Friday, 1 January 2010

A Free Man

Today marks the first day of my self declared freedom to live under common law and simply ignore whatever "laws" those 646 idiots in Parliament decide on my behalf is good for me.

I have become a "Freeman of the Land".

Great, you say. Wait and see what happens when the bailiffs or the coppers turn up. Well, that is exactly what I intend to do. Common law has worked for the people of England perfectly well until Parliament decided they could do the job better. I see this journey as a massive learning curve, involving huge amounts of researching law and challenging authority, standing up to bullies and thieves and living the one life I am lucky to have as I see fit.

The first of a raft of letters goes out tomorrow informing various authorities that I no longer submit to their authority. The fact that I was born does not mean I have to give my earned income to the State in taxes, it does not mean that I am not free to speak my mind wherever and whenever I chose and it does not mean that anyone has any authority over me. To use a religious argument, if I am made in God's image, then he and he alone has authority over me. No one else. By law.

So, what do I expect to happen? Well, they won't like it, that's for sure. I expect lots of various bodies to come knocking on my door, demanding my appearance at court or payment for this or that. Tough luck guys, Old Holborn has learned how to say no and mean it. It is not negotiable and never will be.

If you want to understand how common law works, there are numerous sources on the Internet, like the excellent TPUC site. Freemen are growing in number and living their lives as they wish. They don't drive Ferrari's, don't own villas on the South Coast of France and they (generally) don't wear Ted Baker suits either. They don't have credit cards or P60's, Rolex's or iPhones. But they do have their God Given liberty and they scare the establishment shitless.

Today's first step is a little sign on the garden gate. It states quite clearly and politely:

"No Intended Access"

Walk up my garden path and I will assume you to be as hostile to me and my family as if you'd jumped over the back garden wall. You take the consequences of that action to enter my property, uninvited. (Note to self: let the milkman know)

So here's to a year of bankruptcy, arrest, summonses and threats. Just for simply saying no.

Bring it on. Others lost their lives in wars for rights and freedom. I have my entire life to gain.


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Mitch said...

Watching this with interest hope it goes well, imagine if the whole UK population did this government would simply collapse.

Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

You may want to cahnge No INTENDED access to No IMPLIED Access - its more legal

Anonymous said...

I wish you well OH.

Scumbags Out! said...

Or "Access by Invitation Only" even.
OH, we salute your brave stand, but please keep it clever and peaceful. It's all about *civil disobedience* rather than shooting any fucker that trespasses on your property - much as they might richly deserve it!

Stop Common Purpose said...

Good luck, OH.

Let us know how it works out.

Costello said...

Good man. Look forward to learning how you get on.

Scumbags Out! said...

Oh, one other thing to anyone being chased up for unpaid credit-related debts. If your initial lender has sold off the debt to one of these 'enforcment' agents, you can refute any liability to them because you never had a contract with THEM (this third party) AND notwithstanding the original creditor has assigned/sold your debt to them, YOU didn't execute a legal nicety called a "Vesting Assent" to the same effect. That'll fuck 'em! All good clean fun!!

Gallimaufry said...

Offences Against The Person Act 1861 Section 31 is very handy for homeowners: domestic spring guns and mantraps
Happy New Year!

Gandhi said...

Oy! What's wrong with Ted Baker suits?

Anonymous said...

I think there will be a lot of people watching you and wondering whether to do the same. I know I am! Good Luck and God Speed!

opsimath said...

You are a brave man, OH, an example to us all. My very best wishes are with you at this pivotal moment.

God bless you and Liberty everywhere!

Captain Ranty said...

Welcome aboard the Freedom Express!

If you don't have fun while doing this Holby, you're doing it wrong. I am happy to help out with tips.

You are a human being once more.

It feels great, doesn't it?


Angry Fucker said...

So have you taken a great big old SHIT yet on the steps of the Stock Exchange to celebrate your new-found freedom, OH?

GCooper said...

I shall watch with fascination.

Good luck, OH!

hangemall said...

Good luck, OH. Keep us informed/amused as to how you get on. I know some of us are also thinking of it.

Old Holborn said...

Required reading

AP said...

How does this work, Your business can only operate if you are 'In' so unless you have binned it you won't get far pretending the rules and laws don't apply. An employer can't take you on if you won't consent to PAYE and you can't claim benefits obviously, the common law doesn't provide them.

So you starve? Don't think so. I smell the whiff of sweaty bollocks coming from OH

This is just for cynics who misguidedly think they can evade some financial responsibilities whilst still drawing the benefits. Scrounging for intellectuals?

Surely, OH, your first act will be to surrender your passport and driving license to unshackle yourself from the burden of being marked and told where and when and how you go to where ever you are going. Thought not

Why not go the whole hog to protect your property and get one of those little signs with a picture of a Pit Bull on it warning intruders for your gate, It will help you fit in with all the other people who don't pay their end and continue to avail of their benefits.

For an intelligent man you seem to have lost it on this one.

bofl said...

good luck o/h.........the enslavement of the uk by every vile shitbag like Brown +co. needs to end.

a country where every person is viewed as a cash crop to be victimised,shat on and used up like a commodity is not what any of us voted for.

stay calm!!! you will have to deal with agents of the state etc who will not usually know how to deal with you.........take inspiration from Gandhi!

bofl said... being a slave do you?

lovegiving gordon bighead loads of money to give to china and india to build nuclear missiles?

do you love mps and lords stealing your money and wanking over gay porno?

love mandy in his sports cars and £20,000 watches?

beter get down to westminster with some ky and let them fuck you without asking permission!

Rightwinggit said...

More power to your elbow, OH!


Anonymous said...

Good luck OH and please keep us posted.
Anyone else see those strange orange lights in the night sky yesterday? I was sober and they weren't fireworks or planes. Loads over bournemouth last night.

Foreign Bastards OUT! said...

What OH is proposing simply isn't available for everyone. If you work for the State you're enslaved anyway. It's really only suitable for the self-employed, the unemployed or the non-employed. If you're fortunate enough to be in category one or three, however, it's a great lifestyle choice: starving the State to death!

Lost said...

Good luck OH

May your path lead to wisdom, and in wisdom find ye peace


strongholdbarricades said...

How does postie fit into this?

...and how would I get to see a GP?

mathenti said...

I admire your chutzpah, but it won't work. In order to be totally divorced from the system you would have to forgo the health service, the law enforcers, the power and water companies, and a whole plethora of "services" which only exist because we have a structured society. You could steal power and water, but ultimately they will come after you and deny you access. Then there's food. You have to eat. You need to grow it all yourself or buy it. If you grow it yourself in the UK you'll have a diet of potatoes and turnips. That will land you in the hospital in due course.

What about banking? They are a shower of parasites, but if you don't bank your money some villain will knock you over the head to steal it. You aren't allowed to kill the cunt, so that brings you into contact with the law.

Its a nice notion, but its not going to work. Best to just fight as obstructively as you can against the petty fools, but play their system to your advantage. If you own property they have you by the balls. You don't pay them they charge you more. You can only resist to a point.

Good luck anyway. Is that a wind turbine you use to power the blog? Is the domain name protected? Are the ISP terms and conditions governed by English law?

Easier to just emigrate.

And I had resolved to stop commenting on fucking blogs. Doh!

Oldrightie said...

Fascinating. Best of luck.

Captain Ranty said...


I am employed, and yet my plan is working perfectly.

More research, matey, more research. If you are going to make statements-support them.


Anonymous said...

Well I wish you luck OH, I think you are going to need it. Lots of it.

I have been interested in the FOTL concept for a while, it is a very attractive idea.

Unfortunately in the last few months I have realised that IT DOES NOT WORK. Coming from a scientific education I am always interested in evidence. Unfortunately I cannot find any at all that is convincing. All of the 'stories' on TPUC, the TPUC forums and others in the USA either peter out or those concerned end up getting into deeper and deeper trouble. Show me the hard evidence that any of the tactics work, OH.

I have even worked through the legal arguments and none of them hold water. Most of the Magna Carta has been repealed (it was a statute after all), including the section that relates to Freemen. Statutes are law. The same as common law, honestly.

I thought John Harris was something of a hero. Now he has a bankruptcy order against him and his 'defence' is to not open the door or send letters back with 'no contract' stuck on the front. He will be in prison soon. Fantastic. He will obviously say something along the lines of 'I am being incarcerated for my beliefs'. Well that will be true.

Also, you can't argue logically with people with FOTL beliefs. Originally I was on their side, but the more you read on the forums of those who offer consistent objections and ask for firm evidence, the more hysterical and obtuse the Freemen become. In the words of the skeptics, it is all 'woo' and imaginary.

No sorry, I'm not convinced. However, enjoy taking the piss out of the state while you can, I'm up for that.

Swindon Alan

Old Holborn said...

You know, it is amazing the amount of anger out there when you mention that you'd rather live your life how you want to, rather than how the State wants you to.

We saw it with hippies, we saw it with punks and yet both of these groups are in effect, now in power whilst their critics are pushing up daisies.

All I ask is that the State leaves me alone. Until they do, I won't be leaving them alone. Seems only fair.

If any of you feel that I am adversely affecting YOUR life by my actions, please let me know. Otherwise, fuck off.

Captain Ranty said...

"And I had resolved to stop commenting on fucking blogs. Doh!"

Try harder, for fucks sake.


Polaris said...

OH you can do this, I know. The spiteful gutless commentators who lack imagination or conviction are wrong - it'll be tough but as CR says, fun.

Nick said...

Junior arrived just before Christmas. Since one of his names is going to be his grandfathers, I thought a nice Christmas present would have been his birth certificate. So I ring up. We've a cancelation in half an hour. Ok, I'll take it. Cab ride and I'm in Brixton to register him.

Now it starts. You can't register him, there is no NHS number. Come back later.

So I leave. 2 cab rides - waste of money.

However, not being entirely a plonker, I go and read their website. No mention of an NHS number. What's going on? OK, off to the acts of Parliament? No need for an NHS number either. just 15 odd items of information.

Now, the registrar has a problem. I've turned up, and they have refused to register him. I've done my bit. In 42 days time, they will start sending the letters out. You HAVE to register him. I tried by you refused.

Now it gets fun. How can they prosecute? I just turn up and say, I attended, and they refused.

Why should I take time off work because they had invented a rule that you have to supply an NHS number?

It's going to be fun.

Pogo said...

Good luck OH. That said, I can't help wondering whether you're barking mad or the sanest man in the country!

Shithole Britain said...

I'd like to remind you all of what the first commenter said above:

"Watching this with interest hope it goes well, imagine if the whole UK population did this government would simply collapse."


It's a very big and very important IF.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if the majority of people in this country actually did this, it would make the law and its mechanisms totally ineffectual.

Old Holborn said...

I had a similar problem with the birth of my twin girls in Germany.

After 7 days, a blockleiter appeared at my door demanding that I name and register my children immediately. I simply said "or what? You'll name them for me?"

He huffed and he puffed. Especially when I insisted if he didn't stop, I would name them both Adolf.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn said...

You know, it is amazing the amount of anger out there when you mention that you'd rather live your life how you want to, rather than how the State wants you to.

I think that most of the people in this country would agree with you. For anyone who is libertarian at heart we would all like to see the fucking monolith that is the government implode and get out of our lives. However as you said yourself, there have been many embryonic movements who want to bring this about but they have all stayed small.

As another poster said, if we all became Freemen tomorrow the State would collapse. That isn't going to happen, too many are wedded to, or reliant upon, the State. And if that is the situation, then a thousand, or ten thousand or a hundred thousand Freemen are just going to be left at the mercy of the power of the government. It's not big enough to take it on.

My take on things now, FWIW, is that history tells us that all empires eventually collapse. That applies just as much to UK plc, the EU and the USA as it did to ancient Rome or the USSR. They feed off their populations until they are sucked dry and then the game is up. The current economic crisis is the first major tremor. It's coming in the next five to ten years.

Rather than fantasising about FOTL I think it would be better to put the effort into preparing to put in place the sort of society that we (as the public) want once the MPs are enjoying their cheese wire and lampposts.

Swindon Alan

Nick said...

I don't think it takes the majority. It can take a very small minority.

For example, ID cards. Given 60,000,000 poeple to register, they don't have long to register each person, say 3-4 minutes each.

So, what if it took an extra minute or two? It's screws their schedule and costs.

So how can this be achieved? Just take some swaps of the finger print reader. Get them analysed and cultured. Nice colour pictures of petri dishes for the front cover of the newspapers.

E-Coli, MRSA, C-Diff, urine, shit. Bound to be there.

Now what's going to happen? They will have to clean between users. It's probably going to screw up the finger print readers. It's certainly going to add to the time take to register people.

All it takes is one or two people, and a newspaper on a quite day.

You can hear the ministers. But there will be shit on the door knobs and no one complains about that...


Atheist Ranter said...

I really wish you well and HOPE it works. I'd love to try it myself but, being a pussy at heart, I'll wait and see how you get on first...

Give 'em shit OH and the best of luck

Anonymous said...

Good luck OH,give em hell and of course keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Captain Ranty said...


I am employed, and yet my plan is working perfectly.

More research, matey, more research. If you are going to make statements-support them.


1 January 2010 14:54

I'm not being antagonistic, CR but please can you reciprocate? Can you support the statement that 'your plan is working perfectly'? Hard facts and evidence that you are free to operate outside the law without any repercussions at all? Documents that show that lawyers, council executives, police chiefs, income tax inspectors et al acknowledge that you are a Freeman on the Land and so can carry on as you wish without let or hindrance?


Swindon Alan

Atheist Ranter said...

Nick 15:21
Good idea. It could work in lots of different scenarios; return things unsigned so they have to be returned for another go; wait as long as possible then ask for confirmation of some irrelevant point; miss things out when (eventually) returning forms.... The list could go on and on

Katabasis said...

Good luck OH. As others have said, many will be watching with interest and wishing you well.

As to some of the other suggestions. I think we really should start seriously considering things like Agorism and a British Free State Project.

Nick said...

It's quite easy winding them up.

I'm pretty certain they will go for the wife. I'll get her to play dumb and write a letter in Czech saying her English isn't too good and they have to deal with me. That's for starters, or are they going to start employing translators.

What I suggest with all dealings with officials is a little voice recorder. and others.

You need this earpiece.

Perfectly legal to record. You don't have tell them either.

However, if you want to distribute it, you have to get their permission.

You can distribute transcriptions.

In court it's easy. They say X. You say you are lying. Do you want to hear the tape?

If they say no, then you can guess why and others will too.


Steven_L said...

If you believe that TPUC conspiracy nonsense then you're a complete numpty.

Laws are real and policemen can arrest you for failing to attend court.

I'd bet the courts don't buy your arguments one little bit.

Twisted Root said...

Good Luck OH. I,m sure you've considered it all properly and the time is right for you.

The anger from commenters is mostly, I suspect, from people who want to watch you either fail and say 'I told you so', or succeed and then safely and easily follow. The bad news for them is that it will never be safe or easy.

Interesting theological point about God creating male and female in his own image (self generation)- that's chapter one; in chapter two God creates Adam from the dust and breathes life into him. I only mention it as it seems germaine to what you are doing and shows that this humanity's mind (nous) has been screwed with for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Very dodgy advice on your TPUC link.

If you want to sit in cells though its up to you.

Anonymous said...

Actually, OH, the photo you put at the top of your declaration may well be the most apposite.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Find the weak link in the system, and IT WILL COLLAPSE.

Unfortunately, we are bound by many, many chains.

WV: dingi

Anonymous said...

The thing is, if everyone (or at least say 40% of people) did what OH has undertaken to do, then the state would simply collapse and we'd HAVE to revert to whatever system of law (Common Law in this case) the protesters demanded. That's what you're all failing to understand!

Demetrius said...

But are you still helping with the washing up?

Captain Ranty said...

Swindon Alan,

I sent a sworn, witnessed affidavit to the Home Secretary. His office was given a reasonable time to rebut or deny my claims. They did not. An unrebutted affidavit is the single most powerful document in law. Nothing beats it apart from a letter signed personally by The Creator.

The Home Office recognise my documentation but they do not know what to do with it. That is not my problem.

As for lawyers, policemen, judges, politicians and Uncle Tom Cobley "acknowledging my status as a Freeman", who cares? I certainly don't. I do not need anyones permission to become a Freeman. I am. End of story.

I sent them an affidavit outlining my claims. They did not disagree. My word has become my law. They cannot rebut now because they are already in dishonour.

A maxim in law states that an "unrebutted affidavit stands".

Job done. My Freedom is secure.

For the time being I am doing exactly as I did before. I pay tax, I pay NICS, I pay Council Tax. But it is all going to stop soon. I anticipate resistance but I do not anticipate failure.

Remember this: the "officials" that I come into contact (or conflict) with are like me. They are humans too. They were brainwashed, just like me. They need to be re-educated, just like I needed to re-educate my Self. I now know what I am, and more importantly, what I am not. It was a pivotal moment for me, and it enabled me to get that damned monkey off my back.

Peel back the onion, old son. Once you discover who creates the wealth, and how, you will be amazed. Once you discover that income tax, council tax, road tax etc are illegal, even by their OWN definitions, it makes it all easier to leave behind.

But when you actually discover that they don't really NEED our money, it will blow your mind.

As Holby says, this isn't for the faint hearted, it isn't a free ride, and it isn't a magic wand to clear your debt, and it DOES take an enormous amount of research.

All it usually takes is one person to say "No", and we are off to the races. If you doubt that statement you might want to research Pancho Villa, Geronimo, Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara, Rosa Parks, Spartacus, or, if you really want to dig, have a butchers at Nebuchadnezzar III and the wee revolution he started 500 years before sunny Jesus did his thing.

Ordinary people that had had a bellyful.

I am that ordinary chap. I learnt that the most powerful word in the English language is "No". It is stunning to just watch peoples faces when you use it with conviction.

The naysayers here aren't cowards, but they are frightened. Submit an affidavit and the fear just melts away.


PS-Anon at 16:03, their weakness is money, but sadly, it's our weakness too.

watching said...

"If you work for the State you're enslaved anyway."
No you're not. Your mind thinks its enslaved which is precisely what the state wants.
"Watching this with interest hope it goes well, imagine if the whole UK population did this government would simply collapse."


Indeed it would but the real problem is opening the minds of the sheeple.

"Coming from a scientific education I am always interested in evidence."

You are however approaching the FMOTL with a mind already made up!

"In order to be totally divorced from the system you would have to forgo the health service, the law enforcers, the power and water companies, and a whole plethora of "services" which only exist because we have a structured society."

You are totally indoctrinated by 'the system' so need to step outside it to see just how wrong you are.

I have totally and utterly ignored a £195 parking 'fine'. I didn't even acknowledge its receipt and resisted the temptation to thank the parking company for informing me that a vehicle that had my legal fiction as its 'registered KEEPER', not owner, was located for a period of 2 hours and 20 minutes on a local car park on a certain date in early September 2009 and guess what the company has given up. They obviously have a cash limit on how long they will continue with their scam.

You have to consent to be dominated by the state. They really are insidiuos people as they give everyone they know about a birth certificate and a NI number.
Just to open your mind try asking your credit card company, your loan company, your mortgage company, your finance company etc for the ORIGINAL contract containing your signature.
Do not accept a photocopy authorised by lawyers, do not accept a 'proven copy' in fact do not accept any sort of copy hold out for the original.
You will never ever get it and when you finally realise that this is the truth you will be enlightened and once you start looking at all the shit that you currently accept as the truth with a truly open mind you will see through the deceptions just like I did.


Anonymous said...

It seems the tpuc lot are full of "half baked" shite.

I only hope you dont get dragged to far down into the mire...

Anonymous said...

CR, thank you for your detailed reply.

However, this is still not evidence that the FOTL concept works.

Instead of declaring myself a Freeman on the Land and sending an affidavit to the Queen or the Home Office, I could declare myself to be The Great Prophet Zarquon and send a notice of my intention to no longer be a subject of the state on a used McDonalds napkin and I am sure that the powers that be would treat it with the same disdain and amusement. In law it would have exactly the same effect.

Show me the evidence that FOTL is accepted in law as an alternative way to live. I don't think you can, as it is fantasy.

By all means try this approach if that is what you want to do, it is nothing to do with me. And OH too. But from where I sit I think it is unwise to effectively encourage others to try what is a dangerous and unproven strategy.

A man who ends up with no property, no family or friends and in prison because the majority of society view him as a criminal is not 'free'.

Swindon Alan

Polaris said...

Swindon Alan - I guess it's not really for you then, is it? You know; fighting for your beliefs, obviously the status quo suits you just fine, mint sauce?

Good luck OH

Gareth said...

Mitch said: "Watching this with interest hope it goes well, imagine if the whole UK population did this government would simply collapse."

It wouldn't. *All* it would do is require authorities to cease using force to make everyone pay and start offering services people actively want to contribute to.(And I think a lot of people would still want to) Authorities would have to up their game massively and stop wasting so much of our money and time. This is too hard for them. Replace councils, quangos etc with a mix of co-operatives, charities and businesses and it could be done.

mathenti said: "I admire your chutzpah, but it won't work. In order to be totally divorced from the system you would have to forgo the health service, the law enforcers, the power and water companies, and a whole plethora of "services" which only exist because we have a structured society."

Just as we had plenty of hospitals before the NHS and plenty of charitable welfare before National Insurance, we had a structured society long before socialists got involved.

All OH wants to do is pick and choose which contracts he signs up to. He can still contract with water and power companies to provide the services they do - his contract is with them not the State. OH is not the problem - the system is.

As it is if you want a better education, better healthcare etc than the state has to offer you have to pay twice - once for the public sector service you don't use and then for the private sector service you do use. They are abusing their monopoly.

Anonymous said...

watching said...

"Coming from a scientific education I am always interested in evidence."

You are however approaching the FMOTL with a mind already made up!

Incorrect, Watching. That is not what I said. I have spent eighteen months being interested in TPUC and FOTL as a possibility. At one point I had the affidavits printed and filled in. But I thought I would wait to see proof that it could work and that it provided immunity from the state. A year later I still haven't seen any hard evidence. All I see is people with good independent intentions landing in very hot water or copping out.

I tell you what, if you believe in it, prove to me that it works. Not rhetoric and theory, non-respondent third parties, but hard facts. From your own experience. I would be delighted if you can and if so, my affidavits will be in the post tomorrow.

Swindon Alan

Anonymous said...

Polaris said...

Swindon Alan - I guess it's not really for you then, is it? You know; fighting for your beliefs, obviously the status quo suits you just fine, mint sauce?

No, FOTL is not (so far) as I don't believe that it works. However, fighting for my beliefs and changing the status quo is very high on my list of priorities, if only for my childrens' sake. As an anarcho-capitalist libertarian I think that there are other ways and means of getting rid of governments (like collapse) and creating a better society afterwards. FOTL is an 'attractive' diversion.

Swindon Alan

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your new adventure OH. Please do let us know how it all goes as I'm cetainly considering it but am a bit unsure about all the ins & outs.
Nick - congrats to you & Mrs Nick re Junior & good luck with your NHS no.
Anon - orange lights over Bournemouth last night - I was out in a friend's garden up behind Bournemouth watching the fireworks & saw the orange lights - they were those Chinese Lanterns or Sky Lanterns - Google & all will be revealed. Weren't they pretty?
Last but not least - thanks to the commenter who advised in a previous post about getting in a couple of green lasers - 2 now on order. Happy New Year!

watching said...

"But I thought I would wait to see proof that it could work and that it provided immunity from the state. A year later I still haven't seen any hard evidence. All I see is people with good independent intentions landing in very hot water or copping out."

Some people lead, others follow, others simply go their own way and that is as it should be. Most people in this country are shit scared to do ANYTHING out of the ordinary or even attract 'attention' to themselves.
We withdrew our son from state education, a truly painless and enlightening process, but most of our friends cannot understand why 'they' (the state) haven't called round to make sure he is being educated 'the correct way' and are expecting us to end up in court at some point with our son being forced back into mainstream education.

The only person you have to prove 'the truth' to is yourself. If you cannot do that with FMOTL then don't pursue it. It's that simple.

Hoping to change the system from within is a worthy cause and good luck to you if you really have found any proof that you are able to actually achieve this aim.
Sadly all I see is those that have the best intentions get marginalised by the majority who don't or get corrupted into 'not upsetting the system'!


Captain Ranty said...

Fair enough Alan.

I'll work on my "fantasy". The onus is not on me to prove anything. I served an affidavit. It will win in court because if it doesn't, all other affidavits served for the last 900 years are null and void. All affidavits served in the future, including those served by the government and the courts, will be null and void.

As it happens I like your way as well. But before we can damage the castle we have to damage the foundations. I see that as my job. I don't just want to rock the boat, I want to sink the fucker.

I think though, that if you sit waiting for someone else to step up to the plate, you will be old and grey by the time the rest of the unfortunates wake up.

I am awake, and I am active. I may be heading in the wrong direction, according to some, but I am in motion. I am doing something.

At least I have that. I too could have elected to sit, watch, and make a move when someone else succeeded, or I could elect to be a pioneer.

I want neither fame nor fortune. I just want to pay a fair price for the ride.

And yes. You can claim anything you like. As long as you know what you have written, and can convince the court that you are not mentally unbalanced.....


remici said...

OH, you are such a prat.

Anonymous said...

Cheers CR.

Well, as I said - good luck to you both.

Watching - as I said many posts ago, you are doing a great job sounding like a conspiracy nutcase who 'knows the truth' and that everybody else has to 'find out for themselves'. I could keep going on and on and on about I know that if I flap my arms hard enough then I can get to the moon. I could scream and shout about it for ever, convinced as I am that it is true.

But at some point someone is going to ask me to prove it or shut the fuck up. And of course I won't be able to. Same with FOTL.

Swindon Alan

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff OH, I for one haven't decided if you've lost the plot or not! - it's a huge statement. Personally I don't object to paying into the system - it's just the level of the payments and the sheer waste of most of it.

I don't know the answer, but will be watching your story with great interest. Gooed luck.

defender said...

Alan,There is that word again prove, I for one have nothing to prove, not one thing.
I have for years been a pain in tne arse of authourity, I am well known to the taxman, council, nis payments, council tax and water payments.
If I have to pay it is always by negotation, even in court I will work out the most complicated way of settling whatever it might be. Many times I am let off.
The point is to tie up the system so as to make dealing with me more expensive that the amount collected.
As it happens I cannot be sued, cant pay wont pay. I am very happy considering I pay almost nothing into the system.
If on the other hand you need to pay out over 60% of your income in one tax or another, thats up to you.

Call me Infidel said...

Capt Ranty
For the time being I am doing exactly as I did before. I pay tax, I pay NICS, I pay Council Tax. But it is all going to stop soon. I anticipate resistance but I do not anticipate failure.

Hmmm I think I see a flaw in your plan. As much as I admire your stance I fear once you stop paying tax you are setting yourself up for a world of misery. The Revenue can obtain a writ of assist to enter your property day or night and seize goods to the value of the outstanding claim. They don't need to go before a magistrate a HEO grade in the Civil Service can authorise it. They need the assistance of the local constabulary if it is after 5pm and before 7am I think.

They would most likely bring plod along in any event in case you offer resistance. Good luck with your endeavors, but frankly talk is cheap. Keep us posted on how it is all going after you have stopped paying them.

defender said...

Mind you, not ever having used a credit card or ever received a payment by credit card makes my case a bit diferent from most these days. My last PAYE wage was 1882 and no I own no property or anything on HP, or loans, or Bank account, or DD, just a Post Office account which does for me, cash over the counter for everything.

John McDonnell said...

Another world is possible OH. Join me. Socialism!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Let's face it, it's got to be better than what we've got now.

You have my full support OH. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Defender - then good for you. That is plain obstruction and playing the system to your benefit and I can't knock that. Fair play. I do note that you say that end you up paying sometimes though. Is it because the state has lots of police and guns and prisons?

However, that is not the same as what FOTL propounds - sending an affidavit to the Queen and then bugging out of society. Show me a statement from an independent lawyer that says that the Freeman concept is factual in law.

Swindon Alan

Old Holborn said...

Captain Ranty said...

A colleague of mine asked for help with a speeding ticket he was "awarded" in Aberdeen. This was on June 15th 2009. I told him to write back within the 30 day period offering conditional payment. (It is vital that you respond. If you don't you are in dishonour). He said he was happy to pay the £60 fine and have his license endorsed with 3 points if they could prove he had committed a crime. (Saying he was happy to pay removed controversy, this too, is vital).

The Ticket people insisted he had committed a crime. He asked "who has suffered injury, harm or loss?". There were several letters and two menacing phone calls over the following 6 weeks. One of the calls came from "the legal division" of Grampian Police. This later turned out to be a senior traffic cop who had lied about being connected with the "legal division". The cop who called said he was impressed with my colleagues knowledge and asked him if he was a lawyer. My colleague declined to answer the question. Two more letters followed, each one threatening court action. My pal simply repeated his first and only question which they had not answered. No-one had suffered harm, loss or injury because my pal was travelling at 38 mph in a 30 mph zone. The problem has now gone away. They gave up.

All he did was ask a simple question. He pointed out the difference between a statute and a law for them.

Frightening stuff, eh? He said no. They tried and tried but his license is clean and he kept the sixty quid.


watching said...

I have no knowledge of what constitutes 'the truth'. All I have is fifty years or so of life on this planet all of it spent in this country.
I have started to question the accepted reality because the older I get the less convincing that version of reality becomes.

All I am saying is do yourself a favour, take some action go and ask for an original contract you have 'filed' with a financial institution and get them to show it to you.

If they do provide you with an original signed by your good self then you will have proof incarnate that I am talking out of my arse.
If they cannot provide you with the original document then perhaps something else is going on and you need to start asking questions instead of asking others for proof.

The fact you went to the considerable trouble of writing out affidavits and not sending them out speaks volumes.
It IS scary to question your reality, it is even more scary to take action that might prove your reality to be false. But what have you got to lose?


Blas said...

The one that really pisses me off is council tax - it is a monthly fine for not being a fucking gypsy.

Show me how you can own property and not pay this tribute - that's what it is, let's face it - to the oxygen thieves in the town hall and I will be most interested.

Anonymous said...

CR - two points. Firstly this is your 'pal'. I have no reason to doubt you, but all FOTL stories are like this. It is never first hand. There is never any documentary evidence.

Secondly, has the problem really gone away, or is it that the lawyers are just preparing the paperwork for something nastier?

As Call Me Infidel said, "Keep us posted on how it is all going after you have stopped paying your income tax".

Swindon Alan

Captain Ranty said...

Mr Infidel,

I have just refused to pay a £4,300 corporation tax demand. I asked HMRC to supply me with a signed contract containing two wet signatures, theirs and mine. I already know that no such contract exists. So do they.

I gave them seven days to provide the evidence that we had a contract in place, but I may as well have given them 7 years. They have already lost. We both know that too.

They will come after me using every statute under the sun, but my affidavit to the Home Office (in which I advised them to inform all concerned parties about my new status) covers me absolutely.

I am actually keen to go to court and I have told them so. I want my day in court but they are terrified that this will become common knowledge because there will be a queue of millions right behind me.

My guess is that the £4k demand will be quietly forgotten.


Captain Ranty said...


Let me have your email address and I will put you in direct contact with my pal.


Anonymous said...

watching said...

All I am saying is do yourself a favour, take some action go and ask for an original contract you have 'filed' with a financial institution and get them to show it to you.

If they do provide you with an original signed by your good self then you will have proof incarnate that I am talking out of my arse.

If they cannot provide you with the original document then perhaps something else is going on and you need to start asking questions instead of asking others for proof.


Swindon Alan

Anonymous said...

Captain Ranty said...

I have just refused to pay a £4,300 corporation tax demand. I asked HMRC to supply me with a signed contract containing two wet signatures, theirs and mine. I already know that no such contract exists. So do they.

I am sure that they do know that there isn't a contract. Your obligations under your citizenship of this country to pay tax doesn't require a contract.

It's a fictional defence.

Swindon Alan

Fausty said...

If anyone can do it, you can, OH. Every success you have will inspire more to do the same. Maybe not immediately, but as time goes by, as they get ticked off ... then they will recall OH's solutions.

Keep us posted. And very well done. My hat off to you.

Old Holborn said...

"Your obligations under your citizenship of this country"


Could you list my obligations please?

defender said...

Bias, ask the council for an invoice for the services you have used, start there and see how it goes, put the funds to one side for your backstop, keep asking for an invoice, they will try to knock you back.
When you eventually if ever get an invoice, dispute it.
When it goes to court explain your case to the judge, eg, you do not use bla bla or bla so why are you being made to pay. That will having them digging up all kinds of stuff, the prosecution goes nuts, finding all kinds of arguments, ask for a full explanation of everything, defend your self but be sure to state that you have no legal qualifications but you can see a con when you see one. Go on, go on go on, like Mrs Doyle does.
Eventually you may feel contempt is becoming a distinctly possible then pay up under duress then do it all again next time. It drives them potty.

Fausty said...

What's to stop OH paying for private GP appointments? We are so conditioned, most people don't know that they're available - and not expensive, either!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you, you obviously know what you're getting into and the risks you are taking and, if I may make an assumption, it seems one of the motivations for you doing this is to 'stick it to the man' and, heck, who doesn't want to do that!

The 'anger' from a lot of commentators, including me (although I'm not angry at all about what you choose to do with your life) is that there are people out there who are highly susceptible to this type of thing (I personally know one person whose business and house is now at risk due to an unpaid VAT bill for going down this road). If I can generalise, they may also believe that 9/11 was a USA government conspiracy, the moon landings never happened, UFO's regularly visit us, etc.

It is these people who we 'angry mob' are worried about. They may actually believe this FOTL nonsense has some basis in law and that when their day in court comes the judge will say 'Yes sir, you are correct, you are indeed a FOTL bound only by common law so you no longer need to pay your council tax / credit card bill / whatever'. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. They will stand there stupefied as every possession they own is stripped from them.

OH knows this risk at the outset and is willing to take it. Good luck to you, I really do mean that and I'm sure you will derive immense satisfaction 'sticking it to the man' and will enjoy reading about it.

I just worry that other, more susceptible people will enter this actually believing they have a leg to stand on when they go to court only to be sadly disillusioned.

Oh, and as for the argument 'If everyone did this the government would fail'. Yes, you are correct. It is known as a revolution. You don't need a strawman like FOTL to achieve this, see France late 18th century for a rather famous example of one. We also had one of our own led by a Mr Cromwell. The sheeple do rouse themselves from time to time when things become unbearable. Somewhere in the world there may be one happening right now (or threatening to, like in Iran).

Who knows, one day we may have another one here in Blighty. It won't be through people declaring themselves Freemen though - "change only comes through the barrel of a gun" but I'm sure you'll have your fun and I'm also sure you realise that at the end of it you'll be less free than you are you now. If you do want to persuade others to go down this route just, please, make sure that the risks are front and centre (I'm sure you will, as a responsible and sensible person, and every post from you I've read on this subject you have made the risks clear).

Sorry for being a 'hater' :( Don't hate me too much for it :)

Old Holborn said...

"change only comes through the barrel of a gun"

Sigh. A mere 20 years have passed since the entire Soviet Bloc fell, without a shot fired (except in Romania)

Mr Eugenides said...

I won't say it's not an engaging thought, but, well, no.

Some questions present themselves:

1. How do you plan to get running water?

2. What will you do with your rubbish?

3. How do you plan to get around over distances beyond those you can walk?

There, you see; that's three things you need to pay for. All of them cunningly encapsulated in that council tax demand.

Don't get me wrong; it would be great to live on a seastead or in the wilds of the Nevada desert and not have to answer to the State for my actions or choices. But, unless I missed something and you live in a croft on a remote Hebridean island, you are plugged into the matrix too deeply to simply "opt out".

In the absence of some voluntary agreement with other likeminded souls to bring you pails of water and take away your refuse, this is just so much hot air. Sorry to put it that way.

Captain Ranty said...


Under their own statutes, demanding money without a contract in place is illegal, and unlawful. We are all equal under the law. Just because they are the government they don't get the right to steal. I removed my consent. (Remember: a statute is given the force of law when consented to by the governed). When I did that I removed their ability to steal my hard earned money.

They provide the remedy in their own statutes, in any case. They have to, as it happens.

Fictional? I already know of people who have used this "fictional" defence to walk away from many thousands of £££'s "owed" to HMRC. Just because it didn't appear on News at Ten doesn't mean the event didn't happen.

Look, the country is bankrupt. That is a fact. In bankruptcy all debts are forgiven. That is also a fact.

The way I deal with the government has changed. That too, is a fact.

Keep an eye on my blog for updates.


Old Holborn said...

1. How do you plan to get running water? - Like I do now. A contract with the water company

2. What will you do with your rubbish? - Have it collected by a pivate rubbish collector

3. How do you plan to get around over distances beyond those you can walk? - Drive. I pay VAT, road tax, petrol tax and insurance tax.

defender said...

Mr Eugenides said...

I won't say it's not an engaging thought, but, well, no.

Some questions present themselves:

1. How do you plan to get running water?

2. What will you do with your rubbish?

3. How do you plan to get around over distances beyond those you can walk?

1, I have not paid a penny to my water company in 10 years at this house, they cannot turn off your water, it is against their health and safty, human rights, health laws, and more. I even suggested they turn it off, also the sewage portion cannot be cut off.

2, by law household waste has to be collected without exception. Councils must pick up your waste payment or not.

3, Road tax is a problem, lots of hassle, as it happens I now walk, take the bus, taxi or on my push bike.

Old Holborn said...

VAT debts are vaild. If you agree to collect tax for the government, the government is entitled to hand it over.

My invoices do not include VAT. Simple as that. No VAT bill to pay.

Captain Ranty said...

Mr E,

1. How do you plan to get running water?-under common and statute law you cannot be denied water.

2. What will you do with your rubbish?-pay for a private firm to take it away, at a fraction of the council costs.

3. How do you plan to get around over distances beyond those you can walk?-a Freeman cannot be hindered while travelling. Magna Carta Plus confirms this.

What services do you use that cannot be paid for privately?

This is not a free ride. This is about paying a fair price. Government greed has reached ridiculous heights and it has to stop. Cut off their money supply and any sitting government will get a grip on the billions wasted within seconds. That's pretty much all I ask.


Mr Eugenides said...

OH: Fair enough. I still don't see it being feasible in the grand scheme of things. But as we're on the same side, I'll not quibble further.

Except to say to Defender: Captain Ranty is correct that this is not a free ride. Simply saying that you will not pay for these services because they can't cut you off or refuse to collect garbage is no sort of answer.

If you pay a private company to perform these services then I am in full agreement that you should not have to pay the state to do it for you - practical objections aside.

watching said...

From the BBC page you kindly provided the link to.

"Banks sometimes have great difficulty in providing an exact copy of an original credit card agreement, such as a photocopied or scanned version, and at least one major bank is thought to have destroyed all its old credit card agreements"

'Great difficulty'

'thought to have'

to provide an 'exact copy of an original'

No mention of them ever being able to provide an original is there?

I cannot understand why you are so keen on proving to people who think otherwise that they are wrong and you are right so I will leave the floor to you.

Best of luck with your attempts to change the status quo from within. I sincerely hope you succeed.


defender said...

In the article in our Overview section we gave some general advice on problems with bills and a few facts about water bills. Here we will go into more details about the situation with water bills. It is slightly different to the other utilities in that there are government rules that are meant to prevent people having their water cut off because of the health risk associated with not having access to drinking quality water.

Anonymous said...

"Sigh. A mere 20 years have passed since the entire Soviet Bloc fell, without a shot fired (except in Romania)"

I'm sorry, that message of mine never came across well :) I missed a dash after the closing quote for one, and the purpose of the quote was to basically show another revolutionary theory, one espoused by Marxists, that change only comes through the barrel of a gun, but I'm sure you could find a million other throwaway revolutionary quotes, the point was simply to show that revolutions happen all the time.

I wanted to not write 1,000 words to say it (which I'm writing now :D ) but sum it up in a few words which I failed miserably at!

Revolution normally comes when conditions in a country are unbearable. As much as Labour have tried we aren't there yet :(

I do still believe FOTL is being used as a strawman by you as you really do despise the state (in both senses) we are in but I hope you don't really believe that it has any standing in law.

Old Holborn said...

Conditions in East Germany were good. Job for life, pensions, housing.

Didn't save Honecker though

Anonymous said...

"VAT debts are vaild. If you agree to collect tax for the government, the government is entitled to hand it over.

My invoices do not include VAT. Simple as that. No VAT bill to pay."

Sorry, me (yet) again.

The person I know had no idea that once his company turnover was more than £65k (or whatever correct number is) that he was legally obliged to pay VAT on all transactions. He had never billed for it, never paid for it, never claimed anything back against VAT, it simply never entered his head.

Ended up with a £25k bill going back over 3 or 4 years.

Rather than pay it he decided to go down FOTL route and is now facing final demands.

Still, in your case it may turn out differently as he tried using FOTL as a get out of jail free card after he'd been 'caught' which was never going to work.

bofl said...

if we all grew some bollocks and cut the government off from its legalised theft then there are so many things that they wouldnt be able to

1/wage wars around the globe.
2/stop the 'social engineering' that tony blair recently admitted to doing.
3/stop then giving £billions to other countries.

4/stop them fiddling the dole figures by creating untold numbers of nanny state 'jobs'.

5/stop them taking us into the lunacy of the eussr..........alomg with the £billions we pay in each year........(nice of us to pay for the spanish motorway network)

there must be thousands of others.

i dont believe any of us were consulted on the above?
(i know there was an eu vote-but as usual the goalposts have been moved).

Captain Ranty said...

Well said bofl.

I saw some pie charts the other day (it may have been on here) and I noticed that HMG collected £160 billion in income tax but this was far overshadowed by what I see as wasteful expenditure.

Cut out the waste and we have no need to bung them £160 billion a year. They simply do not need our money.


Old Holborn said...

If Government spending was at the same level as 1997, income tax could be abolished tomorrow.

The State is an insatiable beast. It already takes around 85% of your income. You are very nearly a total slave. Starve it.

bofl said...

most of what the government spends is due to VANITY!!!!!!!

whoever is in power is only interested in their own ego projections......

we are in the eu because uk politicians want to be at the delusional.

we give money away- to look good in the eyes of the world.

we bailed out the banks to save labour votes in jockistan.

look at that cocksniffer Brown.addicted to his own self he is having a conference on terror!!!!!!

all so that he can strut around and try to kiss Obama much will this cost?

Blair even wanted his own jumbo jet ffs!!!!!!!!

now that would have been the ultimate insult.

AP said...

'No contract exists' does, under custom and practice, or more properly implied contract. If you are, say 50, and have been paying all your tax and bills to the state, driving on their license, travelling with their passport, you have accepted the States terms and you have received ANY benefit, cash or kind in return, the contract exists. There is decades of evidence to prove the contract. It is how it worked when most people didn't have the price of a quill and the evidence of a contract was on the actions off the parties. It still works today.

Anyway, there is a lot of hot air being touted as fact here. Captain Ranty doesn't understand the law at all. The corporation tax bill that is due is owed by his COMPANY, not him (although he is personally liable if he is a Director) The com[pany cannot opt out of the system as it is a person init's own right created by the system. We will see how good the defence is when the balliffs turn up at the company premises. OH claims not to collect VAT through his company, which either means it is very very small, or is breaking the law already by not registering or invoices in a different jurisdiction. OHs claim doesn't sound quite right, and someone else claims you just have to ask for proof of guilt to a speeding offence to get off. The answer on that is very siple, the penalty notice is an offer to you to settle, if you respond by varying the terms then you have not accepted the offer and the matter goes to court in the usual way. I am sure the beak will find the argument amusing.

OH also provides a link to 'evidence'. Reading this it is clear that Wirral council had billed an individual rather than a company for council tax. The withdrawal was recognising that the company was liable in that specific instance, as it would be if the tenant had a contract with the Landlord, a trust or limited company who provided the property to let which asked required the landlord to pay. Providing a copy of that contract would have stopped proceedings. They would just be reissued the next day to the correct party. All the pertinent facts have been left out. Strangely.

And not paying your water rates, well the water company will take a charge on your property and they will get the money when it gets sold. With interests and costs.

The message, don't believe everything people tell you. Look for some evidence, any evidence.

Old Holborn said...

As regular readers will know, my business is based in Zug, Switzerland

Shug Niggurath said...

Very interesting comments thread, I think I read every one (which I don't when there are more than about 10).

OH (and all), firstly, happy new year to you all, hope this year is good to you.

Immediately I am a bit disturbed by defender's points, simply refusing to pay but wanting to use sounds to me like scrounging. Am I missing something here?

I would like to say that I wish all of you in this thread who are doing this the very best of luck.

steveshark said...'s almost as if some commenters want you to fail.

I mean, life's so fucking peachy at the moment, isn't it?

Captain Ranty said...

"The message, don't believe everything people tell you. Look for some evidence, any evidence."

You won't be offended if I disbelieve you then. You offered nothing but your own opinion. Is there a chance, even a tiny one, that you are wrong?

All I see in your writing is terror and an unbending need to cave in to these freaks, who have loaded the dice to suit themselves. You fail to realise that permission and consent can be removed as freely as it is given. This is a two way street.

Just how frightened of the system are you, AP?

I'll play the game according to the new rules I put in place. My risk, my responsibility.

If I end up sharing a cell with Big Vern I won't be blaming anyone but me.

Fair enough?


AP said...

OH. Not the same as sticking it to the man is it though? you are using established and accepted international tax law to minimise your liabilities, which is fine with 'the man'. I did allow that you may issue invoices from a foreign jurisdiction.

All this demonstrates is that 'the man' is controlling your behaviour. Basing your business in a foreign jurisdiction is not exactly the actions of a revolutionary is it. You still pay tax on your income (divis etc) when you take it back to the UK. If anything this just demonstrates that you are a part of the establishment, sipping at the trough and getting one over on the rest of the population. Have you thought about a career as an MP?

Anonymous said...

Defender said...

1, I have not paid a penny to my water company in 10 years at this house, they cannot turn off your water, it is against their health and safty, human rights, health laws, and more. I even suggested they turn it off, also the sewage portion cannot be cut off.

2, by law household waste has to be collected without exception. Councils must pick up your waste payment or not.

3, Road tax is a problem, lots of hassle, as it happens I now walk, take the bus, taxi or on my push bike.

This is the nub of my problem with all of this. You want the protection of some laws (and these are statutes btw) and then you want to be immune from others. So is it ok to pick and choose? Well no to be honest.

And to OH regarding obligations - yes, they are called the laws of the land. It doesn't matter what form they are, it is the LAW. There is no way you can escape it apart from living in another country and then you will be subject to their laws. Freeman woo. I think you will go quiet about this after about six months as the reality bites. I hope not, but we shall see.

Enough, I have said my piece. I just hope that others who might be tempted by this think long and hard before their day in court.

Swindon Alan

An Admirer said...

Whilst i salute your courage and determination to walk your own path,i fear that these will amount to little more than pin pricks on the hide of the Beast. If the Beast does feel any of these wounds it will turn and bite, and bite savagely. Expecting to only face the "rule" of law is fine until you threaten "their" law, and then darker forces will be employed against you,as others have found to their cost. Be careful out there old son, those bastards play dirty.

Fausty said...

@ Anon, 20:35

The BCG states:

In 1297 the Model Parliament confirmed Magna Carta in statute law. Much of this statute has since been repealed. It should be noted that while Parliament can repeal or amend any Act of Parliament (statute), Parliament was not a party to the original Common Law contract, and cannot, therefore, amend or repeal it lawfully, and thus its original provisions remain intact.

Do you dispute this? Is it incorrect? If so, can you provide a reference, please?


AP said...

CR, I am not a bit frightened of the State, I learn the rules to manage them to my best interests. I am smart enough to know what I can get away with and what I can't. Ultimately if I don't like it I can fuck off somewhere else.

Company law isn't a matter of opinion, it is a matter of, errrrmm, law. You should perhaps read up a bit on your Directors responsibilities before you do find Big Vern cuddling up to you in a locked cell.

I would give your accountant and HMRC a bell on Monday if I were you...... they are quite good on time to pay at the moment. You don't need to tell any of us you quietly payed the bill to avoid a winding up order.

Old Holborn said...

Swindon Alan

1. I am not dumb. I may be no genius but I am savvy, know how to research and this blog already proves I think along different lines and generally achive what I set out to do.

2. I am not encouraging others. I am no evangelist. I take the responsibility for my actions, hence my complete and utter contempt for ALL politicians

3. I am not an anarchist. I am happy to obey common law. I am peaceful and law abiding. I will cause no harm to property or person.

4. I am not happy to be governed. I need no governance. I am a human being an governance is an unnatural state for any primate. So I withdraw my consent to be governed by Parliament.

I EXPECT to be made bankrupt. I EXPECT to be arrested, threatened, riddiculed and detested.

The difference between me and most people is that I simply could not give a flying fuck. My individual freedom counts for everything in my life. I was born free and I'll die free.

If you looking for answers here, I don't have them. Neither did Columbus by the way. It's a journey into the unknown.

Anonymous said...

Good luck OH and please keep us posted.
Anyone else see those strange orange lights in the night sky yesterday? I was sober and they weren't fireworks or planes. Loads over bournemouth last night.

Those were probably sky lanterns

Captain Ranty said...


My company hasn't traded since 31 Dec 2007. It will be wound up anyway.

I know Company Law. I just happen to know that their demand is unjustifiable.

I won't be paying it. My accountant and (now) HMRC know that. I won't be going to gaol either.

I have a watertight case. I am not naive. I have read all of the statutes concerning my "debt" and I am using the remedies parliament supplied with the statutes. These Bills and Acts aren't all that difficult to read you know.

I did not dream this all up on a whim. I studied until my eyes bled.

I am an honourable man and I will report back via my blog. Win, lose or draw. I have the courage of my convictions but more importantly, I have a lawful precedent. I am undeniably in the right, and I will not be cuddling up to Big Vern.

However nice he is.


AP said...

Captain Ranty, Thank you for your response and clarification, Clearly you accept that the consequence of not paying CT is a winding up order you can't get out of.

Yours is a special case and, IMO it won't work as you agreed to the terms when you became a director, you can't retroactively (a new labour word) change that decision now. Good luck and thank you for being open with the facts.

The real trick is never to become a director and hold a company through nominees and a holding company.

Quiet rebellion is so much more satisfying.

You should be alright with Big Vern, OH seems determined to get into a clinch with him and I am pretty sure who is going to end up with an arse like a clowns pocket out of that encounter.

Polaris said...

< applauds OH and CR loudly...

Old Holborn said...

See that? "Gaol" not "prison"

Prisons only exist at sea. Admiralty law does not apply on land unless both parties consent. I do not consent to admiralty law.

Told you it was complicated. I'll let you know when I'm in the "dock" for not having a "portpass"

Old Holborn said...

AP, simply form a company in Switzerland. Winding up order my arse.

bofl said...

some of the posters on here are so conditioned..........just because something exists doesnt make it right does it?

slavery was legal.the uk amongst others made shedloads from it...........but eventually it was thought of as being immoral.........

it took many years to repeal because the vested interests did NOT want to give up their income and dominance........

and history repeats........

there are thousands of unfair laws and taxes which mean that we,the people,bear the brunt of every cock up made by those in power.

that is not fair!

and unless someone makes a stand the status quo of state robbery and oppression will continue.........

still.......its so wonderful in the new shambala isnt it?
better get back to east enders,corrie...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Volatile Barry said...

I met someone who has done a sort of parallell of this. He's lucky in that the house etc is all paid for. He put everything into the ownership of an offshore company (not sure where but it's somewhere that doesn't disclose who the directors etc are). Pays rent to the company and leases his car from them which he treats as a savings account. He said that as he doesn't actually "own" anything here the authorities will find it very hard to lay a glove on him. Sounds like a good idea and a useful tool to use if you're contemplating becoming a Freeman.

Anonymous said...

No IMPLIED Access - its more legal

No it aint! I have seen this on various blog sites, and I wanted to follow suit, so I took and PAID for legal advice, the solicitor told me No such thing excists I can NOT stop people ie council etc comming on to my property if I dont want to see them her answer was "just dont answer the door", according to her "no implied access" has no legal meaning.

Old Holborn said...

Yay! Another anon telling me "it ain't so"

Walk up my garden path. Please

Captain Ranty said...


You have to "cross the bar" to get to the "dock" to deal with "your worship" (warship).

These terms are everywhere: Ownership, partnership, citizenship, captainship, censorship, attorneyship, dealership, dictatorship, lordship, landownership, membership, premiership, etc etc etc the list goes on. All related to the sea. As you have discovered, we live on terra firma. The whole thing is steeped in naval terminology. Admiralty and Fleet Law is all pervasive. Most prevalent law is Contract Law, it rules just about everything we do. Unless we do not consent to contract.


My affidavit says "from this day forth I will not be paying any forms of taxation". It was written and served in June 2009 and the HMRC "demand" arrived just three weeks ago. I am golden.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha Holby you will be loving your freedom from gubberment whilst receiving an anal pounding from a in a concrete gubberment box breathing piped in gubberment air.

Old Holborn said...

Anon. Quite

Meanwhile, you will plead to your captors "I vos just following ze orders. He voz a Domestic Extremist. Probably"

I know how I would prefer my grandchildren to remember me.

Anonymous said...

Goody goody where can I too learn how to be a FREE MAN although locked up in a cage?

My kids will be so proud.

Old Holborn said...

"My kids will be so proud."

You've had sex?

My kids are already proud, thanks

Anonymous said...

I actually took a little more interest in this and dug a little deeper. An interesting read is the latest news article on the TPUC site where Mr Harris lays out his latest strategy - forget trying to explain FOTL to 'corporations' simply return everything unopened marked 'No Contract Return to Sender'. He has been made bankrupt (presumably he lives in a council house otherwise it would have been repossessed - although presumably he doesn't as he has no contract with the government?) and isn't worried about it.

That's fine. I have no problem with people simply abdicating on their debts. People do it every day in every walk of life. Want to opt out? Go ahead, being made bankrupt brings penalties but it also brings liberties (principally financial).

However, I can suggest an even simpler road to the same location. Don't even bother with the NCRTS strategy - simply bin every letter than comes to you straight into the bin! Whether or not you read it first is up to you.

I can assure you that the resultant outcome will be exactly the same. All this FOTL stuff is just noise, simply bin everything, and live your life the way you want anyway, then deal with the consequences. No need for reading up until your eyes bleed, etc., it's so simple a 2 year old could do it. Letter comes in - letter goes in the bin, simples. Maybe you could locate the bin under the letterbox to further streamline the process.

If you have assets debtors will come after you regardless of the route you choose, if you don't they'll blacken your credit rating and leave you alone. Your choice, SITB (straight in the bin) or NCRTS (no contract return to sender) both are equal. Corporations will either see you as someone with sufficient assets and income to go after or they won't.

In my hour or so research I also came across this thread:

If anyone is considering this I urge you to read both sides. Read TPUC and the articles there. Read up JREF forum ( for other side of the coin and make your own mind up about whether this approach does hold more water than my facetious SITB approach.

Anonymous said...

They laughed at David Icke.
Now they're not so sure.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn said...

I know how I would prefer my grandchildren to remember me.

OH, I have always admired your stand on matters to do with the shit state that this country is in, how overbearing and interfering the government is and so on.

I have met you once and was at your side on your first 5th November walk.

But if you take this to its conclusion you will end up in prison. You have a wife and children to support. Give it up man.

Swindon Alan

caesars wife said...

There are I times I dont get your angle on things OH , but if by proposing this you are reflecting how the state has subverted magna charta into there is only "Winston Smith" then I hope you find your way round it and can explain it as you progress .
The ability to tell the state to get lost if you havent done anything wrong is missing, I agree with you on that, however also missing is the education to live this life . Dont forget that millions of kids have been fed state control rubbish and little on paying attention to keeping your own life sweet .

Interesting OH I hope you find some interesting aspects of what civil law is and how it used to work .

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a REALLY GREAT way to be a FREE MAN in the purest sense cause if I do it the RIGHT WAY and this I the right way the state will be powerless to touch me.

And even if they do hook me up, haul me off, toss me in cage, pipe in my air, seize all of my assets, bankrupt me and leave my family penniless it's all good cause my grandkids will dig it I'll be making a really big statement.

Hahahaha Holby you're a very entertaining yet semi-delusional Nancy Boi and this will peter out along the same lines as all of your other drama quests lo these many years.

Anonymous said...

Holby you have utterly set yourself up for inevitably facing only two options:

1.) Complete and utter ruin.
2.) Slinking quietly away with tail firmly between legs.

Not really a problem, since luckily you are expert at one of those!

Old Holborn said...


I am quite prepared to go to "gaol"

As explained numerous times above, I don't give a fuck anymore.

For reference, Guido has been bankrupted, Archer did 3 years, Gandhi spent years in jail, as did Mandela.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” - Mahatma Gandhi

If the IRA can do it, so can I. I promise not to hurt any of you, your family or your property. If I'm wrong, it will make no difference to your life. If I'm right, you will die free. As will I.

Old Holborn said...

1.) Complete and utter ruin

Meaning what? Starvation? I think not. Death? Hardly. Bankruptcy? Only lasts a year, all debts forgiven.

What is "ruin" in Britian? No 50" Plasma telly? No brand new BMW on the drive?

bryboy said...

You are a brave guy OH but you will end up in prison unless you have a plan of action.

Nevertheless we should all get right behind you because you are fighting for all of us.

I have the utmost admiration for you even though I suspect that your stand will be fruitless.

Please stand in my constituency at the next election!!

Anonymous said...

I wrote earlier about the SITB approach. Mr Holborn, why don't you simply just bin every letter and let the consequences take care of themselves? (This is a serious question).

You seem to accept that you will be brought to court, made bankrupt, have all your possessions (other than essentials as provided for by the Law, whatever you think the Law is) taken from you. Why not simply make a stand and say "ENOUGH!" and not pay any more taxes, etc? Turn on, tune in, drop out as it was put to an earlier generation by Mr Leary (whose autobiography I highly recommend BTW).

I would like to know if you actually think this FOTL is grounded in sound legal principles or if it is simply a means to an end (freedom from state control)?

I hope you don't think I'm being disrespectful, I actually do respect the stand you're taking and for the reasons you are taking it but I just can't wrap my head around the premise that this FOTL is legally sound and I have read (superficially, admittedly) both sides of the argument.

Old Holborn said...

Let's just see where this goes eh?

I accept nothing, this blog should prove that.

Am I prepared to lose everything? Nope, I'm far too smart. Am I prepared to take on 646 fuckwits? You bet.

Anonymous said...

One man against the state is an easy target. Bury your antipathy towards the only electoral choice capable of gathering a mass movement, and work toward using them to upset the applecart.

Old Holborn said...

Pick one

Terry said...

"Am I prepared to lose everything? Nope, I'm far too smart."
Which would suggest that you have transferred your assets out of their reach. A man with nothing, has nothing to lose in our socialist society. Meanwhile you will be able to draw on resources squirreled away, like a Libertarian Arthur Daly.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha Holby by "utter ruin" I mean merely losing everything you have worked for, all of you your material possessions, getting tossed in the can, separated from your family, kids without their father, go from being a provider to a burden on your family, silly shit like that.

But I forgot you define "being free" as scratching your balls in a prison cell, so we obviously operate from different dictionaries.

But it's all just funny talk, isn't it? You'll have yet another one of your classic wake-up bug-eyed, piss-yourself, shit-running-down-your-legs moments and run for cover and never speak of this silliness again.

Rogerborg said...

Heheheh, you're a card, OH.

@OH: "STATUTE LAW[s are] laws that only apply if you consent to them"

Mmm. You do understand that your delusions about common law versus statute law aren't shared by the police, the CPS, the judiciary or Her Majesty's Prison Service, right?

Deep down, you must know that you're being a bit silly in this infantile recitation that statute laws won't apply to you unless you expressly consent to them. Saying it don't make it so, outside of your own head.

Nick said...

There are lots of interesting posts here.

Here's a grouping.

1. Take my approach. If the law says X, then X is the law. If the state wants to invent law Y, you can rightly tell them to fuck off and cause trouble.

For example, last year there were just 62 cases of babies not being registered within 42 days. I suspect not one of them is because the registrar refused to register the birth. It's going to be fun winding them up. [It's a criminal offence for them not to register. I suspect they will be keen for me to do so as a result]

2. You can take the David Icke route. Now here some I suspect does work. In particular, the Bill of Rights still applies. Forfeiture without conviction is still illegal. Hence all the 'penalty charges' and not fines.

However, there is a lot about the 'individual versus the state' and the individual loses.

It's this that needs some comment.

We still have the right of unions in the UK. As a libertarian, the right to free association has to be defended. So now look at the 'unions'.

They are all citizen versus the state.

The employment unions are all with the state as employer.

Pepipoo is citizen versus the state.

Fathers for justice? Ditto

Even computer contractors, likewise.

Even this blog.

It's collectives versus the state.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons this blog of yours has been so successful is that you have managed to showcase your lucid side and avoided the infantile displays granduer, self-delusion, and ubber indulgances that GOM readers witnessed.

Avoided until now, that is.

This will end badly for you. How bad depends entirely upon you and how long you decide to carry and shine this basket of rancid apples.

You aint Che, Mao, Gandhi, etc. etc. etc. Wake up you fucking idiot.

Captain Ranty said...

Anon, (22:59)

Throwing every letter into the bin is not recommended. No genuine Freeman would ever advise anyone to throw letters away.

1. Ignoring paperwork is dishonourable.

2. Offering conditional payment is honourable.

3. Not showing up for court appointments is dishonourable.

4. Silence gives consent.

5. Refusal to answer letters from the court (or whoever) is tacit agreement with whatever the letter contains.

Throw nothing away. This is a bad thing to do.

Ask, instead, for whoever wants money from you to prove that the debt exists. Lawfully. That is honourable.

Honour is everything in law. Any solicitor will tell you that. If he/she does not agree with this, run away, as far and as fast as you can.

There is no money to be made in Common Law. That, my friend, is a fact. Beyond a token "Look at this, chaps", Common Law is not on a lawyers curriculum. They go straight to their specialty, Fleet, Contract, Commercial, Insurance, Copyright, or International Law. Common Law is case law. Common Law is that stuff you know inherently: do not cause harm, loss, or injury to another human being, and do not make mischief with your contracts (fraud). No other law is necessary. Point me at one single statute that is NOT covered by the four basic, natural laws. If you can, I will send you a new shiny donkey.

Statute law is practised by those with a vested interest in its continuance. Without it, they are on the dole. That is why you will never hear a lawyer say the Freemen have it right. If life was run our way, we don't need them. What else do you expect them to say? Freemen fuck up their little club. We are as welcome as genital warts.

The government has been bankrupt since 1931. Without our money, they are fucked. Every year, without fail, an emergency meeting is held, and in that meeting, the subject is Income Tax. The question is, "Do we continue taking it from the people?", the answer, unsurprisingly, is a resounding "YES!".

There is so much so many of you don't know. This isn't conspiracy theory. This is all hidden right in front of your unseeing eyes. No-one here is asking/telling/advising you to go down this road. All we ask is that you open your fucking eyes.

It is easy to trash a new idea. Criticism has to be the easist job in the world. That twat upthread that said he trashed Freemanism is under an hour is a cunt. I can trash religion in less time than that. I can trash climate change in 15 minutes. I can trash anything I want to, because it isn't big and it isn't clever.

Nothing I have said here, or on my blog is illogical. It is all wrapped up in common sense. I realise that common sense is subjective but for fucks sake people, open your minds to the possibilities! All I see here is negativity, fear, and disbelief that was/is rendered with indecent haste.

Say no. But say it well and say it politely.

You would be gobsmacked at the reaction. Which is mostly "Okay then".

Say no and they are fucked.

Say yes and they have you.

You are not children anymore. You do not need these fuckwits to control you like Jim Henson controlled Kermit.

Get Gordons hand out of your wallet. It doesn't belong there. Not legally, not lawfully. Not now, not ever.


Jerry said...

This is great news OH - its made me smile amongst all the doom and shite.

My mind can only think that you should make lots of notes and self-publish a book this time next year of all you have learnt.

A testament to your - shit, dare I say it in this jaded age - heroic stance. If it does work - or even if it causes the state to stop and think about its turdish communism, then job done - drinks all round. A crack in the dam of state is all thats needed

Happy New Year to you, Captain Ranty and all other Libertarians!

Anonymous said...

An Establishment permitted safety valve. Vent your steam, and go back to your constituancies and prepare to dream on.

Clive said...

@ Swindon Alan:
Compare it with this episode of Star Trek, if you must.

"Kirk et al. beam down, and find themselves in the Wild West. Wyatt Earp appears and tells Jesse James (Kirk) to leave town. Kirk tries to, but a forcefield blocks his path. Spock surmises that it's an artificial reality, and as long as they *believe* it's not real, Wyatt Earp's bullets can't harm them. Spock hypnotises everyone; they survive the gunfight. The end."

I've read through TPUC, and suspect it might work the same way. If you can convince yourself, you'll show no signs of weakness to any jobsworth (street or courtroom), and he'll probably wander off in search of easier prey.

Anonymous said...

This will certainly be fun to watch, albeit extremely predictable: As you go further and further down this road, your delusions will gradually dissolve as the state slowly steps harder and harder on your testicles.

It won't take loing before you are balled up in a prison cell or fleeing with shit running down both legs.

Regarding the notion that this is the sort of action that will inspire revolution: It's sad to see you have cycled back around to this level of psychosis instead of progressed past it.

Nick said...

Then there is what I would call constructive anarchism.

The best example is fixmystreet.

A website, you put a pin on a map, details of a problem and it emails the local council responsible for fixing it.

1. It's not hidden. It's all public, and others can comment.

2. It's cheaper for the council to fix.

3. Councils don't like being told what to do.

4. They've realised that it's active voters reporting the problems so they have to change their tune, and are doing so.

5. The site keeps stats on their performance.

It's constructive. It's taking over decisions from the state to the public.

Bar arguments about the state doing the work in the first place, I can't fault it. It does work in practice.


Anonymous said...

Mr Ranty, I was the one who raised SITB concept - I think you also mistakenly believe I am the one who thinks he 'trashed' FOTL in one hour - in fact I said I had spent an hour superficially looking at both sides of the argument and had found no firm evidence that FOTL was a sound legal prospect. I stand by that statement. I did not say I had trashed FOTL in an hour, simply that in an hour's searching on both sides I had found convincing arguments (to me) that FOTL was invalid and none that it was, that was my opinion and still is.

The 5 points you raise I agree with every one. We were urged earlier in the blog (by Mr Holborn I believe, although I stand to be corrected) to read information provided by the TPUC site. On my reading of this site I find that one of the acolytes of the movement (indeed he may be the sites founder), a Mr John Harris now advocates that all official correspondence is simply returned, unopened, to sender with a sticker across the address reading 'No Contract Return to Sender' (NCRTS). This unequivocally violates points 1,2,3 & 5 of your argument (I would also argue returning, unopened, a letter also violates point 4 but am easy on that one) and so this raised the question in my mind - If Mr Harris is advocating this course, what is simply to stop one simply throwing the letters in the bin? (Incidentally he also states that letters he was personally served into his hand did actually go straight into the bin so he does follow my method up to a certain point).

If you wish to disown Mr Harris from the Freeman movement and state that his methods are not to be followed that is fine by me. I know he previously did try the FOTL argument but it seems he has now given up on this path and has gone along my SITB path. Would you agree? And would you also agree that sending a letter back unopened with a sticker on it is no better, with respect to your 5 points, than simply putting it straight in the bin?

Captain Ranty said...


Is there a fixmycountry?

A fixmyqueen?

A fixmygovernment?

A fixmytaxes?

My streets are fine. My government, my monarch, my taxes, and my country are fucked beyond economical repair.


JerryD said...

your delusions will gradually dissolve as the state slowly steps harder and harder on your testicles.

hmmm....what size shoes does this 'state' wear? ...I mean it has legs, and feet...yes?

Oh for fucks sake...

They call me a dreamer said...

In a year from now, Holby's statue may occupy the 4th plinth in Trafalgar square as 646 heads float in the fountain under Nelson's Column.
Such is the vista of paradise.

Nick said...

Well, you can't fix it as an individual.

You can do things to fuck up the system. Clog the cogs.

For example, last year I had two complaints against cops. I won one. He was using a mobile whilst driving. The second I didn't. However, if you want to commit a terrorist attack against the Queen, I can tell you that the police can't find a single CCTV camera that works next to Buckingham palace (apparently)

As for the real issue, excessive spending and a complete failure to admit to the debts, I'm working on parts of those. You can too.

Excessive spending, I'm concentrating on politicians. The Lords being my current target. I've got the Sunday Times to publish the headline "Lord Taylor is a liar". They don't do that without being sure. PS. They cost you 2,000 pounds a minute. Get over to the Lords of the Blog and start winding them up.

On the debt front, the best route is FOI requests. It's quite tricky because Sir Humphrey is in action full time. The last example was you can have the information, its on this blog. PS says Sir Humphrey, the blog doesn't work. He doesn't do irony obviously.

That also reminds me. I've been promised the size of the Government employee pension liabilities last month. Not published, so its an appeal. I'll get that in now.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon, (23:59)

I cannot know Mr Johns mind. I also do not know his exact circumstances. He is on a path, like all of us, that is unique to him.

If you delved deeper you would find, I think, that Mr John had acted honourably in the first instance. What do you do when you get spam? I read the first one and reject the rest because I know they say the same thing.

The powers that pretend to be, are no different than spammers. They (or their officials) toe the line. You get a form reply. (Try this with any subject that vexes you. Send a letter to an MP on say, the smoking ban. Then send the same letter to a different MP and you get the same reply. The party they belong to is immaterial).

Admit this, at least: they fuck us each and every day. They tax us to death and it has to end. I have made a stand. You take the piss. That is your right and I would not deny you that right.

But FFS, do it from an informed standpoint. An hour! I have spent 9 months at this. It isn't that I WANT it to be true, I fucking KNOW it to be true. I know it like I know the sun will rise in the east and set in the west.

Try harder old son, please.

Then make a decision. More of the same, or change on a monumental scale.

Its up to you. My decision is made.

If I ever end up in a court of law, I have three questions to ask the judge (or magistrate) and I already know that without satisfactory answers I am walking away a free man. I also know that they CANNOT answer any of them.

Knowledge is power.

Get some. You'll be glad you did.


JerryD said...

Look, They call me a dreamer - I like your vision of paradise, but, but, but - there are more, much more, than 646 criminals in Westminster - Civil Service alone is almost a quarter million, the NHS alone - yes, YOU NHS, you wheezing fag bucket - employs over 1 million robots.

There isn't enough trees, They call me a dreamer - better ship them all to Liverpool or Sunderland and have them become a new country - Statelazski, or something.....

bofl said...

meanwhile the establishments private army piss more money away.....

the govt,mps.lords,police.councils etc all take our money and piss it up the wall.all supported by 'the law'........just effing great........

no responsibility,no accountability,no morals and they all think they are something special...

JP said...

I can do nothing but commend you for this, and wish you the very best in beating those arsebandits who seek to control us.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ranty, thanks for taking the time to answer me. I'm sorry you think I'm taking the piss - I honestly believe that this FOTL is a nonsense, is this taking the piss to say it out loud?

I recently wrote to my MP about man-made global warming and, as expected, I got an answer that I suspect was circulated to all MP's of all Party's to be used in the event that AGW was raised.

If you know common law to be true I look forward to you having your day in court and the judge saying to you 'Your view is correct, do not pay any more taxes to the state'.

You must allow me the latitude to doubt the FOTL concept until this day arrives.

I realise you cannot read Mr Harris' mind and, as I said previously, he did stand by the FOTL principle in the first instance but now seems inclined to go down the SITB principle. Who knows why he has chosen this course, not you and certainly not I.

If your day in court does come I have no doubt you will not be sent to gaol, whoever I also have no doubt that the judge will not unconditionally free you from any obligations due to you being a Freeman of the Land.

To each their own course and I do wish you happiness on yours, whatever you may think of my 'taking the piss'.

The fact that we both arrive at is that the government do take us for granted, we do not have any freedoms or liberties, and that things need to change. Where we diverge is that you think that FOTL will stand up in court, I don't.

Chris said...


Without detracting from anything else, if you want to be discharged from bankruptcy in 12 months you'd have to cooperate with the Official Receiver to get the discharge.

Anon@2222(StiB) is correct in all s/he says - this is from personal experience. I've ignored CTax, Water, courts for 20 years now.

Good luck - I will watch with interest.

Vladimir said...

Anonymous 2336 said: One of the reasons this blog of yours has been so successful is that you have managed to showcase your lucid side and avoided the infantile displays granduer, self-delusion, and ubber indulgances that GOM readers witnessed.

What is/was GOM?

Good luck to you OH. Although skeptical, I too will be watching with interest.

Anonymous said...

Ranty The Law doesn't give shit about your infantile three questions that you think are so fucking clever. You are simply to stupid for words, felony stupid and will be sucking cock in prison wondering where your school boy plans went wrong.

GOM = Grumpy old men dot com where Holby developed his craft for many years before starting this blog. We were treated to many hundereds of entertaining posts and the occasional but regular psychotic melt down, such as this one.

Captain Ranty said...

Anon, (00:28 Pick a name, FFS!)

Freeman On The Land is a label. I use it because it suits me. It doesn't define me.

I am (incredibly) as normal as you. Whatever "normal" is.

Here's the lowdown: I am tired of those fuckwits we elected taking the piss. You can do it all you want. They have no answer, yet you seem to. I have already fucked them up but I have exercised my right NOT to make that public. I have witnessed "disclosures" that will make your hair stand on end, but it is not the right time to divulge. I will, in the fullness of time, and I am asking (impossibly, it seems) for some latitude right now.

Believe me, they are scared. Freemen scare the shit right out of them, so the natural answer is "It's a load of bollocks". If you had fooled 60 million people, what would YOUR reaction be?

Holby is absolutely right. Nothing else you can do will terrify them more than this.

It will cost you a first class stamp to tell them you have removed your consent. Horrifying & terrifying, I admit, the fear bites deep, but it is a great way to get their attention.

Watch, as the mountain of shit erupts from that simple statement.

It will provide you with entertainment to rival Sky. I shit you not.


They call me a dreamer said...

JerryD. My paradise comes with a pink gin rather than a bloody mary, but each to their own. I would be honoured to buy you a virtual tipple in recognition of your visionary concept of outsourcing.
Bottoms up!

Nick said...

You don't need to go as far as being a Freeman.

Just opt out.

Just opt in for winding them up.

How much does a complaint cost them? Lots.

How much does not cooperating cost them? Lots.

How much does winding them up cost? Lots.

The more you wind them up, the quicker it comes to a head, and the less mess there is.


Captain Ranty said...

Anon, (00:57),

You sound like a credible source.

I have been utterly stupid and I will stop whatever I am doing immediately, if not sooner.

Thank you for your valuable guidance, Oh All Seeing One.


Anonymous said...

Holby the good news is that since your an anony blogger you can turn tail and yet pretend to be sticking it to the man with victorious impunity!

Anonymous said...

Ranty, stop paying tax and be prepared to chug salami in prison. Your letter claiming to be a free man from the Xanadu Galaxy who traveled here on a magical unicorn and refusing to be yolked by the state is being being circulated for laughs and posted at meetings before being binned.

Summer_Breeze said...

Well I can't pretend to have knowledge concerning how this may, or not work but what I do know is this...
Anyone, that tries anything, to stick it to the man, deserves our respect, for at least trying to find some way of getting our message across to the parasites that rule us that we have had enough and the game has to stop, now!

O.H. ( and Capt Ranty too ) I take my hat off to you ( though it's bloody cold here, so if it's all the same to you, I'll put it straight back on again ;-) ) and say 'Thank You' for making an effort.
If only we could get more sheeple to stand up and do something, our work would be much easier but as things stand, well... I don't need to tell you.

Anyway, best of luck to you O.H. I really hope that it works out for you, as you hope and all the best for the New Year.

Go get 'em fella! :-)

Anonymous said...

For those who think all taxes are okay and are vital to salve the needs of the people living in any given country.

Why does a man commonly known as Tiny Blur have a need to build a LEGAL cobweb of companies to AVOID paying TAXES that he expected others to pay whilst he was in power?

He is not alone.
The biggest whinge amongst people at my level of income is that those who earn more GET AWAY WITH MORE!

If any one of the crooks in Westminster, there aren't 646 of them a few are honest, truthful and honourable, but if any of them put up the 'we played the system guvnor' defence if they were employed by a private company and were caught fiddling they would either be quietly let go or would be publicly hung out to dry and made an example of.
As it is...

Whether OH, Ranty, Mr Harris or anyone else manages to achieve their own freedom is really irrelevant.

What this microcosm of a blog has shown very clearly is that their are an awful lot of whiners in Britain and very, very few 'doers' and that is sad as it confirms my suspicions that whatever happens when Jonah calls the next election we are in for years more of the same oppressive shite that keeps EVERYONE in their pre-ordained place.

This means that collectively we are screwed but thankfully thanks to people like Ranty, OH and Mr Harris individually some of us might actually regain control of OUR LIVES.

Rogerborg said...

@Captain Ranty: If [sic] I ever end up in a court of law, I have three questions to ask the judge (or magistrate) and I already know that without satisfactory answers I am walking away a free man.

Ah, of course. You'll simply ask your questions three, and despite having no obligation to so much as give you the time of day, the beaks will have a blinding ephipahy and realise that they are actually impotent puppets of an illegitimate regime.

They will then put aside all their de facto power, cringe their dribbles at your resplendent pofflesnu, enlarge you, and no doubt put up a statue to commemorate the day that you freed them from the terrible burden of authority.

Presumably these questions three will only retain their magical powers if you keep them secret before you whip them out in the dock?

Ivor Bigot said...

Never mind the reasoning, it's curious to see how angry this plan is making some people here. "How DARE you upset the applecart? Jail for you, sunshine". The thought that maybe we don't need the state wiping our collective arse seems to instill a lot of fear. Why?

Best of luck, I say! Will it work? Fuck knows, but I look forward to hearing of your progress OH.

Captain Ranty said...

Rogerborg (sic)*,

You presume wrongly, as usual.

Visit and listen to the podcasts by Marc Stevens.

If you had read any of my writing at all you would know that I do not hide or retain information that can help people. There has been far too much secrecy for far too long.

* See? I can do it too. There was nothing wrong with my grammar, syntax or sentence construction. If you think there was, get yourself some English lessons.


Anonymous said...

Ivor Bigor said: "'s curious to see how angry this plan is making some people here."

Indeed curious, I've been trying to work out why. Maybe they are worried that there are loopholes that they missed out on using and are scared to exploit if they do exist. There are loopholes for the super rich, but normal people are inferior and it's not their station to take advantage. Maybe that's it? Or maybe it's just a Nanny's boy complex?

Personally I'm dubious about the freeman thing, but it makes me feel like a coward when others step into the firing line to stick it to big Nanny. I'll be curious to see what happens. Good luck.

Rogerborg said...

You're just darling, Ranty, really you are.

Of course I haven't read your writings, nor listened to the ravings of any other deluded fantasists. I may do so at some time purely for amusement value, but for information? I may as well ask my cats, since they have as much insight into and influence over the actual workings of the State.

Since you apparently don't even know that there are no "magistrates" in your neck of the woods, only Sheriffs and Justices of the Peace - and that questions of jurisprudence are referred to the Clerk in any case - you may want to consult with my feline advisors as well before you start laying down the law.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favour of you Freemen chaps tiling at windmills: you can't buy comic entertainment like this.

Old Holborn said...

Knowing your rights would have saved the taxpayer £5K in this little ditty

The police are making it up as they go along. And why not? It has worked for their masters for long enough.

Captain Ranty said...


Yet another incorrect assumption. You really do have a Black Belt in that, don't you?

I know full well what the officers of the Scottish courts are called. I use the vernacular common to England because I suspect most of Holby's readers hail from there.

I was pleased to read your confession that you take advice from wee animals. That explains much.

Your assumptions just make you look like a cunt.

Keep at it. You rarely disappoint.


GAOTU said...

Stop this shite immediately... TFOL is a wind-up.

Once you're all in court (how many 5, 10 maybe a dozen of you "conceptual freemen"), you'll soon realize you are wasting your time.

The game never ends, it is existence to the end. No check mate, just Check.

We all play - just dont get hurt.

Rogerborg said...

Apologies, Ranty, I did make an incorrect assumption: I'd taken you at your word that you were documenting what you were actually doing, rather than assuming that you are simply inciting the gullible and vulnerable to do as you say and fight your fight for you.

I don't know why I made that assumption, since every other "Freeman" seems to be indulging in the grand old game of "Let's you and him fight."

At some level, you must realise that your keyboard bravado is just childish posturing. When (not "if") you get carpeted before the grown ups, you'll fold like an umbrella and beg for mercy when they cut you off half way through blubbing out your paean to conspiracy theory victimhood, and tell you to stop wasting their time.

Actually, your best bet might be to plead insanity, since you can't have any rational basis for believing that waving around the illiterate rantings of random internet paranoids will actually hold any sway in a court of law.

Captain Ranty said...


I could take your criticism, and your "advice" if you had fully researched this.

But you haven't. You already told us so.

So you won't mind if I tell you to shove your advice up your terrified little sphincter.

I am not scared anymore. I am prepared for whatever comes my way.

Why does it trouble you so? (a rhetorical question, but one you should give some thought to).

If I had a consistent theme throughout my "childish posturing" it is my advice to people NOT to believe anything I say until they have checked out the available information for themselves.

You wouldn't/couldn't know that because your prime interest here is to spout your opinion. You don't need research, you just have a pathological need to be a gobshite.

Good luck with that.


Nick said...

Here is something that people can do to screw government.

Take fathers for justice, or fathers for no maintenance depending on your point of view.

The CSA had legal powers to insist them filled out forms.

The CSA had no legal powers to make them pay unless they signed the form.

Someone found this out by accident. Eventually the law was changed. In the interim, it gets broadcast on the web, and lots played the game.

ie. There is collective protest. It takes one or two to get the ball rolling.

I've seen the same thing with the tax man. Collectives playing the game. Lots of expenses claims as samples over the country. One inspector agrees. Next year all submit the expenses. IR says no, collective says sorry, we have a precident. Wooops. IR looses, IR has to try and change the law.

Don't knock individuals. Learn from them

Anonymous said...

Some Jew once said, "Only the little people pay taxes" and that remains true to this day.
OH, you have stirred up a right old hornet's nest here with this one. A lot of your detractors probably rely on the State in some way and have a vested interest in not undermining it; hence the derision on the part of some commentators. But I know this movement worries them deeply. It's taken off in the USA as well where people meet for what they call 'tea parties' (from the Boston incident) where they pledge to divorce themselves from the State. It's caused such a furore that Google has been leaned on by the White House to supress any search results relating to a tax boycott - and mighty Google duly buckled under!
So they're terrified that this might become a bandwagon - and in this internet age it very well may!

Harry Hill said...

Mr Harris, Ranty et al, will soon be chocking on islamic cock at some HMP nick near you.

Foolz... why cant they leave me be...

Mekon5 said...

Any Alpha-Centaurians wanna chat?

Anonymous said...

So they're terrified that this might become a bandwagon - and in this internet age it very well may!

A bandwagon with no fuckin' wheels...
load of smelly bollocks.. anyway the yanks will join anything, and it seems we have similar morons this side of the pond!

Anonymous said...

Lets get one thing CRYSTAL CLEAR

If the state wants to "fuck you up" it will do it. It can pull this blog ANYTIME. It can put you and Captain Ranty in the same pigshit cell, and we wont hear from anyone until they say so.

Nice theory these freeman stuff, yeh in the dark ages of men in tights prouncing around Sherwood Forest.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2 January 2010 00:57.

Hello Olly Garchy !

Your spelling lets you down.

'Hundereds' indeed.

You cock.

Rogerborg said...

For the record, Ranty, it doesn't "trouble" me at all. Despite your clear desire to freak the norms, my reaction continues to be side aching amusement at your delightful fist shaking and teeth gnashing antics.

It might "trouble" me that there are retards stupid enough to believe your propaganda and actually put into action what you claim to be doing, but I've got a pretty strong anti-retard agenda, so it's all good.

Old Holborn said...

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” - Fulton Oursler

Not me

Bugger said...

I think you are nuts but I am only a Panda, or think I am.


Good Luck!


Bugger said...

Captain Ranty

Do you live in Scotand?

If you do,

what is the difference in Scots Common Law?

I had a glorious time some years ago with VAT man and that one. They charged me incorrectly because some sphincter in England drew up the papers.

Anonymous said...

You could always do what I have done. Sell everything I own in the UK vehicles, properties thereby fucking them for 18% capital gains tax on the profits. Bit of a bugger as they wanted an awful lot of money from me on 1-1-2010 that is now tucked away safely abroad they will be even more pissed off on 1-1-2011 as they won't be getting the tax from the rest of the properties I have just sold and shipped the money out of the UK.I have done this for the same reason dogs lick their balls because I can, what can they do to me? Bankrupt me well get on with it as I have no intention of. returning to the UK and own nothing there. I have been payiny taxes since I left school PAYE and a lot less when I went self employed for what? Keep the likes of Karen Matthews in cigarettes and "asylum seekers" in housing benefit, sorry pal try somewhere else as I have had enough so I will leave you with it and good luck as I think you will need it.

Anonymous said...

As I read elsewhere in a discussion about this nonsense, "Listening to a FOTL discuss the law is like listening to a blind man who's grabbed an elephant's tail boast that he is an expert on the snake".

Anonymous said...

Essentially, OH, it boils down to one thing: you move your assets beyond their reach. If they can't find them, they can't take them. Provided you own fuck-all registered anywhere, you can urinate copiously in their faces and there's nothing the Filth in Europol-land can do about it! Ain't life great!

Captain Ranty said...

Mr Bugger,

Scots law differs slightly from English law. Having said that, statutes are not laws, and common law is the same both sides of the border.

In addition, when the Act of Union 1707 was given assent, any rights an Englishman had were conferred on the Scots, and any rights the Scots had were conferred on the English.

For clarity, I have perfect vision in both eyes and I can confirm that I do not hold an elephants tail in my hand which I have mistaken for a snake.


Old Holborn said...

Essentially, OH, it boils down to one thing: you move your assets beyond their reach. If they can't find them, they can't take them. Provided you own fuck-all registered anywhere, you can urinate copiously in their faces and there's nothing the Filth in Europol-land can do about it! Ain't life great!

Yup. Life really is great. If it isn't for you, it's time to take action.

BoSeleckta said...

O.H (Robert) calling his sheep to jump over the wall, little realizing it is in fact a cliff...

Clive said...

Anonymous, 1 January, 18:48:

You are Helen Lovejoy and I claim my five pounds.

AP, 1 January, 19:53:

It can be argued that the State has already broken that implied contract. Before we can discuss this further, you or someone will need to stipulate precisely what that implied contract entails.

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