Monday, 14 December 2009

Putting the X-factor in Politics.

Only yesterday I was suggesting that politicians could stay at home and vote.....and today Simon Cowell has announced that he intends to branch his multi-million pound X-factor business model into - Politics!

Newsnight tonight will reveal his full plans:

“If you went around the country, it would be five or six issues which I think are really, really important in people’s lives,” he explains. “So I think there could be some kind of referendum-type TV show where you can speak on both sides and then open it up to the public to get an instant poll.”

Weeping Mothers who have just lost a son in Afghantistan - do the public think we should stay in Aghanistan?

Immigration? 300 Nick Griffin look alikes queing for an audition.

10 million people tuned into X-factor last night, who can blame Simon for wanting to extend his business model - but when Susan Boyle wins against all the odds, it does little harm, except to her mental health.

Foreign policy decided on looks and the 'ahh' factor is something else.

You couldn't make it up.


Anonymous said...

Surely even John and Edward would do a better job than Gordon?

Killer said...

Simon Cowel is the biggest cunt knowen to man

Anonymous said...

Clearly the "reasonable" method of selecting politicians has completely and utterly failed, so I doubt it could be worse.

Old Holborn said...

Actually Anna, much as I loathe Cowell, I adore direct democracy

I suggest the first question should be based on the Swiss model.

Anonymous said...

piss him off and make Rage Against the Machine christmas number 1 :)

I could just imagine an ITV politics programme. lots of grumpy union and labour types moaning about toffs and the immigrants who "tuk r jerrrrrrbs".

Nick said...

It's not as made as it seems.

1. Let MPs write the laws.

2. Then it has to go to referenda to be approved. Every act.

3. However, it needs to be cheap.


1. You nominate a proxy when you register to vote.

2. If you want to change more than once a year it costs you a fiver.

3. The proxy votes for you. They aren't your representative or MP, that's a once in 5 years vote and there is a fixed term

Now the twist.

I expect some MPs to set up a website where if they are your proxy, then you can cast your vote and they will vote accordingly. Perhaps funded in the same way as Cowell's set up, advertising.

We can save a lot of money by abolishing the house of Lords to fund any costs but it is fundamentally just an extension to the electoral register and cheap.

Now look at what happens.

1. League tables of MPs influence.

2. People vote on issues not the next thief in the constituency.

3. Interest in politics rockets

4. If an MP misbehaves, people change their proxy.

5. Unpopular governments get nothing passed. We don't have to put up with the walking dead.

It's a great system.

Ron Broxted said...

I really loved Jedwood and think they should have won. Jedwood you loverly boys you certainly gave me good wood......Oooh matron

Anonymous said...

Check out "THE X FACTOR SONG (2009)" a great song


dingent said...

Nick, you need to get out more.

Nick said...

Why? Or maybe. To busy winding the government up whilst waiting for the wife to drop.

So far its one Lord on the fiddle that I managed to get into the papers and the entire justices of the supreme court splashing the cash on their rags.

Tomorrow its going to be the local council and stealing homeless people's tents when they aren't looking.

Slightly more seriously, what's wrong with the referenda by proxy?

Solves lots of problems


Nick said...

Oh, and also playing a small part getting UEA to investigate the CRU


Anonymous said...

Christ Broxted will you give it a rest you are so fucking boring.

Ron Broxted said...

Anonymous, I will have you know my Indy blog is read by over ten thousand people each month from all over the world. Who reads your crap you goose stepping dong?

Anonymous said...

Hmm ten thousand that suffer from insomnia me thinks,you are so full of your own self importance that you think anyone who thinks you are boring must be a fascist,well im not a fascist i just think your shit.

eight rounds rapid said...

... piss him off and make Rage Against the Machine christmas number 1

That's a blinking great track mate!

I'm amazed that this track hasn't had more use by the angry end of the blogosphere

A real Blairite anthem =)

Ron Broxted said...

Anonymous, I also have over 134 followers on twitter. I guessing you are just a bitter jealous old queen or suffer from Islamaphobia you failed special constable.

adam said...

direct democracy sucks

i prefer parliamentary democracy

dont want a bunch of unelected commissioners to decide amongst themselves what to offer referendum on and to control the language of the question.
prefer elected politicians

moriarty said...

Didn't the last time they tried the reality politics format lead to an embarrassing result?

Nick said...

i prefer parliamentary democracy

dont want a bunch of unelected commissioners to decide amongst themselves what to offer referendum on and to control the language of the question.
prefer elected politicians

They aren't different.

Politicians should design the laws.

Voters should approve or disapprove.

No need for any quango. We can axe the 1,800 pounds a minute quango, the House of Lords in the process.

How we can get direct control over paliament via referena.

My idea is something called referenda by proxy, and its cheap.

1. We abolish the House of Lords. They've nothing to do with democracy and at 1,800 pounds a minute, we can be shot of them.

2. When registering to vote, everyone gets to nominate a proxy MP. Once a year as it is at the moment. Adding one field to the electoral register doesn't add much to the cost. Currently its 2.50 to register one voter. Quite cheap. If you want to change your proxy more than once a year, I suggest a 5 pound fee.

3. Then when it comes to finally approving bills to become law, it isn't MPs that get the vote, its all done on proxies.

OK, so far it looks like not much of a difference.

However, I expect an MP like yourself to set up a website where people who've registered you as a proxy, are allowed an individual say. You then act as a proxy. You pay for that out of advertising, charging a fee, or from the savings from the 121 million a year it takes to run the Lords. I suspect that a group like MySociety could provide the software for any MP for a small fee.

However the consequences are really quite interesting.

1. You have fixed term parliaments.
2. Dead duck parliaments can't get legistlation passed. The electorate rule.
3. Europe isn't an issue. If the electorate don't want it, they won't pass it. What's the EU going to do about a democratic decision? Have a hissy fit?
4. You don't get mob rule. MPs still design the acts.
5. Corrupt MPs. What happens is that they lose their proxies very quickly.
6. League tables of MPs.
7. We don't have to vote for a package (manifesto). It's voting on issues. That's why voting has tailed off, and special interest groups have arisen.

Cheap and simple. With the abolishment of the Lords it pays for itself.

George Clooney said...

Not the real Ron B though. The one above is a failed special constable who is queer for Brendano * Shangahi on the Torygraph where he "poses" as Man with a can. He seems to chav up this site but WTF, he is in a wheelchair so give the cunt a chance!

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