Friday, 4 December 2009

They Should Not Do That

On R4 this morning, there was a studio discussion between a representative from ACPO(a private limited company) and a photographer who had been subject to a stop and reveal whilst taking photographs at night across the river from the Houses of Parliament, by two PCSOs , wandering along hand in hand one presumes.

At every turn the Real Police Officer kept saying, they should not of done this, they should have not have done that either. We have to use these powers sparingly.


What constraints were there on these two PCSO's ? None, out there on their own, failed in every other thing they have tried in life, given a 'uniform', given a bit of power, of course they are going to use that power to hassle people- thats why they joined !

Not to serve 'The Public' but to lord it over people. Petty minded thugs have aleays been attracted to uniforms and jobsworth authority.

Its starting to get through folks, it has taken a while but the BBC has woken up to the day in day out harrassment by the State, and the that the Global Warming Cult is a scam to tax us even more.


Dave said...

You can always tell the BBC what we think about Climategate

Go on. You know you want to.

Anonymous said...

The two PCSOs in question need a bloody good seeing to - preferably with the wrong end of a pitchfork. PCSOs have NO power, they're just jumped up little twats who feel that a bit of bullying & a Mickey Mouse uniform makes them Real Men (or Women). They're probably under-endowed in that department too.

gosess said...

The PCSO wheeze is an obvious one:

Initially ACPO supports PCSOs. Then as the detrimental (and predictable) backlash against the jobsworths in jackets begins ACPO says 'we need more Police'. Bureaucratic gamesmanship.

Who does the training of PCSOs? What have ACPO got in return for supporting the rolling out of plastic plod?

Have they created a two-tier continental Police system for a reason?

Dave said...

Who gets to use the 40,000 taser that Wacki Jacqui ordered 12 months ago?
Fucking litter police?

SO17 said...

Like all public bodys the Police are full of empire builders.
During the height of the IRA campaign on the mainland in the 1990s all search duties were carried out by cheaper civilian security officers at Parliament.
When the threat abated security officers were pensioned off at 60 instead of 65 and lost 20% of their number.
The spare Police officers instead of being put back on the beat were formed into a specialist search team.
So we now had better trained 'pulsa' PCs at a time when the terror threat was now diminished.WTF
Specialised squads need to be abolished freeing up REAL coppers so as not to rely on plastic ones.

Snapper said...

I heard the interview this morning and it occurred to me that the police rep was trying to be everyone's favourite granddad, saying nothing to worry about, nothing to see here, move on.

The point is that, "they" shouldn't stop and search photographers but they do and they will. There is no plenty nor fine payable for them carrying out these pointless stop and searches.

BBC are just following The Independents lead stories of the last two days.




Police are being accused of misusing powers granted under anti-terror legislation. Amateur and professional photographers have complained at being stopped for taking pictures of tourist destinations, well-known landmarks and a fish and chip shop. Jerome Taylor, journalist with the Independent who was stopped by police for photos of the Houses of Parliament, and Chief Constable Andy Trotter of British Transport Police and chairman of the Association of Chief Police Officers media advisory group, debate whether police are too ready to use their anti-terror powers."

Anonymous said...

An email circulated our office from HR department 2 weeks ago. Some local policepeople were coming in to give a talk on how we can all prevent terrorism.

Going by the email the main point seemed to be that we should be suspicious of people taking photographs. No idea what to do when we do see people with a camera, I never attended the talk. With hindsight it may have been a laugh or I could have had a coronary right there and then (could I sue saying my heart attack was caused by the drivel I was being subjected to?)

killemallletgodsortemout said...

As it happens, there was an interview on the BBC TV this morning - photographer v Chief Copper Andy Trotter.

"Police need to think carefully about using this legislation", said Pigsfoot.

No shit, Sherlock?

Ron Broxted said...

Last year I was removed from primary school nativity play for taking photographs. The headmaster dragged me from my seat in front of the stage and tore my raincoat in doing so. When I protested to him and pointed out his behaviour was outrageous he responded by pointing out I didn't have any children at the school. Whilst this was true, I maintain that as a former rate payer I was entitled to see our my money had been spent on education. Amateur snappers should not be treated in this way.

Rogerborg said...

So, the PCSOs were sacked for gross negligence, just as any private sector worker would have been, right? Right?

Nick said...

Until 2006 PCSOs had few more powers than traffic or litter wardens, _unless granted by their Chief Police Constable_.

Since 2006 they can search people & vehicles without a warrant, detain people using force, and anything else their CPOs authorise. However they can only use their powers whilst in uniform.

A friend was recently approached by two CPSOs in plain clothes, who demanded his name/address & reasons for photographing the road he lives on, tried to forcibly detain him (twice) and followed him home & staked out the house until the real Police arrived. Fortunately they had more sense, and after a six-officer discussion outside the house they all went away.

The moral of the story? PCSOs are either ignorant of their powers or simply don't care.

Fidothedog said...

Did the PCSO's search him without a member of the real police being there? If so they broke the rules.

Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 says:

Only a police officer can search you. PCSOs may search your possessions and vehicle, but only when under the direct supervision of a police officer.

If no officer was there, its time this chap got his complaint in.

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