Sunday, 31 January 2010

Fighting for Britian

- UKIP believes in facilitating quality education for all, regardless of income, age or range of abilities, with a full and unashamed emphasis on the 3 Rs


blind leading the blind said...

UKIP have no hope of winning this seat, they are standing to destroy the Eurosceptic vote that the BNP will get, as UKIP have been destroyed from within, now Farage has been hobbled.

But it won`t work, outside of European elections the UKIP vote collapses.

Don`t you havesome more shit posts to make over at Guido's OH?

Another shite one about the oh so important ipad perhaps?

It seems that is about your level these days!

Snowolf said...

I believe you may have missed the point of this post blind leading the blind.

Look at the quoted text, then read the campaign poster very carefully.

Anonymous said...


thelunaticarms said...

"Frank Maloney Barking Britain!" - sounds about right.

Must have the same advertising team as PR Dave.

The BNP are the only party that will make the liars and thieves pay for their crimes.

Every other party just wants a bigger piece of the pie.

gyg3s said...

OH, expand upon what you mean by education, please.

Edgar said...

Does that make us Britash?

I'm still going to vote UKIP.

I am Stan said...

Fighting for Britian indeed...or even Britain...Planks!

Uncle Marvo said...

It is really not important to be able to spell properly, nor to check what you've done before spending money on printing it.

What really matters is that you have a grasp of what the "public" wants, and that you are prepared to ensure that, popular or not, their wishes are put into effect.

It is not necessary to be intelligent, either, nor to be able to string two words together.

Why am I talking such bollocks?

Oh yes, all that really matters is that you can lie your arse off with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

Britian, Britain ueber alles!

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Frank you senile old git. I hope you get hit by a bus you turd, I curse you, may your washing never dry you prick, a pox on you children. Die dammit die !

Anonymous said...

The establishment parties loyal yapping dog.

Anonymous said...

UKIP are finished.. at one time they had a good chance of kicking the tories in the cobblers. Now they just look sad.

They spend more time ripping themselves apart.

JD said...

There is no excuse for bad spelling.

Snowolf said...

'may your washing never dry'

Perhaps the greatest curse I've ever heard. That's quite made my day!

Anonymous said...

This country needs a successful party that can appeal to the middle class, tory voters. That should have been UKIP. I really don`t know what has happened to them, maybe it was just the wrong bunch of people or maybe it was something more sinister but they have always been a total shambles.

Looks like it will just be the BNP for this election. Good luck to them.

Captain Haddock said...

Its little short of a miracle that UKIP got the Twat's (whoever he is) name spelled correctly ..

digger said...

I'll still be voting for them if I get the chance.

every election it's the same stuff about how they're sinking,going nowhere etc.they still exist,do well at euro's,they'll maybe have a bad election but nowhere near as bad as Zanu Labour.

don't know why they're so ahted but I'm sure someone will tell me.

ingsfis said...

Gordon Brown aims to remain as Prime Minister even if Labour loses general election

Gordon Brown is planning to cling on as Labour leader after a general election defeat despite extraordinary new claims about his conduct in Downing Street, ministers believe.

Cabinet sources say Mr Brown will refuse to quit unless the Conservatives win a significant Commons majority.

The prospect emerged as Lord Mandelson conceded that voters struggle to 'relate' to Mr Brown.

Anonymous said...

I find it quite odd that no one in the many stages of production noticed this error!
Whatever, UKIP, BNP, Independent, Monster Raving Loony; they will have my vote if they field a candidate where I am, because there's no fucking way that the Lib/Lab/Con-artists are. I'm getting sick of this 3 party charade.

Rogerborg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rogerborg said...

That's what happens with you give equal opportunities regardless of ability.

Probably put "Must have 8 GCSEs" on the application form, but forgot the "Are you a mong?" checkbox.

Guthrum said...

What do you say ?

Anon 00.32 said...

"unashamed emphasis on the 3 R"

What's that then? Recession, Recession, Recession?

Anonymous said...

"Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".

Google who made this quote then Google who REALLY runs the world (well... one of many Elite families).

FFS... the rabbit hole runs deeper than the Lib-Lab-Con-UKIP-BNP-trick.

Wake up!

Frank Maloney's Nose said...

Probably the printer's error. What do you expect from a Barking printers.

UKIP probably thought no one in Barking would notice anyway.

Most people are thick as shit these days, and some people even think that if you spell words correctly you're some sort of snob that went to Eton or something.

Rogerborg said...

Hmm, good point, Frank Maloney's Nose. Chances are that the Barking printer was born in Bangalore and did a degree in Media Studies / Islamic Theology in a British "university" that was a Technical College the week before.

Or - and I don't think we can rule this out - was a mong. A black mong. With monger disease. And Islamitude.

Eh, Holby? Eh?

frank "mandingbo" maloney said...

yeah, oim the man, i'm well against awl immigration, unless oim talking to lennox lewis, of course.

oim also gonna clear the streets of muggers, get them to foight each other for shiny gold belts, and er...then clean up at the box office.

send the oirish home too...? errr...not unless they're true indigenous black oirish oo were delivered to oirishland by an airflingus jumbo-jet.

oi intend to set up a free oirish dictataship of kilburn oigh road, oim against awl 'omos unless they're big black tasty lookin buggers loik lennox, and oim gonna put a legaloized knocking-shop on ev'ry street corner...awl wbo regoolated with compulsery protective 'eadgear, referees an' qualifoied medical inspections by also seriously considring takin' compulsory repossession of awl cheap paki printers in barking if they can't spell briton proper. nick griffin's a soft wanky pussy, but oi loik him. heil bendictus! seconds owt!

clarkie's conciliatory college crowbar said...


Cabinet sources say Mr Brown will refuse to quit unless the Conservatives win a significant Commons majority.

that's what he thinks...

pc fuckoff said...


Or - and I don't think we can rule this out - was a mong. A black mong. With monger disease. And Islamitude.

yes, i think we get the general jist of your little jest, sir...and in which case he did a pretty fair job, sir, did he not, sir? the spelling mistake being a deliberate act of cultural terrorism on mainland britain, sir. having given this matter due consideration, sir, i'll award this round to the mongoloid (on points), sir. have a good evening, sir.

Dazed And Confused said...

I'm gonna vote anyway.

lennox "all round nice-guy and general good-egg" lewis said...


hey! you calling me queer, you cunty little cockney?

frank "mandingbo" maloney said...

06:20 lennox...i was just being...err...hypothetical

lennox "the philosopher" lewis said...


that good to 'ear frank, coz otherwise i'd 'ave to rip yo ras hypo-the-tic-al 'ead off an 'ave mi a ras hypo-the-ti-cal game a footy wit it 'round mi ras yute club wit mi bredren taras. seen bwoy?

UKIP helping the EU totalitarian state stay in power! said...

I bet Hodge had an orgasm when she heard UKIP and Baloney were standing against the BNP in Barking.

UKIP have lost my vote.

State op

Frank ? said...

My Ed urts

woman on a raft said...

Mr Brown will refuse to quit unless the Conservatives win a significant Commons majority.

Thought that was the definition of when you have to leave No. 10. You can't just stick in there saying 'Nope, it's not a big enough majority, I'll be the judge of when the Conservatives have won, and I say they haven't'.

I'd like to think he's talking about leadership of the Labour party, but I suspect he really thinks that he has divine authority to rule the commons.

adrian said...

So why no UKIP Pact then ?

Tory Labour Anti BNP Pact in Barking

jordan's intellctually-enhanced left tit said...


ukip? they're bnp with intellectual pretensions, aren't they?

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