Monday, 28 December 2009

The Speakers Convention

I notice that Labour are desperate to delay a by Election following the death of David Taylor MP. The Labour Majority of just over 4,000 is set to be wiped out.

Unfortunately for them, to do so would be illegal. They MUST hold a by election within three months, thanks to a little convention by the speaker.

I suspect m'learned friends are already drawing up writs to force a by election on April 1st at the latest. Or perhaps Gordon fancies his chances at a General Election in March.

Comment from the wonderful Anna Raccoon

External Auditor on Members Estimates Audit Committee goes for walk in woods on Boxing Day and emerges in body bag – how very convenient for them……..


haddock said...

By-election timetable

"A new Writ is usually moved within three months of the vacancy occurring. There have been a few instances of seats remaining vacant longer than six months before a by-election was called, and seats have also been left vacant towards the end of a Parliament to be filled at the general election instead."

The Squeeker has little respect for convention, he will do as he is told by his Labour chums.

Rogerborg said...

To be fair, Bercow would do anyone for anyone, if it turned out to his personal advantage. Since Call-Me-Dave will be best placed to give him an early punt to the Lords, he may "censure" (hahahahar) Broon. Sternly Worded Memo ahoy!

Captain Ranty said...

There may not be an election.

The EU may rule that a general election without prisoners being able to vote makes it illegal, and it will be cancelled.

The Grand Noseminer may decide to carry on ruling. Forever.

Isn't the EU fan-fucking-tastic?


strongholdbarricades said...

So, if there was the by-election, would te winner be entitled to the £30k pay off if they didn't hang onto it at the GE?

and what about their pension and expenses entitlement?

418 said...

@Captain Ranty
These days, if England has to be governed by foreigners (it's traditional after all), I'd rather England be run by multinational bureaucrats in Brussels than by the monstrous regiment of Scotchmen in London.

Captain Ranty said...


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