Tuesday, 1 December 2009

You are what you eat

Which makes us over regulated morons governed by even bigger morons.

Pork pies, sausage rolls and packs of crisps should all be shrunk in size to tackle Britain's obesity epidemic, the Government's chief food adviser has recommended.

I give up

When does this stop? When does the Gummint actually fucking stop.


Shoot these penpushing cunts said...

Will the price shrink as well?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Pack sizes of most things you get in the supermarket have been shrinking for the past year or so with no big fanfare.

It's so the manufacturers still make cash without the price going up.

Cadbury chocolate shrunk from 250g to 230g the other month. Same price. The rest are at it too. But that's up to them. Their business etc etc.

As for some 'advisor' spouting shite, well just fuck the fuck off.

Martin said...

So what's this guy eating?

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Will the price shrink as well?

Of course not, it may even go up, a tax of fatty foods or some such shit.

Rab, I've noticed that too.

I mean, how can people convince themselves this isn't totalitarian? Govt actually wanting to control the sizes of confectionary. WTF

bofl said...

its all about jobs holborn.........

how many people 'work' at the food standards agency?

check their web site.......for all the tentacles........


then this:http://www.food.gov.uk/aboutus/publications/


i love that one!

think of all the useless hoons doing fucl all and getting nice big salaries and pensions!!!!!!!!

all voting labour=to keep themselves in a cushy number!!!!!!!!


on top of this there is europe and gawd knows what!!!!!!!!

all about as good as the other sfa....you know.the one that let the banks lose £billions.......
and hector sainz gets around £500,000 for that!!!!!!!

aptebot said...


This hidden form of inflation has been going on for years.

Fake charities say 'people are too fat and portions are too big'. Government then threatens food procuders with legislation if they don't voluntarily reduce portion sizes.

Food producers don't lose out because the production costs shrink while prices stay the same. Government doesn't lose out because people buy two small somethings rather than one normal.

Fake charities don't lose out because they can still try and absolve fat people of their own blame for being fat.

bofl said...

ps things must be bad if choc bars are getting smaller........
in 1984 the choc rations went up!

and they were really fucked-so what does that make us?

Anonymous said...

Clearly if pack sizes shrink people will buy more packs and therefore remain fat, or even get fatter. Counterproductive when you think about it.
No, obviously packs need to be so big that you just cannot eat it all. Therefore in eating only one pack (or part thereof) one obviously gets thinner. Innit?
Can I have my own quango?

Ed P said...

Make the hospital entrances narrower instead - if the fat fuckers can't get in and so die, render them down for diesel (not bio, but blobodiesel?). Then their gross over-consumption would at least have "given something back to society".

Fag smoker said...

In the '1984' film remake with John Hurt and that lass with the incredibly hairy minge.You will note all the characters smoking fags INDOORS in PUBLIC places.
Orwell could not even imagine that circumstance being done away with.

Mitch said...

I see a ration card being part of the ID card, where you will get whatever calories the gummint allow you.
See the "forever war" by Joe Haldeman to see where this leads....graded health care till you reach a certain age and other pleasant ideas.

ullage said...

They want to bring back rationing. They have never got over having to end it after WW2.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


After WW2? I wasn't born until 1952 and I was issued a ration card - to be precise, my parents were issued one on my behalf.

And, so I've been told, rationing was still in place by the time I was 18 monts old. So that would be end 53 to start 54.

Gobshite said...

The easiest way to cure obesity, is to glue the fat bastards hands together.

Not so easy to stuff your face now, is it lard-arse?

Rogerborg said...

times 14.2.84 miniplenty malquoted chocolate rectify

minifood: "consumers alone [can] not stop the obesity crisis"

Mmm, if you like. Most of the fat bloaters that I see are slags on benefits though.

So here's a radical thought:

Stop. Feeding. Them. With. My. Tax. Money.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

To be honest, I've had the misfortune to mix with others of our species over the past few weeks.

Most of them are fat fucks with no manners.

And so are the parent(s).

Tarquin said...

as Rab said, the chocolate companies are doing it anyway - less food, same price...

who needs the government to tax it further

Nick said...

The might have a point.

If we abolish MP's expenses we will have solved MP's committing expenses fraud

banned said...

Greetings from District 4.
Nothing new here, when did you last see a proper sized Waggon Wheel ? Or a fullsized curlie wurlie, they used to be fucking huge, now they are the size of a 6 inch ruler.

Solution to obesity ? Sew their gobs up or tie them to a see-saw, once they go over the ideal weight they get lowered into a vat of acid, bit by bit. Seems harsh but it would be their choice.

George Monsoon said...

Wrap chocolate in extremely difficult to get into packaging. The fat bastards might burn a few calorires getting into the goods.

Newgates Knocker said...

I'm just waiting to see the Government start leading by example. What a bunch of overstuffed,lard-arsed hypocrites. My M.P. Ed Vaizey looks like he has put on three stone in a year!Twix on expenses anyone?
It's the same as the schools. No chocolate in your kids lunchbox, but huge fucking cream cakes in the staffroom!

Dr Evadne said...

How come then that packets of soap powder are getting smaller too? Do they not want us to wash?

As an aside, was the fat geezer in the picture weighed before he got an the aircraft? I bet he wasn't and yet I am only allowed to take 20kg in the hold and a pocket size bag in the cabin. Yet this gent takes up more space and weighs more than me, my luggage, and the Nolan Sisters. I bet he wasn't charged an extra 20 quid.

richard said...

"in the '1984' film remake with John Hurt and that lass with the incredibly hairy minge.You will note all the characters smoking fags INDOORS in PUBLIC places."

likewise in V for Vendetta. the smoking ban was beyond the imagination of sci-fi writers. Julia's minge may well be airbrushed from history along with Winston's Victory cigarettes. (there was mention of a shortage of razor-blades in Oceania, so the huge bush was in character)
nicotine patches and caterpillar-stalking-an-oyster minges seem to be the approved way, but i like roll-ups and, yes, the traditional voyage of discovery.

Rogerborg said...

As usual, 2000AD got it right. In the orderly future Utopia of Mega-City 1, smoking outside of a smoke hood is punishable by a stint in the Smokatorium, along with the rest of the subversives.

If you want to see where we're heading, Judge Dredd is looking less fictional every day.

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