Wednesday, 20 January 2010

First Authoritarian Outing Of Tory Party Policy

A Prisoners Earnings to Be Taxed
and the money used to fund Rape Crisis Centres

Fabian social control using the Tax system, how novel !

Strengthening Police stop and Search powers, and 'grounding' orders

The Police will love that, and abuse it the same way they did the Terrorism Act

Anybody caught carrying a knife should expect to go to jail

That's me buggered then, I had better start practicing gnawing through stuff as an alternative to carrying a tool to do the job.

Allow Police to use surveillance powers in routine cases without need for authorisation

The Stasi Charter, the DDR did this they bugged and followed people and completedly missed the 1989 revolution. Do CCHQ not watch films like the 'Lives of Others' or read books like '1989, The Berlin Wall, My Part In Its Downfall' by Peter Millar.

The Police will love this

Replace Police Authorities with Elected Police Commissioners.

No No No, Elected Chief Constables. In Swindon when the Authority said they were going to rip out speed cameras, the Chief Constable just said he was not accepting that, and would put more mobile units on the street. The Chief Constable should set out his Policing Priorities in his manifesto, not drafted by the likes of Jack Straw.


This crap comes out the same day the Met was chastised for allowing a taxi Driver sexually assault forty women, because they basically could not give a toss.


Newgates Knocker said...

More bollocks from the Tories!
Just one more reason not to vote for them. Prisoners should not have wages. They should work to make their prisons self sufficient and not cost the tax payer anything. Banning people carrying knives simply won't work. Screwdrivers, craft knives, nail files,scalpels, would all have to be banned as well. I carry a knife and will not stop carrying a knife, whatever law they pass. I suspect many people will feel the same. Can anyone explain why the Tories don't get the fact that people want less regulation of their lives, not more.

Guthrum said...

Because they are the flipside of the Nu-Labour coin, just want to prove they 'can do it better'

Harri said...

'Armed bastards '

FFS ! this is all going to end in tears.

I am Stan said...

Part 1

Well iDave knows which side his bread is buttered!

The Orwellian society is now all around us, gathering pace by the hour, and naturally a vital component of the Illuminati thought control today is, as Orwell envisaged, the manipulation of language.

Here are some of the real meanings behind modern Newspeak that the spinners constantly work to conceal.

British interest – the interest of those who control the UK and anyone who resists that control is acting “against British interests”.

National security – the security of the authorities to hide their agenda and the control of the people through increased security to meet manufactured dangers.

Extremist – anyone saying anything different to the government-supported norm. Redistributing wealth from mega rich to starving poor is considered “extremism” by those in power.

Conspiracy theory – any claim that the government is lying and following an agenda hidden from the public or people.

Change – a big Newspeak word that means to introduce the Illuminati global society by creating problems and undermining the status quo to bring about the perceived need for “change”.

Conservatives and Liberals – terms designed to present every issue as black and white polarities and obscure that fact that there are more than two sides to every debate.

Nation building – after bombing and invading a target country, you place a puppet government in power to represent your interests while claiming it is a government chosen by the native people.

Peacekeeping – occupation of a country by foreign troops.

Peace process – giving the impression that you are working for peace when it is merely an interlude before launching more conquest through war.

Terrorist – those who protest through violence, but also anyone who attacks or challenges the interests of the ‘West’, especially America, Britain and Israel, or stands in the way further conquest.

Liberation – mass murder and terrorism against civilians in the name of stopping terrorism that is nothing whatsoever to do with the people you kill.

War on terrorism – the constant repeat of this process.

Attack – when America Britain and Co are the target.

Retaliation – when America Britain and Co attack.

First-strike – when America /Britain and Co attack first in retaliation for what America/Britain and Co claims their target country could do to them.

Self-defense – killing the other guy before he even thinks of killing you.

Western values – these are values you want to impose on others, but don’t have yourself.

Campaign contribution – bribe.

Education – brainwashing.

Equality – make everyone a slave.

I am Stan said...

Part 2

Good citizens – slaves that don’t protest at being so or even realize that they are.

Affirmative action – racial discrimination that affirmative action is supposed to eliminate.

The only way to do achieve racial equality is for everyone to be chosen on their merits irrespective of their color, creed or background, and for everyone to have an equal opportunity to develop their talents.

Democracy – elected, or even unelected, dictatorship in which the majority often vote for the losers.

Crime – breaking a law passed without our agreement no matter how ludicrous it may be.

Freedom of the press – freedom to report the official version of any events.

Human rights – the right to do what the government tells you.

Tolerance – do not criticize or challenge the behavior of anything and anyone, no matter what the circumstances.

Zero-tolerance – tyranny.

Freedom – slavery.

Free trade – using slave labor to make your products in the world’s poorest countries for a few cents, and exporting them without tariff charges to the richest countries to sell for top-of-the-range prices. Also means to dump your products in any country you wish and destroy the local economy and livelihoods of the world’s poorest people.

Competition – transnational corporations competing to see which can exploit the global population most effectively.

Capitalism – cartelism.

Isolationist – anyone who doesn’t want to dictate to others and control the people of other nations.

Level playing field – fixing the system in favor of those you wish to win.

Propaganda – whatever your opponents say because you only tell the truth.

The distorted use of these words and others is designed to plant a false reality into the conscious, and especially subconscious mind.

This manipulates people to see themselves and the world in a way that suits the ambitions of their leaders.

FTAC Watch said...

I have also established that the Conservatives are very much in favour of using the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) for political detentions.

However, I think that they will have a lot harder time doing it. With the majority of NHS doctors having loyalty to the Labour party, if the current government want someone ‘disappeared’ then they have little problem finding someone to do the dirty work. The Conservatives will not be able to count on that support, or may even find that the doctors acting as a ‘fifth column’ for the opposition Labour.

Dave said...

Guthrun is right. NuLab & the Tories are two sides of a debased coin.
Whichever way up it lands, it doesn't change the fact that teh currency is worthless.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about turning back the surveillance state then?? Nothing at all?

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

I am not convinced that the Conservatives will be in power anytime soon, if ever. I am not sure that there will actually be an election; Brown may well try to contrive an excuse to use the Civil Contingencies Act to continue in power. Assuming that there is an election then there is little reason to vote Conservatives apart from them not being Labour; no positive reason at all. Despite all the horrid things that Labour have done to the people of Britain they continue to have a core 30% of the vote and the electoral bias in their favour means that they could win the next election.

bofl said...

stan-excellent post.

''meet the new boss-
the same as the old boss''

poor old cmd ....£30 million in the bank and still cant figure out that we can see that he and his chums are the twins of the red cunts!

Newgates Knocker said...

Hairy Arsed bloke.
You might well be right.
Gordon's probably trying to organize our very own earthquake, Right now!
No elections possible in times of national emergency!

T England said...


OK! ANYTHING to get rid of Labour :o)

sick of the BBC said...

OT, but to show the level of pro Obama bias on the BBC HYS & the anger the libtards feel about the wrongheaded voting that has just occurred, read this post that has just appeared on Have Your Say:

Added: Wednesday, 20 January, 2010, 10:41 GMT 10:41 UK

Republicans + Conservatives = evil.

joe turner, london, United Kingdom

Recommended by 10 people

Sign in to recommend comments

Alert a Moderator? Whats the point - it was probably a moderator who posted it.

Can you imagine being allowed to post that about Democrats or Liberals?

The BBC has to go.

Old Holborn said...

Join me on Saturday

Friday Night Smoke said...

Are there any links for those stories/policies?
Looks quite interesting.

Fausty said...

Same policies as Labour's (apart from elected Commissioners).

The only thing that's different is the language.

Vote Conservative, vote for more of the same in a different language.

Bollocks to that.

Anonymous said...

HAB wrote;
Brown may well try to contrive an excuse to use the Civil Contingencies Act to continue in power

I have said before on here. The only way back from the enactment of the civil contingencies act, is for the entire cabinet to be summarily executed. It would be the duty of every citizen to ensure it happens.
The 'powers that be' are totally beholden to the current status quo, - the corrupt need the corrupt to stay in power. The only chance for a return to democracy after the civil contingencies act, is to remove the top level, so the senior police, cps etc, have no possibility of propping up the corrupt regeime which gave them all the power they could wish for.

Kingbingo said...

The difference between Libertarians and Tories is about as much as between Nulabour and the Socialist workers party.

Tories and Libertarians are practically indistinguishable for 95% of the population.

What quite frankly marks you out as a tribalist, is that you could have a great deal of what you want with the Tories, you just have to accept you are not going to abolish two thirds of the state overnight. Assuming you are prepared to accept that as a political reality your choice is between Nulabour that want to increase the state 100%, but will settle for a 15% increase.

Or the Tories who might want 40% reduction in the state, but will settle for a 10% reduction.

Let’s put it like this. If you personally had the deciding vote that gave the next election to either the Tories or Nulabour or you could make a statement and vote libertarian anyway, which would let in Nulabour again, how would you vote then.

If you in that case would still make the stunt of voting libertarian even if you knew the result would be another 5 years of Nulabour, then you are conforming that you really do just enjoy complaining and are happy to let the state carry on rolling forward.

Guthrum said...

stan-excellent post.

Agree ! Its Exhausting


Disagree ! That is why Carswell and Hannan are in a minority of two in the Tory Party

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I so much wanted CallmeDave to be the leader to get this country back on it's feet and was ready to vote for him if only to get NuLiebour out, but I can see now that it's not going to be.

He actually believes all that climate change hype! Anyone would an ounze of intelligence can see what a con it all is.

The man is a loon, just like Gordoom. Perhaps more dangerous because he is so suave and sophisticated he can take people in. But at least the truth is coming out now and we can see the real him.

I also think there will be no election. Not sure what crisis will happen to stop it. But something will happen to make sure it never goes ahead.

zorro said...

Stan....good addition to the Orwellian dictionary....I fully expect a staged incident(s) in April/May to save us the effort of voting

Kingbingo said...


Disagree ! That is why Carswell and Hannan are in a minority of two in the Tory Party"

No, they are the only two that you know about.

About half the party are behind them. and probably more of the new candidates.

Cameron knows he needs to be moderate centre groundish, but I know shadow minister level types who will privately admit they would crave rolling back the state seriously. They just have to move public opinion in that direction to get going on it.

Remember that in 2005 Labour won the election by promising to increase the state and taxation. You can't go from zero to hero that fast.

I am Stan said...

@Zorro-I fully expect a staged incident(s) in April/May to save us the effort of voting

I fear you may well be correct Zorro,keep your cape and mask washed and ironed and your sword sharp and close by..we may need you to perform some heroic deeds and smite the wrongdoers.

Fuck off useless plod!! said...

It's laughable just how incompetent the police are when it comes to serious crime, yet they'll always be there to annoy people for trivial and even non-offences.

I'm just about totally fucked off paying for these incompetent clowns and if there were any sense they'd be sorted out big time.

I don't want my money spent abusing powers for trivial box ticking and if the cunts can't do the job properly then I want the useless cunts sacked and get someone of common sense and intelligence who can.

caesars wife (reconstituted and freelance) said...

Interesting post stan/guthrum ,I dont know who will be as libertarian a you would like ,its a bit of a junkie fix at the moment .

Rogerborg said...

I miss Leg Iron. Heck, I even miss OH. When are they getting back?

Edgar said...

sick of the BBC, 20 January 2010 11:58:

Anyone who can take the front part of a word (say, 'liberal') and attach it to the back part of another word (say, 'retard') to form a handy portmanteau word (say, 'libtard') deserves to boast about his IQ (no more than two characters will be necessary).

the federal bureau of masturbation said...


i'm keeping an eye on you, mrs...

there are reports that you have been engaging in unsavoury activities.

spark up too.

spark up said...


do you hold any hard evidence?

Anonymous said...

I've seriously thought of sending 'The lives of others' to CMD & asking if this is the type of Britain he wants becase if not - he'd better start saying so loud & clear - with specific examples - before he loses the lection.

Anonymous said...

Just like Obamarama has now been proven to have carried on Bush's policies and is now a complete racist joke... so too will Cameron carry on NuLiebore's policies.

FFS... people have short memories regarding the corporation called 'United Kingdom'... maybe watching a certain film called 'This Is England' might refresh/educate people's short memories of the Thatcher years which we are weeks away (the next "general election") from heading into again courtesy of the Bilderberg scumbags.

Remember: by not voting, you are giving your vote away to the very scumbags that you so hate. Think about it. Screw the 'system' and don't vote the totally corrupt Lib/Lab/Con trick... vote the rest instead.

Democracy is an illusion. Wakey Wakey.

jocelyn jack esien, feminist (not a lesbian, not a racist - i just hate men, especially white ones who're funnier than me) said...


just coz obama bombs wogs for being wogs doesn't make him a racist - he's actually doing it for reasons of pure self-gratification. and before you ask, yes, i'd certainly suck his dick if the price woz right.

Anonymous said...

"Carry a knife and go to Jail?"
I carry a knife and go to School, walk the streets, do the gardening, etc. I carry a rather old Swiss Army Penknife and have done so for the long side of 30 years and have yet to "cut someone" (is that the correct street patios?)
Knives, like guns do not injure people by virtue of their existence. They are quite inanimate without the intervention of the truly dangerous component - a person. (I realise that in the case of some of the ferals out there that this is stretching the definition of a person but bear with me). Anti-knife or Gun legislation should be aimed at the person not the device. It is the person that commits the crime.
Although today I was amused to read a notice informing me that I had to be 18 to buy a knife and would be asked to prove my age. (Frankly looking as I do I would have been flattered rather than annoyed).
Mike. (Still too bone idle to register anywhere)

Anonymous said...

At least the Tories don't argue for the government to do something about the high premiums young drivers face. If you go to Guthrum's blog "lookin for a voice" you will see he was doing just that two weeks ago in a post called what I learnt in Northamptonshire.

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