could happen to anywhere in the Caribbean because all these island nations are in peril because of global warming.”

“When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I’m saying? We have to act now!”

(translation. Give us money, white people. Lots of it. God said so. Or something)

If you want to help the Hiatians rebuild their country, buy their coffee. Demand it in Starbucks, demand it in Waitrose and demand it in Asda. Do not give any money to any fake charities or any governments. They will only spend it on windmills, tofu or uniforms. Just buy their coffee. It's actually very good.


wedby said...

and thought only the midget police woman story would piss me off today

they can stick their 'green taxes' up their fucking arses

Spartan said...

FFS ... what next? Glover should stick to acting where the only words he utters someone else wrote for him. Clearly he's incapable of anything else!

Anonymous said...

earthquakes everyday fuck you Glover

Oldrightie said...

AGW bollocks for Bilderberger coffers.

Anonymous said...

Or closer to home good old Norwich City Council have established the "Norwich Independent Climate Change Commission"

There's a link to a 24 page PDF you can download in that article. More money wasting fuckwittery....

Anonymous said...

'Web Cop' to patrol internet for anti-police comments'

The Chief Constable of West Midlands Police is contributing to a blog here:

Let him know what you think.

Anonymous said...


Shurely shome mishtake.

Mind you, the one eyed fuckwit promised to match everyone elses 'donations' so we'll probably have another financial rupture.

Poor fuckers but I'm afraid 'chariddeee' begins at home.

My home.

aren't the afghans black enough danny? said...

brown could order a troop-withdrawal from afghanistan today - this would immediately create a budget-window more than big enough to give the shell-shocked haitians a humanitarian helping-hand and free-up helicopters and manpower for future disasters which, like climate change, are beyond mankind's control. come on prime minister, it's your only hope of winning the election.

as for danny glover, why does he not come out decisively against the christian-backed war in the middle east and stop pussy-footing around with half-baked criticisms of obama. the above-quoted nonsense is what you get when you elect religious-extremists, like obama and bush, into power. god may have sent the earthquake, but he sure as fuck didn't order troops into the middle east - as bush and obama have done. you truly are one motherfucking carbon-deficit mr glover.

Old Whitey said...

The answer to it seems, is money. You have only to watch a 2 minute break on any of the rolling news channels to be nagged by one special interest group after another for every spare cent you've got. We seem to be reaching a stage where it's immoral to have any money whatsoever left over out of earnings for our diminishing personal pleasures; all surpluses must be generously donated to one phony charity after the next ad nauseam.
So cough up, whitey. After all: EVERYTHING IS ULTIMATELY YOUR FAULT.

Griblett said...

Ah, I realise now why was allowed he beat the Predator.

If the Predator had won he/she/it would've ripped Glovers head off only to find no brain in the shell and no spine attached.

Some sort of fucking trophy that would have been.

Danny Glover: Activist, Actor, Producer and Completely Deranged Fucknut.

I am Stan said...

Hi Holby......I guess Dannyboy is doing his best as he sees it for the Haitians..

Now he IS a celebrity is he not?

Apparently he was given the title Enyioma of Nkwerre, which means A Good Friend among the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria.

Thats right Holbs by them Africans you hate..the Nigerians.

Keep up the Hate!

Bottoms Up.

Captain Haddock said...

The earthquake was God's / Nature's (delete as appropriate) way of saying there were too many Haitians .. they were breeding too quickly ..

No doubt McFuckwit will be "bigging" himself up & donating millions on my behalf (whether I approve or not) ..

So, I promise that they won't get so much as a busted shirt button from me .. and I don't drink coffee either ..

And, as they say in Spain whenever they have an earthquake .. "El Tougho Shito" ..

danny glover (black motherfucker, if you hadn't noticed) said...


thank you, mister, i'll try to keep my carbon-trap shut in future in order to reduce further unnecessary emissions. indeed, this shouldn't be difficult as i'm absolutely gob-smacked by the spectrum of tv channels which are now predicting and misreporting frezied nigger-violence in the haitian capital - when the truth is that the poor cunts are just wandering around dazed and suffering from severe clinical shock. godammit, if this quake had happened in a white country, the same journalists would be reporting on the folk's stoicism in the face of disaster and other such inane twaddle. there again, if this had happened in a white country, i'd be praying for a chasm to open up and swallow the whole damn bunch of racist motherfuckers. amen.

Mark Wadsworth said...

OH, hang about here, can you link to whomever was dumb enough to claim that there is man-made earthquake warming?

I'm not disputing that somebody must have said it, I just wonder who. Presumably if you go back far enough, somebody must once have said "Weren't Arsenal FC once the backing band for The Beatles?"

JPT said...

Nicely put.

moorlandhunter said...

Danny Glover has played some good parts in some films, but as for being an activist he does spout some the drivel and, I'll forever view him as a man who talks some crud.
Climate change my arse.

Anonymous said...

Agree Mark, those climate scientists will say any bollocks to keep their name front and centre, why anyone believes anything that bunch of lying fuckwits utter is a complete mystery to me.

"because all these island nations are in peril because of global warming."

Give me a fucking break you mentally deranged libtard.

Mitch said...

I'm selling special rocks they are guaranteed to keep blue whales from mating in your garden......anybody want one??

Harri said...

I know just how the poor buggers in Haiti feel.

The last time i had 30 after-shocks, i could not find my house either ?

I know where the door is by now, and... yes, i will shut the door on my way out.

" And... cue, righteous fainting."

Anonymous said...

Harri, its too soon for Haiti jokes. Wait for the dust to settle.

Mark Wadsworth said...

To retract my earlier comment, Danny Glover (who he?) said it right at the end of the embedded video.

If I may be a bit less PC about all this, it is widely reported that Haiti is an absolute corrupt hell-hole, a bit like most African countries.

Mel said...

Should a popped a cap in his arse on Lethal Weapon one.

Harri, i really am a bastard, but i can live with nthat said...

Anonymous said...
Harri, its too soon for Haiti jokes. Wait for the dust to settle.

15 January 2010 21:18

And the 'Fun' in that....

Is where, exactly?

As i said, " Cue righteous fainting "

Harri said...

Look, i am not totaly fucking heartless you know..

Apparently, the ' Donations' have now reached the dizzy heights of $ 3.50 !!

So. i am expecting a ' refund ' through the post as we speak..

At least, we can put the power of voodoo, to bed, once and for fucking all ?

danny glover (god's own arsehole) said...

mark my words. god will send a deluge to wash all your disbelieving mouths out. amen.

Anonymous said...

Mike Bloomberg has promised at
least $23 MIL if the the Haitan
Parliament implement an immediate
comprehensive smoking ban in
collapsed brothels

Sonny Doc

spark up said...


i've had one of these police snitches living near me for a couple of years. moved into the same room as the previous one and pretended not to know her. got to know me in the laundrette under false pretences then dropped hints that she knew about my blogging and people from my past. gave me a lecture on not having a proper job and writing stuff which might incite racial unrest. never admits how she came by this information, or who put her up to this. prissy little snide. had my mobile bugged too. there's been a few others too, including a couple of men who used the same tactics. generally snotty stuck-up people. all started around the time i used to comment on guido fawkes. staines is a state grass for sure. investigates and tries to control anyone who writes on his blog. deletes anything which really exposes the establishment. when wpc stonewall moved, she got a real nice studio, just like the previous informer did. there's cash involved. could have gone anywhere in the city but just transferred across to a street the other side of my house so she could spy on me going to the bus-stop. told me her dad had died. probably just a lie to soften me up. sick cow.

catherine tate sucks jonathan ross's nob for money and what a boring old cow she is too said...


wish brown would donate you for firewood, you dry old twisted stick.

ms onwonkiwigwo (enlightened nitnurse) said...


danny glover? i've 'ad 'im. came up my nostril dirty bastard. won't tell you what "enyioma of nkwerre" means in central stepney, but translated from deep cockney krio dialect it roughly means: nasty rotten dirty cunt. fuck knows the haitians have had a hard ride - first they get shipped off to slavery, then get used as an offshore brothel by the yanks, who sell them on to "baby doc" duvalier and the tonton macoute for target practice, then this godawful fuckin' shudder comes along. my heart just goes out to them. now that shit-cunt obama's givin' it large sending them aid and whatnot financed by oil he's nicked from the niger delta.

spark up said...


bitch hacked my computer too. fucking festering control freaks the lot.

Rogerborg said...

You cynical bastards. Just shut up and help them out.

They just need a little help right now to get back on their feet. Like they always have. Like Africa always has. Like Africa always will, no matter how much we give. We give and give and give, in the hope that one day there will be a limit to how dependent and corrupt they can get. Then things will get better. You'll see. You'll all see.

So let's give to Haiti today. Let's give to Haiti next week. And next month. And next year. And for decades and centuries to come, because as long as we give them one dry bean that they haven't earned themselves, their economy will be based on handouts.

Come on, where's your British spirit? We can do it! We already support half of Africa with handouts. What's one more little island?

danny glover (thick bl*ck cunt) said...


yeah man, i'll take a couple of those blue rock things - the whales in my pool been getting a bit frisky the last few days. have to go check it out with the pro-life guys first 'tho. will you take $1 million dollars a piece?

ms onwonkiwigwo (pissed) said...


if you check the afro-account books you'll find it's the united kingdom paying the slush money wadsworth you white wanker. na wah.

harry potter and the interracial gangbang said...

Poor buggers. We should provide aid, regardless of any view as to the predisposition of one or another group to fall the fuck apart at the drop of a hat.

Sure, the international 'aid circuit' is a gravy train for the unemployable at all levels of the donor and recipient society but it's still better than doing nothing.

This is dread man. Truly dread.

p.s. yes, D.G. is a bit of a tardwog.

ms onwonkiwigwo (frustrated okra cultivator) said...


oh dear we seem to be getting a flush of wotless white wazzocks today, don't we rogerborg? get in the queue and i'll delouse you in a mo. excuse me darling, but if that protectionist pillock obama allowed african countries to sell their crops to the u s of bleedin' a, they wouldn't need no fucking disincentivizing fucking food-handouts, would they? strike-a-lite, my old man's a brain surgeon. in afro-wogs would churn the grub out so cheap that every friggin' farm in america would go outta biziness and it'd be them yankee twats oo'd be needin' the aid parcels...'cept us darkies and the chinks would buy the joint up. and same shrift goes for you over-subsidized euro-twonks too. cor-blimey edujumafuckincashun edujumafuckincashun edujumafuckincashun or what!

anyone mind if i 'ave a quick wank?

ms onwonkiwigwo (defrag break) said...

excuse me, any of you fellas seen my vibrating yam?

banned said...

Don't expect any thanks for helping Haiti, just wait for recriminations for any percieved shortcomings.
Does anyone anywhere really belive that this has anything whatsoever with supposed Global Warming? Even if AWG existed it would have precisely fuck all to do with earthquakes, tsunamis or volcanos.

thelunaticarms said...

@ Harri

"At least, we can put the power of voodoo, to bed, once and for fucking all"

How do we know that isn't what caused it???

@ Everyone else

The more I read about Haiti's history, the more I think it wasn't strong enough. Damn, that place would give the Devil shivers.

obama is a witch (not sure whether he's a white one or a black one, but he's definitely an evil one) said...


obama caused the banks to fail, so that he could save us.

obama caused the earthquake in haiti, so that he could save them.

spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spark up said...


i agree that haiti has always appeared to be a damn scary country and it clearly is a tough place in which to live - but i'm sure it's the media who thesedays like to sensationalize and exaggerate the violent aspect of haitian society. just take a look at the interviews - basically, these are just people trying to make a life for themselves...of course. in all communities, here included, one has a choice as to the manner of people one associates with, and it must be the same over there. the area where i live is supposed to be 'rough', but it's only 'rough' if one chooses to run with the 'rough' crowd. similarly, i've heard that there were some 'drive-by postings' on guido fawkes recently, but you won't find any evidence because the blood has all been cleaned up - still, it's a dodgy neighbourhood and i'd advise any visitors to avoid it.

Anonymous said...

I saw on the news that supplies of much needed machetes had arrived in Haiti and being put to good use by the natives. (Can I use that word here?)

I imagine Barry is pitching in off the back of hurricane Katrina when most of the world showed then they didn't care much for the duskier types on the planet.

Lots of New Orleans remains a war zone to this day.

Haiti is fucked forever. Oh, hang on Gorgon will come and bail them out with a few postal voting forms.

I wouldn't puit is past the cunt.

Anonymous said...

Fuck postal votes - the Gorgon can simply offer them asylum here and ship them in by the tens of thousands to marginal seats before the election.

"Here's your welcome to Britain pack, inside you'll find directions on how to put an 'x' next to the Labour candidate come election day, your housing benefit forms, your council tax benefit forms, your incapacity benefit forms (3 off due to PTSD and other complications so bumper payouts there), your income support benefit forms, your child benefit forms, your crisis loan forms, all provided in 8 different languages but a personal assistant is also available on request if you know anyone who can't read"

Anonymous said...

I tell you what Haiti, fix the rampant corruption (, and I'll send you some money.
No? You just want the Wests money before business as usual?
The US didn't give a fuck about it's own inhabitants in New Orleans I recall.

Captain Haddock said...

There was, as I recall an earthquake in Lincolnshire a couple of years ago .. Where the fuck was this Danny Wotsisname then .. Eh ?

Anonymous said...

We are told we consume too much by politicians, and this consumerism causes global warming. So, if Europe outlawed third world immigration, consumerism would drop like a lead balloon. Surely that is a good thing? I don’t hear Danny Glover, politicians or Al Gore calling for that.

Big industry needs endless consumers, and cheap labour, to fulfil their gluttony, but then they try to make us feel guilty for polluting the planet and causing global warming/cooling or whatever nonsense they are trying to sell on any given day.

Get rid of immigrants who would otherwise be living in slums and hacking each other to death with machetes/marrying their 13 year old cousins, etc, and who could never hope to access advanced technologies/consumables which they currently get on their free tickets our politicians hand them, at our expense.

Many problems solved.

lilith said...

I tried to buy some coffee but they only seem to ship to the USA :-(

spark up said...


harri's cynical arrogance and racism is like a cut diamond set on the disembowelled entrails of a slaughtered child. (s)he probably comes from the caribbean, but now thinks (s)he's better than those (s)he left behind. definitely sent by staines and the zionists to lower the tone of this place.

Harri said...

And Harri just....


Change the fucking record.

harriet harpickle said...


another cynic from the stainesmead estate, cuntney - doesn't read the news, just makes it up.

despite you said...


the haitians are going to carry on dying, or surviving and rebuilding their lives whether you give your dirty back-handed money or not.

self-referencial said...


who's that boring cunt harri talking to?


you need to create an underclass as desperately as those politicians you rightly criticize, you're emotionally stunted too said...


imagine this spoilt materiaholic country going into consumerism-free cold-turkey...i think the third world would be quite an attractive proposition.

fortunately, global warming and immigration are forces of nature's safety-valve beyond the control of politicians.

The Penguin said...

Isn't it Haiti where the voodoo-wallahs go round digging up the recently dead to make more zombie-slaves?

They should be having a fucking field day, loads of material to work with and no digging!

Then the zombie-slaves can get on with the clearing up. Sorted.

The Penguin

Uranus, The Magician said...

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