Thursday, 7 January 2010

Get stuck in

Here we go. Public consultation required on MPs expenses.

Let rip, people.


Janum Moondi said...


Way to stick it to the Man OH


Joe Public said...

MPs pass laws that treat everybody as a potential paedo unless we pay to have a bit of paper that says we're not.

Payback time.

Consider them all as thieves & fiddlers, and make them have to publish each & every expenses claim before they get even 1p reimbursed.

BenS said...

Ok I'll try to concentrate through this haze of gin

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

One has to think it'll get the same treatment as your average

event - which usually means queuing up to be abused.

There seems to be far more of them than is actually healthy intent on crapping on us - this is mere window dressing / lip service - I mean after all who's going to vote for it out of the 646 ... really? If they don't know the right way to behave and have to be bound by "school rules" they have no business representing us - at all.

As I've commented in the gritter thread the Icelandic model of political communication gets results - oh boy! - did he hop to it!

spark up said...

are you being groomed by the cia?

Gobshite said...

Harman went back on her word to Hewitt, her friend!


McEgan's Mummy said...

George Galloway MP deported from Egypt


That has just made my fucking day, that has.

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