Monday, 11 January 2010

Is The Lid Finally Coming Off Gordon's Head?

The health denials that emanated from Downing Street throughout Autumn 2009 are now revealed in almost every detail as a tissue of cynical lies from start to finish. Following the Mail's extracts from Peter Watt's new book Inside Out, Guido Fawkes last night as good as confirmed our story of 4th September 2009, which had alleged that the evidence for Mr Brown being on anti-depressant drugs and going blind was compelling. Fawkes' new piece openly headlines 'He's Bonkers'.

From the start of the 'Gordon Bonkers' saga, Guido has been just a tad behind the music - as we shall see; but his now-at-last-revealed account of lunch with 'a former senior Downing Street advisor' in Autumn 2009 mirrors Nby/Slog editor John Ward's experience exactly. The advisor cited by Guido refers to the Prime Minister as 'a narcissistic, manic depressive'.

To judge from Guido's latest post, you'd never know I had anything to do with revealing this story. But the reality is that The First Post's Mole column picked up my September 4th piece - as did Blogosphere rising star Anna Raccoon, and via her the irrepressible Old Holborn. The more conservative Guido Fawkes was not minded, at that time, to go with it.....until The Independent took an interest.

Still, it's good to see Guido confirming it now. And adding, tantalisingly, 'there is lots more of this to come out about Brown…'

Indeed there must be - for the Guy News Man (very much a member of the Establishment these days) tends to keep his powder dry until he has his facts in a row.

Even without Guido's late entry as a runner re this one, there is already plenty to confirm the accuracy of nby's original story in Watt's book. The author's wife, having shared a supper with Brown, refers to him openly as 'bonkers'. Peter Watt himself writes of Gordo as 'not fit to be Prime Minister' - a near-identical phrase to the one my original source used. He also gives several examples of irrational behaviour by Brown, including:

*Running the country ‘by making it up as he goes along' and acute indecisiveness: classic symptoms of clinical depression.
*Being unable to tell lies from truth - first pointed up by Matthew Parris in the Spring of 2009, and confirmed by the revelation in Watt's book that Brown told blatant lies to Marr on live television (in October 2007) about 'hand on heart', never seriously considering an election.
*How Brown 'walked out of a Downing Street dinner party with US politicians because they sat down without his permission' - again, grandeur delusion associated with manically narcissistic phases of bipolar disorder.

Let us now revisit the key points from nby's September 2009 revelations:

*'"The Prime Minister of Great Britain is a man too ill to be holding the Office." This was the conclusion last week of a senior civil servant liaising regularly with Gordon Brown'.
*'One of the main sources of this story told us, "It's a farce, and utterly disgraceful. There isn't a mandarin in Whitehall who's unaware of Brown's condition"'.
*MAOIs: 'this older class of drugs has one huge advantage: for severe (ie manic) remains very effective'.

Remember too that we revealed Brown's deteriorating eyesight before any other news medium. This too was denied, then leaked, then farcically half-confirmed.

And as the anti-depressant usage speculation spread, each of Mandelson, Balls and Bradshaw smeared nby on television by referring to the allegations as 'fantasies and lies from an extreme right-wing blogsite'.

The mendacity of all three men is largely assumed these days. But after such fervent denials, news media (although not Raccoon and Holborn) steered clear of the Editor's new revelations. These too have proved to be robust: in particular, Alistair Darling's remark to an aide (about Brown) "that man has to go"; the spat between Balls and the Chancellor; the site's persistent conviction that Brown 'will not make it to the election' because of his continuing problems; and the Editor's contention only two days ago that, despite the Hoon/Hewitt fiasco, destabilisation of Brown would continue.

Not Born Yesterday stands by its sources, and on its track record. We predicted in May 2007 that Brown would 'unravel in public', based partly on the allegation we'd already heard (amongst other things) about Brown's anti-depressant usage a year before then. We led the pack on his likely mental health and eyesight problems. In this process, Guido Fawkes hung onto our coat-tails - but now claims the suit as his. Well, plus ca change: but based on my own enquiries over the last week, my instinct is that - late runner or not - this time the Gunpowder plotter is right enough: there is more to come out about what has been kept cynically from the electorate by Government spinners and Opposition cynics alike.

More and more real journalists are working harder than ever to nail the story once and for all; but in the immediate term, what might Guido have up his cavalier sleeve? Here's a tip: there is a certain well-placed lady who just might - after many sleepless nights and much persuasion - go public at last, and sink the multiply-torpedoed 'leader' that is Gordon Brown today.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: See The Mole this morning.
Cross posted from Anna Raccoon - original article by John Ward.


Anonymous said...

He was never too mad to serve the NWO with astounding efficiency, otherwise he would have been disposed of in a flash.

The rest is irrelevent, just the NWO media clearing the decks for NWO Dave.

Nothing to see.

Anonymous said...

They are all fucking mad. Socialism is a mental disorder.
More proof today...
Ed Bollox announces giving "free" (paid for by some other poor cunt) laptops and broadband to ZaNu voters whilst OAPs tour charity shops for books to burn to keep from freezing to death,whilst the insane govt spends billions trying to make the planet colder.

Anonymous said...

"*MAOIs: 'this older class of drugs has one huge advantage: for severe (ie manic) remains very effective'."

That's totally misleading. Manic depression does not mean severe depression. Manic depression is another name for bipolar disorder, which is a completely different condition from major depressive disorder. Furthermore, it's mood stabilisers such as lithium, valproate or lamotrigine which are indicated for bipolar disorder, not anti-depressants such as MAOIs.

I'm certainly no supporter of Brown, but posts like these just perpetuate myths about mental illness. Brown is a useless, dangerous PM not because of any medication he may or may not be taking. If anything, attributing it to mental illness gives him an excuse that he doesn't deserve.

Anonymous said...

Socialism is raving bonkers mad, its pubescent political proponents idem and the country has been destroyed by a mental defective , which of course is how he will plead when he is charged with treason, the ghastly little Scotch fruitcake.

colens said...

If Brown is so unfit for the job of PM what does it say about the spineless shits that never bothered to prevent him from getting it; That he is the best one they've got?

Newgates Knocker said...

Brown seems to be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to me. From what I've read. His inability to manage when things move outside his controlling comfort zone. Apparently invasive sexual thoughts can be part of the condition too. That's probably why he wants a database of the populations' genitals, cleverly obtained using airport 'security' scanners.
Dirty bastard!!

Oldrightie said...

Mad or not he is palpably bad at living and dreadful for the rest of us. Labour, in allowing this farce to be perpetrated should all be locked up for treason.

Eric Von Pickleshaub said...

Forward with Social Conservatism!

Anonymous said...

Any FREEMAN news OH?

Captain Haddock said...

The fact that McFuckwit is a stark, raving looney is beyond doubt ..

The question is .. what can/are the rest of us going to do about it ?

Will no-one rid us of this loathsome & patently dangerous creature ???

Ron Broxted said...

I guarantee you all I am madder than Gordon Brown. I am in the supreme premier division of fucking loonies, a platinum mentalist, a real award winning fruit cake, but then I am not running the country, to be perfectly frank I couldn't run fuck all. Now to something I think is really important.

I hear Iris Robinson in secure psychiatric unit. Will aversion therapy help? If you can cure gays you can cure nymphomaniacs. Why do these milfs crave young cock? Will Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness take over. I really hope so, but then I am fucking mad and pinker than a Brighton hairdressers poodle. Free Tibet

Griblett said...

More concerning than McBonkers, terrifying though that is, is that the one comment on the Mole's site starts with this;

'All this anti- Brown comment hides the fact that he has been a very good Prime Minister.'

Are there really people around too thick to realise just what a disaster the monocular dumbfucknut has been?

I'm hopeful it's one of dear Ron's aliases otherwise I fucking despair and finally conclude that it'll have to be death squads to ultimately rid us of the cretinous virii called 'the left'.

Anonymous said...

Normally I would have a great deal of sympathy for anyone with mental health problems and/or incipient blindness. However, quite apart from these issues, Gordon Brown is such a complete & utter c*** that all I can say is 'Bring it on - soon'.

Antipholus Papps said...

Labour, in allowing this farce to be perpetrated should all be locked up for treason.

I don't know if you'd noticed, but they've already committed actual real-life treason. I want to see them charged and tried for handing us over to the Franco-German empire first.

Anonymous said...

Best leave psychiatry to the psychiatrists, if this is your understanding of mental illness. Do you have the same level of expertise in every topic you blog about?

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