Saturday, 2 January 2010

2+2=4, you fucknuggets

With the war in Eurasia failing, it is time for Politicians to invent some new bogeymen. Climate Change didn't work, afterall.

Now, let's see. Iran would do. It would certainly help Israel keep the billions funding from the US flowing if they are "just about to get a nuclear bomb" but there must be someone else.

Ah yes. Yemen/Somalia

The lovely and friendly Saudi's have been having real trouble recently with Somali refugees/nutters wandering over the borders and blowing up American oil wells. As we know, Saudis don't fight their own battles, they get others to do it for them. Regime change in Iraq, that sort of thing. So how can they get us to sort out the Yemenis?

Ah yes. Al Queda "training camps". It certainly worked when Haliburton needed to build a pipeline from the Caspian Sea across Afghanistan and through Pakistan. Now, what we really need is an "attack" on the US by somebody "trained" in the Yemen.

Ah, yes. He'll do. No passport, no real threat, escorted onto the flight by a "smartly dressed man"

Enjoy your little meeting Gordon. Fool us once, Shame on you.


Gobshite said...

Well at least we know it wasn't Gorgon putting him on the plane.

The scruffy twat.

Captain Ranty said...

I'm almost certain that our anticipated intervention has nothing to do with the vast oilfields in the Yemeni desert.

I've been to Sana'a. Beautiful city. Or it will be when they tidy it up. Sana'a predates Christ by 5 or 6 hundred years and a few years ago it was given World Heritage status.

Despite the revenues generated by the oilfields, the British government bunged them £100 million of our money.

That was nice of us, wasn't it?

El Presidente lives in a humongous compound just outside the city. He is guarded by more than 3000 men. His compound makes Gadaffi's look like a slum. I drive past Gadaffi's gaff very often. He has so far declined to have me in for tea and sticky buns. His loss, I feel.

Is this yet another "false flag" attack? I don't know, but I do know that they get worse at covering them up.

Black Ops versus X Factor? No contest. Where's me remote...


Dazed And Confused said...

Actually, Saudi State sposorship will reach Wootton Bassett in the coming weeks. Yet the only action our Socialist brethren will take, will be to employ the un-accountable U.A.F. to keep brother Choudary away from the evil wrongdoers, whom may disagree with his Islamic radicals.

Don't Give Up The Day Job said...


I see that at the bottom of your site traffic feed Kerry McCarthy's just paid a visit, and then she was off to "Prison Planet".....How I wish...

Anonymous said...

Ranty, you say Gadaffi has a place in Aberdeen????

Anonymous said...

Amasing how many of you "fucknuggets" rant on about ISRAEL.

The only civilized country in a sea of shit!

Anonymous said...

But Gordon's saving the world again. In the run up to the election he must save the world at least a couple of times. He was ignored at Copenhagen, so terrorism will do just as well.

Rogerborg said...

Oh, don't question Ranty. He's one of those globe trotting libertariloons, who refuse to co-operate with the State in any way. Except for passports, border control, not raising their eyes to armed goons in airports, that sort of thing..

Fair play though: if he is in telecomms, the Gulf states are gagging for expertise at the moment. Ironically, what he'll be doing (if he is out there) is setting up systems to monitor and control their citizens. I'm sure he rationalises that by rubbing Riyals all over his naked body as he drifts off to sleep. On a mattress stuffed with more money.

bofl said...

i dont know if this is true........


i went to amsterdam 2 years ago.on the way back at passport control i was behind a woman wearing a burkha.she was stopped and taken away for having a false passport!

(the conversation was in english)

so i find it very odd that someone without a passport was allowed to travel.................unless....?????????????.

Concerned Citizen said...

This is all very well, OH, but it does nothing to address the issue of the chronic under-representation of Jews in local and national government.

Anonymous said...

That pipeline from the Caspian through to the Med was actually built by BP mainly, not Halliburton, though they were involved at the periphery.

I should know, I helped build it, in a very, very minor way. :p In fact I remember phoning up some poor schmoe at Halliburton asking them why their databases were a pile of shit. Goes to show, competence isn't a requirement in a big corporation.

Captain Ranty said...

Roger the Borg,

More assumptions, fuckhead?

Tell me, why should I NOT be allowed unrestricted travel into and out of my own country? If you knew the law you would also know that I do not need a passport to enter or exit the UK. I do, however need a passport to enter the host country.

I am no longer active in the Middle East. Africa is my patch. My company provides satellite systems for (mainly) western companies drilling on or offshore.

Now, do you have any more stupid statements to issue, or are we done?


Anonymous said...

So there's an Aberdeen in Africa, Ranty??

Captain Ranty said...

There may well be. There are several towns and cities around the world called Aberdeen.

I'm not sure that I did say Gadaffi had a place in Aberdeen. He may have, for all I know.

I drive past his compound in Tripoli. (Tripoli is in Libya, although there are several places around the world with towns and cities called Tripoli).

Do you have a point? Or is this a test of my knowledge on geography?


George of Formby said...

Grow up C.Ranty... you're beginning to get even on my tits with your pompous shite.

Captain Ranty said...

Great advice George, thank you.

I will comply immediately. I am very sorry about your tits.


caesars wife said...

I wonder about it, very conveinient for yemem to pop us as well.

Rogerborg said...

Calm down, everyone. Everything that you think you know about Ranty is wrong, especially anything that he's said about himself. As soon as we understand that he has intimate personal knowledge of every subject, ever, things will go a lot more smoothly.

I can't wait to hear what you'll be an expert in next week, old chap. I do hope there's a post on rocket science, brain surgery, or whatever else you did in your gap year.

Captain Ranty said...

I see how this works now.

1. Roger posts assumptions.
2. Ranty corrects him.
3. Roger returns with more assumptions.
4. Ranty responds.
5. Roger posts more shite that he cannot support.

It ends now.

Write what you want. I don't give a shit anymore.

Tell everyone you won if it gives you a hard-on.

Infantile cunt.


Anonymous said...

That delusional fuckwit Brown is trying to a) stir up another 'liberation' like the 'liberation' of Iraq
b)going to hand loads more of the money we haven't got to cunts over in Yemen ostensibly to create 'stability', actually to buy flash cars & suits for themselves.
Also, the cunt is creaming his kecks at the thought that he can control & restrict the British people even more under the guise of 'terrorism prevention'. Fucking cunt - I hope he gets an embolism & drops down dead during one of his screaming rages. Surprising how far an ESN can get if he's got absolutely no moral code & delusions of adequacy.

prefier said...

Captain Ranty said:

"I'm almost certain that our anticipated intervention has nothing to do with the vast oilfields in the Yemeni desert."

Absolutely not. The oil will merely be a by-product of Carbon Capture and Storage. Terrible, icky stuff that oil. Whatever could anyone want with it...

Rogerborg said...

Hey, did you hear that I beat Ranty? I didn't actually know we were playing, but I guess we can assume that he's a quitter. If he can't even win an intarwebs contest against someone who wasn't playing, then God help him when he goes up against the State, eh?

He's right about Yemen though; I expect tenders are being put out in Indonesia for building new fortified US Proconsulate complex in Yemen right now.

banned said...

They will have picked on Yemen because there will still be a few old maps lying about in the Foreign Office following one of our last Imperial Adventures so they will be able to show Gordon where it is. Also there will still be a few SAS veterans with intimate knowledge of the geography and demography for the Americans to ignore.

richard.blogger said...

OH, here's a hint to you. Look up about the Saudis plans for nuclear research.

The region is definitely hotting up...

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Yemmies - a warlike resourceful, determined bunch of fellows permanently trolleyed or is that troll eyed on Qat - armed to the friggin teeth with a truckload of grievances with the Al Saud family and inbred to the point of distraction - charming bunch of chaps what?

Since this neck of the woods is definitely warming up anybody wishing to acquaint themselves with how the denizens of the The Peninsula view each other should look no further than :

Cue Aussie soap theme :


"neighbours.... everybody needs neighbours...."

I am Stan said...

The Aberdeens are mostly in the USA and Canada. Another dozen are spread from the Caribbean to Africa, from Hong Kong to Australia: with one hidden away in the Bay of Bengal would you believe....But they dont all speak Scoty..

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