Friday, 11 December 2009

A return to sanity

Look at the above graph. Look long and hard at the above graph.

You do know who is going to pay for this, don't you? Your children. You know, the ones you are busy preparing for life. The ones you are currently sacrificing everything for to make sure they can stand on their own two feet and be independent in life.

Their dreams, their ambitions and their futures have been pissed up the fucking wall by a mere 646 people. An entire generation has been commited to little more than slavery to the State because of the excesses of yet another Labour Government. Whilst you toiled, they've been spending it faster than any of us could earn it. So fast, that your children, perhaps yet unborn, are going to have to pay for the rest of YOUR life, if not theirs.

I've attacked the chavs, the bottom feeders, the welfare junkies before. This time I'm aiming at a different section of society.

I want the heads of the middle classes on a fucking plate.

What the fuck is wrong with our society that we can allow a Government the free reign to impoverish an entire generation? Yes, I'm talking to you in your three bed semi in Walsall, with a Mondeo on the drive, Radio 4 Womens Hour blaring out in the background and organic avacados in the fridge. Yes, you cunts.

Why did you do it? I know you voted Labour because that grinning cocktrumpet Cherie Blair and her snake oil salesman of a husband looked like "nice people" at the time. They are now multimillionaires and couldn't give a flying fuck about you, your subsciption to the gym or little Chlamidyas extra maths lessons. They don't care that the BMW needs a service and because the market for asset managers is a bit low at the moment, Keith, your boring husband is out of work.

Do you think Jo Brand or Melvyn Bragg gives a shit? Do you think Marcus Bridgestock or Adam Boulton would even wipe you off their shoe? Do you think Harman or Blears feel the pain you do? DO THEY FUCK. They are on fully indexed pensions, fat on the excesses of Government/Media. Whilst you bite your nails to the quick dreading what the postman will bring in the morning. Chlamidya and Euphrates are not going to be lawyers. They are going to be highly taxed peasants, spending decades paying off what the 646 spent in a rush to the head, equality for all social FUCK UP of frankly monumental proportions.

You've been had. More than that, you gambled your childrens future on 8 magic beans laid out in front of you by Tony Blair.

Whilst you slept, ZanuLabour set about making sure that any rebellion by your children can be quickly quashed. So we now have political officers in schools looking out for dissent in four year olds. We have parents being forced to attend "councilling" by civil courts if the behaviour of their child is not compatable with "Government targets"

Every civil Liberty taken from us in the last 12 years is now set to trample your children into the ideal fodder for yet more abuse from the 646. They are children born into slavery. Bonded labour if you wish.

And you did it. The rush for Pavlova instead of pudding, the necessity for nail salons and the (unread) Observer on the coffee table to impress the guests has seen Britain sell not just its soul, but its children to the highest bidder.

Look around the room. Find ONE THING the State does not regulate, control, tax or monitor. This has happened in a mere 100 years and we allowed it to happen. 646 Monsters took everything, absolutely everything from us, including our childrens futures. Their birth certificates are just Gilts to be sold to the highest bidders.

We are the New Soviets. We must be truly insane. Now we are going to need a bloody revolution and our children are quite rightly going to ask how the hell it came to this.


Twisted Fire Stopper said...

But I didn't fucking vote for them!

Anonymous said...

OH, are your sure its not 666 might as well have been.

no longer anonymous said...

"the necessity for nail salons and the (unread) Observer on the coffee table"

The Observer is not the newspaper of the middle classes. I live in very middle class Surrey and Labour can't even get above 10% of the vote in my constituency.

Captain Ranty said...

They are getting there Anon.

After the election we will (apparently) need 650 MPs. Four more troughing bastards to watch.

Not sure why, really. We just became fucking irrelevant on the European stage, not to mention the world stage, and now that Brussels decides everything why do we need any MPs at all??

Beats me.


medsi said...

That graph - the line it takes for the 2009 PBR would suggest either we aren't selling our nationalised stake in the banks or the Treasury has decided they are worthless.

Whilst you slept, ZanuLabour set about making sure that any rebellion by your children can be quickly quashed. So we now have political officers in schools looking out for dissent in four year olds. We have parents being forced to attend "councilling" by civil courts if the behaviour of their child is not compatable with "Government targets"

It is a matter of trust. Middle class folk are generally well meaning, pleasant and all too trusting. Until they get shit on. That man with the nice smile said 'edukayshun, eadyoucashon, education' and millions of people believed him.

When the state said 'we'll do the thinking for you' too many of us fell for it. Too many of us were that lazy we let the Government be our conscience rather than exercise our own minds, our own judgements and live to our own values.

An endemic and decrepit youth with much of the confidence and self-reliance will not be able to pay for the debts racked up by Brown and his chums. An increasing number of them can barely read and write. Economically we have stood still, socially we have hurtled backwards to the point where our supposed betters expect obedience and gratefulness.

We have undone that deferrence before, many times. We must undo it again.

prersedi said...

On the upside, it could make the country very unappealing for all the illegal jigaboos who are here to sponge the system. Many of our own people could well emigrate to the colonies themselves. The easing of overcrowding, reduction in congestion, reduction in crime (from less d#rkies) may make us poorer but far more contented. Its not necessarily all bad OH.

Fausty said...

The Prime Mentalist has just pissed more of our money up the wall.

Oldrightie said...

We get the government we desrve. Ergo the shites just represent what most people aspire to. Thieving, envy, laziness and intellectul famine. This Countery was fucked from 1997 onwards. Now it no longer exists. Sarkozy pawing Jimmy Snot today like petting a bloody dog. Sickening.

Vladimir said...

And you know what the Blair-voting middle class say about all this?

(1) "Imagine how much worse everything would be if the right wing were in charge."

(2) "If only Labour hadn't sold out to the free market capitalist bankers, the economy wouldn't have been ruined."

Organic lentil-eating mongtards.

the marquess of ullage said...

Since when did a three-bedroom semi in Walsall qualify as middle-class?

Ruth said...

I think you're asbsolutely right and as the younger generation have been sold out it's the responsibility of the older generation to risk their lives or wellbeing to provide a better future for their children. There's only so many people the state can kill or incarcerate so things are on our side so long as enough people start rebelling.

Rogerborg said...

Need to correct you on one thing, OH. Chlamidya and Euphrates will be lawyers, because in 15 years, the only non-State jobs left will be lawyers and debt collectors. And I'm not so sure about debt collectors.

Anonymous said...

OH and Prersedi: Spot fekkin on, both. I feel very lonely at times wanting Britain to go flat broke. The prospect of dislodging millions of economic parasites is, for me, delicious, even if it means a spell of bronze-age life.

It wouldn't be quite so easy for middle-classers to get out, surely? Emigration is not cheap, and would involve selling their properties, 4x4's and Popsy's pony to gain the capital required by NZ, Oz, etc. Interesting times ahead. Especially for those of us already reduced to NuLab penury, with nothing left to lose.

marksany said...

I want to go on the record: I never voted Labour. I never believed Tony Blair - I knew this would happen. Any cunt with half a brain could have worked it out too. We got the govt we deserved as a whole: lazy, venal, ignorant. But me, I did nothing to deserve the last twelve years under these fucking bastards.

Old Holborn said...

I too have never voted Labour but that doesn't mean I'm not to blame.

We, the people, have allowed them to steal EVERYTHING not just from us but from our children.

I hang my head in absolute shame that 646 people could pull this off under our noses and we did NOTHING to stop them.

My children will spend their lives taxed at close to 100%, in jobs supplied by the State.

Welcome to East Germany

Joe Public said...

It that a so-called "Hockey Stick" profile?

Anonymous said...

Great posting OH.

I have long thought that the upcoming generation have been completely shafted by the this government, the hangers on and 'useful idiots'.

What turned this nation into such wimps? Does anyone not consider just how bad crippling debt, the extortionate cost of living and housing, and the hollowing out of any wealth creation we had are in terms of enslaving and frustrating our kids?

I just don't get how so few, supported by just 23% of the electorate could have been allowed to do so much damage, for so long... with total arrogance and utter contempt.

They talk fairness, hope and opportunity, they give us animal farm, despair and conformity.


St Paul said...

Listening to Radio 5 on my morning alarm I was struck by how they deliver the same programme every day.
The find a closet Labour sympathiser with a perceived grievance, help them develop their case, then call upon the Government to take, unto itself, extra powers to correct the world to deliver the outcome favoured by the gobby loonie.
The same agenda day in, day out.
It is as though the Government are giving them money.

Anonymous said...

So buy a place abroad then. They're not exactly expensive. The world's your oyster unless you're too thick to learn another language (then you're reduced to having to immigrate an english speaking country and turn it into another GB2, or live in expat communes and get pissed and whine about the locals.)

J Demetriou said...

Class rant! Couldn't agree more.

Kingbingo said...

In 1997 Labour got 42% of the vote. Next year they will get maybe 24%. A very substantial amount of that in the north and Scotland.

The best thing South East England could do is declare independence. And cite that only taxpayers or those that paid tax for 25+ years over their life time can vote.

Every election the Tories and... I don't know, the libertarians or someone would battle it out. We would be like Switzerland only more prosperous.

The north and Scotland would collapse in on itself after its rush to communism.

Billy Blofeld said...


I think you've massively hit the nail on the head. The "middle classes" have bent forwards and let this all happen.

P.S. Check this animation which shows how some climate data has been "corrected"

Boils my piss anyway.......

thespecialone said...

I am of average intelligence. Never been in a university or college in my life and left school with 2 'O' levels. Maths and English if you want to know. I did not fall for the Blair smile or any of that crap...but I know people who did. And guess what? They still think Labour are the party to vote for? When I have had a few glasses of merlot, I let rip with my feelings. I dont care who I upset. Just like global fucking warming. Next week we have our christmas meal. I just know I will have an argument with my privately educated workmates that it is all a scam. I went to a bog-standard comprehensive by the way.

Anonymous said...



Excellent article


Ruth said...

I just want to amend a point you made that 'in 15 years, the only non-State jobs left will be lawyers.' In my experience and in particular in VAT carousel fraud cases many defence lawyers are not only paid by the state and actually work in the interests of the Crown to hide sensitive information that might reveal the frauds are actually set up by state agencies to divert the taxpayers' money for secret government purposes.

Anonymous said...

Ivor Bigot said...

Now we are going to need a bloody revolution Sadly we are now so far through the looking glass that it is going to take something of that magnitude. Doesn't mean it will happen, of course.

"Plan C" (Canada) is looking more inevitable by the day.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Some damn good red you're drinking there tonight, OH.

Anonymous said...

Are'nt you all forgetting the great conspiracy to bring about the NWO,the deliberate destruction of economies to bring about world governance???this lot has been planned for a long time,napoleon and hitler wanted to rule the world look for who banked them,its the same people today.

Anonymous said...

i see cp have had the site taken down OH

Gobshite said...

That debt will NEVER be paid.

I suspect that this was done to devalue the shit out of the pound, to get us all into the cunting Euro!

Think about it.

Who in their right mind would want to hold on to their assets in Pounds, or invest in government bonds when public spending is 90 motherfucking percent of national income!!!

The more you tax someone or something, the less you get. This is due to greater tax avoidance and lower consumption.

Those graphs are based on what the economy looks like now.

The pound will be cheaper than bog roll soon.

Spend the lot on hookers and blow while you still can!

g1lgam3sh said...

Well said that man!

caesars wife said...

Why indeed did we vote for runinomics , How could a government rig a bust by lite regulation , how come we only saw the personal credit boom ??

After 2 whole years the treasury has told us less than they should tell as responsible government and not crooks.

Can you blame the middle class ?? well only if dumbing down had not worked , but it clearly did , letting Labour get away with this.

As you say the state is into all aspects of your life , nice marxism perhaps is not as good as we thought after all !

Get Smart said...

Iv been saying this for years but people are not listening, more interested in I'm a Celebrity get...
All these communist control freaks Liebour party how did we allow this to happen.
Soon meters in your house to see how many times you go to the toilet you cant go there soon without their permission.
God forgive us for allowing this to happen.

Graveller said...

Please now be fucking off with the pointless, directionless generalisations. I understand you feel the need to rant, but given how much you've gone on about the I-say-you-do rule of unelected powermongers like Mandy and his ilk, it's a bit much to now vent at 'the middle classes' in general and claim they voted him in.

Because, obviously, the fact that Labour's 35% victory in 2005 was the lowest majority Government result in the history of the Commons and was still about twice the size of the entire Middle Class demographic, when Labour's key base has always been the 30%+ of the population defined as Working Class... well, that just clearly shows that it's the MCs who are to blame for this crapsack mess we're now in.

Because yes, of course, we all voted NuLab (twice each!), we're all standing by complicitly or even putting a brave face on, and (down here in LMC at least, I can't speak for the 'true' MCs) we're not at all just doing our damnedest to stay sane and afloat like everyone else. We have kids too, you know.

Nick said...

Independence would be an option. Leave Scotland with a Barnet share of the debt and all of the obligations to the EU.

Basically fuck 'em

black hole sunset said...

Ruth @ 22:36 said... the frauds are actually set up by state agencies to divert the taxpayers' money for secret government purposes.

Whooah, that's quite a big story. Kind of like a CIA drug running thing, to fund off-balance ops?

Do you have any more info or specifics?

Mr H. could break it here.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Excellent rant OH. My feelings exactly.

I knew it would all end in tears when the came in, but would anyone listen to me? Would they fuck.

So I fucked off to XXXXXXX (ops, nearly gave myself away then). Now the UK gets 100% of nothing from me. However, I still come back so I can ponce off the NHS. I figure that the cunts have had enough out of me when I was younger, I'd have some of what I paid for.

I can't see a peaceful end to this. Some form of violence has become inevitable.

The public executions of B’Liar, the snot goblin, et al may be the only way to quieten the population and to convince the money markets that Britain is getting a handle on its problems.

wv: cultingl - oh so close.

defender said...

Not only that wot OH wrote.

whose children man the greenie baracades? its the middle class.

whose children promote the idea that we are wicked if we dont feed the world? the middle class

whose children riot over the capitalist? the middle class

whose children support the EU? the middle class

whose children do not believe in democracy? the middle class
middle class= muddle class.

bofl said...

how can anyone believe in these forecasts?

they cant even get them right for one year in advance!!!!!!!

imho things will be even worse!

no resources+no jobs=poverty!!!!!

but that is the plan surely?

while most people have been working to keep an over-inflated roof over their heads the nasty little shits like Brown have been doing everything to fuck us!

All delusional fuckwits that think they are something special........

learn from history.....look what happened in russia,china and germany.......get out while you can

Edgar said...

Give Labour the chance to put things right: you know it makes sense. If we are rightly informed, if in the glow of conscious pride, power and luxury are full, animated, and varied, and the flower of life blossoms as the handmaid of tyranny,
(now comes the question) who is to blame?

Those who forsook the guiding Fabian hand ...

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Great observations OH.

"You've been had. More than that, you gambled your childrens future on 8 magic beans laid out in front of you by Tony Blair."

That is true. I knew so many people that said they voted for Bliar in 97 "because we needed the change". I now plague them constantly for this ignorant decision and there is some shame for many.

The biggest problem is that people have swallowed so much bullshit that they simply don't think for themselves or challenge anything they are told.

Their entire education has been about listening to teacher, don't challenge.

The young in jobs all sit there, gormless, and say "what do we do".

Initiative has been removed from education and replaced by Marxist soundbites.

I talked in front of my niece about the burqua and she immediately turned around and said "that's racist". When I gently asked her why, she didn't really know. It's the little messages everywhere, like advertising, that are changing the way people think and they are sleepwalking into slavedom.

I drive a British sportscar that I've had for 10 years. When I first got it, generally people used to take photos standing next to it and give it the thumbs up.

Nowadays, because of the indoctrination of this eco-green nazism, I get people looking at it and me with contempt on their faces.

How things have changed in so few years.

Anonymous said...

Sadly this is absolutely true, fear, government control, government intrusion, over spending and mis management of our economy have lead us to the brink of ruin.

super aids said...

That graph needs to be redone with all the PFI and other shit included.

Let the Ruin shine through.

GCooper said...

And it will all happen again. 'Dave' will get his greasy fingers on the wheel and will have to play the beast in an attempt to keep the ship afloat.

People will hurt.

Meanwhile, the luvvies in the meejah will work to undermine Dave's gummint, just as they did those of the Blessed St Margaret and the doorstop, Major. Eventually, in the fullness of time, the merry-go-round will turn again and yet another generation of fools will vote in yet another generation of lying socialists, who will promise the earth and deliver misery.

It is not enough to vote Conservative at the next election. Indeed, I'm starting to believe doing so will make things worse. We need break the opiate myth of socialism and all that goes with it - 'Green' twaddle, 'multiculturalism', 'diversity', 'equality', 'fairness' - the entire agenda needs to be exposed as empty cant, designed to control and ensnare and enslave.

Socialism must be destroyed. If it isn't, we are bound to a wheel and its wretchedness will be inflicted on succeeding generations, every time the memory of its previous incarnation begins to fade and idiots allow themselves to be bribed with fairy gold and stolen goods.

Anonymous said...

Labour will win the next election because it will be rigged. They have had years of corruption to prepare for it!

Rogerborg said...

Mmm. I'm certain that they'll steal a few urban sinks with sacks of postal votes from Mohammed and Duwayne, but I doubt they've got the basic competence to stuff ballots or own returning officers in enough constituencies to make a difference.

Mind you, get enough "UN monitors" in - NWO footsoldiers, each and every one of them - and it might be a different story.

Dazed And Confused said...

Those of you who think Global warming is an outright con may well find This Channel interesting.

Anonymous said...

The Hitler youth,no need to fear.

fmwatkins said...

Off topic, sort of.

Well yes it is, who am I kidding.

Labour peer gave glowing reference to brothers who framed drivers

One guess what 'ethnic minority' he is. Go on, just one, you know you want to.

stasination said...

"My children will spend their lives taxed at close to 100%, in jobs supplied by the State.

Welcome to East Germany"

And with the state education and indoctrination they're receiving these days, they'll never even realise that there is any other way to spend their lives.

Don't Give Up The Day Job said...


It seems that New Labours Islamic brethren aren't fairing too well lately in the eyes of the law as they Keep getting caught

opinion prole said...

They didn't vote for them. Only 22% of the electorate actually cast a vote for these Labour hypocrites and world-class incompetents in 2005. Thanks to our unfair FPTP system Labour got 55% of Commons seats. Where's the democracy in that? Tories won't support PR because they fear a permanent Lib-Lab leftie coalition and Labour won't vote to reduce their unfair advantage, so there is no hope of the system changing this time round.
Whether you like it or not, the only way out of the mess created by Labour is to vote for the Tories as they are the only party with the power to even begin putting things right. So hold your noses and vote Conservative then demand of your MPs every day in your blogs and e-mails that they do the right thing. Socialism doesn't work and never will because the sort of people who promote it just do not understand how wealth is created, all they know is how to waste other peoples' money in pursuit of some impossible utopia. Labour are the creature of the public service unions and must be utterly destroyed at the ballot box before anybody can start the long hard battle to rebuild the country they have ruined - for the third time in 60 years.

eight rounds rapid (a wholly owned subsidiary of up against the wall motherfuckers) said...

(armed) UN Security Stops Journalist’s Questions About ClimateGate

Trumped up charges of 'badge inspection' ... neat, huh?

Does anyone else here think, as I do, that laughing uproariously might be worth a try under such circumstances?

Maturecheese said...

Disagree with opinion prole about voting for the Tories because they are not much different to Labour and they are Pro EU. Any vote anyone casts in the next election should be an anti EU one if we even want to begin trying to mend our society, starting with political corruption.

Anonymous said...

and meanwhile I witnessed one of Camerons n Labours 3rd de-generation immigrant friends calling someone a white B*****d in their ''own'' country

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Don't Give Up The Day Job said - 13 December 2009 01:22

I tried to open the link but it isn't working. That whole website is down in fact, what did you do lol.

I'll have to check it later.

eight rounds rapid (a wholly owned subsidiary of up against the wall motherfuckers) said...

That's their kind of democracy!

You're free to do as we tell you - Bill Hicks

And Anon 13 December 2009 16:47

That reminds me of these Somali dogshits who tried to jump my (white) friend a while back, he gave em a few slaps and started chasing them up the road, funny how quickly they turn into little cowering pussies when they're out of their savage packs.

Anyway, got to the main road and the dogshit starts saying 'he's called me a black bastard'.

My mate had to leave it at that unfortunately, he had priorities, like going to the pub.

Uncle Marvo said...

"can be quickly quashed"

What is 60,000,000 divided by 646?

OK, add the whatevers that are supposed to protect the 646. Most of them are pissed off as well.

I think the comment is slightly exaggerated. I certainly hope so.

Hysteria said...

and meanwhile the bad guys get the guns and the righteous are forbidden to defenc themselves.

I almost wish for a Labour victory so the whole fucking lot comes crashing down so we can start again

Andy said...

Please sir! I know you are at heart a libertarian but I read and grin as you talk like a lucid BNP'er ;)

There is no dividing line when the enemy of my greater enemy is my friend.

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