Thursday, 14 January 2010

Have your Say

Quietly tucked away, where nobody would find it......

Is a Parliamentary public consultation into:

  • Illegal File Sharing
  • DNA and Fingerprinting
  • Stop and Search
  • Forced Sex Education for Children
  • Asylum Support

The committee consists of:

Mr Andrew Dismore MP (Labour, Hendon) (Chairman)
Lord Bowness (Conservative)
Dr Evan Harris MP (Liberal Democrat, Oxford West & Abingdon)
Lord Dubs (Labour)
Fiona Mactaggart, (Labour, Slough)
Baroness Falkner of Margravine (Liberal Democrat)
Mr Virendra Sharma MP (Labour, Ealing Southall)
Lord Morris of Handsworth (Labour)
Mr Richard Shepherd MP (Conservative, Aldridge-Brownhills)
The Earl of Onslow (Conservative)
Mr Edward Timpson MP (Conservative, Crewe and Nantwich)
Baroness Prashar (Cross-Bencher)

They WANT your views. They WANT you to tell them are idiots, have no fucking idea and couldn't find an arse in an arse factory. Which is why they hid this little public consultation where no one would find it.

You have until 18th January to tell them what you think. Direct Democracy. Use it.


Climate Scientologist said...

Well, it looks like Zanu-Labour are going try absolutely *anything* in the run up to the election, including blatant bribery and carpet-bagging using taxpayers' money to buy votes and target certain types of voters.

Zanu-Labour BRIBO Laptop Now Available !

Zanu-Labour Try to buy back BNP Voters

What utter fucking cunts Zanu-Labour are. I hope they all die of face cancer !

WV: holyari

Anonymous said...

But OH if you know anything by now it is that they will ignore you!

Why waste your energy, they already know the publics views on these issues.

Which is why they are ignoring you and continuing with this totalitarian process in spite of NO ONE wanting it, besides most of these crooks are lords etc, what incentive do they have to listen to the little people?

Better to spend your energy waking up the people to the fascist totalitarian police state.

Not writing letters to the corrupt soviet aparatchiks!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Tucked away where nobody will find it is where all public consultations are, cough, advertised.

I tend to rail against this quite a lot.

Another trick is to make them inaccessible to the public, and only for 'stakeholders'. The public are too inconvenient to be asked sometimes.

As the commenter above says, there will be some safeguard here for our views to be ignored. There always is.

Having said that, it's probably still worth sending something just for irritation factor and because if the result comes out exactly how the government want it to, there's always the FOIA to ask them for all the info behind it.

That leaves us 4 days. Time to precis 1500 words.

hangemall said...

O/T and quite possibly I'm wrong, but could this be what Gordon sold off?

I don't really know anything about this site.

Interesting, though.

The ads have a strange irony to themas well.

Baby P said...

Are you the dude who wears the V mask Holborn? Have you ever been to one of these protests?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts. Feedback please. - also, feel free to copy.

Submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights
(1) Illegal file-sharing
The executive cannot be allowed any mechanism which gives them direct control over individuals or businesses outside of the normal judicial / criminal processes. Any and all actions by any government body, must have judicial approval prior to being carried out. Labour have been dismantling the legal processes and the ‘checks and balances’ which are an essential component of a civilised state. Consequently, we are seeing the inevitable corruption, abuses and, miscarriages of justice which any fool could see would happen. This movement to a system whereby the state can impose it’s will on the people must end and be reversed. We have seen with the expenses scandal, that there must always be external, independent oversight to ensure that standards are maintained.
No clause which gives the state direct influence over a citizen or business, without judicial assent can be permitted.
(2) DNA and fingerprints
All details of a suspect, including DNA and fingerprints should be destroyed, as soon as the decision not to charge has been taken, or the individual is found innocent. Until a guilty verdict has been given, no information on a suspect is to be passed to a third party without explicit judicial consent. This is to avoid the practice of sending suspects details abroad for storage to circumvent the destruction of the information.
(3) Domestic violence
The state must not be allowed ANY direct powers over the people unless through the normal judicial process. If there is reasonable suspicion, arrest them, otherwise, they are to be left alone.
(4) Stop and search
See item 3.
(5) Enforceable entitlements for parents and pupils
All that is required is for the government to stop putting party interests ahead of the education of the students. E.g. the constant devaluing of qualifications to artificially increase the numbers of high grades. This only serves to render worthless any UK qualification, pressure teachers to teach for the exam, rather than educating the kids.
(6) Mandatory sex and relationships education
In the days of STDs including AIDS, sex education is a right for the child. Relationships should be a separate, optional course.
(7) Reporting of Family Court proceedings
Hidden justice is not justice at all.
(8) Entitlement to personal care at home
We simply cannot afford this. If someone needs the taxpayers to look after them, they do it in the most cost effective manner, that is, in a dedicated care home.
Dr Mark Egan,
Commons Clerk of the Joint Committee on Human Rights,
Committee Office,
House of Commons,
7 Millbank,
London SW1P 3JA

tell brown he's a cunt said...

this guy has some balls....

perhaps cmd should shout like this at Brown?

Anonymous said...

They want a Word doc and a signed paper copy. They've obviously forgotten their own Digital Communications Bill!

Worse than useless...

Anonymous said...

tell brown he's a cunt said...
this guy has some balls....

perhaps cmd should shout like this at Brown?

14 January 2010 21:21

Why would Cameron shout at his co worker, in the political cartel of lib lab con?

are you new here?

Giolla said...

Given all the recent commentators who've been telling you that the common law approach is all a pile of shite this sentence on their web site is rather interesting:

"The Joint Committee on Human Rights scrutinizes every Government Bill for its compatibility with human rights, including common law fundamental rights"

State Nme said...

Wonder if Fiona Taggart MP is the same as Fatty McTaggart who as a student used to turn up to demos in a chauffeur-driven car...

Anonymous said...

Nice noose/Parliament comp.

Ruth said...

As they all live off the fat of the land I think we should burn them all very slowly to provide us with cheap heat.

thelunaticarms said...

Great find once more.

You have way too much time one your hands.

So take all the time you need cos you're better than the A-Team when it comes to finding those gems of biting back. Even if it has to be a bark.

Damn "Murder Laws" getting in the way of my peace and quiet!

Rebel Saint said...

It's a bit like the European elections ... they let you 'have your say' so that you feel like you're contributing. Then they file it all in the round filing basket in the corner and carry with what they were doing before.

Still I'll go and get a few things of my chest!

thelunaticarms said...

Have dugg this here >>>

Will do mine tomorrow and keep a copy for myself.

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells said...

Any chance of sending them a letter bomb?

Anonymous said...

Disgusting people!

Anonymous said...

Probably all our submissions will end up in the round filing cabinet but at least by responding we're letting them know that we're not fooled by their lies & whitewash. Think it's a case of standing up to be counted. Thanks OH for flagging it up & to Anon for providing his response - hope you don't mind if I use some of your examples - thought it was really well done.

Anonymous said...

Holborn - disgusted you have not posted about the human tragedy in Haiti. Port au Prince has been completely destroyed.

Latest estimates put the cost of reconstruction at $325.

Pirate said...

Got a torrent for it?

richard said...

OH, to acknowledge these people with any sign of co-operation or collusion is a waste of time. it's utterly demeaning to participate, or legitimise them in any way.
you of all people know what they've done. they deserve is to be chased through the streets by a mob armed with pitchforks. fuck 'em. it takes me three years of work to pay the taxes for the fucking plant pots on the fuckers' desks in city hall. send letters to them if you want, (Word AND hardcopy, remember!) if you think they actually give a fuck if we complain about the crapness of the very policies they've shat out onto the public.

Ron Broxted said...

Why are Amazon such fuckwits? Why is ordering a book like taking the Cambridge entrance exam? Not that I ever would have been asked to due to me being somewhat of a real thicko, who got sort of educated at the Robert Napier Secondary school in Third Avenue Gillingham. Now returning to the book I want Sphincters and avanced rimming techniques, by Robert Campbell. Why don't I live near a gay bookshop for fucks sake? Instead of shitland in a shithole.

camels toe said...

A bit early to be making Haiti jokes.Let the dust settle first.
By the way it was $325 worth of improvements caused by the quake.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

camel's toe

It would have been improvements worth $325 had the earthquake occurred in Basildon.

big ben laden said...

this consultation shit is a total fucking waste of time. just you wait, when my boys light the fuse on that candle, time's gonna fly...right over the atlantic and lodge itself up obama's ass like a hell-bent victorian icbm with a hard-on.

Witterings From Witney said...

Well OH they needn't worry about the stop and search question, need they?

I have always said that govt websites make it soooo hard to find anything on it that may cause them a problem - doesn't matter whether it is central govt or local authority, they all do it!

Anonymous said...

Bit off educating children in forced sex, what?

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