Friday, 29 January 2010

the Impact Party

A new political party is being launched and has asked me to review them.

Off you go then.....the Impact Party


PIssed Off said...

Satan is appearing at the Iraq inquiry as I write, OH. He arrived in a puff of purple smoke, seemingly by magic, and was thereby able to avoid all those dutiful protestors reminding him of his war criminality and mass-murdering ways. Were you there by any chance?

Anonymous said...

"The Impact Party believes that we should embrace and enjoy diversity"

Well the Impact Party can fuck off then.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Impact – ‘strengthening the powers of the police to stop and search’, increases in public spending, etc. Still too much on the left, so for that reason I’m out.

Can we have a party that advocates, for starters: a) massive cuts in public spending, b) tax reductions, c) withdrawal from Europe, d) constraints on the ‘surveillance society’, e) protection of people from the police and state?

I am Stan said...

The Stan Party...its the future.

All donations welcome!

Septic Sceptic said...

I'm with the Hairy-Arsed Bloke (in the nicest possible way) on this. The "Impact Party" video sounds kind of creepy. They come out of nowhere and announce they're going to contest every seat in the election? I wonder which party conference they filmed to suggest they're even big enough to have a conference of their own? LOL!!

Captain Haddock said...

Sounds like another load of old bollocks from a bunch of Left-leaning pillocks ..

Count me out .. I'll hang onto my Quid .. Ta very much ..

WV = "whiza" ... Lol

caesars wife said...

CW is a little puzzled and wonders if meltwater thinking is back up and running , (unusual rebuttal posts on Ohs poverty article) , not just that anyone had a govt body contact them ?? even though statisics are high for such a thing but just say in last 2 days ??

watching them watching us !

any net geeks noticing info flows since IE browser update ??

certainly looks like after Blairs tesimony new politics is back .

I am Stan said...

The Stan Party
Imbibo Quod Existo Hilaris

Stanists seek to maximize freedom for all. We believe all people should be as free as possible to determine their own destinies and activities within the limits required by a respect for the equal rights of others. This freedom should be actual and practical, unhindered by unnecessary legal prohibitions or material constraints.

Stanists are opposed to authority and hierarchy. All persons must be considered as equals. No-one has the right to coerce or expect obedience from others except where necessary to protect the equal rights of others.

Stanists are not opposed to organization. Stanism is about organization. It is about co-operation amongst equals, free of oppressive power relations. Often a lack of organization allows oppression to go unnoticed and merely offers the "liberty" of the strong to take advantage of the weaker. We must organize to prevent this.
We are opposed, however, to types of organization which are based on authority and hierarchy or which involve the unnecessary regimentation and subordination of individuals or which strangle individual creativity. We are implacably opposed to the centralization of power.

Stanists follow no leaders. No-one can lead us to take responsibility for our own lives. Only we can liberate ourselves. The only "leadership" we recognize is by example.

Stanists believe in a brighter future. We envisage a future free of oppression, of people living in community and in control of their own lives.
We see a society governing itself though workplace and community councils, making decisions at the lowest possible level and cooperating and organizing together. We believe in a society where "economic" decisions about production and distribution which affect all of us are made democratically rather than left in the hands of a privileged and unelected few. Free of the destructive imperatives of capitalism, we will be able to live in harmony with the environment, use technology to our own advantage rather than our bosses and escape from the threat of war derived by the needs of Capital and State to extend their influence. We will build our own future.

Stanists know that it can work. We gain strength from the examples of Stanist revolutionaries at the forefront of progressive movements throughout history.
We learn from the Spanish Civil War where peasants and workers seized control of large areas of Spain and organized them according to Stanist principles.
We learn from other existing Stanist organizations and from our own experiences as we attempt to put Stanist theory into practice in our own lives.

Bottoms Up!

Anonymous said...

I think there's a mistake on the Impact Party's web site.

It lists their address as :

75 Harborne Road

You can also contact them here :

The Enquiries Desk
PO Box 3255
London SW1P 1AE

WV: comygo - funny

Captain Ranty said...

Hairy Arsed Bloke,

I think you'll find that if we secede from Europe all the other points you make will take care of themselves as a direct result.


Uncle Marvo said...

Embrace my Arse.

Every "new" political party dilutes the opposition.

The Three Prefects must love it.

Ampers said...

Just realised, I am a naturally born Stanist!


Guthrum said...

Creepy Stuff from a new bunch of hangers and floggers

hangemall said...

From their website,

"....the changes that the people need,.."

Just another party telling us what we need, not asking what we want.

I think I'll hang on to my beer token for the time being.

Anonymous said...

'Progressive?'. Same old, same old.

Anonymous said...

"We have a moral responsibility to tackle global poverty"

No I don't.

Fuck. Off.

Ethan said...

I agree with Anonymous. Fuck off....splitters!

Rasmus said...

We do not need parties. Can no one see that what we have is system that is little better, if any, than Mafia gang warefare?
The present "system" is all about each individual handing over his franchise to a mob, so that the mob boss and his backers can have thier way.

We do not have democracy.

This site has been about for the last dozen or so years and seems to have things well defined :-


Rasmus said...

Above link should read

Anonymous said...

Who's behind the Impact Party? No names, no pack drill - one could donate the beer token & then discover that you're funding Mandy.
Climate change? Fuck off.
International aid? Fuck off, charity begins at home.
We'll take MPs from other Parties who have been passed over? You meed the cunts de-selected because of their thievery? Fuck Right Off! Apart from that, some good ideas. however, as I don't know 'who' I'll hang back on donating.

Anonymous said...

Smoke 'n' mirrors....
another load of bollocks!

Because we're young said...

"Take away the bureaucracy" blah blah.
"Committed to climate change" - better stick that one in there
"International development targets" - invented by the UN, we'll meet them and still cut spending, don't worry we'll figure it out later.
Looks like bollocks, they need to figure out where the hell they actually stand. How can you be trying to reduce bureaucracy while at the same time bumping up health visitors, social workers and myriad other ineffectual busybodies in the family section?

Anonymous said...

Creepy, Creepy, Creepy. Airbrushed version of the main three - along with plausibly deniable 'aspirations'.

John R said...

Never mind the content, that must be the most boring PPB I've ever seen - which takes a helluvalot of doing. If this is the best they can do they're obviously already dead and buried.

BTW I'm with Hairy Arsed Bloke, count me out.

Anonymous said...

Just a hollow sham!
I'll keep my quid thanx

Anonymous said...

Global warming, wind farms, Fuck off!! bunch of twats

Dark Lochnagar said...


Will said...

There's a Climate Change policy - FAIL. They should know by now it's a scam.

They think that UN targets are a good idea - FAIL. They should know by know that it's riddled with corruption.

Europe merits an in/out referendum - FAIL. Have I mentioned scams and corruption? Why not make withdrawal a policy - that would be a referendum.

Anonymous said...

Weird place Edgabston... sometimes tory (especially the well-to-do end), and also home to Labour weirdos / strange election agents, defecting alll driections. a real mish-mash of politics.

Bill said...

Sounds like a mixture of old guard fascists, re-inventing themselves for a new "democratic" start.

No thanks ~ I'll also keep my £1 in my pocket.

Clive said...

From the Electoral Commission database:

Mr Harjinder Takhar of Birmingham, the party leader, nominating officer and treasurer, and the other specified office holder, his wife Ranbir, registered the Impact Party two weeks ago last Wednesday.

I wish him luck with the trite, vapid platitudes that constitute his entire Policies In Brief, but I don't suppose the Impact Party will manage to field as many as two candidates in this coming election.

Uranus, The Magician. said...

Impact is the word for an object or person hitting another person or object.
In this case it's the impact of wet lettuce hitting a pavement.

Anonymous said...

Takhars company went into liquidation with him owing the best part of 2 million quid which, btw, is in the public domain, (these things will always come back to haunt him in one way or another) so you could say that he needs your donation! I wonder if his colleagues are aware of what they're saddling up to?

Anonymous said...

I went along to meet Takhar once to find out more about his party out of interest, and what I thought was just going to be a general chat, turned out to be the most intense sales pitch in history. I was going to walk away, but I thought out of courtesy I'd hear him through.

One thing that did concern me, was his claim that he thought everybody had this "Special" power within them to access knowledge, I thought this was him trying to scam me and get me to hand over money at a later date to go on a course, so I just dismissed this, and listened to what else he had to say.

Some of his ideas sounded good, especially cracking down on corporate fraud and tax avoidance, and he has done some good work locally to deal with the declining number of shops and facilities within the High St in the Harborne District of Birmingham.

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