Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Don't get too excited!

Labour have made it impossible to remove Brown before the next general election, despite the many ‘hopeful’ pieces that say ‘Brown is on his way out’; it seems that short of Brown choosing to resign, he can only be removed by a vote of more than a fifth of Labour MPs calling for a leadership election – which in itself calls for a vote at the next Labour party conference – and there isn’t a Labour party conference between now and the General election. Game, Set and Match. There is no way to depose the man.

This is just posturing and venting grievances. Brown will lead the Labour Party into its next defeat. I promise you.

OH Update: If anyone fancies hurling abuse at Tony Blair from the public gallery of the Iraq Whitewash, apply for tickets HERE


Anonymous said...

Downing Street has said the Labour Party does not want a vote on Gordon Brown's leadership, after two ex-ministers called for a secret ballot.

Number 10 added that it was "ludicrous" to suggest such a vote would be helpful to the party ahead of the General Election.

The Prime Minister will continue with his planned schedule this afternoon, they said.

Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt have written to all members of the parliamentary party asking them to support a poll.

"As we move towards a General Election it remains the case that the Parliamentary Labour Party is deeply divided over the question of the leadership," they said.

"Many colleagues have expressed their frustration at the way in which this question is affecting our political performance.

"We have therefore come to the conclusion that the only way to resolve this issue would be to allow every member to express their view in a secret ballot."

The chairman of the PLP, Tony Lloyd, said Mr Hoon and Ms Hewitt had "very little support" for their campaign and backbencher Geraldine Smith described it as a "coward's charter" written by a "small bunch of malcontents".

The Unite union, one of Labour's biggest financial backers, called on the challengers to drop their "divisive and damaging" call for a ballot.

But Ex-Home Secretary Charles Clarke, who has questioned Mr Brown's leadership in the past, said he backed the move.

There was also support from veteran MP Frank Field who said: "I support a secret ballot among all back-bench Labour MPs on the leadership question."

The Tories said every Labour MP was turning on the Prime Minister.

Chairman Eric Pickles said: "It's irresponsible to have such a dysfunctional, faction-ridden Labour Party running the country.

"Ministers are more concerned about saving their own political skin than actually getting Britain out of the monumental mess we are in.

"We cannot go on like this. The only responsible thing the Government can do is call a general election."

As England slept said...

Oh, so there is a Constitution to follow, party rules to be obeyed, Unions to placate & bribe - funny how when it comes to any real democracy & voting accountability Labour run a mile.

A friend of mine spoke quite eloquently last night in the pub about how we are now in the post democratic age - by the time she had finished the pub was silent.

I think we all realised that as we slept over the past 12 horrendous years our country has been stolen from us.

This jock junta, this anti democracy, anti English bunch of bastards have got to go

A Zimbo said...

I do hope that slack jawed numptie DOES lead the Labour Party into the next election and certain defeat. He's the best thing going for any other party to win the election.

I just wish there was something radical leading the Tories so we knew we were in for anything better than McMental's Mob.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they must go. But Cameron, for fucks sake.....
He should be out of sight by now but he got no balls to mention immigration.

Oldrightie said...

14:21 and 14:35.
I cannot agree more. What really would bring about a huge victory would be an alliance with UKIP. Unfortunately I suspect DC is too greedy for power, just like Snotty.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is Blair Mark 2 an unprincipled CUNT who wants power at any cost.

418 said...

The best outcome of the Hewitt/Hoon move would be for the 1/5th+ PLP to demand a leadership election now so that Shit Brown would have to lead ZaNuLiebor in the General Election with the vote at the next party conference hanging over him.

Anonymous said...

McSnot has hinted in the past that he would enter into an alliance with either the Torys or Limp Dems - just about anyone really - provided it kept him in power. As neither Party Leader has yet publically issued a statement that he would rather rather have a family of rabid rats inserted in his anus than ally his Party with Liebour, perhaps it's best to avoid supporting either of them too? My strategy at the GE will be to NOT vote for the sitting incumbant 'cos s/he has probably troughed like a good 'un but vote either BNP or UKIP - if neither of them put up a candidate I'll either stay home or go & spoil my vote - just so the cunts know I thought they were all troughing pieces of shite.

SO17 said...

Not a fucking peep from the Cons.
Thus far, all I have heard from Cameron is shit about Tax bollocks that would bore an accountant.
Even under Thatcher Britain marched onward toward a multiculti eurofreindly crime ridden shithole and Cameron aint no Thatcher, so you can see where we are heading with the LibLabCons.

suptomp said...

Removing Brown is not the point. Trying to ruin the Conservative's run at the election is.

If Brown finds support he and his leadership is reinvigourated.

If Brown doesn't find support Labour will have a leadership election before a general election. What better way to displace the Conservatives message than by having a leadership election?

Whoever wins, we lose.

.243 Win said...

Bloody amusing looking at the reaction from Pravda through.

From Toenail's first "there is no rebellion" to Brillo's "we'll get that off iplayer as soon as..." it's pretty plain that the bunker-dwelling Beeboids are panicking because they haven't got the inside line after all.

Welcome to the real world....

Marchamont Needham said...

Certain defeat????

With the client state Brown's created I wouldn't bet on that.

pravda is furious said...


Yes it's been brilliant seeing the beeboids get furious with the rebels for undermining their Dear Leader.
I thought the pravda guy on BBC News24 was going to have a stroke.
Oh for the good old days when the BBC just reported things rather than took sides.
Oh and good to see Blinky Balls and Kaye Burley freezing their nuts off in the snow.

suptomp said...

And another thing...

Is there anything to stop the Leader of the Labour Party and the PM being different people?

If not Labour wouldn't *need* a leadership election to have someone else in charge and fronting their election campaign. It is for Labour MPs in Parliament to decide who they will follow *in Parliament*.

caesars wife said...

Dont know OH , this time round , David Taylors seat has to be called , if he has all the right proposals why not just call the general election and get it over and done with .

The doubts over the ruin will only cause more voter loss in safe seats , the more he delays the more his vote gets ploughed up .Seems like a good oppertunity for the ruin to put up or send the party into oblivion .

be funny if secret ballot only resulted in 2 votes for him , the other being ed balls !!

Even if it does work how you have outlined OH , whats the money on him not facing conference vote , hes very good at avoiding a vote .

UKIP or Dave - is there any real difference? said...

UKIP have now announced their policy on immigration which is that they will allow at least another 9 million more immigrants into the UK.

UKIP support the UK having a population of 70 million ;

The country simply can’t cope with these numbers, requiring the equivalent of seven new cities the size of Birmingham over the next 25 years.

Kiss goodbye to the countryside.

Kiss goodbye to British culture.

We will be swamped.

Now we know what UKIP really want - which is assist in the removal and displacement of the indigenous British people by immigrants.

UKIP = more traitors.

Sir George of Formby said...

Turned out nice again!

UKIP same as lib lab con - state controled dead end party said...

UKIP have now announced their policy on immigration which is that they will allow at least another 9 million more immigrants into the UK.

UKIP support the UK having a population of 70 million ;

The country simply can’t cope with these numbers, requiring the equivalent of seven new cities the size of Birmingham over the next 25 years.

Kiss goodbye to the countryside.

Kiss goodbye to British culture.

We will be swamped.

Now we know what UKIP really want - which is assist in the removal and displacement of the indigenous British people by immigrants.

UKIP = more traitors.

Anonymous said...

Hewitt's just pissed the smoking ban hasn't gone far enough and is being called in by whoever dictates from higher up to stand up to the challenge to implement full National Socialism before too much more time goes by because Gordon's not moved fast enough toward full EU implementation the way they'd have liked. They want their absolute power and they want it quickly, blitzkrieg style, so they can reign for 1,000 years.

the dying lib lab con and their failing propaganda machines said...

THE BNP has proved to be the most efficient of all the political parties in maximising its vote at the European Elections from the funds that it had available.

The British National Party spent £282,843 on the campaign trail and received one vote for every 29p of expenditure.

That was far more economical than UKIP which had to pay out 51p for each vote it received and the Lib-Dems whose votes cost £1.2 million – 57p each.

But it was the discredited Labour and Conservative Parties that had to fork out the most money in their attempt to get voters to support them at the European Elections.

Every Tory vote cost David Cameron and his Eton chums a whopping 59p, but even that was dwarfed by the Labour Party which paid out £2.3 million for its total vote of 2,381,760 which works out at 97p for every vote they managed to poll.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a bit worried about McEgan. He hasn't posted some left-wing, anti-police, pro-Muslim bullshit or some cod Jamaican patois for quite a few days now.

I'm beginning to think he has frozen to death in some squalid town-centre public convenience somewhere, after getting stuck in a cubicle.

A fitting end if it turns out to be true...

haddock said...

twat @17.08
UKIP has said fuck all of the sort.
They have said that it was good that at last someone other than them was seeing the fucking madness of unlimited immigration. UKIP policy is a halt to all immigration for 5 years so that we can have a count up to see how many are here.... you don't "know what UKIP really want".... in addition to being a fucking liar you are stupid with it.
BNP by any chance, or just some random lying fuckwit.

Fucking moron.

Fausty said...

Exactly, haddock. The birth rate among some sectors of the community will send the population to around 70 million, without immigration.

Anonymous said...

The great thing about BNP press releases is that you can copy and paste them anywhere! And if the blog readers skip the first posting at 1707 you can just spam a repeat at 1708, and a slightly different version at 1726 just to make it look like there's more than one of you.

The problem with socialism is that it's just not "national" enough...

Dick Puddlecote said...

"There is no way to depose the man"

That's a relief, there was a remote possibility they could have found a leader who has a clue.

bofl said...

what a choice?

brown/darling/hattie (not really a toff)! postman alan/milipede/jack the most boring twat in the world........

or cmd and the boy george.....

my plan to emigrate looks better every day.......

Angry Fucker said...

If all else fails to shift Brown, there's always this (which may come in handy, anyway)...

Ron Broxted said...

Off topic again

Support our brothers
Islam4UK, Wootton Bassett, Yeah right matey.

Captain Hicks Father said that Muslims must keep to the constitution. A fair point if the U.K had a constitution. An unwritten one I hear you shout. That will be as useful as a bullet proof hat to a Brazilian sparks. Is the limit of freedom to be decided by the Chief Constable of Wiltshire? Probably a complete jobsworth. The proposed march is a win/win situation for the far left. Ban it and the mirage of freedom has gone. Permit it and allow a blood bath, far right sites (some linked to the Towns Womans Guild ) are already "looking forward to giving dem raghead n*g***s a damn good kicking and sending dem packing da ras clarts". Quite. The brave soldiers of Britain are only of use to prop up a very popular and ultimately winnable war and aid the democratic government. Front line Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, I salute you, I wish I had the guts to fight these raghead mfc's. Sadly I come from a long line of desserters and I think it is genetic, even my old mums family lack balls like my dads, so I could not make it in the army. I tried as a trainee stretcher bearer in the TA, for three months, then got slung out for having a daisey chain in the showers. The armed forces have my support however since I was fucked by three Guardsmen in the back of a van in Pimlico. Finally, as the most vehemently pro-police blog in the British Isles you have heard me praise P.C Plod, but today news that Leicestershire Constabulary are trying to be more approachable with name badges, that would obviate the chance of being given a false name again by a strapping hunky Constable....Oooh matron. Well done I say. The PSNI do this in Northern Ireland and never "forget" to wear their badges. As a raving arse bandit I demand it, that all big strong and handsome British police follow Leicestershires innovative lead and also display their names, private mob numbers and yes you've got it, cock size.

ukip have no solutions other than removing itself from Europe -- thatts it! said...

Fausty said...
Exactly, haddock. The birth rate among some sectors of the community will send the population to around 70 million, without immigration.

6 January 2010 18:23

ironically - yes excactly! and UKIP have NO solution to this problem - NONE.

they won`t face the elephant in the room and the measures needed to sort out the demographic problem.

they are gutless

UKIP is a party chasing its own tail, swapping one set of problems for another party.

Summer_Breeze said...

All the more disappointing then, that the Jury Team seems to have gone into hibernation. There are seats here, previously thought of as labour safe seats but after the corus fiasco and the expenses scandal, they are now ripe for the picking.
The people here will never vote a tory in on principle but if we could get a couple of good indies to stand, they'd be in with a very good shot.
It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to really dispossess labour of a few seats.

get the smaller parties with some clout in westminister first, before hatching more pipe dreams said...

Summer_Breeze said...
a load of ignorant waffle.

Jury team have no hope in hell, no one knows what hey stand and no one has heard of them.

how the helll could they take seats at the next election, what do you base such nonsense on?

even the libertarian party is still stuck in the birthing canal of oblivion!

you have a few limited choices that may help elevate other smaller parties once the largest small parties-ukip and the bnp break ground. only then may you see the rise and hope from other parties, though expect several of them - probably jackanory team! will be state funded parties to ensure the main smaller parties do not gain ground.

that is currently your only hope of getting smaller parties not yet on the map, by elevating other parties to get people to look for a wider choice, at the moment supporting the jury team who have no hope of getting a councilor let alone an mp is aiding the disturbing fascist status quo.

Cromwell was a pussy said...


What a choice before me. The racist socialists of the BNP or the thieving racists of UKIP. The racists in donkey jackets or the racists in blazers?

Oh decisions decisions.

Think I'll stick to Jury Team and their new-found friends in the Alliance.

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