Saturday, 30 January 2010

Educated Apes

Class of 2010, UK

Once again, those in the know are screaming for something to be done, but in the interests of Politics, they are ignored.

Poor children (whatever they are) are being deceived by the plethora of worthless exam results they are awarded for simply turning up to abuse teachers and text message their way through the day whilst stabbing their fellow pupils.

Examinations are the standard in society. They display to others what you are capable of. They signify potential. they are the first step on the long road to personal success and if required, wealth. They may lead to happiness, health and harmony, a fulfilled and rewarding life, crammed with achievement and success.

"So let us not deceive our children, and especially children from poorer homes with worthless qualifications so that they become like the citizens of Weimar Germany or Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe carrying their certificates around in a wheelbarrow, or produce people like those girls in the first round of X Factor who tell us they want to be the next Britney Spears but they can't sing a note."

My children are studying hard for their exam results. They have wisely abandoned the now worthless GCSE and are instead studying for international Baccalaureates instead. No TV, no playstations. Work. Cramming as much knowledge as they can into their addled heads in the hope of earning a decent living, buying a house and raising a family themselves. Of course, if this fails, the State will sweep up their useless certificates of attendance and house them, feed them, look after their health on the back of the taxpayer. As long as they keep voting for the party that will house them, feed them, look after their health etc.

Never in the history of Britain have 646 so totally fucked up the lives of those not yet born. Sorry to dissapoint you, Balls. My kids will be gone from your Socialist Utopia of bonded labour and State handouts into an international world of opportunity. Despite your finest efforts to see them living in a council house belching Stella and voting Labour until they die.

Meet Sam, 18. Sam has Downs Syndrome and passed 8 GCSEs. No, really. Sam will be lucky if he gets an assisted placement moping up vomit in McDonalds and living in a warden run Mong farm. It matters not one jot that he has 8 GCSEs. It will not change his life but will change the lives of millions of our children. Because if a mong can get 8, literally anybody can. So they become worthless. Now you can deride me for calling Sam a mong (he is) but awarding him 8 GCSEs after years of expensive schooling has just undermined 100 years of education for the average schoolchild. Exams are pointless. If you doubt me, then give Sam a job in accounts at YOUR company.

an example of a GCSE Maths paper from 2006

Schools Minister Vernon Coaker said: "These comments are quite frankly astonishing. It's easy to make sweeping, rhetorical flourishes about so-called 'soft' subjects - but it is wrong to ignore the hard work of tens of thousands of teachers and pupils and misrepresent the state of education in this country.
That's exactly what you've done Vern. Ignored the hard work of tens of thousands. Sam says thanks anyway and can he have some more crayons please? He's eaten all of his.

Do follow Big Vern on twitter. Fucking hilarious.

Just opened a new extended services community room at Carlton Central Infant School



Anonymous said...

All EXAMS are bullshit.
Work carried out during the year should be examined OVERALL!

Oldrightie said...

All EXAMS are bullshit.

I have to disagree. When reaching into someone's chest to massage a heart or landing an aicraft in thick fog with 200+ souls along for the ride, some tested knowledge is very useful!

Rebel Saint said...

Question 13a?!!! There is no correct answer to that question.

Is the answer ...
...because he is a retard
...because he only got a 'b' in GCSE maths
...because he is a liar
...because he is german and he converted the answer to euros then back into sterling but used the wrong exchange rate

Harri the bastard said...

Are those Nick Robinsons daughters?

Fausty said...

It was always their intention to trash British qualifications, so that the international qualifications could be adopted. It's all part of globalistation.

Prior to 1997, people were quite attached to A level and GCSEs. No more.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Christ on a crutch, I've just done those in my head. Not a calculator in sight.
Thank god my children have all good jobs and don't have to rely on labour's teaching achievements.

retard ninja said...

The psychotic nature Labour's crypto-Marxist drivel will become all to obvious when they finally, and boldly, come out of the eugenics/depopulation closet.

Anonymous said...

No TV, no playstations, no admiralty law

ullage said...

I think the photograph with that caption is just plain out of order, OH.

John R said...

It's (far too) many years since I went anywhere near a maths exam of any sort but the paper you linked to is astonishing. "When I was a lad" I sat an O level and not the GCSE, so that skews the comparison and I'm also assured by my (maths teacher) wife that this Intermediate paper wasn't aimed at O level-standard students anyway which skews it a bit more. But...bloody hell!!

It says no calculators!! Why?? What the hell would you need one for? This is basic mental arithmetic not"mathematics". God help us if this is the best NuLieBore has produced after 13 years of edyukashun, edyukashun, edyukashun.

BTW your comments about the Downs kids are a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Labour have always represented the, eerm.., lower achievers. That's their job.
You can't expect plebs to support higher achievers, it makes them feel inadequate, which they are.
I don't think plebs should be taught things they struggle to understand, instead they should be instilled with a work ethic. The lack of this is why immigrant workers come here and are employed, because they work harder. Johnny pleb needs to be taught to graft.

Vladimir said...

Prior to 1997, people were quite attached to A level and GCSEs. No more.

This isn't true. Long before 1997 it was obvious that GCSEs were worthless crap (teachers called them "General Certificate for Sitting the Exam"). In the 80s it was already obvious that inflation was affecting the grades.

The rot didn't start with Blair. The decision that everyone should be equal became Establishment policy decades ago, around the time the grammars were scrapped. Blair just carried the equality torch for a while, naturally sending his own children to the exclusive London Oratory.

@ullage. Yeah, "Educated Apes"? "Mongs"? This isn't necessary to make the point.

Anonymous said...

Holby, word of advice. Perhaps people would take you more seriously if you weren't such an offensive cunt. Do you really need to refer to people as "mongs"?

It's a shame, because you're a man who normally speaks sense. Maybe Boring & Demented have a point...

Nigel Beynon said...

I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and am now 'unsubscribing'.

O/H the insecure c@nt said...

Of course, you couldn't make your point in a rational way.
You had to be cruel & callous to what appear to be good natured (& loved) children.
Here's hoping your little child prodigies get a violent mugging & end up as mongs. Will you have them put down?

Old Holborn said...

Stop being offended on behalf of others.

Tory Totty Online said...

"Never in the history of Britain have 646 so totally fucked up the lives of those not yet born. Sorry to dissapoint you, Balls. My kids will be gone from your Socialist Utopia of bonded labour and State handouts into an international world of opportunity. Despite your finest efforts to see them living in a council house belching Stella and voting Labour until they die."

Pure genius. Bravo!

caesars wife said...

Agree with your last comment on using teachers to make state beautification stats factory.

There is a difference between being educated to live life and educated to have socialist bias. The trick I think Labour have pulled is to somehow make pop/soft education a stepping stone for drug fuelled debt lifestsyles .

There are other things such as charcture building , basic know what to do skills , and physical activities such as PE . All blown on stare at screen , click A,B,C or D to get pass .

There are many other aspects to Labours zombiefication project , discipline to name but one , I could weep at what lives some have gone to had from ruining education in the way they have .

Anonymous said...

At least Sam must have answered the questions & remained relevant. Sometimes your pal Guthrum forgets to do the same on his own blog when the big cheese libertarian blogger suddenly starts advocating big government.

Old Holborn said...

anon, I appreciate and acknowledge your legitimate viewpoint, however, "your mum"

Anonymous said...

Tried typing in "Old Holborn" into Wiktionary. It re-directed me to the word "cunt".

Rastus said...

"Examinations" were originally introduced by the Universities for very specific purposes.
The reason for the creation of Universities by the Kings was to ensure that those prelates and such that were to become Crown Ministers were proficient in adding up and languages other than Latin etc. Look what happened with Beckett (no not Margaret).
So the University "examined" the intake to see if they were capable of being educated further, and then examined them before they went out of the door, to see that the king would not come back and wreak his revenge for turning out such crap as our modern universities are doing.
This eventually developed into the current farce where the examination is more important than the education.
The current examination system is seen by the politicians as a measure of their own worth, and just like everything else the will cook the books to prove how good they are.

What is most important is not the actual teaching of "subjects" but the teaching of "how to learn"... because most learning is done after leaving full time education.

Anonymous said...

Struggling with your use of that photo I'm afraid - four adorable girls as loved as your own no doubt.

Whatever you write, your heart usually seems to be pretty much in the right place, but this comes across as plain unkind. Not like you at all.

Can you think again about this post? - it's really the GCSE "paper" which needs rubbishing, not these children.



Old Holborn said...

The current examination system is seen by the politicians as a measure of their own worth, and just like everything else the will cook the books to prove how good they are.

Perfect. It's worthless

Hence why my children looked elsewhere

Dave said...

I'm a privileged working class man who went to grammar school and took GCE O levels. They were hard and were meant to be. Only the best got a grade A. The best I did was grade C in French, and god knows how I managed that.
My puny C & E grades at O level are worth ten times the A grades they give out these days.

GCSE grades are like the medals they give to anyone who completes the London Marathon. OK as a memento, but worthless compared to the real medals given out to the elite runners.

Old Holborn said...


No one chooses how they are born. The four beautiful, happy souls you see in the photo did not ask for 8 GCSEs. All they ask for is love and understanding. And trust me, they will get plenty, bless them.

Ask yourself what evil machine has decided that they MUST sit on the 7.05 from Virginia Water to Waterloo everyday for 50 years because "we are all equal".


Anon 00.32 said...

Labour's box ticking equality in work. It's hard to work out if it's completely misguided or deliberate manipulation: everybody with exam certificates makes them equal.

Perhaps so in the shallowest status but in effect worthless. Almost like Labour is the party of blag. We know you are total shits but we'll give you some paper and the rest is up to you to blag it through. And if you fall down along the way, Harpsperson's equality laws means you can sue somebody instead.

WTF? A total work shy charter.

Anonymous said...

I should point out that if one follows the link it can be seen that Sam did not get any GCSEs at Grade C or above. The old O-level equivalent is a grade C or above & this is what employers or colleges will ask for. This is why on the blog it refers to Sam's "passes" in inverted commas. It is not news that one can obtain a grade for turning up to a GCSE exam. The system, rightly or wrongly, has been designed to be that way since GCSE were introduced, under Thatcher, in the 1980's.

doctor baloney said...

Yep. I'm 'unsubscribing' too. You're just a bit too much of a twat for my liking.

Rastus said...

This is not new.
Prior to retirement I used to be with a multinational company as an R&D division manager. As far back as the mid 70s even the then current crop of Ph D's was dire.
They were stuffed to the gills with facts about one narrow field of "Knowledge" and totally devoid of common sense.
I interview dozens for various jobs and invariably found that the more "acedemic" learning they had the less common sense they had. I usually hired the chaps who had a part time degree with lots of experience of the world.

Old Holborn said...

Where should I send the refund?

Geezer said...

I shan't unsuscribe because i enjoy your site and you make valid and amusing points worth viewing.
In the rough working environment i inhabit,blokes call each other all sorts of "offensive" names in the spirit of banter. The offense isn't in the words used but in the intent meant.
I appreciate that you're attacking the arseholes that use them for political ends rather than the "mongs" themselves, but come on OH, you're better than that. They don't deserve to be abused by anyone.

Anonymous said...

To the thin skinned violent by proxy losers who decry the use of English, grow up. You cannot be for just the freedom you like; freedom is indivisible and what you read here is freedom of speech being practiced absolutely. If you are against OH using ANY string of words then you are anti freedom, anti common sense, pro nanny state, pro political correctness and every other evil that attracted you to this blog in the first place. This is not a case of YHBT, which is frivalous. This is what freedom looks lik. And I like it very much.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Well, the edukayshun rot set in well before the current crop of berks in Westminster.

I recall being astonished / exasperated / outraged in 1993 that special needs funding was being withdrawn from special needs schools on the basis - and ..... wait for it = "they are not performing up to the academic norm". This level of fuckwittery almost defies description. The meme at the time was "they'll do better integrated into the main school population"..... Result ? OH's post only hints at an iceberg of iniquity.

The army of deluded, dysfunctional, delinquent administrators that strange gravity has caused to clump together in our public services must be dealt with - they compliment the 646 and the local councils - but worse still, they have the power without accountability to make this shit happen - things really must change.

Rogerborg said...

Bullshit is that a GSCE paper. It doesn't even have a tickbox for ethnicity, let alone a question about how guilty white Europeans should feel about exploiting Africa.

[ ] Very
[ ] Totally
[ ] Please find enclosed £10 towards sending Nigel and Jocasta to dig a well for the poor oppressed victims.

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells said...

You Sir, are a disgrace. I shall never offend my intelligence by frequenting these premises again.
Except of course to sneak back later to see your response.

Tarquin said...

does it really matter?

GCSEs are worthless anyway - it's an exam which allows you to move on to a-levels and then university, no job requires GCSEs other than as the very basics of being able to read and write, it means absolutely nothing to those with half a brain

One thing I really hate is being pigeon-holed because I didn't get straight As at a-level - why did I bother with a bloody degree if I'm judged on an exam I coasted through seven years ago in the same subject!

Fuck PC Shite said...

Good for you, OH! Someone had to say it! :-)

makemyday said...

OH is my refuse and sanctuary and for that I thank you Sir but there is something about the tone, picture and “mong” ref that just unsettles me. I agree totally with your commentary here but feel the valid points made are clouded by the choice of language which gives your opponents ammunition. I know your passion runs deep and long may it continue but don’t let it give opportunities to the bastards who will cry “look we told you what he is like……”

pagar said...

As others have commented, there is a worthwhile point to be made about the rigour of the examination system.

To use Downs Syndome children to make it is entirely gratuitous.

So fuck off you absolute cunt.

I had a spat yesterday on Liberal Conspiracy where they were using the murder of two children to try to score points against the Tories.

Perspective, for fucks sake.

Vladimir said...

"To the thin skinned violent by proxy losers who decry the use of English, grow up. You cannot be for just the freedom you like; freedom is indivisible and what you read here is freedom of speech being practiced absolutely."

Freedom of speech also protects our right to say that we don't like all this business with "mongs" and "educated apes", and that maybe OH should choose slightly less offensive words when talking about people who are entirely blameless for the shitty state of the world. Nobody is saying that anyone else should be silenced for saying disagreeable things.

"If you are against OH using ANY string of words then you are anti freedom, anti common sense, pro nanny state, pro political correctness and every other evil that attracted you to this blog in the first place."

Nobody, that is, except for you.

Statto said...

Traffic been a bit slow lately Holby?

W/V angles. Irony or what?

Anonymous said...

You have crossed a line, always thought you were a bit of a snidy cunt now I am positive.

Weston Bay said...

"Educated Apes"???

You're a real piece of work you know that OH?

(and a piece of something else)

Anonymous said...

I saw one of those girls a while ago she had a dog that was jumping up she said down Syndrome.

Rebel Saint said...

...btw, for what it's worth, I concur with what so many others have said: What a shame you've spoilt such an important article with such gratuitously tasteless and abusive use of those downs syndrome children.

When did you start using Roy "Chubby" Brown for inspiration?

Anonymous said...

mongs? trained apes?? What's wrong with the correct term "window lickers", as used by all Berkeley trained psychotherapists.

Looking at the GCSE paper above, it is instructive to compare it with the Arithmetic section of these 1950s 11+ questions:

Tom Harrington said...

The use of gratuitously cruel language ultimately plays straight into the hands of the PC brigade.

all donations gratefully accepted said...

well done sam. i hope his acquired arithmetical skills will translate usefully when he needs to solve problems in everyday situations - i don't see why not. shame he had to undergo intensive ninja maths training - i know from my own childhood experience that this can be absolute torture and turn one off the damn subject for life. however, it seems, from reading the article, that his siblings underwent the same rigours - a very japanese approach, as i understand it, except that disability is reputedly even more taboo in japanese society than it is here, and one wonders whether this equality of educational opportunity is the also norm in japan? i must admit that i just do not know the answer to this question. as a further point of interest, it would be valuable to know whether sam suffers from 'mozaic' downs syndrome (a form of downs which affects only a percentage of cells in the body, thus leaving the possibility that cerebral function is left unimpaired), or 'full' downs syndrome - either variant of the syndrome could pertain in such a case.

old holborn (and note that i here address you using your full-name), you are an emotionally retarded lump of primaeval protoplasmic puss - unlike downs syndrome children, who are emotionally mature, happy souls, and not in the least prone to stabbing each other in class. i cuss your cynical degenerate bollocks off, not because you have made a valid point in the strongest possible terms, but because you are fully aware that i myself am affiliated to a small organisation which seeks to assist with the education of downs syndrome children who are from single-parent families - although, in truth, i cannot claim to have any great imput, my support being mostly of the moral variety. the organisation, in question, receives a minimal state-grant and veers more towards the relaxed 'summerhill' school of educational philosophy - however, were the matron of the establishment to read your ill-construed title, i am confident that you would soon find your brains being beaten out by a duchy pot, and would not be overly surprised were the brawn to be subsequently added to the stew.

dear jocelyn esien said...

please do not attempt to embezzle any more of my artistic contributions. if you desire the benefit of my imput into one of your productions, please contact me and we can discuss terms - you already know my address, telephone number, inside leg measurement and the precise volume and frequency of all my bodily emissions, thanks to your perversely obsessive and illegal surveillance methods. contrary to rumours, i am not particularly desperate to get to know the real jocelyn jee esien, and fear, in any event, that this would be an utterly fruitless venture - mainly, i suspect, because you have fuck all idea who you are yourself. i am truly sorry that your parents sent you to university in order that your circuitry be integrated into the white motherboard, that certain members of your family appear to have all the manners and breeding of a bunch of hillbillies, and that you inadvertently chose to help a confused white supremacist gain election to the oval office in washington dc - none of this, however, is in any way my fault, although had we entered open and frank discussions at some stage prior to barack obama's meteoric misfiring, i am confident that we could both have drawn some positives from the chinwag. finally, please call off your sister who labours under the strange delusion that she is in possession of an intellectual pussy.

yours unappreciatively

spark up

dear paul staines said...

in a past decade, when you held your 'acid house raves', you were reported to have been highly concerned by the illegal surveillance methods used against you by the police, however, since founding the guido fawkes blog, you appear to have changed your opinion and tuned into a completely different frequency.


spark up

i shop for my substandard shit at tescos said...

my god, don't you just hate those snobrats who've always got a better more expensive brand of someshit that you ain't? don't ya? international baccalaureates may well offer a higher standard of certification, but surely it's far more crucial to encourage in one's children the ability and confidence to assess their own performance in respect of any given task? otherwise we're always left with this problem of slipshoddy schooltest standards which can be manipulated by governments or other devious or jealous people... i seem to remember that back in the good ole days (when i took my a-levels) that the examination boards were privately run companies each with a fiercely independent ethos and fiercely guarded reputation - this is evidently not the case now.

desperate dave lammy? said...

don't i get it up the bum tonight?

Summer_Breeze said...

Sorry O.H. but I agree with those who have questioned the use of that photo and word 'mong'.
For quite some years now I have had contact with many children with learning difficulties, mostly Autism and a large number of them, are quite capable of being productive and full members of society and that is what we should be encouraging them to do/be and not knocking those kids that have worked damned hard to gain a 'pass'.
Times have moved on and thankfully, we as a society no longer institutionalise children with Downs or Autism. So please let's not imprison them with nastiness.
( My main worry about children with learning difficulties becoming independent, has never been about what the child is capable of, rather the attitudes of other people and their behaviour towards those not so lucky in life.

## and nothing ever changes, nothing changes at all ## )

Perhaps they might not be up to the standards of the I.B. but then, there are many so-called ' normal' children that also would have great difficulty in achieving academic greatness.
(Do remember that those of us with high I.Q.'s only amount to about 2% of the population, therefore, that leaves a whopping 98% who have to work an awful lot harder to achieve mediocrity.)

That your children are, is great and I wish them the best of luck in life but there for the grace of god...

Please don't devalue your much enjoyed blog, by lowering yourself to those depths. You are better than that and those kids in the photo are worth more than that.

Your general comments about our education system are spot on though.

ps jocelyn jee esien said...

and another thing...

last night, i watched the film the football factory and found the scenario reminiscent of your tactical gang-lifestyle - the coded pre-arranged rumbles with 'the enemy' on the net, the psycho-harrasment on the streets of london, the excessive drinking and drug-consumption, the tribalism, the eternal planning and plotting beneath the radar of the authorities whose oppression fuels your frustration yet who only ever become incidental targets, the functional release of commando-sex, the omerta, the constant spy-surveillance of the 'opposition' firm, the sub-decent secrecy, the vandalism and theft, the hedonistic hooliganism, the honour among thieves, the adrenalin-rush from misdemeanour brushes with the law, the danger-thrill of exposure, the relentless ridicule, and, of course, the big 'game'. the main difference here being that you guys (like the stuffed-out toffy-generals over-looking the world-war-one western-front) are ultimately playing a pretentious game of intellectual political celebrity-chess from the comfort of your stylishly trimmed-out international pads and offices, whilst it is the common-cunts whom you are really sending to die on the world's battlefields. you get a big buzzzzzz from the power, but, like the politicians you ineffectively deride, you only stand to lose social status and pride and a few quid here and there on the stock-markets. ah, les nouveaux puissants. ah, the nobility of it all.

Edgar said...

Looks like a whole raft of Righteous have descended on your little island, OH. People with Downs Syndrome (why do the Righteous always refer to them as 'kids'?) are genetically damaged. Part of that damage is almost always apparent in difficulties with learning. It follows from this that, if such a person can perform well in exams that are purported to test learning skills, then the level of skills tested is low. So low, probably, that the results indicate little or nothing for people who do not have such difficulties with learning.

The person who suffered abuse here was, indeed, Sam: but not by the words you chose, rather, by the implication that must have been implanted in him that, in some aspects of intellectual application, he was as capable as anyone else. He isn't, and to lead him to believe so is cruel.

SpiteK said...

Laughing my ass off at the fucking idiots getting offended on behalf of others. Be offended by all means, but stop expecting everyone else to knuckle under and be all lovey-dovey and PC just because you're offended. You don't have an automatic right to not be offended. Now run along and watch an episode of Tellytubbies, or is that too challenging for you?

Rebel Saint said...

Laughing my ass off at the idiots who think that anyone who offers criticism must be a lovey-dovey & PC.

So you think that we find Holburn's attempts to be controversial & shocking "too challenging"! That's right ... just like we find Bernard Manning or Chubby Brown "too challenging"!!

Grow up.

And what a shame that most of the comments aren't about the shocking state of our education & qualifications.

Old Holborn said...

to all the righteous above who are "offended"

Read the piece again. Making GCSEs so easy that even those who are born genetically damaged through now fault of their own can pass them is criminal.

It undermines an education system that ALL of our children are relying on. It places false hopes on those who are disabled or simply not capable. Forcing Downs Syndrome kids to pass exams is like forcing Thalidomide victims to climb Snowdon after lopping off the top 500 feet.

It is the way of socialists.

"We are all equal and we will make you all equal. Except to us (note, Labour has no Downs Syndrome PPCs)"

No, we are fucking not all equal. Get used to it.

Dave H said...

"Work out one tenth of 700."

Shit! Without a calculator?

“General Certificate of Secondary Education
March 2008
Unit Biology B1a (Human Biology)
Unit Biology B1a (Human Biology)

The drawing shows a man's head and face.
[line drawing of man’s head with 4 numbered arrows pointing to nose, ear, mouth and eye]

The head has organs which contain receptors.
Match words, A, B, C and D, with the numbers 1 to 4 on the drawing.
A contains light receptors
B contains receptors sensitive to some liquid chemicals
C contains sound receptors
D contains receptors sensitive to some gaseous chemicals”

Do you have a pulse? (2 marks).

And rest of the paper, even with the 'harder' questions, more resembled a statement of government policy than a science exam.

What have these fuckers done to British education? I can’t believe my fucking light receptors!

Anonymous said...

As many above have stated, standards in education have been in steady decline since the 80s, probably before that.

Maths has been particularly dumbed down and as a consequence, Chemistry and Physics have taken a hammering.

One of the reasons I believe education was deliberately dumbed down was because the disparity between Black and non-Black academic achievement in schools (Asians being on average as good as, if not better than the indigenous population) was becoming embarrassingly obvious by the 1970s in the inner city schools.

Easier to dumb down the education system to ensure everyone comes out of school with a bit of paper than to spend years trying to raise academic standards of Blacks to those of non-Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech also protects our right to say that we don't like all this business with "mongs" and "educated apes", and that maybe OH should choose slightly less offensive words when talking about people who are entirely blameless for the shitty state of the world. Nobody is saying that anyone else should be silenced for saying disagreeable things.

No one is saying you cant say what you like you stupid man; by you saying OH should 'tone it down' or say it differently you are being a PC imbecile.

Let me make it clear for you.

"fucking two plus fucking two equals pissing one"

2+2=4. The truth of that statement is not changed by the use of expletives, and for anyone to say that they cannot accept the argument just because they are there is absurd. Even more absurd is to say that other people will not get to the truth of the matter if it is not delivered just right with sugar on top. That is patronizing rubbish of the kind that spawned the PC hell you live in and which OH has escaped from.

All the idiots who refuse to talk about the subject of this post and focus on the mongs are revealing their own prejudices and weaknesses, mostly that they are politically correct life destroying, violent, anti British scum.

OH is a mirror. The way you react to the posts is a reflection of you not OH. You either deal with the subject of his posts and pick apart their logic, or react like a simple minded, brainwashed PC drone. Either way, what you do is a reflection on YOU.

Examinations are totally worthless. They are so devalued that even mongs can pass them. Britain is being destroyed, deliberately, by this sort of nonsense.

I agree 100%.

Keir Hardie said...

The "mong" got E's and F's in the 8 he sat; something which you did charmingly fail to mention.

Old Holborn said...

He also ate his pencil

Max the Impaler said...

Funny thing 'free speech'OH.It's a wonderful thing untill you step on someones personal corns.Then you see who really believes in it.

Keir Hardie said...

He munched his pencil too? Well I hope he didn't choke.

Your entire article is misleading. He did not "pass" as is commonly considered, for that is A*-C. He got E's and F's. Even if he wasn'd disabled, he would be unemployable on those results.

Rebel Saint said...

Holburn said "...even those who are born genetically damaged through now fault of their own can pass them is criminal."

Gee, thanks for explaining it! We get the argument. What's tasteless is inferring that mongs are somehow subhuman you imbecile.

And what doesn't work about your argument is that it doesn't prove your point! The child in question didn't pass. And even if he had passed then that is a remarkable testimony to the teaching method used, not a slight on the examination system per se.

If a downs syndrome child does a remarkable thing for a downs syndrome child it does not mean that the fete is is therefore too easy for everyone else. What you are basically saying is anything that a mong can achieve isn't worth achieving or measuring in everyone else.

I agree wholeheartedly with you about the tenure of your argument. However the way you have chosen to illustrate it is tasteless, factually inaccurate and logically defective. You get an 'F' you spaz.

Old Holborn said...

"What's tasteless is inferring that mongs are somehow subhuman you imbecile."

I didn't. I said they were thick and shouldn't be doing the same exams as ordinary kids. No doubt some animal rights nutjob will soon be demanding that Bonobos should be allowed to sit city & guilds in banana peeling.

"Most individuals with Down syndrome have mental retardation in the mild (IQ 50–70) to moderate (IQ 35–50) range"

Rasmus said...

One of the interesting things, to me, that has emerged here is just how many people, who apparently think they are educated, have failed to realise how they have been "taken in" by POLITICAL Correctness.

The reason I know that the colour blue is blue is because I was told it was blue as a child. As a consequence I shall always recognise it as blue even though some prat in a suit sitting in Westminster decrees that it must be called "Snark" because blue is a disgusting word and is offensive to people.

Similarly I still think of blacks and queers and all the rest of those nonPC things, and just because the names used by others to describe these things has changed, it does not alter my interpretation or my understanding of what the new PC words indicate.

Brot Pain Bread Brood they are all the same, it just depends where you are.

The other silly thing is this idea that you can take a number of different components and assemble them and always produce identical (equal) items.

As long as mankind exists some will be "more equal that others" both by accident and by design, and no amount of even genuine concern will ever alter it.

ullage again all right I'm going now said...

Heading: Educated Apes. Picture: Four happy, healthy, nicely-dressed kids who appear to have a degree of impairment.

If you are going to insult people pick on ones your own size, ye big mad eejit.

'arold of 'astings said...

international baccalaureates?

sounds like frogshit.

x said...


sticking up for jocelyn i see, edgar (née old holborn), how very sweet and touching, and gentlemanly. you've been pumping your stupid coded messages at me for four years now, totally unintelligible unless you're in with the mobspeak - which i'm not, and don't intend to be. don't you get it? i wondered what it was all about at the beginning, but then a couple of years back i realized. you're a vile elitist and i'm not interested in your squalid little club. get back in your castle contempt cunt and carry on playing soldiers with other people's lives.

well done sam you reached your potential. obviously you recognize you're not as clever as your brothers and sisters - bet you know what grades they got and understand the significance completely, you're not stupid. pity you had to be put through this psychological water-boarding, but that's the wonder of western education. don't worry about holborn, he can only read the picture on the dust-cover - that's why he we use him as a bookend.


black culture values tangible achievement and knowledge over bits of fancy paper, but blacks need certificates to get the money-positions in their own westernized democracies back home - where their indigenous power structures have been corrupted by white political infection infection infection...which is most commonly spread by the ngo retro-virus. yes, this cultural disparity originally lead to black under-performance in exams in the united kingdom, however, nowdays, it is the whites who have fallen to the bottom of the heap, due to endemic white complacency caused by white positive discrimination.

Anonymous said...

I thought you said that "we can deride you for calling Sam a mong.." but then you get all snippy when we do, you prick.

Comments such as "he then ate his pencil" are just snide and worthless as far as the education debate goes. That's the sort of humour that some bullying arsehole chav would use.


Ed P said...

I've just seen that "GCSE" paper -reminds me of an 11+ one I did (only it's easier)

Newgates Knocker said...

As the parent of a disabled child, maybe I should feel offended, but I don't. I accepted a long time ago she would not be discovering a cure for cancer or working in physics. Does that make me love her less? Not at all! But she will always be weak, vulnerable and 'slightly different' Worthless bits of paper telling everyone how clever she is, will never change that. It's time to get real!

Anonymous said...

@ Rebel Saint "Gee, thanks for explaining it! We get the argument. What's tasteless is inferring that mongs are somehow subhuman you imbecile."
You do the inferring and we'll do the implying. Goddit?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you totally out-cunted yourself this time OH. To use a particular group who cannot defend themselves just so that you can make a cheap point about our education system is just too low. So, whilst I support your right to say what you want I'll exercise my self same right to point out what a vagina you are.

trev trillips obe said...

i've just received a telephone call from mr nick griffin mep complaining about a heinous case of quadruple discrimination on this sick sewer of a blog - put it this way, holborn, if i don't see a photo of a black male muslim bwatty-bwoy "mong" on this site before the week's out you'll all be ending your blogging days in the fucking scrubs, matey!

pc fuckoff said...

move all along now - nothing to see here gentlemen.

Clive said...

@ Rebel Saint:
Question 13a? There is no correct answer to that question.

It's supposed to be testing a child's understanding that:

If you start with a number X,
and your new number Y is 30% bigger than X,
then to derive X back from Y:

Do not multiply Y by (100%-30%).
Instead, divide Y by (100%+30%).

A simple example of an inverse operation.

The difficulty involves finding a way even to express this concept in the language of a 16-year-old with no meaningful education; this is also why the question is phrased so badly.

Even within its own wretched terms, the question falls down. Anyone with even rudimentary competence in mental arithmetic will quickly spot that 260 (the number in the question) divided by 1.3 is 200, but working out that 182 (the number "Danny" pulled out of his hat) is 260 times 0.7 is slightly harder - best to split it into (25 times 7) plus 7. All of which is far beyond the scope of a maths exam geared towards the almost innumerate.

@ Crybabies:

Anonymous said...

Can't even be arsed to comment substantively on the subject of this post, even though you make some sense, as you do usually. Have to say I'd happily kick you hard in the teeth because your disgusting description of kids with Down's. Act your fucking age man. You're behaving like the Stella beltching chav scum you mock all so often.

Have you raised your kids to mock people with Down's as mongs too?

And don't pull that 'don't be offended for others' crap with me. It IS fucking offensive to me you cowardly bastard. Cunt.

Old Holborn said...


which is more offensive

a). Putting happy smiling Downs Syndrome kids through years of hell so that they can get 8 grade F "passes" in a GCSE and then making them compete in the workplace for the same jobs as everyone else so that a few hundred politicians can pat themselves on the back, whilst the future nuclear scientists of this world sit next to them in the same exams watching them eat crayons, knowing that at best they'll be forced to clean up in McDonalds because they have GCSE's in the name of "equality", instead of getting what they actually need


b)Old Holborn pointing it out

go for B every time. Labour want you to.

Anonymous said...

You complete cunt Holborn. Just because a child has Down's Syndrome it doesn't make them stupid it just means it takes them a little longer to get to the same result.

Old Holborn said...


Please let us know when you expect the first Downs Astronaut, Nobel Prize Winner, "Brain of Britain", PhD or A level.


Anonymous said...

So, what what we should do then OH, exterminate them all? Do tell us, because you are so fucking clever and right about everything and that...

Helen Keller said...

I'd happily kick you hard in the teeth because your disgusting description of kids with Down's.

No you won't. You'll sit there at your computer, bash your keyboard, and chimp out like a nigger.

It IS fucking offensive to me you cowardly bastard. Cunt.

Nigger please.

So, what what we should do then OH, exterminate them all?

Mong sequitur.

Angry Squaddie said...

I notice that everyone taking offence here has been a "parent of" or similar ilk. Not one mong has posted with their displeasure that I've seen.

Some may find OH offensive and hard to stomach but he has a point. Mongs and other children with special needs have exactly that. Special needs.

Mainstream education should never be seen as acceptable for these people as the class will go as fast as the slowest member. Not good for that really bright kid who might just make something of themselves despite their background, is it?

On a side note, I suspect that no mongs have posted because they'd have to get the keyboard drool wiped off first. That and let go of the lovely red balloon... Alternatively, they really couldn't give a fuck about what people think or say about them?

Adrian Peirson said...

I can explain all of this, and Autism, and rising ebesity, diabetes etc.

When Communists seize control of a Nation, they always go for the Inteligentsia.

DR Blaylock

HG Wells and Huxley's Predictions

Autism and chemical Dumbing down

Kennedy on Autism

Chemical Dumbing Down

The people we are dealing with are far more evil than anything most people can imagine.
Yes, they actually sit around desks and decide to pump poison into your children to dumb them down / cause disease and create profit.

There latest push is to reduce the population of the world over the next 30 yrs in the most profitable way possible.

Adrian Peirson said...

More vids here

extremist liberal said...


Mainstream education should never be seen as acceptable for these people as the class will go as fast as the slowest member. Not good for that really bright kid who might just make something of themselves despite their background, is it?

this problem arises from a mass-class-education system where one size of social-indoctrination fits all - it is not the fault of the slowest in the set, as everyone has different abilities in different skill-areas. however, although it is better to devise educational programmes which are specifically tailored to individuals, the emotional benefits of social-interaction with people who have diverse backgounds and abilities cannot be underestimated - because this more accurately reflects life in a real community. downs syndrome sufferers need exposure to the rough and tumble of a normal playground as much as the miserable four-eyed misfit maths genius needs the good example of a mentally disadvantaged yet happy mongoloid child.

downs syndrome sufferers are highly sensitive to what others say and think about them - their incapacitated articlulation and learning-ability generally conceals an otherwise reasonably functional intelligence. you, on the other hand, are an emotionally impervious git - which is why you will be sent to afghanistan for a crash course in diversity awareness.

a pair of sparkling eyes (and choppers) said...


next time i poke you, i'll white my dick up so you can feel the difference, you randy racial retard.

ps: i always turn the lights out anyway, coz you're a fucking ugly bitch.

Angry Squaddie said...

I think you'll find that I'm not an "emotionally impervious git". I am, however, an insensitive cunt.

I also think that we could do worse than to employ full on mongs within the Army. All we would need to do is explain (slowly) that Terry Taliban are holding vast stocks of balloons, ice cream and tambourines. They'd win the war without a shot being fired!

Have you ever seen one in a full on rage?

I think the general thrust of my argument would be for you to fucking dry your eyes and try to come to terms with the fact that, despite your father calling you "his little princess" it wasn't OK for him to touch you like that.

Night all.

extremist liberal said...


my sincerest apologies for defaming your character, you insensitive old cunt.

i agree that:

we could do worse than to employ full on mongs within the Army. All we would need to do is explain (slowly) that Terry Taliban are holding vast stocks of balloons, ice cream and tambourines. They'd win the war without a shot being fired!

indeed, i have seen a downs syndrome individual in a 'full on rage', once, and hope never to witness such a terrifying spectacle ever again - nevertheless, in respect of defeating uncle taliban, the marauding mongoloid army would be far more likely to hug their foe into submission in anticipation of being gifted the promised balloons, the charm of these good-natured guys being renowned. you are clearly a genius grunt. well fucking done lad.

as for the remainder of your sociopathic analysis, all i can say is...err: "touchy, touchy...".

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