Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Anjem Choudry

Now then, about this welfare State thingy

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Road_Hog said...

Really, don't worry about the £25K a year he gets. You have to worry about the agenda of Islam, which is to impose Islam/Sharia on all nations by stealth.

hang the labour traitors said...

We have got thousands like him.

New Labour = Funding our enemies at home whilst starving our troops abroad.

Thats it - the straw that broke this camels back has arrived - BNP for me.

Anonymous said...

Abolish housing benefit,except for the disabled. Can anyone tell me why one man should pay another's rent? Socialism is a mental disorder.

I am Stan said...

Anjem or Andy as he used to call himself at university loved beer,spliffs,white women and LSD apparently....all of which according to his beliefs now would have seen him stoned to LSD tab too many methinks!...

lib lab con treason and genocide said...

These are the scum who have openly signed a motion declaring that the indigenous British people do not even exist and that this is not our country.

Remember their names.

Horwood, Martin
Drew, David
Cohen, Harry
George, Andrew
Russell, Bob
Hoyle, Lindsay
Spink, Bob
Jones, Lynne
Caton, Martin
Cryer, Ann
Bottomley, Peter
Leech, John
Illsley, Eric
Jackson, Glenda
McCafferty, Chris
McDonnell, John
Corbyn, Jeremy
Dean, Janet
Durkan, Mark
Turner, Desmond
Vis, Rudi
Wareing, Robert N
Williams, Stephen
Williams, Mark
Mackinlay, Andrew
Meale, Alan
Etherington, Bill
Hancock, Mike
Weir, Mike
Rowen, Paul
Davies, Dai
Mason, John
Singh, Marsha
Gerrard, Neil
Kilfoyle, Peter
McCartney, Ian
McGrady, Eddie
Stunell, Andrew
Riordan, Linda
Rogerson, Daniel
Reed, Andy
Jenkins, Brian
Llwyd, Elfyn
McDonnell, Alasdair
Clapham, Michael
Sanders, Adrian
Simpson, Alan
Iddon, Brian
Harris, Evan
Naysmith, Doug
Challen, Colin
Flynn, Paul
Stewart, Ian
Thurso, John
Alexander, Danny
Willott, Jenny
Ruane, Chris
Dobbin, Jim
Walley, Joan
Willis, Phil
Prosser, Gwyn
Havard, Dai
Mullin, Chris
Brooke, Annette
Cunningham, Jim
Taylor, Matthew
Williams, Betty
Short, Clare
Kennedy, Charles
Brake, Tom
Connarty, Michael
Abbott, Diane
Stoate, Howard
Heath, David
Williams, Roger
Galloway, George
Baker, Norman
Wood, Mike
Clark, Katy
Pugh, John
Younger-Ross, Richard
Hughes, Simon
Morgan, Julie
Harvey, Nick
Marshall-Andrews, Robert
Austin, John
Howarth, David
Hosie, Stewart
Opik, Lembit
Price, Adam
Barrett, John
Featherstone, Lynne
Swinson, Jo
Holmes, Paul
Carmichael, Alistair
Hoey, Kate
Oaten, Mark
Cruddas, Jon
Cummings, John
Curtis-Thomas, Claire
Doran, Frank
Battle, John
Begg, Anne
Hopkins, Kelvin
Dobson, Frank
Baldry, Tony
Humble, Joan
George, Bruce
Lazarowicz, Mark
Burgon, Colin
Pelling, Andrew
Smith, Robert
Love, Andrew
O’Hara, Edward
McIsaac, Shona
Gapes, Mike
Betts, Clive
Mitchell, Austin
Campbell, Menzies
Prentice, Gordon
Kramer, Susan
Osborne, Sandra

President Rumpy Pumpy said...

It isn't your country. It's ours

Guthrum said...

If we did not have a debilitating welfare state, these people would have no incentive to come to these shores.

The problem is that the people in this country want to be coddled by the welfare state, told what to do, and have no responsibility for their actions. Its just that they want to retain the 'benefits' for the white folks.

Not sure who are the more sickening

casual visitor said...


The welfare dependency amongst the anglo saxons in the Uk is entirely a new Labour construct since 1997.

This was all part of the "plan" to begin to change the demographic in Great Britain. As we have seen in the news recently regarding this Labour actually believed they were destroying the Tories forever by importing lots of Labour voting immigrants.

Being "sickened" by the indigenous population who have accepted welfare dependency as a life style choice is very understandable - they have no sense of who they are or were they came from thanks to Labours grand socail engineering project.

Labour & the Conservatives will pay a heavy price for both playing at winning the ethnic vote.

labourist tax cow said...

I could pull 30k, maybe 35k, at a push, as an IT staffer in this neck of the woods. Probably more like 30k plus small change given the prevailing economic conditions.

This would almost almost certainly involve 1..2hrs of commuting each day and definitely required an honest day's work at the destination.

All that for a 2:1 in computer science and more than 15 years commercial programming experience across all kinds of systems.

As modest as these parameters are, I consider my employment prospects to be far better than most.

Who's the mug? Me or Mr Choudry?

Phoebe said...

English Defence Leagues Tommy Robinson is the voice of the silent majority on Victoria Derbyshires BBC Radio 5 live show on Monday 4th January 2010. He was on the show to explain the EDLs position on Anjem Choudary and his islam4uk groups plan to march through Wootton Bassett and islamic extremism in general.

Anonymous said...

And he did quite a reasonable job. Not too many stupid interruptions from the interviewer either.

Anonymous said...

Wootton Bassett is a largely rural area.

Wouldn't it be terrible if a farmers lorry carrying a load of pigs (real ones) suddenly shed its load right in front of the proposed 'march' by the Islamofascists ?

Either that, or the good people of Wootton Bassett could pelt the scum with pork chops as they passed by ?

Anonymous said...

It is every English persons duty to fleece the state of every penny that they can.
Once the pot has run dry then perhaps these muslim scroungers will not want to stay here

libertyscott said...

Simply another argument for phasing out the welfare state, which would do a great deal to address the budget deficit, although some would need to be diverted into the Police to arrest those who will do their own thieving to replace what the state does. said...

I'm begining to think the EDL is our last hope.

The rest of Europe is being swamped with muslim imigration aswell.Worse than us.

The EDL are helping to organize Defence Leagues's in other EU country's as well now.

Please help if you can.

Edgar said...

Hmm, it's Wednesday night, 9.38 pm, and the global warming is still falling steadily outside.

Anjem Who?

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