Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Doing The Rounds

H/T Obnoxio, Daves Part and others

Don't trust politicians even Bible thumping ones


Anonymous said...

Especially bible thumping ones.They want to control every bit of your life.

Ampers said...

You really didn't need that rider mate!

Very good video, brought a smile to my face...

... and then I cried!

I am Stan said...

Her husband has been very forgiving,he must be a saint...poor sod!..apparently she tried to commit suicide she felt so guilty...

Chris said...

she is/was on industrial grade HRT patches - that explains the nymphomania - not so sure it explains the corruption!

Ron Broxted said...

Deep down I cannot blame her I wouldn't mind his young sausage in my fat face. I just love young twinks. I could do with swallowing a nice juicy pork sword right now. I wonder what Mr Barnbrook is doing this evening? .........I can feel my ring piece twitching like a rabbits nose...........Oooh matron.

Anonymous said...

Before anyone feels too sorry for the Robinsons - check their expense claims. Apart from that, they were/are the Imelda Slot-Gob & Phoney-Tony of N.I.
The reason they're getting such a pasting is that as First Minister, Peter Robinson is meant to implement equality in N.I. However, Iris has a real thing about homosexuality & has publically denounced it as an 'abomination'. When complaints were made to Peter, in his role of First Minister, about this he said that it was God, not Iris who considered it an abomination. There had already been petitions/complaints/campaigns to Gordon Brown etc to get her removed so when the sanctimonious bible thumper then fell for the 'sins of the flesh' - expect a furore. The nasty side of it is that she'd known the lad since he was a little boy of 9 so there's been comments about 'grooming' etc.
The biggest thing though is not even that she jumped the bones of a teenager but that she raised £50K - which she should have declared - for him to start a cafe (with £5K held back by her as a 'finders fee') without disclosing her interests (not that sort of interest) when his application for the tenancy of the cafe came up before her Council (she was troughing it in as local Councillor, MP at Stormont & Westminster MP too - the complete Trinity). The reason Peter has had to stand aside is that there's rumours that when he found out about it all, he tried to cover up the £50K deals & settle it privately. How true that is, I couldn't say - it'll be interesting to get the results of the various 'investigations'.You can never trust a politician & bible thumping ones are worst than most.

Uranus, The Magician said...

What's the similarity between Iris Robinson and Ikea ?

One dodgy screw and the whole cabinet falls apart.

Uranus The Magician said...

This is a family who became multi millionaires from the tax payers - they all triple-job as MLAs, MPs and Councillors; their sons and daughters are employed as "research assistants" and they claim every single penny that they can on expenses - and some they can't. I mean - £300 for a Mount Blanc pen,£700 for a designer leather laptop case?

If I remember rightly, their combined 2008 income was over £517,000 from all sources. Well - the ones we know about. It doesn't include that infamous £5000 cash under the counter. That's just in one year.

They live in a conclave that comprises houses for their off- spring. No wonder they're called Swish Family Robinson.

It's the hypocrisy that infuriates everyone: these are the very same people who look down their noses at us mere mortals.

(From a correspondent of mine in N.I.)

Uranus, The magician said...

Iris Robinson has opened a new Chinese takeaway; it's called F**kem Yung

Newspaper headline 'Iris 60 bonked lad 19' delighted dyslexic unionists who saw it as 1690.

A 19 year old lad was seen marching around Belfast in an orange order uniform singing "It is old but it is beautiful"

Kirk has publicly thanked his late father - "Daddy taught me how to palm off mutton pretending it was spring lamb. He also showed me how to bone, stuff, roll and stitch up an old bird."

How is Iris Robinson like IKEA? A few dodgy screws and the whole cabinet falls apart.

He was only a butcher's son but she loved his well hung meat.

A new drink to be served at the Lock Keepers Inn is called Iris Coffee - it will be made using 60 year old vintage Black Bush whisky

The Parades Commission have been asked whether they gave permission for Iris Robinson to be banged more times than a lambeg drum and if she was taken up the traditional route.

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