Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Thousand Words

As my more regular readers will know, I'm not very keen on authority. Any authority in fact.

This week has seen a plethora of stories of people taking photographs being threatened, searched and abused by the Blockwarts.

It appears that a protest and subsequent climb down by those who monitor us has not got through. They still feel they can intimidate and bully anyone who may step outside of a very confined space and show any sort of independent thought or actions.

This little video particularly boiled my piss. I'll leave you to make your own minds up as to whether his treatment was fair and the Blockwarts involved were merely doing their jobs. I'm tired of the assumption that we are ignorant of what little rights we have remaining. I'm tired of having to justify my existence to go about my lawful business unhindered and I'm tired of the concept of "making it up as they go along".

I'm going to be attending the Trafalgar Square Demo on January 23rd not because I like posing in front of hundreds of professional photographers (I do) but because it is important to show our 646 masters that we know our rights and being stopped, interrogated and searched for simply taking a photograph is unacceptable in a free society. The next logical step for the Blockwarts is to ban us from simply looking at things. Feel free to join me. You have rights. Exercise them or lose them.


Anonymous said...

Make these wank-arsing little blockwart bastards lives a misery - that'll put them off the job.

I Albion said...

Was this lady wearing a burka? if so these guys should have a medal!

Anonymous said...

All a bit Village People, IMHO.

Rogerborg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rogerborg said...

>"City of London police said its response to Smith had been proportionate"

Let's get this straight. 7 Proper Police in 3 cars and a van, using sirens and lights, is a proportionate response to a chap taking pictures? You can't get that sort of response if you dial 999 and say you're being stabbed to death by a gang of rabid pit bulls.

A proportionate response would be to investigate the initial compliant, then arrest the costumed buffoon that called it in and charge him with harrassment, wasting police time and/or perverting the course of justice.

It'll never happen, of course, because booking it as a S44 sanctioned detection scores more funding for anti-terror 24 wank fantasy overtime.

TheBigYin said...

Not sure about your feelings on people playing their ipods too loud OH but the EU wants to bring in a law to cap the volume control on long before that is extended to your hi fi?

The Paragnostic said...

The first PCSO that approaches me and hassles me in that sort of manner had better be wearing a box and face protection.

They have no power over me - in fact the only reason the state has any power over me at all is through the use of force, and even then they send half a dozen real plod every time my name is mentioned.

I never signed a contract to abide by their silly laws, and as far as I am concerned PCSOs deserve exactly as much respect as traffic wardens or dogshit collectors, and have equivalent status to an ALDI checkout operator.

Anonymous said...

I'm a dog shit collector, what's your problem?

FireForce said...

Any little jumped-up twat comes near me in such an ignorant manner,,i.e. chewing chewing-gum, will get the gum knocked out of his mouth along with some teeth.
Got stopped by plod one night (front car light bulb had gone, & not noticed)
little cunt was chewing all the time, so so ignorant, it happened to me in a part of Africa too, I think he is still sucking in air, and his balls are still in orbit.
I am polite and have good manners, one would think the government could get people to do a job with-out scraping the barrel?

Rogerborg said...

As we've oft noted, the root cause seems to be Plod employing angry short-arses, nippy Chelsea-facelift girlies and assorted multi-ethnic rabble with serious self esteem issues.

Until recruitment policies change, it's only going to get worse. Give a Little Hitler a costume, and the result is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

7 police in 3 vans was the same response they used to nab the gent outside the train station a few months back for stubbing out his cig end near by and not inside of the trash bin. They chased the public bus for miles using 3 police cars with sirens wailing and lights a flashing to nab the filthy criminal smoker once they caught up to the bus after dragging him out to mete out the punishment. So it's not surprising they would do the same with anyone exercising any other former rights since once abuse by police and authorities is codified into law and accepted by the public (as it already has been in the case of criminal smokers) then it is certain to pass on to all these other areas too. That is why that little puff here and there of harmless second-hand-smoke was really society's protection against tyranny - as long as one saw that little puff here and there in the air from time to time, then one knew the rest of the liberties weren't under assault. Maybe that's why it became so symbolic that Hitler banned smokers, smoking and tobacco under his way of governing, since once that was gone, then it was open season by the police, authorities and bullies in government to expand their authoritarianism further, which he did and now ours does.

Anonymous said...

She's being cocky? What about him standing there chewing gum like a dickwit & saying he doesn't believe her when she answers his question.
Took her to the station & charged her? WTF? Fat, overweight, power ceazed little cunt.

ranter said...

I think the point has been made that the UK was under a constant threat from Irush Nationalist Terrorism during most of the 1970's, 80's and their final spectaculars in the City of london in the early 90's, along with Birmingham, Manchester, Warrington etc. Anyway, they're getting what they wanted so it's all good. That said, the British state and population managed OK and survived on laws dating back to the late 19th Century. It did OK, a few controversial cases along the way described as miscarriages of justice by some. But what has changed now is the realization by the political elite that they can get greater control over us by instilling fear. Now we have fear writ large on two fronts, muslim terrrorism and climate change/global warming. The hysteria surrounding this is amazing - yet most people don't fear these at all. We all fear politicians now. We all fear that we no longer have any privacy. With regard to the two film clips. The second shows the results of recruiting sub-standard candidates for policing duty. What a pair of arseholes, minmd you, perfectly representative of Lord Macpherson's 'representative police force.
The first film featuring three fuckwits from the City of London Police is of greater concern. All are warranted officers yet patently knew little of an important piece of legislation on which the best little police force money can buy has survived all the previous force amalgamation attempts.
This bloke was clearly not carrying out secret surveillance and a reasonable approach would have, I'm sure, got them all they needed to know. No, all three used intimidation and threats, winding themselves up as they went. These monkeys earn around £35K to £40K, mostly do fuck all (they police a square mile of financial district and were given some new residential population following some boundary changes in the '90's in what was Tower Hamlets and Islington - not much mind). You's think they would know the POT Act and Sec44 off by heart. You's also think they'd have been briefed properly knowing that there will be plenty of people like this bloke testing their awareness of powers and the recent statements made by CC Trotter of the BTP.
I bet some police critics of an older vinatge miss the cops from days gone by - normal blokes, common sense and ability to speak to people. Those that needed a slap got one of course - but it seems todays boys and girls in blue, diversity trained to the hilt, want to slap everyone they come in contact with. In the 1970's a cop was trained for 15 weeks at Hendon. In the late 80's after Scarman it increased to 22 weeks accompanied by race training, then you had to have a degree by the early 90's and now it's gone back down to 12 weeks, mostly 'at station' training and if you're black or gay you're in ASAP. What a calamity.
Those City cops should be ashamed of themselves. Useless, dangerous twats!

Anonymous said...

Police/State. London a Foreign Colony

Ruth said...

I'm most definitely going on the demonstration. It fills me with disgust that each time my son, a film/photograhy student, goes out to film or takes pictures I have to spend my time worrying in case he's stopped, in case he asserts his rights and then is abused by the police.

I remember Eastern Europeans describing their fears in living under communism. Their feelings exactly mirror mine now.

Ruth said...

Maybe as well as the demonstration we should have a day when all over the country people take out their cameras and shot pictures of anything 'sensitive' especially the police intimidating the photograhers and then maybe we could have a display on the internet of the most sensitive photos and show the world what a prison the UK has become.

Dick the Prick said...

If you need fuck all qualifications to be a copper - wtf are the requirements that PCSO's fail to achieve?? Cunts the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Why do PCSOs always walk around with their hands tucked inside their bulletproof vests? I saw two yesterday doing exactly the same thing.

And is it compulsory for them to chew gum?

Fausty said...

I'm with Ruth. A band of 100s of photographers simultaneously filming in a spot which has drawn police attentions (such as that in the video) would test their mettle.

Should they be arrested, they could follow it up with a class action and sue the pants off ACPO and set a precedent.

Which corporation owns the building being protected by the police in that video? If the police are being paid by corporations to protect them against us, then why should we continue to pay them via our council tax?

Rogerborg said...

@Anonymous: >"Why do PCSOs always walk around with their hands tucked inside their bulletproof vests? I saw two yesterday doing exactly the same thing."

So they can play with their nipples while they're having their little power trip. It's either hands in their stabbies, or down their trousers. Which would you prefer?

>And is it compulsory for them to chew gum?

It allows them to breathe in our atmosphere, a la Mars Attacks.

Actually, if you've got nothing better to do of an afternoon, it might be fun to follow a "P"CSO around and document how they dispose of their gum.

A Cunt said...

"The last five kings will be Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and England". The monarchy is on its way out - as Carnegie said "A monarch is an insult to all others in the realm". Whether it is Charles or William crowned and I believe one of them will - that will be the last coronation, if I am not in jail I shall watch it, History.

stasination said...

The worrying thing about PCSOs is that they are fast-tracking into the "regular" police force. I read an article recently in which a trainee copper said that 80% of her intake were former PCSOs.

Today's paste-eaters... tomorrow's TSG.

banned said...

It was inevitable that the police and their underlings would abuse their supposed powers to stop people taking photographs. Unlike the people in these vids few of the public know their rights and fewer stand up for them.
The next stage will be when the police start stopping random members of the public and demand to see any photos that 'may' be on their phones ( which almost all of us have ) 'in case' they 'might' be of use to terrorists.

Handy hint: your right not to identify yourself does not apply if you are driving a motor vehicle.

Antipholus Papps said...

This shit makes me fucking livid. When I was at school we were warned against taking photographs of 'sensitive sites' during a trip to Moscow. We were taught that this is a hallmark of totalitarian states. These illegal coppers have no business 'policing' public areas - they do not have due diligence of the law, which is a legal requirement! They are thugs, and local communities should deal with them like other thugs. A serious slapping back into their proper place or out of town.

Anonymous said...

TUG you still haven't got my real name...WANKER THAT YOU ARE! Now fuck off back to Eaton Socon failed special constable.

Blair's gauleiters said...

It must be that these PCSOs and police are being told to bully the public. There's no other explanation.

There's absolutely no application of common sense here.

It's fairly obvious that they're creating them and us conditions where we just do what they say without explanation, as if we're somehow their servants. There must be bigger policy reasons for this.

And they've obviously far too much time on their hands. They're clearly not doing the they're paid to do.

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