Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Little Known Facts

"Behind you"

Did you know that Britain has the highest number of Jewish Parliamentarians outside of Israel? 59 members of the Commons and the Lords. Mr Bilderberg is very pleased. Even the US doesn't have as many as us.

Now, about that bank bailout with OUR money, the atrocities in Gaza, the sale of the nations gold at rock bottom prices, Mandy meeting with Russian Oligarchs on yachts, the Rothschild's, David Kelly, etc.,...

Come on Windowlickers, do your worst.

UPDATE: Tories receive £15.95 Million from Jewish donations


The Paragnostic said...

Any chance of a breakdown on party lines?

Letwin's obviously of the snipcock persuasion, but most of the Jews that I can think of are in Neues Arbeit - hence the introduction of Holocaust Memorial day by Blair (whose friend Lord Levy of 'cash for honours' fame scrupulously avoids the synagogue, as we all know).

As a proportion of representatives, though, we're probably level with the US - it's just that we seem to need 646 troughers plus the Lords rather than the more judicious waste of money that is the Senate and House of Reprehensibles.

I really don't care, though - I just like being antisemitic, though it's not quite so much fun as homophobia or islamophobia, as the Red Sea pedestrians tend to be better educated and less likely to provide entertainment.

Oldrightie said...

I prefer them to rag heads! Not as quick to blow us all up.

Quiet_Man said...

Jeez will you give it a rest, Israel is not the problem in the middle east, it's the subsidised and charity case Palestinians who get loads of free aid and spend their cash on missiles to lob at their neighbours.
Do you propose Russia gives back Kaliningrad to the Germans? How about Poland giving Breslau back to the Germans? Both were spoils of war and similar in a sense to what the Palestinians are demanding now.

Old Holborn said...

Just thought someone should mention it whilst we find out why New Labour were so keen to invade Iraq and wipe 100,000 Iraqi's off the face of the earth.

J Demetriou said...

What a pathetic, content free, nasty, sneering and lurid 'article'. What's the point? You and your pal Guido are well suited, mate. A couple of right rotten apples stinking out the barrel.

You're negative beyond the point of random, pointless misanthropy. You reckon you are cool by pushing boundaries and saying cunty things, and you really think that attacking politicians, and also democracy as a whole, will somehow lead to a place better than the status quo.

Well, it obviously won't. Your blog is pointless. Why not act your age and stop trying to be all rebellious and teenage. It's embarrassing.

Anonymous Windowlicker said...

You crack me up OH, you really do.

You snipe at the BNP and then you come out with shite like this.

What's up, were you worried that your blog might be getting a bit stale so you thought you needed to inject a bit of 'controversy' into the proceedings ?

You're just an attention-seeking media whore.

I am Stan said...

Holby....first feasting and now Jews mmm

Perhaps you would like to try some Kosher wine,to be considered kosher, a Sabbath-observant Jew has to be involved in the entire wine making process from the harvesting of the grapes, through fermentation to bottling.

Any ingredients used, including finings, need to be kosher. This requirement can exclude certain fining agents such as casein (derived from dairy products), gelatin (which is derived from non-kosher animals) and isinglass (which comes from non-kosher fish).
Egg whites can be used in the clarification of kosher wine but would not be appropriate for Vegan kosher wine.

This one sounds delicious...

Herzog 2001 Special Reserve Syrah (Edna Valley)

This is beautiful Syrah, a joy to drink. It pours dark and glyceriney, and while it’s a bit mute on the nose, it explodes in the mouth, with flavors of cassis, spicy plum, chocolate, roasted meat, vanilla and smoke. Hard to describe the smooth mouthfeel, or the fancy aftertaste. For all the flamboyance, it’s a dry, controlled wine, assured of itself and in perfect balance.

Dry always works for me Mmmmmm!

I dont really know much else about Jews,
except they killed Jesus and like to cut bits off their cocks!..oh and killing Palestinians and stealing their land of course.

Old Holborn said...

Hi John,

Hows the blogging going? Not too well?

Ask around. My anti Zionism is legendary.

Can't STAND the cunts

That's it, beat him up for speaking his mind said...

Oh, boy. One word that doesn't follow the "norm" and Holby gets it from the PC squad. Grow a pair Demetriou.

Our esteemed MPs hail generously from the Jewish, Scottish, gay groups.


Catflap said...

How many Catholics in Parliament?
I know there are a lot in the media and showbiz.
The Vatican and individual catholics have been the bane of Britains life throughout history and even up to the present day (Ireland).
I'm suprised Muslims haven't called foul, being newcomers to trying to impose a dogmatic religion in the UK and getting more shit for their trouble than the catholics.
Catholic relatives of mine who are reasonable in all aspects spit fucking bullets if I even mention 'The Faith'in a critical way.
The power of Dogma.

Anonymous said...

I'd be more interested in how many fudge packers have visited Fondlebums rusty bullet hole.

strongholdbarricades said...

Shouldn't you be naming them to show balance across the political spectrum, or otherwise?

Old Holborn said...

My argument would be that when push comes to shove, they have only one politicial allegiance. Israel.

Here they are

I'm trying to find ONE who didn't vote strongly for an invasion of Iraq

bofl said...

one does have to question why our so called government are bending over backwards in supporting Israel?

Shaun said...

To allay allegations of 'anti semitism' for pointing out the disproportionate representation of the Jewish community in our Parliament (in a week where the speaker has specifically made box-ticking quota hunting a feature thanks to the Speakers Conference), could you possibly ennumerate what representation each flavour of Sky Fairy worship attracts?

My suspicion is that there will be a disproportionate number of god botherers of all sorts (jew, muslim, catholic, anglican) ready to legislate for us according to their *faith*.

Keep calm and carry on! as the saying goes...

Uncle Marvo said...

Hm. My cage is extremely difficult to rattle. But have I missed the point, O?

I see para. 1 - number (and therefore percentage) of Jewish reps in the trough.

I see para. 2 - bank bailout, Gaza, gold, Mandy, Rothschilds, Kelly.

I am unhappy about most of para. 2. I don't really care a monkey's about para. 1, although I DO know that the aim is to have the same percentage of features in the trough as there are voters, because that gives you the best chance of a win.

I can see no connection between paras. 1 & 2. I might be thick.

I hope I'm not.

Can you expand with some easy-to-read bit in links or brackets? My brain goes wobbly at this time in the day.


Marvo (Uncle)

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting "pitting the west against the Muslims". The neocons who started all this were largely US zionist jews pulling the strings there. Time to stop supporting Israel and let it fend for itself.
It's amazing how utterly ignorant people are about the real threat:

Nick2 said...

I don't think that politicians' religions are as relevant as their voting histories. 'Dispatches' on 16 Nov 09 broadcast an episode exposing the (pro) Israel lobby - from memory it includes the biggest (most generous) single organisation in the UK, distributing over £10 million pa. It would be (at least) equally revealing to analyse the voting intentions of politicians receiving pro-Israel largesse as their religions.

Anonymous said...

Most of them are marxists,and therefore atheists. Jews believe in God,atheists don't.
If anyone had some misplaced optimism,and thought our country wasn't going to become a total basket case,think again.
HMRC has informed farmers who are gritting the roads (probably unpaid and out of a sense of civic duty) that they have to drain their tanks of red diesel and use the regular stuff or face fines.
Don't worry about Jews running the country,we are being run by a bunch of fucking halfwits and traitors.

righty right wing (mrs) said...


This is an odd one for you.

I would have thought that the "lesser Jihad" Israel faces daily would be enough to give you pause for thought regarding the "greater Jihad" we will all eventually face.

Conspiracy theories regarding "the Joo's" are pretty lame at the best of times, & not worthy of this blog.

Unless of course you have the diversity Police on your case making sure that you are giving equal kickings to all the brand franchises of the Abrahamic Invisible Friends Clubs?

Just a thought.

Old Holborn said...

Proportionaly, we should expect 3.23 Jewish Parliamentarians.

The question is why are so many of our representatives Jews when we are not Jewish?

Does this influence our foreign or domestic policy?

To our favour or Israels?

JP said...

Wow. I read your blog every day although perhaps no longer. As a Jew myself, (and an avid supporter of the state of Israel, by the way), I find this article a pile of cock. I thought someone as apparently individualist as you might not chuck all us Jews in the one fucking basket.

Old Holborn said...


I am a Libertarian. I haven't chucked you anywhere. YOU are the one putting yourself in a basket, as your comment above quite clealy proves.

Chris said...


This blog is going to the dogs - fast.

wv - poncersy

JP said...

OH, I'm a libertarian too, y'know. "My argument would be that when push comes to shove, they have only one politicial allegiance. Israel." - all of us eh? I know a great deal of Jews who don't support Israel. Hell, I even know of a few Jewish politicians who feel the same way.


FTAC Watch said...

I would rather have our old MP, the Jewess Oona King, than the evil Islamofascist collaborator, George Galloway, we have now.

Chris said...

Most 'anti-Zionists; I've met try and use Zionism as a cover, nothing more than a figleaf for their naked anti-semitism - it doesn't take long for the leaf to slip.

Old Holborn said...


I'm talking about Jewish Politicians. You are talking about Jews.

I'm trying to find a jewish MP who didn't vote strongly for British troops to invade Iraq illegally.

Help me if you like.

Anonymous said...

3.23 Jews in parliament?

Would the 0.23 be the bits they snipped off then?

DZ said...

Quiet_Man 14.58

That was a good one about Kaliningrad. If you get your ear close enough to the ground, you may hear a murmur that Kaliningrad Oblast might be handed over to the EU (not Germany) if some suitable quid pro quo can be found. After all, Kaliningrad Oblast has two borders with the EU (Poland and Lithuania) but none with Russia.

Anonymous said...

This should give people an idea about how vastly over represented jews are in the UK alone:

Christians 42 million
No religion 8.7 million
Muslim 1.5 million
Jedi knights 360k
Jewish 260k
Buddhist 144k

There are only a mere 7 million Jews in Israel/Palestine. Less people than Switzerland!
Not worth pissing off 1.6 Billion Muslims with loads of oil over.

Now before thick wankers start whining "anti-semite" I don't care what Jews do, as long as they stay the fuck out of western politics and stop hatemongering, and coniving us into fighting their wars.
If you want to learn what zionism is REALLY about, fucking google it. There's a reason they get bad press all over the net.

JP said...

Anonymous ^^ I think you mean to say, "I don't care what ISRAELIS do, as long as they stay the fuck out of western politics."

Unless you're a twat and acutally mean that Jews living in the west should shut up?

JP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JP said...

OH, I'm not sure about Jewish MP's voting to illegally invade Iraq and waste all my fucking money when at it, but I can name a lot of lower-ranked Jewish politicians who feel our way.

I can give you the name of a Jewish MP who changed their mind over voting for Iraq - Oona King.

I can also give you the name of a Jewish MP who is staunchly against Israel and Zionism (although he did vote with B-liar on the war) - Sir Gerald Kauffman.

Albert Einstein said...

Perhaps there are so many Jewish parliamentarians because Jews tend to rise to the top of many professions due to genetically inherited intelligence.

Why don't you try and work out percentage wise how many chess grand masters, doctors, leaders of industry, physicists etc are Jews OH?

I'll help, Ashkenazi Jews represent less than 2% of the population of the US, they have have won 27% of the US Nobel Prizes in science,

Arpad Elo numerically rated some 476 major tournament players from the nineteenth century onward. Of the fifty-one highest ranked players, approximately one-half were Jewish, or of Jewish descent.

I am not sure how many Jews would be found in the hundred greatest basketball legends of all time, but I am guessing very few, perhaps there is a conspiracy to exclude them?

Albert Einstein said...

re above

Arpad Elo was ranking Chess players to be clear

revat said...

OH said: "Proportionaly, we should expect 3.23 Jewish Parliamentarians."

Why are so many of our representatives failed solicitors?

You're falling for the same bullshit that Harriet Harperson does when someone points out there is an overwhelming lack of wimmin in Parliament, or efnic minorities. It is a distraction from a far bigger issue. Gender, race, religion, number of legs, etc doesn't matter. Competency does. We are stuffed to the gills with incompetents and crooks. They no longer represent us. They no longer protect us from the excesses of the State.

As an absolute number 56 may be high but how does it compare proportionally to the makeup of other Parliaments? Other Parliaments seem to manage with far fewer politicians in them whereas we have a whopping 1200+

Albert Einstein said...

"Proportionally, we should expect 3.23 Jewish Parliamentarians."

Perhaps you could work out how many MPs with Downs Syndrome we should 'Proportionally expect?'

I seem to remember a post going apeshit when one got a GCSE, are you suggesting standards should be lowered to allow worse candidates the ThE JOoZ to be elected to fill quotas, thought you were against all that?

Anonymous said...

It was ALWAYS going to be the f*king Mozzies fault, camel riding desert dwarfs. We know, you know, they know that we know, they should all be repatriated. Mozzie-free Britain now.

Cheltenham_Man said...

Sod off OH.
A pathetic attempt to "create" a stir.

anon said...


Well this has been fun. A real eye opener.

Libertarian values stop at the Jews, eh?

Really enjoyed this blog - but now it is infested with drooling Hitler fetishists I think I will move it down the favourites list.

Mind you, keep this up I am sure the likes of me will be replaced by other factions your current theme appeals to.

Zeig heil baby, I am out of here.

Anonymous said...

Why did none of you lot that are complaining become MPs then? Didn't try hard enough at school? Maybe just too thick looking at some of these comments.

Used to enjoy this blog, but honestly sick of this Jew hating bullshit.

bofl said...

i hate the romanians......

JP said...

@Anon "libertarian values stop with the Jews"

I'm Jewish. I'm a libertarian.

I am Stan said...


I`m not sure that 3 and a bit Jewish Mps would have that much influence on the British parliament as a whole and their constituents have the final say after all,

although by all accounts the Jewish lobby is powerful,secretive and likes to throw the wonga at Mps but all lobby groups have their own agenda of course....

British Jews have been attacked for expressing support for Palestinians suffering under Israeli military strikes in Gaza in the past.

It is on record that Rabbi Elchenon Beck,was among six rabbis expressing support for Gaza's Palestinians who were set upon by a gang of what they alledge were Zionists while walking back from opposing rallies outside the Israeli Embassy in Jan last year.

Rabbi Aharon Cohen, a Palestinian sympathiser and member of the anti-Zionist group Neturei Karta, had his letter box destroyed by a power firework would you believe

There is of course a passionate and at times angry,violent debate raging between some Jewish Palistinian sympathiser`s and the Zionists..was it not ever thus.

I for what it is worth suspect the Lobbyist have more influence than the 3 and a bit Mps..

Apparently the eating of blood is forbidden,which is a shame because black pudding is delicious,

Old Holborn said...

Muslims represent 2.7% of the UK population.

Jews represent 0.5%

Now lets see how many Muslim Parliamentarians we'd have if the same stats worked in Islams favour?

If 0.5% gets you 5% of Parliament so 2.7% should get you 27% of Parliament

27% of Parliament would be 324 Muslim Parliamentarians.

How many of you would be happy with that? How many of you would see no problem with that?

Answers on a postcard to Dame Shirley Porter, very big house, Tel Aviv.

I am Stan said...

Holby -correction...not 3 and a bit, 59 doh!

Chris said...

I bet OH reads a page from Protocols of the Elders of Zion each night.

strongholdbarricades said...

Do we know how many of our representatives are Scots?

Albert Einstein said...

Presumably those potential Muslim MPs would need to stand for election,as I am guessing the 59 Jews did, or are you abandoning consideration of that fact in this bizarre proportional fantasy?

BTW, I thought the line put about on this blog was that Parliament and MPs were now redundant in terms of governmental decision making?

Ali baba said...

"I don't think that politicians' religions are as relevant as their voting histories."

Would you still believe that if every one of them was Muslim?

Lord Kelvin said...

Einstein is right. Scotsmen and Jews are average more clever than you thick English fucks. Its only natural that both groups should be disproportionately represented in both parliament and in their contribution through science and medicine to the welfare of all mankind.

Old Holborn said...

Chinese people are clever as well

Let's fill Parliament with them.

Anonymous said...

OH I think you got your figures wrong. Anyway,more to the point..
How many of our MPs are troughing cunts?
How many of our MPs are treasonous vermin?
How many of our MPs are lying bastards?
How many of our MPs don't fall into one or more of those categories? None,I expect.

Anonymous said...

Are they allowed to claim expenses for any receipts dated on a Saturday?

Mao Tse Tung said...

"Chinese people are clever as well

Let's fill Parliament with them."

Why do you keep inferring that somewhere a secret decision is made on who to fill parliament with, and how many of what race?

People stand for election OH, if the electorate did not want Jews it would not vote them into parliament would it?

Even more so under our system where you vote for individual MPs.

The post makes zero sense at all.

Marchamont Needham said...

I'm trying to find ONE who didn't vote strongly for an invasion of Iraq

Fabian Hamilton is one - but only because the useless fucker couldn't be arsed to turn up for the vote.

Old Holborn said...


Before a candidate reaches the public, he/she is "selected" by the "Party"

Have a look at the front bench of Labour for further details

Mao Tse Tung said...

"Before a candidate reaches the public, he/she is "selected" by the "Party"

Oh I see, so there is a cross party conspiracy to select Jews which reaches down to regional levels? tell us more about this OH? Is it all decided at their secret meetings? wink wink ;)

If only a strong leader would come along and rid us of these parasites...........


Old Holborn said...

Mandelson is in waiting

Observer said...

In the interest of balance....
This country has been ruined by Jocks, Jews, Junglebunnies, Gypoes and Jihaddis. These filthy, stinking cunts should never have been allowed into Britain. All they've ever done is screw us all to hell. Fucking scum!

fewqwer said...

For me, it's the barmy left-field posts like this one that make this blog interesting, though it pains me to see such fallacious reasoning used by someone ostensibly on 'my side'.

'Pro', 'anti', or even 'indifferent' is a gross generalisation when applied to an entire category of people: there are cunts and non-cunts in every bunch.

As it happens, I recently became aware of some Jews who most definitely fall into the 'cunts' category, thanks to this Channel 4 documentary. Of course, there are plenty of examples of Jewish non-cunts in the same programme.

Kevin Boatang said...

How utterly pathetic, are you 12? A total non-story that you have stirred up to get a few hits on your hate filled site.

You asked John how the blogging was going. Well I'll you what you silly cunt, at least we don't have to sink to rampant bigotry.

The Editor said...

Being an arsehole is not dependent on religion or nationality, it's a calling.

And that bunch in the photo started at an early age. Probably bullied, and too cowardly to fight back.

PS Hurrah Google have got off their arses and fixed the blog list, I think.

Old Holborn said...

I apologise to those who feel that my anti Zionism somehow "lets down the side."

May I remind you I am not right wing, I am not left wing. I am not a tory, I am not a liberal and I am not a socialist.

Jump out of your pigeon holes. The view is great. Go on, flap your wings. Be you. It's the only chance you'll get. Then you'll join every other person who ever lived. In the graveyard.

Anonymous said...


Do us a favour and see if you can find out what the percentage of Freemasons in the Met is.

Good luck, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Rely to JP from Anonymous 16.22

When I say Jews should keep out of western politics I mean Zionist Jews.
It is however EXTREMELY difficult to know where Jewish loyalties lie.

Your religion says Israel is where your heart lies.

But it's not at all in the West's interest to support puny despot Israel and thereby make enemies of 1.4 Billion others who have most of the oil.

It's killing the goose who lays the golden eggs that zionists milk.

Think This said...

I didn't have you down as one of these anti semetic 'Jews rule the world' nuts. What a shame!

ranter said...

Disappointing anti-semitic bollocks again OH. Disappointing indeed. Spot on regarding so many things but this deeply entrenched hatred of 'Jews' is very sad. Sure there are grasping little fuckers like Gerald Kaufman that seem to revel in the Fagin-like stereotype but there are millions of Jewish people who have contributed to the UK positivley for several generations - not all supporters of Israel. The full on support of a the mythical 'Palestinian Pipple' and 'Palestinian Nation'is bizarre. Muslims or Jews in the UK? I know which I prefer and it ain't the mozzies, plenty of whom are perfectly nice pipple but the overall aims are nauseating and disturbing.
As for Israel if the islamoloonies and the lefty fuckers left them alone things could be so much better across the world.

Old Holborn said...

@Think This

Who does rule the world?

Somebody does. Be sure of that. It used to be the British. According to my stats above, we are now a mere 2nd.

I blame Balfour.

Anon. Saudi is the largest producer of oil. Iraq threatened Saudi and Israel. Iraq is gone (thanks US). Iran is threatening Saudi and Israel. Iran is (US) public enemy number 1. Yemeni rebels are attacking Saudi oil wells. Yemen will soon be gone (thanks US!)

It really is that simple. US oil and Jewish banks. Nothing else matters in the world.

Climate change was designed by US oil companies to secure revenue. It nearly cost us trillions and trillions. Lent to us by ?

I've often thought, if you really wanted to bring Israel down, just don't pay you credit card bill for a month. All of us.

Except that actually happened last year. Lehmans, Goldman Sachs etc screamed blue murder. And suddenly an OAP in Bournemouth picked up Israels MASSIVE debt, courtesy of er...New Labour.

Anyone else spot Ed Millibandbergstein at Copenhagen BEGGING for our taxes?

Rogerborg said...

I think "A libertarian is just a fascist with no friends" may be my new .sig

Mao Tse Tung said...

"It really is that simple. US oil and Jewish banks. Nothing else matters in the world."

I expect the Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the 7 million strong army they control would disagree

Old Holborn said...

Oh dear,

Rog, you just invoked Godwins Law because I have criticised Israel.

Which means I win. And you lose.

Old Holborn said...


You will have noticed who took the blame for the "failed" Climate Change scam.

No Chinese politician has ever attended a Bilderberg meeting.

Anonymous said...

I see the so called Libertarians
are running around dizzy in their
control bunkers when to much freedom is expressed.
Where do we apply for permission
to speak or write,,The Berghof or
The Home Office.

Anyway ,who takes any notice of
Blogsites,, get a sledge and do
something meaningfull..

Templariae Novum

JP said...

@anonymous above me.

"Total freedom doesn't mean sitting on your hands when you disagree, it means that the person has the right to be offensive and for you to tell them so.

Total freedom also does not mean that whatever you say is right. The article is a nasty shit stirring piece of anti-semitism where Holby even says of Jews that he 'hates the cunts'."

Now fuck off.

Anonymous said...

A bit like saying the city with the most Greeks is Athens the second city in the world with most Greeks is Melbourne. Except the Greeks don't control the money supply in the world or the price fixing of gold or the supply of diamonds through the De Beers (Openhiemers)cartel. Anyone falling for the idea of "investing" in diamonds want their head examining. Not so long ago De Beers were thinking about dumping the excess stock of diamonds in the sea to keep the price up. when the Portugese pulled out of Africa in the mid 70's they left a power vacuam filled by fucking nutters with access to billions in aluvial diamonds to buy guns, helicopters etc. you name it. They couldn'e have their sightholders buying from outside the cartel so step forward De Beers with an open wallet to buy blood or conlflict diamonds, Diamonds are forever so is death brought on by these fuckers but not in Hatton Garden.They even have India and Russia in the cartel after this the Greeks don't sound too bad as the yids do. I fucking hate them.

MrAngryman said...

OH this sucks cock. Anti Semitism is shit no matter what the justification. I know this wont mean much and because your blog is such a success and your such a blogging superstar one less reader wont make much difference.

Disappointing very disappointing

JP said...

MrAngryman, he's lost quite a few readers today.

Vladimir said...

Holborn, this is a load of toss. I want to write it off as attention whoring but I can't shake the feeling that you actually mean it.

Not so long ago, on this very blog, we were able to agree that the Government is corrupt and incompetent without needing to turn it into some kind of Zionist conspiracy. But now we find out that you actually think the Joooz are behind it all. These ideas are so mental that even Urban11 thinks you're a loony, and unless I'm very much mistaken, he's a BNP member. You know you've lost it when even the BNP is telling you that your anti-semitism has gone too far.

eight rounds rapid said...

Can't follow you on this one, Mr H.

It's not a heeb/non-heeb deal, as far as I can tell, but, rather, a cunt/non-cunt one.

Bristol Dave said...

Is it fair to assume that nearly all the people in the comments complaining about this post are doing so because they are Jewish?

I only ask because I don't find it in the least bit offensive, but then I'm not Jewish. I can't help but wonder if these same people would complain if OH was musing over the number of black or muslim MPs and whether it affected policy.

adolf el-ching spassky (mixed race) said...


bert, please stick to flying sunbeams into town-hall clock-faces.

palestinians, who also hail from semitic stock, have historically been under-represented in both world-ranking chess-tournaments and democratic seats of parliament - this would appear to be because either they couldn't give a monkey's cunt about these hallowed institutions, or because israeli tanks have an irritating habit of knocking over their major pieces. interestingly, the chinese are generally considered to have invented the game of chess, but clearly have a genetic predisposition to playing ping-pong - predominantly, in recent times, with the u.s. dollar. the chinese also invented tea, but the english ulimately perfected this beverage and, under its influence, went on to rule the world.

it sure is a fucking funny old world.

Abdul Ahmed said...

I put a fence up for a Jewish bloke once. Rabin his name was.

Never paid me, the cunt.

I'm with OH on this.

Catflap said...

All religion is a choice.
On top of religion a true Jew must be born to a Jewish mother.
Another choice.
I resent being oppressed or dictated to by people who choose to make themselves one thing or another and then demand special treatment at everyone else's expence.
OH makes a valid point in his post as did I in my earlier comment.
People wonder if being a Freemason and a copper is a conflict of interest.
A reasonable question that OH could have asked and I bet no hissy fits would have ensued.
A copper don't have to be a Mason and a mason don't have to be a copper so no harm done.
A bit like fucking religion.

Rebel Saint said...

Yeh, and they organised the holocaust just to make us hate Nazis too.

JP said...

@Rebel Saint


jahdeelings said...


the chinese also invented tea, but the english ulimately perfected this beverage and, under its influence, went on to rule the world.

great statistical analysis adolf, we could do with more people like you around here.

...and judging by the current trend towards total sino economic dominance, the chinese must have cornered world tanin supplies. i really haven't a clue why the americans are so keen to conquer afghanistan, i wasn't aware the taliban were secretly developing tea-plantations over there - so fuck knows what the americans are on? maybe they just see it as staging post to pakistan and india?

Chris said...

@Bristol Dave

Is it fair to assume that nearly all the people in the comments complaining about this post are doing so because they are Jewish?

Along with Mohammed, I have one of the most un-Jewish names available.

I'm not offended - and boo-hoo if I was - he's just losing the plot and the purpose of this blog with it.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

The Bank of England Exposed

Vladimir said...

It's offensive because it's pointless, empty hatred of Jews for no apparent reason: "We have more than our fair share of them." Etc.

I wonder if OH's other contributors - Anna Raccoon, Guthrum, Leg Iron - would like to comment on what they think of all this. By contributing to this blog they effectively endorse whatever OH writes about on it. And I certainly wouldn't want to be associated with this.

paul cunt (genetically pre-determined casholic cunt) said...


i'm a cunt and expect to be treated like a cunt and it's cunts like you that cunt up my whole cunting day.

JerryD said...

Well said OH! There is a Jewish issue within UK Politics - not only Balfour Declaration - a shitty and fuckworth piece of wank ever etched on paper - Disraeli also brought in his banking bum-chums - but the biggest crime of his ilk was the beginning of the Enclosure Acts - the forced removal of land from the indigenous population...we are slaves to these prickless wonders now....

J Demetriou said...

Someone called 'Bristol' something or other said:

"Is it fair to assume that nearly all the people in the comments complaining about this post are doing so because they are Jewish?"

No, it wouldn't be 'fair'. Mr Boatang and I objected, and we have zero Jewish ancestry between us.

Try and find another yellow-tinged route to justifying your support for OH's reprehensible system. I guarantee you that whatever logic you decide to use, it'll be a whole lot more cogent and believable than this bullshit.

J Demetriou said...

replace 'system' with 'position'. Apologies to reasonable readers, it's late.

paul staines (cunt intelligentsia anonymous) said...


i don't find your comment in any way amusing, nor does it contribute to the intellectual discourse prevailing on this thread. i'll have you know that i have done more than any cunt to exterminate the anti-semitism which has been endemic within the catholic church since the incumbent pope helped the nazis convert the jewish race into eco-friendly biological fertilizer - and those who say i've achieved this at the cost of countless palestinian children's lives, are just theological point-scorers.

Catflap said...

I as a non religious non anything particular person I am intrested to know what, if any allegiance, my elected representatives may have.
People forget that it is because of Britains benign religious views that the UK has more than once been seen as a refuge in times of strife.
I believe to maintain that status all dogmatic religion should be discouraged if not banned from parliament.
You dont have to be an MP and if you want to be an MP drop your fucking religion.
With people abandoning christianity(lite)CoE and going Catholic plus more headbanging Muslims Britain will go all Kosovo on our ass.

Rebel Saint said...

Bloody democratic, nobel-prize-winning Jews. They're ruining the middle east. If they just cleared off back to where they came from (, for the life of me I just can't remember where it was the Jewish people came from again), then the religion of peace could get back to it's peace loving ways and showing us how the middle east should be run for the benefit of all.

denverthen said...

What's your point?

S Cowell said...

Good post for the stats OH,but Fawkes' expanded posts type layout continues to pull the punters in by the hundreds. Does he have the copyright on that style because i feel with the right management,your talent for stimulating so much opinion could unleash a new celebrity status to overtake that of the safe and sound Order Order.
Instead of selfishly going down the freeman route,don't you think you owe it to the public to be discussing these issues on the breakfast TV sofa with Kate Garraway or Bill Turnbull? Think of the fame. Think of the cheques. Think of me.

SaltedSlug said...

*In a Biff Tannen voice*

"There's something very familiar about all this...."

Catflap said...

To maintain the ethnicity of Judaism by stipulating that a genuine Jew can only be born to a jewish born(not convert)mother smacks of 'master race' to me.
All dogmatic religion requires at the very least that a non Catholic,Muslim,Jew converts to said religion upon marriage and (this is the clincher) that all kids born of this marriage adopt the religion as well.
Not since Henry VIII has Britain been in such a shit position.

dave scattyborough said...


too fucking right reb. and if they're so fucking clever, i'm sure they could make a go of the central sahara desert or the antarctic or long as they don't go and upset the fucking penguins, the belligerent fucking brats...err that's the israelis i'm referring to not the penguins, fuck knows i don't need a bunch of fundamental fish-eating web-footed suicide-beak-heads on my case. fuck no.

yuri seller (the first avon man to produce a bent cutlery set out from out of his arse before disappearing up it completely) said...


good thinkin batman. a gene-test to prove semitic hereditary back to abraham and the rest can decamp to mmmm...hey, what about afghanistan? i hear there's a rural exodus in them there hills, plenty of lebensraum and a vacancy for a good firm government with a well-trained, zealous military. abracadabra!

chief rabbi slacks said...


i think you'll find that's heredity, yuri, you stupid schmuck-head. didn't you go to a good jewish school boy?

Kishmein Tochas said...

OH - your post is the wail of a self-hating Jew. Admit're one of the chosen people - faigeile!

allan akhbar said...

why does the uk govt suck up to terrorists?

arthur scardill said...


why don't you picket it?

jim falsetto said...


ever think of singing soprano simon? it can be fixed as easily as the ex-factor.

Anonymous said...

Has OH mentioned that HE'S Jewish, yet?

Some of us remember you from Grumpycunt and Grumpier Old Men, OH.

I could give a link to the particular thread but it's 2.25 am and I can't be bothered looking. Aren't you lucky? You should definitely feel lucky - unless you can't remember what you wrote about the holocaust on that thread!

sir isaac crouton said...


Perhaps you could work out how many MPs with Downs Syndrome we should 'Proportionally expect?'

answer: 646

they wouldn't fiddle their expenses or start murderous race-wars. and they'd do more with their incapacitated intellects than the current bunch of arrogant fuckwits.

must say you're a genius, bertie - your new general theory just inspired world peace - unlike the previous load of cobblers. well done my son.

spark up said...


i dispute that assertion, anonymous. i once met old ho in a pub next to new scotland pigsty - and he was getting the drinks in for all his merry masked-men (and his merry masked-woman).

he didn't buy me one 'tho.


Dazed And Confused said...

Stop your fucking squabbling you set of cunts or I'll have Officer Lap Top come around and bite your ankles.

love on the beat said...


my good god...looks like they're about to snog.

either that or they've just been feeling each other's collars...

Mr Eugenides said...

Short term boost to hits, long term damage to them, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 02:25. O2:25???? Fuck me, is that you Nick you loon?

Holby is a 4X2 himself. Or certainly claimed to be in blogs mentioned elsewhere.

Did he also mention he's an attention seeking whore?

No, I thought not.

The Holborn express racing at full tilt towards some buffers near you.

Old Holborn said...

To all those complaining because I am not attacking Muslims, Somalis, Welfare cheats, the Welsh etc but Israelis instead

Start a campaign to target my advertisers (a la Draper)

Demand a full refund of your subscriptions

Anonymous said...

Oh,oh, has the (GIYUS) Megaphone alert gone out?

Just google it.

Good on you OH!

Bugger said...

The Jews are just aboriginal Presbyterians.

They never got past the Old Testament

Old Holborn said...

A little history

Not pleasant

Zionism IS racism

Even Paxman agrees

Anonymous said...

איר זענט אַן אַמ נאַריש שטעכן - האָדעווען זיך איר זעלבסט-אַפּיניאַנייטיד וואַגינע

Anonymous said...

The Hasbara brigade are out in force pushing Israeli propaganda on blogs and the net by pretending to be British:

Anonymous said...

Israel is the problem. Even Prince Charles thinks so.

I have a new found respect for OH.

Albert Einstein said...

"palestinians, who also hail from semitic stock, have historically been under-represented in both world-ranking chess-tournaments and democratic seats of parliament"

Thats correct, and so have Sepahrdic jews who also underperform in intelligence tests in comparison to Ashkenazi Jews which is what the article stated,Sephardi (or Middle eastern Jews) Are believed to be closer racially to biblical Hebrews. Ashkenazi are specifically eastern European Jews
who have a confusing racial mix with Turkish/Russian/German influences.It seems to have produce a higher intelligence than other ethnic groups, Don't shoot (or gas) the messenger.

N.B.SALAMI said...

Blacks are under represented on mastermind. Not so with crimewatch.

moronvitz/finkelscheiße axis said...

it's impossible to have a sensible debate on any of this anyway - not that it'd make the slightest shit of difference even if we, they or anyone could.

Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind who controls the banks I think OH is asking a very pertinent question. Particularly with Bilderbergers & NWO - which no longer appears to be the domain purely of the window-lickers & tin-foil hat brigade.
Why is it considered racist or anti-semitic to merely ask a question?

Mrs Pouncer said...

Oh, fuck off, Holborn. Can't BELIEVE you're whoring out this shit. Cordially, as ever CPx

Tomrat said...

*Yawns nonchalantly*

Are you still banging on a la swivel eyed about conspiracy theories OH? Filfee Joos stealing your filli gs and what not?

Can't we all just he judged on our actions rather than the state of our foreskins or what do on a Friday night? I prefer to be judged on one factor alone as it is the great equaliser - we all have (are) arseholes but some are more puckered than others, OH.


As a member of a messianic movement I wouldn't get too worked up by OH; he is lashing out because he's yet to find proof of the lizard people who control the world, eat babies, etc. Just keep annoying him with logic, namely that even with a low turnover thousands of people would have elected these people into power with some inkling of their personal attributes and therefore, quite rightly, couldn't care less whether they were Jewish or not, merely whether they were up to the job or not or represnted them more effectively or not.

Old Holborn said...

It appears to me that all Jewish MPs ARE Zionists and as we have established, Zionists are racial supremacists.

All Jewish MPs voted "strongly" in favour ( of illegally invading Iraq to change an anti Israeli regime there. They used British troops to do it though. And British troops died doing it.

Happy with that? I'm not.

A list of British dead in Iraq


Zionists in OUR Parliament used British troops to remove a threat to their apartheid and racist "homeland".

No one has mentioned this at the Chilcot Enquiry. Yet.

Albert Einstein said...

"It appears to me that all Jewish MPs ARE Zionists

All Jewish MPs voted "strongly" in favour ( of illegally invading Iraq to change an anti Israeli regime there"

That would also be an anti-Iranian regime,and the removal of Saddam has lead to subvert Iranian expansionism into Iraq perhaps these Jews are Iranian counter agents, because I am struggling to see how a war in the Middle East, inflaming extremism, and emboldening Iran helps Israel? Still I am sure you will explain.

Anonymous said...

Well said, OH.
I suggest the ignorants and sheeople on here(or are they Hasbara posters?) actually go read and learn about the influence of Zionists over you and what Israel REALLY gets up to, coz the media is scared to post it. Plenty of reading sources out there, including many Jewish ones, denouncing Zionism.

Old Holborn said...


Having a rabid Iran suits Israel very, very well.

The last thing they want is a peaceful, democratic Iran, supported by China and Russia, happily building nuclear power stations.

Do you disagree?

Old Holborn said...

Tories given £15.95 Million by Jews

Game, set, match.

Anonymous said...

Murdoch pushed some fake documents lying about Iran's nuke plans in his Hasbara rags.
Having rabid anything suits Israel very well (per-capita, they are the world's biggest arms manufacturers). In particular rabid Muslims and Palestinians.

Never has so much hatemongering and disinforming been done by so few people from one small country.

Newgates Knocker said...

I can't see what all the fuss is about. The point as I see it, is that any group should not have undue influence on policy making. If the government front bench were all paid up members of the fucking 'Tufty Club' I would want to know. I would want to know because I would then be able to see if it affected their independence to make dicisions, or if it meant they were working to a different agenda, one that was not obvious when they were elected.
If Mr H hates the jewish religion So fucking what! I hate them all!
We are still able to express that opinion. Even if jews get offended.

Angry Guardian reader said...

Well, well, well, haven't some chickens come home to roost eh?!

To all of you OH fans outraged at this post, threatening to de-favourite him, and accusing him of "letting down the side", whatever the fuck that means, where may I ask, were you when he was peddling the same vile bigotry against Muslims, homosexuals, blacks, gypsies and every other minority.

WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU? What right have you now to be outraged? Yes, Boateng, Demitriou, JP and all the rest of you cunts, WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?

First OH came for the gays, then the Muslims, then the blacks...

You people are CUNTS. If you jump into bed with bigots, don't be surprised when they turn on you, Jew.

Anonymous said...

You absolute cunt, Holborn. Sieg fucking heil.

Not content with a sea of 300 million arabs and their fucking death cult around a pocket of 5 million jews, you have to start with the 'jews control the world' Jihad. You ignorant fucker. I was a real fan of your blog but now I think you should just fuck off and die. I'm not a jew but I would defend them to the death -- they have contributed to the world in arts and sciences enormously. The jews in this country and elsewhere are essentially very able people, and cunt like you wants to punish them for it. Just like all the other bigots in the past. This ability can be used for good or ill( hence overepresentation in westminster) -- it is not part of some fucking zionist plot, you prick.

Start worrying about the muslim invasion of Europe if you want something to worry about. Domination of Europe by islam will make a few jews in parliament and the media look like a fucking birthday party. No jew is going to stab you in the street for insulting Moses.

israeli imposter said...


oh please stop getting your knicks in a twist bertie boy, poor old adolf el-ching-chong spaßky can't get eveything right all of the time, the silly mixed-up sod! let us just thank the good lord that we have you here to put us straight on these matters. as you point out, the ashkenazy jews are a clever little bunch who have inveigled their way into palestine under the cloak of judaism - despite having little or no family ties with the region, unlike true hebraic groups such as the sephardic and ethiopian jews. it is unclear, however, why any of these groups left the plot of milk and honey in the first place.

Revolution Harry said...

I'm afraid Angry Guardian Reader betrays his brainwashing quite clearly. The elite puppet masters of the New World Order (conspiracy fact not theory) have embarked on a plan to destroy the nation state and national identity of England/Britain. Diversity is divide and rule by another name. AGR sees any 'criticism' of minorities as 'vile bigotry' and even feels superior enough to label those who disagree with him as 'you people' and 'cunts'. The truth is both minorities and native English/British are victims. It's time to step back from tribal politics and the media created theatre around it and see the bigger picture.

OH, not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. Ordinary Jews have been used as a convenient shield by the NWO elites. The NWO agenda is not Jewish. Those behind it are perhaps best described as occultists. Is(is)-Ra-El can be more accurately described as a Freemasonic state. Please do some research.

'Anti-semite' has become a powerful mind control buzzword. Far more powerful than its counterpart 'racist'. It acts as part of the smokescreen behind which the world government agenda moves ever closer to its conclusion.

The irony is that while Angry Guardian Reader is unwittingly assisting what can only be described as pure evil he'll hate the New World Order. Think China with a thin veneer of (false) democracy. Of course, by the time it arrives this nation will be utterly disorientated and divided along, carefully constructed, racial (multicultural) lines. The natives will also be well on the way to becoming minorities themselves in all the major cities.

Some further reading for anyone interested:

Zionist collaboration with the Nazis)

Israeli secrets I shouldn't know

B'nai B'rith - ADL doesn't represent Jews

Israel, Jerusalem, Freemasonry and the New World Order

For AGR:

Brainwashing: How the British use the media for mass psychological warfare.

Anonymous said...

OH : 'Having a rabid Iran suits Israel very, very well.'

Are you fucking retarded? Yeah, exactly what I would do as an Isreali for security - engineer a psychotic islamic theocracy intent on nuclear weapon production. They would never use it after all. Never.


kines (as in plural of kine) said...

OH, you should convert.

Then you really WOULD be a "freeman".

JP said...


I haven't been reading this blog long enough. Luckilly, I won't be there in the future to see his anti-Muslim, gay, whatever bullshit.

I took particlar disgust at this article because I am Jewish, and it is offensive to my people. Just in the same way that it tends to be Muslims who get more annoyed over Islamophobic remarks than Christians.

Now where the fuck were you? And what right to you have to tell me what I should be disgusted at and who I should be defending?

And, you cunt, make sure youre not surprised when they turn on you, cunt.

"Angry Guardian Reader"? Or "Typical Guardian Reader"?

Observer said...

JP, it's so awful that you've been "offended" by this item.
If I find a blogger's postings get on my tits, I'll fuck off elsewhere. I suggest you do the same and spare us all your phony indignation. It's really unconvincing.

JP said...

Observer, just letting him know he's a cunt.

Like you.

Old Holborn said...


"Your" people?

I only see human beings. Are you absolutely sure you're a Libertarian?

Now fuck off. With a complimentary "cunt" added.

JP said...

Yes. A people I belong to.

Now I'm fucking off. You cunt.

Old Holborn said...

Give my regards to Anjem Choudry. He thinks just like you do.

No need to slam the door.

JP said...

I thought you'd be more aligned with Anjem, y'know, with all the views on Jews you share.

Albert Einstein said...

Israeli Imposter:-

Just because Ashkenazi Jews have a racially mixed background with much European influence does not mean that they do not ultimately also descend from Hebrew oringins, certainly DNA testing shows this is correct.

I am not going to argue the rights and wrongs of Israel as a state, the post is about Jews in the UK, who are almost all Ashkenazi.

However there are many Sephardi Israelis, and in fact the largest Jewish group in Israel are the Mizrahi (Arabian Jews) who emigrated from Syria,Lebanon, Yemen etc not European Jews

they love this in Iran said...

OH has swallowed the beeb's and authoritarian gramscian's relentless propaganda hook line and sinker. You are not as free thinking as you think OH, not by a long shot. Shame on you.

Old Holborn said...


I carry the Ashkenazi Gene (much work has been done on the so called Jewish Gene by the Israelis at Nes Zions. They are trying to develop an ethnic weapon that will target non Jews. David Kelly worked there. As did a lot of now mysteriously dead scientists)

Ashkenazis come from Georgia. Due to inbreeding, the stock is almost blind (look at the goggles on the next Orthodox you see), and Ashkenazi women are 25% likely to pass on 15 defective fatal genes to their sacred offspring.

Do some proper research, there's a good lad.

sirat rasoolallah said...

..and the arsehole gene.

Albert Einstein said...

As non Ashkenazis account for more than half of the Israeli Jewish population and Mizrahi/Sephardi Jews are pretty much identical genetically to arabs (Bedouin Arabs have skulls closest to Biblical era Hebrew examples) I am not sure what benefit a 'gene weapon' would hold, then again it sounds like something related on Stormfront so i would not pay much heed to the likelihood of it existing.

And I am not sure why you are asking me to do more research? Just what have I got wrong that you post contradicts?

You will be irritating you new found Nazi friends stating that Ashkenazi Jews are inbred, they believe they are from a widely mixed, mongrel stock and not Jewish at all.

Still its intersting to know you carry the Ashkenazi gene and what is more you know about it - how did you find that out? These Jew self hate posts are now becoming clearer as you are one of the tribe.

Are you good at Chess :)

25% likely or 25% more likely?

JP said...

I've been pointed in the direction of some old OH quotes...

"I will be no slave to a homosexual, Jewish, Russian loving, bauble worshipping, power hungry venomous cock sucking snake."

"If we are lucky, we will get an election in the autumn. If Mandelson has his way, we will never get another election. Jewish poofs who overnight on Russian Billionaire Jews yachts, sell our industry to Russian Billionaire Jews and run European business via the unelected EU Commission do not have my interests at heart. You can bet on it."

Old Holborn said...

Good aren't they?

Albert Einstein said...

BTW here is some research YOU might want to look at OH:-

"As the authors note, the Ashkenazi are almost certainly a compound population. There are full-Jews who "look gentile" and full-Jews who could pass easily in the Middle East as a native. Most Ashkenazi Jews exhibit a mix of features. The genetic likelihood that the Ashkenazi have varied origins should no surprise. The paper notes that Askhenazi heterozygosity is actually somewhat greater than American whites, implying that the source of their distinctiveness has to do with genetic origin, not genetic history (i.e., population bottlenecks)."

Ie Ashkenazi Jewish Genepool is more varied than American whites, and it is in fact their Semitic origin, a strong gene (like blacks marrying whites, the black look wins out) which gives them the Jewish look, not interbreeding.

J Demetriou said...

Some bloke calling himself 'angry guardian reader' spluttered:

"WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU? What right have you now to be outraged? Yes, Boateng, Demitriou, JP and all the rest of you cunts, WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?"

Er, not reading the site so often as to notice previous articles slagging off other minorities. Sorry about that. Believe it or not, I rarely check this site, and I only happened to read this piece by chance. Had I caught him firing off at another group, I'd have reacted the same way.

Is that OK? Can I go in peace now, chosen One?

SeigHeil said...

Yeah, remember back in 2005 when Jewish extremists blew themselves up on the London underground? Or the Jewish Rabbi's that preach death and destruction in British Synagogues throughout the country? Or the British Jews travelling to Afghanistan to fight British soldiers? Or the British Jewish terror cells that planned to murder the family of a British soldier? Or the British Jews who wanted to march through Wootton Bassett in protest of the deaths of Jewish terrorists?

Remember to check under your bed before you go to sleep OH, there might be a Jew hiding under there.

Old Holborn said...

Sieg Heil

Jewish extremists made us kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis

Wolferwitz, Perle....etc., etc.,

Don't take it personally. I hate EVERYONE

shunted to the buffers said...


mr einstein, i'm bound to say that i'm on a pretty sticky wicket arguing against you on matters relating to your own ethnicity and i thank you for your informative correction. what i do know is this: i lived for some years in a sephardi neighbourhood and found that members of this branch of judaism have no truck with zionists, and that they mind their own business, sorting out their problems 'in house' without seeking support from oustide their community. i am no fan of any religion, and, if pressed on the subject, would would not give any dispensation to the strictures of their particular beliefs - that, however, is their own business, and, as far as my personal interractions with sephardi jews go, i would only comment on their inability to park their volvos within a foot of the kerb, which was not a great problem given that our street was one of the widest in the borough.

to me, the crux of this matter is that the regional origin of one's genes does not afford one the right to murder others and steal their land. in theory, with the help of modern scientific analysis, i could well trace my ancestry back to the african rift valley - yet recognize that it would be absolutely wrong to go to kenya, slaughter its current inhabitants, and then occupy their territory. sadly, my recent british ancestors did exactly this - and they were not even suffering persecution.

spark up said...


no, it was not nick, it was me. nick, i believe, is the guard-gimp employed by messagespace, who bragged about having thrown me out of that company's offices in back hill, clerkenwell - when, in fact, he asked me to leave and i complied. i gather he felt that i was sniffing a bit too close to their nasty covert little operation - "we are busy making money", he arrogantly ejaculated as i parted, probably in the full knowledge that i myself was financially challenged. is nick perhaps the card on order-order who, ad nauseam, delights in cracking jokes at the expense of people born with down's syndrome? i wouldn't be surprised. nor would i be surprised to learn that nick was already party to details about my personal activities which were obtained by dint of illegal eavesdropping techniques.

jag, given paul staines' well-documented links with the cia, what exactly is messagespace's relationship with that organisation? is the serious, quiet, smart gentleman (with the senior window seat at the back) your american connection?

frankly, i don't begrudge anyone the luxury of money, but would like to point out that the opportunities for spending money are limited in prison.

you messagespace guys might also do well to consider that your nigerian girlfriends are interested in the real money - which now resides in china. surely, there's a good chance that the chinese have got us all tabbed and are laughing their oriental cocks off as we westerners fight like gerbils in a macho white gym sock.

as for paul staines' support of the war against palestinians in gaza, isn't the death and destruction bad enough in places like haiti, without engineering more misery in the world?

ps: since posting on old holborn, i seem to be receiving less of those daft spam emails.

OldSlaughter said...

So a cockney Jewish taxi driver picked me up the other day. I'm blaming him for Gaza, the world financial system, most wars and Peter Mandelson?

There is some pretty loose talk on here.

fuckoff said...

confused? you made sure of that. fuck off back to fawkes and suck his cock why don't ya 17:23?

spark up said...

someone just accused me of blackmailing messagespace. wrong. in open cyberspace? oh come on now. i wouldn't want shit from those cunts or anyone they're associated with.

Angry Guardian Reader said...

JP, you cunt. You're a cunt, you hear me, a cunt.

So you only care when OH insults "your people". You piece of shit. You fucking cunt. You selfish prick. You give Jews a bad name.

OH claims to be an equal opportunities wanker - he hates everyone and everything.

You, on the other hand, have shown yourself to be worse than him with your outrage, only caring about "your people". You fucking shit.

Now Fuck OFF. FUCK OFF you CUNT.

JP said...

Angry/Typical Guardian Reader

I'd say you give Guardian readers a bad name, if they already didn't have one.

Now are you sure you're not just OH with a fake name commenting on here, you arsewipe.

You're the cunt. Fuck off and get a life - I'll defend whoever the FUCK I want, and please do excuse me, but when I am personally insulted I get angry. YOU cunt.

OH hates blacks, Jews and gays from what I've heard. shit for long enough to catch him being a cunt towards some other people, I'd have commented. The cunt hates everyone and everything but himself and his loud mouthed blogging scheme - just so he can attract pond scum like you.

Now do us a favour and fuck off.

tepid tea-leaf reader said...


dear angry dragunia reader,

i guess last time babylon snagged you, you cut a deal. stop sending your fuzz friends 'round to squat on my doorstep.

you really do seem a trifle apeshit. that you might end up with a boyfriend called nick should actually come as no surprise. what a perfect pair.

i hear the recidivist bollockhead who edits this bastard blog is threatening to erase it. great, then we'll all know that old holborn is just another tuber offshoot of the malignant messagespace - or do i mean tumour? it will be quite interesting to establish where old holborn's loyalties lie. is he financially committed to servicing the sold-out arses of alex hilton, jag singh and paul staines? or will he stand by his principles and disappear up his own? the latter being an accomplishment which we can certainly all admire and applaud.

i note that no-one has countered spark up's ongoing allegations, and word is that he has not been sued. hopefully, this will all soon be sorted in court - one way, or another. see ya there.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about the Israel Ueber Alles Brigade is that they don't even have any intention of going 'back' to live there (unless they need to bolt from the law after a fraud or crime) so all the unnecessary shit the west has done for them is pretty much wasted anyway.

SeigHeil said...

Who the fuck is "us"? Who do you think it is killing innocent Iraqis? The evil British and American zionist crusaders? Or the daily suicide bombings and VBIED attacks carried out by other Muslims?

Anonymous said...

Duh. They wouldn't be happening if the zionist lacky west hadn't invaded them and kept destabilising their countries.

BTW. Israel kills by far more innocent civilians than the Palestinians manage to. Not a lot of people know that, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

JP, do you plan to retire to "your" "homeland" ?

JP said...

@Anon - Do I plan to retire to my homeland? It's a possibility, yes.

Anonymous said...

This article proves that Old Holborn is a complete and utter cunt. Why anyone reads this shit, I don't know.

Andy said...

A lot of boys have spit their dummies today.

So what is this "Jewishness"?
Its not a nationality, its barely a bloodline any more, its certainly not a religion.
So it must be a belief that keeps them apart from the others in a society.

So they are a bunch of racists?

Anyway, I keep on hearing about the Jewish invasion of Palestine. Seems the Jews never forgot those 600 years of exile and came back. I hated the Jew with a passion for this once but not now.
Expulsions will happen here and throughout Europe via the womb of the Muslim woman. Many Jews are vacating certain towns in Europe through the Muslim diaspora.

As goes so many Jews diving into the "troughers list". Well, if your nose itches....

Hugh said...

Thanks for pointing this out but what about who is running the Media, the Police Force/Security Services/The Legal System/Advertising/the Arts/Arm Sales/the Armed Forces/and not forgetting Banking!

Andy was right it is not a nationality nor a religion just a ideology and this crap about pure blood,,,

The bulk of the worlds problems stems from greed and corruption,
The world is changing and new storms brewing up for ensuing wars to come for more profit and mayhem.

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