Monday, 11 January 2010

Cromwell your MP

My attention has been brought to a mischevious little website set up to annoy the 646. It takes the hassle out of abusing MPs by automatically formatting and sending the following speech by Cromwell to any MP you fancy

SUBJECT: You've Been Cromwelled!


In support of the people of , the people of Britain have decided to Cromwell You! Our records show
that you have been 'Cromwelled' times. In our humble opinion it should be none. You have no right
to steal from us, the very people you are expected to serve. The time has now come for the expenses system in Parliament to have a total
overhaul, and as such we the people demand that you stand with us and help facilitate this wish.

On the 20th April 1653 Oliver Cromwell made a speech to Parliament where he dismissed Parliament as the Members were corrupt in every way.
We the people resurrect this speech in the hope that it will remind you that you serve us, and not the other way around. Please find an excerpt
of the speech below:

On the 20th April 2010 we will be holding a protest outside the Houses of Parliament and will be calling for a Day of National Civil Disobedience.

The ball is now in your court, you can help this country be great again by supporting our call, or you can continue to be morally corrupt, which will result in you losing your seat in Parliament. Do not forget that the proposed date for the General Election is May 2010. The people will remember how you respond to this campaign. You have been warned!

This email has been sent on behalf of a voter via the website:
We are aware of your so called 'Parliamentary Protocol' where you shirk your responsibility to the people of Britain by only dealing with your constituents.
You serve us ALL! Please take the time to respond to this email and then visit the website.

The People

Plus, they have declated April 20th 2010 as National Civil Disobedience Day. Fun includes:-

  • Don't go to work.
    When you work you get paid, when you get paid you pay taxes. Those taxes are abused by MP's. Take the day off but do not book it as holiday as your holiday pay is also taxed. Take unpaid leave. If you are an essential worker eg. Doctor, Nurse, Fireman, Police etc we are asking you to go to work but work for free like a day of volunteering. We appreciate times are hard but we think this is for the greater good.
  • Don't do any shopping.
    When you buy goods you are paying VAT. Vat is tax, tax funds the troughs of Parliament. Also if there are no customers, then the workers at the shop have the opportunity to march with us. If you really need to go to the shops for essential goods refuse to pay the VAT on the items. Explain to the shopkeeper that as a form of protest you do not want to fund the pigs in Parliament any longer. We are going to be writing to retail companies asking them to allow customers to buy goods without VAT. We will publish a list of companies that support our cause.
Well worth a visit and I'll be marching in London with them. First round is on me. Plus I get to wear a pig mask again in Parliament (note to Tory Bear, give it back to me you bastard)


Anonymous said...

That'll be a tax-free pint you'll be buying everyone then will it?

McEgan's Mummy said...

Men jailed over £33m Kent heroin deal

Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

Oooh matron...

Anonymous said...

Nice idea, if it enjoys mass support. Be interesting to see how many sheeple have the balls for just this one, tiny little gesture! Only a tiny gesture by an individual; giant ructions for the State. How to reach the couch potatoes that only ever watch TV, though?

moorlandhunter said...

I might take a trip down to the big smoke and join you all?

Fuck the Commie BBC said...

OH, how about another bandwagon to stop the payment of the licence fee? Surely someone with a popular blog could get one of those underway? :-)

seebag said...

The National Day of Disobediance should be the next general election day. On that day, in order to show that we are not apathetic, nor lazy, everyone should go to the poll and write NONE OF THE ABOVE on the voting slip. No mandate = no government and no power over us.

Uncle Marvo said...

Dear seebag

They tried that in Orstraylia. The government then passed a law so they could fine anyone who did that, or anyone who didn't bother to vote.

Pathetic. Running scared.

Also, please see this:

You probably already have.

I'm keeping 20th April free. I'll be the one in the pig mask with the OINK T-shirt on.

Where is the pub?

Ivor Bigot said...

The "no shopping" thing sounds like those "no petrol" days, where a tiny handful of people who can't manage basic maths put off buying fuel until the next day without actually reducing their milleage, so the oil companies make exactly the same amount of money for the month and don't even realise it ever happened.

That list of no-VAT retail companies is going to be rather short, as well.

Still, the sentiment all adds up, I suppose.

Fausty said...

@Uncle Marvo

Would that preclude the use of "none of you theiving bastards"?

Fausty said...


Demetrius said...

As a retired person who avoids shops as much as possible, believe me, I am doing my best.

Edgar said...

Hmm, April 20th, eh? That was the date of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech (1968).

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I can't find Margaret Brcket on the Cromwell list!

strongholdbarricades said...

Gordon'e spam box is going to be a bit full

bofl said...

nice gesture but...........

these fuckers will never change because they BELIEVE that we are here for THEIR benefit!

just look at the hoon in chief herself-the cowdenbeath *unt brown-

peter watt revealed in his book that labour (the party not as govt) had overspent for 8 of the last 9 years and had a debt of £30m!!!!!

as usual gordon expected donations ie everyone else to pick up the tab-FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!

and all the troughers believe the same........

the law has to be changed.the govt. must be forced to publish full audited accounts...........

if they are doing such a good job then what are they afraid of?

until such time as they are made accountable NOTHING will change......many mps are already getting cocksure about not having to repay expense thefts....

seebag said...

Uncle Marvo - that order looks like it prevents a political party from naming itself as NONE OF THE ABOVE.
I guess us meagre voters could be caught out by the laws governing spoiling of ballot papers., but if enough of us did it they couldn't possibly prosecute all, plus what other options do we have ? (I'm ignoring the Nov. 5th method tempting though it is)

I am Stan said...

@seebag- plus what other options do we have ? (I'm ignoring the Nov. 5th method tempting though it is).

I would recommend a huge street fancy dress party outside the Houses of Parliament..the theme could be great moments in British history.

With food stalls,a mobile pub,music and dancing with puppet shows for the kids..

Hey we could even have a dog show and later....fireworks!..hahahaha!

Old Holborn said...


A beach is a billion grains of sand

The more campaigns the better. The more blogs, the better. The more Emails, the better. The more outbursts on TV, on the radio, in the press, the better

150 of them are standing down in May, they've had enough.


WE ae winning.

I am Stan said...

and when some creepy politico trys to join the "party" we can take great pleasure in telling them to

"fuck off your not invited" HA!

OldSlaughter said...

Chances of shops allowing that? Little.

Will be intrigued to see the list.

I am Stan said...

Fuck the shops....this could be the biggest,noisiest,most bangin illegal street party the world has ever seen..


Ill bring my Bongos,Hits 2007 cd and Sheeesha!

Anonymous said...

So good my joy increases justice must be served. Guy Fawkes

Rogerborg said...

@Them: "We will publish a list of companies that support our cause."

I'll save them the effort. The complete list follows:

Captain Haddock said...

The only way you're ever gonna generate any interest amongst the spoon-fed, handout-dependent masses is to interrupt their supply ..

Make sure the doors of the "Dole-Hole" don't open .. (quite how, is another matter)

Make sure their constant supply of day-time TV is interrupted ..

That'll get 'em off their lazy arses ..

adam said...

dont go to work aye, thats a good one.
The politicians want everyone on benefits so the can control them

from dole queue to armchair - the new-model refusnik (this can't go-on much longer, surely? taxing weed would be an idealogical bugger tho') said...

the refusal to pay taxes, by whatever means necessary, is the definitive act by which we distinguish ourselves from the state and dissolve the decadent day-dream.

i admire old ho and his campaign of non-interraction with the system...even though it seems more idealistic and symbolic than also sounds a bit too much hard work aswell...all that committed bureaucratic nit-picking and such...would probably suit a lawyer or an accountant... but each to his own, i suppose.

non-payment of taxes is, however, idealogically, far more accessible to the majority of us - and more straightforward. in addition, we can more readily count the cost.

it's simply a matter of wanting to do it, day-in, day-out. the legalities are irrelevant - we all find our own way out. if, for example, one were to be made bankrupt, the court would not constitute a 'fair and impartial' tribunal in accordance with the human rights act - because the court officials and judges are remunerated from those same taxes which are in dispute. just bear in mind, however, that, whatever the legality of the situation, the court will find for the crown - out of self-interest.

the main problem is not the unemployed (who are already a net loss to the treasury), but the middle-classes who will always cling to their bling, and never surrender their shiny status symbols - their only definition.

strongholdbarricades said...

Gordon Brown seems to have been removed from the list

Anonymous said...

@stronghold.... that'll be because Gordy doesn't know how to manage an email account and had some one do it for him... Sadly the mails that were sent bounced so we took him off....

He will be back as soon as we get another email address for him.. Same for any other MP who disappears off the mailing list.... Luckily people are begining to mail us alternative addresses.

If anyone wants a giggle go to our MP Responses page ;-)

YBC Team

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